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Setting Up Online Coaching: Becoming An Online Life Coach [HowTo]

Setting Up Online Coaching: Becoming An Online Life Coach [HowTo]

How do I become an online coach and how can I provide online coaching? In this article, we will explain exactly which steps you need to take, which online coaching software you can use and how you will ultimately earn money online as a coach. Read on and learn how to become an online (life) coach and how to set up your online coaching …

The benefits of online coaching

Online coaching offers many advantages and few disadvantages. The core of coaching can simply be expressed by telephone or video calling. Coaching is in the core: giving tasks so that the client gets moving. This is possible via image and sound. Moreover, online coaching saves time and costs for both the client and the coach.

What about the drawbacks? It is sometimes said that you miss non-verbal signals if you do not experience each other in person. This may be the case, but in most cases it only distracts from the core of coaching: identifying the problem and assigning an appropriate task towards the solution.

The rise of online coaching

In America online coaching has been the most normal thing in the world for years. After all, the distances are so great in that country. Since we ended up in the 2020s, online coaching also seems to have taken off in other countries, like the Netherlands.

Not only 1-on-1 coaching is becoming more and more popular, but also group coaching. This has come over from America, where it is often woven into online training courses as an important bonus component. Online group coaching is an accessible and cheap way for your clients to use your coaching, while you can earn even more with it than 1-on-1. Win-win.

Online coaching: what should I charge?

If you provide 1-on-1 coaching but digitally, your rates can remain the same as ‘offline’ coaching rates, minus the call-out costs. However, we are also seeing more and more group coaching, whereby the price per person can of course be reduced considerably.

How can you set up your online coaching? Follow this step-by-step plan

Let’s take a look at the most important steps you can take to start as an online coach:

  1. Do market research: What kind of coaching is needed? What kind of coaching is it easy to draw on in the Netherlands? How large is the group of people who want this coaching?
  2. Analyze Your Skills: What kind of coaching can you provide? What not? What do you need to develop and retrain in?
  3. Determine your offer: Will it be 1-on-1 coaching? Or will it be group coaching after all? Do your clients also get an electronic learning environment? Small hint: you prefer to put all that in your offer – including many more bonuses – so that your price can be extra high. You will learn this in this article about starting your coaching practice.
  4. Set up your electronic learning environment. You can read how to do that in this article about creating your own online program.
  5. Make use of the right digital tools for coaches. On this page you will find an overview of useful and effective tools for coaches.

To your success!

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