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Affirmations: How To Say Them For Maximum Effect (128 Examples)

Affirmations: How To Say Them For Maximum Effect (128 Examples)

How should you do affirmations? With affirmations, you install words of encouragement and powerful beliefs in yourself. And we know: what you believe influences your behavior, appearance and results. But how do you really do this properly? Read on quickly to learn the proper affirmation technique (with examples)!

Affirmations – Meaning and Introductory Exercise: “I Love Myself!”

What is the meaning of affirmations? In short, affirmations boil down to the following …

Affirmations are positive thoughts that you say out loud. So these are sentences that you recite as truth in the present tense. So say out loud some positive phrases that you want to install in yourself, and do so daily. If you can get into the habit of doing this several times a day, it is extra powerful.

This form of affirmation first gained popularity thanks to Louise Hay and her classic book, “Mirror Work.” Moreover, this book is so well known for the most beautiful affirmation there is: ‘I love myself’.

Ahead you’ll learn the best tips and examples, but let’s start simply with the most important affirmation out there: “I love myself.”

  1. Close your eyes for a moment.
  2. Say, “I love myself.” Softly in your head. This is the start of positive thoughts.
  3. Now say it in your head 10 times with faith and feeling – still in mind. Mean it. At the same time, think about something about yourself that you like.
  4. The next step: say it out loud now !
  5. Pro version: Stand in front of the mirror and look yourself in the eye as you say this affirmation – now in the you form, “I love you.”

Before we get to the examples: why affirmations? Encouragement is powerful!


You probably already know the power of encouragement! For example, tell or project your kids that they are handsome, that they are smart, that they can sell well, that they are a good brother, that they are good children …

And  rather exaggerate  the child’s abilities than under-acknowledge them. Also express acceptance if the child actually shows negative qualities, such as gossip or not standing up for himself: then you can lovingly say that you prefer to see it differently, but you do not have to go on and on about it.

What does this have to do with affirmations? And now it comes: not only can you encourage others, you can encourage yourself too , and you do that with affirmations. Do this often enough and these affirmations then become the reality for your nervous system.

Every thought that passes through your conscious brain creates suggestions for your subconscious. A simple “I can, yes, yes, yes!” programs your subconscious immediately.

It is important that you do not compare yourself or someone else (the child)  with others . So don’t say: you are the prettiest, but say: you are beautiful.

This is how you do the affirmation technique: in the present tense, in the I-form and with feeling

The secret to the correct technique for affirmations is that you say them in the I form and that you say them in the present tense. So you don’t say to yourself: “You are valuable”, but you do say: ” I am valuable.” Nor do you say: “I will be successful”, but you do say: “I am successful.”

I have deliberately misplaced many affirmations in this article. For example, they are in the you form, and in the future tense. So it is up to you to pronounce them in the I form and in the present tense. So you first read: “You will become an effective coach,” after which you repeat the sentence by saying: “I am an effective coach.” In addition, you imagine what it feels like and what it looks like to be an effective coach.

You also say the affirmations with feeling and emotion . You have to experience it so that it is congruent . So don’t just affirm with words. So:

  1. Auditory : Say the affirmation phrase. If you were to do this alone, you would be leaving a lot of affirmation power behind.
  2. Visual : Also see a picture. For example, how do you look in that ideal image? (Visual)
  3. Kinesthetic : Feel what it is like.

We will go into this in more detail at the bottom of this article because it is so important.

If you don’t see yourself as a winner, you won’t perform as a winner.
– Zig Ziglar

Optional intermediate step

If you feel that you need an intermediate step, because otherwise it will not be credible to your subconscious, you can build it up step by step. In that case we start with affirmations that start with “I am”. So you say them in the future time, so that it is a bit more credible for your subconscious.

Then you can change these affirmations to “I am”: the present tense. For example: in the first round you will read: “I am getting more and more sure of myself” and in the second round you will read “I am sure of myself”. This is more believable to your mind compared to saying that you already are something.

Say affirmations three times

Print the affirmations you need and stick them on or next to a mirror. Stand in front of it and go through the next three steps completely.

  • Read the sentences aloud while looking at yourself in the mirror. Don’t scream the sentences, just read them. Close your eyes and wait 5 seconds after the first time.
  • Read the sentences again and close your eyes again for 10 seconds.
  • Then read the sentences one last time and perform an anchoring to “record” everything.

Here come the examples of good affirmations: 121 examples!

With the sentences below you will find a lot of examples of positive affirmations that really appeal to me. You can of course choose or add your own affirmations. So say them in the present tense + I form, even though they are purposely written in the you form!  Good luck with practicing!

  1. You let go of the need for approval from others
  2. You become a winner
  3. You become assertive
  4. You will be fun and interesting
  5. You focus more and more on positive emotions
  6. You will be completely satisfied and relaxed
  7. You love yourself
  8. You are extremely interesting
  9. You touch people because you radiate self-confidence
  10. You are unpredictable
  11. You easily build trust with anyone you talk to
  12. You are extremely fun and very interesting
  13. You are assertive, open and you take initiative
  14. You are confident and unstoppable
  15. You are always positive and initiating
  16. You have an unbreakable self-confidence in yourself
  17. You effortlessly give your gift to the world
  18. You deserve success
  19. You can be dominant and assertive when needed
  20. Your potential is unlimited
  21. You are strong and powerful
  22. You go for everything you want in life with courage
  23. You believe in yourself
  24. You matter
  25. You are valuable
  26. All your aspects can be there
  27. You are the most wonderful guest in this room
  28. You face every challenge with confidence
  29. You certainly speak out what you want to say without hesitation
  30. You always express your thoughts and opinions with confidence
  31. You live in the moment. You live in the now every day
  32. You are an interesting person
  33. You talk slowly
  34. You speak in a deep, relaxed tone
  35. You don’t shy away from other people
  36. People have to make an effort for your attention and interest
  37. You ignore the people who are not worth your attention
  38. You move slowly, relaxed and controlled
  39. You stand upright and honorable in a relaxed manner
  40. You stay calm and in control no matter what happens
  41. You never prove yourself to others
  42. You answer questions with a joke at first
  43. You are the leader
  44. You attract other people with the frameworks that you set
  45. Because I am a leading coach …
  46. You are dominant if you want to
  47. You are always relaxed and calm
  48. Others see you as powerful and confident
  49. Your self-confidence is rock solid
  50. You can take charge in any social situation
  51. You enjoy being the leader in social situations
  52. You speak with authority
  53. People respect you
  54. You are constantly strengthening your alpha properties
  55. Being a leading coach is just the way you are
  56. Self-confidence is your natural strength
  57. You are well respected
  58. You say the right things
  59. You are intuitive and alert in conversations
  60. You are an expert in {your field} and coaching
  61. You know how to react in every situation
  62. You coach instinctively
  63. Who you are is enough
  64. You are 100% happy with yourself
  65. Everyone tells you how interesting and cool you are
  66. You always confront yourself with your fears
  67. Taking risks is the most normal thing in the world
  68. You don’t care what others think
  69. People have to make an effort for your attention or interest
  70. You ignore behavior that is negative towards you
  71. You reward behavior that means positive towards you
  72. You speak in a deep, relaxed tone
  73. You never prove yourself to others
  74. You are the leader
  75. You accept yourself at the deepest level
  76. You feel deeply confident with yourself and who you are with
  77. You are attractive
  78. Others really like and appreciate you
  79. You always stand up for yourself
  80. You are a unique and interesting man
  81. Others are drawn to your deep and true self-acceptance
  82. You take charge in every social situation
  83. You speak with authority
  84. I take charge and I determine my own destiny
  85. Others look up to you because of your strong character
  86. Your personality is magnetic
  87. You have no fear
  88. You relax and are yourself
  89. I like to be open with others
  90. You make new friends easily
  91. Others love to be with you because you are so open and friendly
  92. You take risks to go for what you want, even when you feel fear
  93. You are confident in new situations
  94. You accept rejection with a positive attitude
  95. You are good at encouraging and encouraging people
  96. You can make people happy with your coaching
  97. When you look in the mirror, you see nothing less than pure beauty
  98. When you look at other people you see nothing less than pure beauty
  99. You develop a strong voice
  100. You easily bond with other people
  101. You know you can achieve anything
  102. You love to explore
  103. You seize new opportunities
  104. You are happy with what you have
  105. You believe in yourself
  106. You love and respect yourself on a deep level
  107. You smile at everyone you see
  108. You light up the room with your smile
  109. You have a great laugh
  110. You notice that you are smiling more and more
  111. You smile at the world every day
  112. You find it easy to smile at other people
  113. Your smile is like a magnet
  114. Life is so much better when you smile
  115. People are attracted to your smile and positive energy
  116. You develop yourself into someone who always radiates positive energy
  117. Your optimism positively transforms your reality
  118. You see joy everywhere you go
  119. You see the good in everything
  120. You are loved and you love others
  121. Others are attracted to you because you are so full of life
  122. You are filled with a feeling of gratitude for being alive
  123. I love my body
  124. I am beautiful and everyone loves me
  125. My feet dance through life
  126. I’m awake
  127. I am loved and wanted
  128. I am creative and talented
  129. For more affirmations we recommend this English website .

Recommended: the affirmation book ‘Mirror Work’ by Louise Hay

No one can explain affirmations better than Louise Hay. In her book ‘Mirror Work’ she explains her famous method in which you say a lot of beautiful affirmations to yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror. Recommended!


What do I do after the affirmations?

Are you doing your affirmations? In any case, include an affirmation in which you prepare yourself to receive the effects of the affirmations. For example, stand with your arms wide in the mirror and say with joy: “I am open and receptive to everything that life is going to bring me.” Life will hear and answer you!

  • I am open and receptive to beautiful and good experiences that come into my life
  • I am open and receptive to love and beautiful events in my life

After saying your affirmations, let them go so that the laws of life bring them to you. The ‘how’ is not your job. You declare that you have something, and the universe brings them to you. The universe is much more intelligent than you.

Bonus Exercise – Your own 60 second commercial

Make a kind of ‘commercial’ for you as a person, or for you as a coach. Record yourself or have someone else record it for you. It can be a bit over the top and humorous. Add a typical rock music for an extra cheesy effect. If necessary, replace the properties in this example with the properties of your preference.

Meet {name of coach} a man on a mission …

High-class…. respectable … honest … hardworking …

Few people are allowed to say that they were allowed to work for a {marketing manager} who simply gets things done, but you can certainly say that when you work with Piet.
“Very efficient” is also a description that is often used for him.
Do you have the pleasure of working with Piet?

I am Piet van de Ven, I am an honest, intelligent and goal-oriented person, I am organized, responsible and committed. I am punctual, a self-starter,
optimistic and enthusiastic. I am highly motivated, decisive and focused. I am disciplined, persistent and I have a positive mental attitude.
I am a team player, energetic, self-confident and I have a fantastic self-image,

I am a person of integrity with the faith and wisdom to know what to do, with the courage and conviction to persevere.
I have the vision to manage myself and lead others.
I have authority, confidence and am humble and grateful for the opportunities and opportunities that life offers me.
I am fair, hot, resourceful, flexible, creative, decisive And an extra miler,
with a service attitude that communicates effectively with others.
I am a consistent and pragmatic teacher with character who balances his family with his business life.
I have a passion for doing, being and learning more … today … So that I can be and do more tomorrow.

As Piet always says;
you are not the expert, i am the expert.

See for yourself which characteristics you put in your (humorous) commercial:

Piet is / has
Sober level-headed
Supportive helpful
Hard worker
Good listener
Self control

Bonus Exercise – Proactive Day

Say: This is a good day

And name all the reasons that come up after that that make this day so good.

This ensures that your brain comes up with creative ideas to make it happen that it is going to be a good day.

Bonus Exercise – Affirmations in the Imperative

While the most effective way of affirmation is explained at the top of this article, there are situations where you may want to use imperative. You can also use this to quickly make other people feel good and to bring them into a state of ‘the here-and-now’.

Feel good!

Be happy!

Be here! Be there!

Trust! Trust your abilities!

Why are affirmations so powerful?

Affirmations work because the following effects come into effect:

If you keep them firmly in your consciousness, affirmations become the truth for you. Every thought we think and every words we say are affirmations. We think 60,000 thoughts per day, so there are 60,000 opportunities for positive affirmations per day. Go for a ratio of 95% positive affirmations in all your thoughts!

Why are affirmations not enough? Experience it!

Affirmations – or thoughts – are just one part of what you can do to fully internalize a new belief or feeling.

So all three elements are important to be congruent:

  1. Feelings
  2. Thoughts
  3. Deeds

All sources are within you, and do not come from outside sentences. Your feelings and behavior are also important for success. So at least let your affirmations be drenched in emotion and feeling!

This is something that an NLP coach always thinks about. In addition to providing affirmation instructions, an NLP coach will provide you with detailed instructions on how to fully evoke the feeling, as described halfway through this article:

  • “What do you feel in your body?”
  • “What’s your attitude?”
  • “How do you breathe?”
  • “What is your facial expression?”
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “What do you see and hear?”
  • “Where are you going to do it and who is all there?”
  • “What are you saying to yourself?” These are the actual  affirmations. Do you see this is just one part?

Good luck using affirmations!

Say them every day for at least 30 days. Continue until they have become part of you. Think positive thoughts, it’s that simple! Oh, and finally, help others with affirmations. Encourage them to say it out loud. Good luck!

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      By simply giving the conscious brain a task, it will be so occupied that it can no longer function as a defense mechanism against the suggestions.