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‘I always feel tired, lifeless & sleepy’ [Symptoms & Solution] [Fatigue]

‘I always feel tired, lifeless & sleepy’ [Symptoms & Solution] [Fatigue]

Does the statement ‘I always feel tired, lifeless & sleepy‘ apply to you? For example, do you have difficulty getting out of bed, are you unable to do more than one activity per day and do you always have to rest? Wondering, “Why am I so tired lately?” Then read this article a little further …

Always tired and sleepy? Tips to recover from fatigue …

Do you feel constantly tired, lethargic, have no energy and don’t feel like doing anything? Then quickly go to the first tip to see if you recognize yourself in the symptoms …

Tip 1 – Always tired and fatigued? Take a look at these symptoms of fatigue

Test yourself against these symptoms of stress and fatigue:

  • Always waking up tired.
  • Dizziness.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Difficulty thinking / a tired mind.
  • Have you been tired all your life?
  • Anxiety.
  • Dejection, listlessness and lack of energy.
  • Feeling down for no reason.
  • No energy to talk.
  • Can’t get out of your words.
  • Be easily irritated.
  • Tired eyes, headache or muscle pain. Or complaints in the neck, shoulders or back.
  • Not being able to function properly as you normally do.

If one or more of the above symptoms apply to you, continue to the next tip about the doctor …

Tip 2 – Go to the doctor

fatigue tips

Do you feel tired and even feel extreme fatigue? Could you be chronically tired? Are you suddenly extremely tired or is there a build-up? The general practitioner is a reliable source to provide a thorough answer .

The doctor can – on the basis of a test and symptoms – make a diagnosis or refer you … or the doctor can reassure you that there is (for the time being) no diagnosis and that you should, for example, take some time off from work .

This way you know for sure whether it is not so bad – or whether there is, for example, a physical problem, overwork, burnout, Graves’ disease, CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) or some other form of fatigue.

Tip 3 – Investigate the possibility of burnout

It is great to recognize that you are tired. Do you dare to look a step further to perhaps acknowledge that you are experiencing burnout and / or depression? Here you can read all about burnout and in this article about depression you will find 154 tips on how to do something about it, including tips about nutrition, sleep and exercise.

Tip 4 – It makes sense that you are tired: after a busy period

all about fatigue

Hold on … don’t panic. Maybe there is nothing wrong at all, you just have had a busy period. Then it makes perfect sense that you are tired now. After peaks you should rest. So take your rest and see if things go better next week.

If you have peaked, it is logical that you are tired afterwards.

As a student, you might have been able to keep going, keep going and go on studying and partying again … but after college, that’s often different. Then you actually have to rest if you partied hard for a weekend or have passed through while you have to be at work on Monday. It is normal that you cannot maintain that lifestyle forever.

Tip 5 – Take care of yourself and de-stress

Is the battery of your smartphone running low? Then you hang it on the charger. That is no different with our own body. Nor can it just continue without charging.

On your luck!

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