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Releasing Negativity & Negative Thoughts: 8 Quick Tips

Releasing Negativity & Negative Thoughts: 8 Quick Tips

How can you let go of negativity? Maybe negativity manifests itself in negative thoughts or things in your environment, like ‘haters’, criticism, or negative / complaining people around you. In this article you will learn to deal with it and let it go. Read more…

Let’s directly go to the tips to let go of negativity:

Tip 1 – Zoom out … zoom out far !

Whenever I feel like shit, worry or feel negative, for example because of what others have done, then I lie down on the couch.

Then I imagine stepping out of my body and seeing myself lying with all my negativity and problems. Then I zoom out a bit …

  • I can see myself lying through the window of my apartment …
  • Then I zoom out even further and I also see the street …
  • And when I zoom out, I see the neighborhood …
  • And then I can also see the sea …
  • The whole of The Hague …
  • The Netherlands…
  • The world…
  • And finally, I view my problems from the moon …

Then I suddenly realize that it all disappears into nothingness.

What just happened? You have downplayed the problem, put it into perspective and reframed it.

Reframe what? What is reframing? There are many different types of reframing. With the example above, we applied the perspective reframing and the scope reframing. Learn more about reframing here.

Tip 2 – Don’t point at all the negative things in the world

redirect negativity

Many people want to share the wrongs and negativity of the world, for example on Facebook …

“This is outrageous! What racists!”

“Oh dear, war is coming!”

“I’m mad about something, see how respectful they are!”

Many people, for example, hate Geert Wilders. But guess what happens then? As a result, the attention is focused on Geert Wilders and Geert Wilders only grows.

Have you ever seen the demonstrations of the antifas – anti-fascists? They actually create more negativity. They add fuel to the fire. What is a more positive and peaceful alternative? Let’s look at the next tip …

Tip 3 – Resolve the negativity with compassion and tolerance

dealing with negativity with compassion

Solve it with compassion and tolerance . Be for tolerance, peace and other positive things. We have no use in going hard against things. Have acceptance and tolerance for what is. Be for peace, for good. Ignore all negative. Don’t pay it any attention.

What you don’t pay attention to will die on its own.

Do you get a difficult response from someone? Give love, kindness and gratitude. Suppose someone intends to argue with you. Thank this person and agree with him / her.

Tip 4 – So much negativity in the world? Shift your focus

Yes, it is true, there are a lot of bad things happening in the world … but there are a lot of positive things too! Probably much more than the negatives. You just have to choose to see them.

You happen to see the negative things because your selective perception is focused on those specific negative news stories. Algorithm bubbles and sensational headlines also contribute to this. News often focuses on negativity and drama. In reality, everything is not too bad.

Tip 5 – Feel non-duality: everything is okay

dealing with negativity

And all those negative things are allowed to be there. Because have you ever heard of non-duality? That teaches us that bad things are good too. Just like there are countless bacteria in our body fighting with each other at the moment, so that we can now live healthy.

Tip 6 – Are you about to say something negative? Use Socrates’ three filters

The three filters of Socrates are as follows:

  • The sieve of truth: Is it true?
  • The Sieve of Good: Is It Good and Meaningful?
  • And the sieve of the necessary: ​​Is it necessary?

Isn’t what you wanted to express through one or more seven? Then forget it and don’t burden others with it.

Tip 7 – Do n’t let anyone change  your mood (degree of negativity / positivity)

Left in the picture:  Eduard Nandelall

When you feel negative, it is often in relation to someone else. The negative feeling has to do with, for example, what you have done to someone or what someone else has done to you.

This is the big change I wish for you: You should not let that influence what others think of you.

When I walk my dog, I don’t feel like dressing up completely. Then the training pants and running shoes come along. There are many people who find it important to dress well when they go out. I no longer.
– Eduard Nandelall

Because what happens if you let your degree of negativity depend on adn? Then you only live in the minds of other people. Then people influence you.

Check for yourself: is it really so bad to give people a different image of you? I am a CEO of a large company, but when I walk my dog, it is completely invisible to me.

Tip 8 – Let go of negativity? Be humble

The core of negativity is often the desire that others like you and that they see you as flawless and imperfect. Be modest and honest about your weaknesses. Underestimation is a force. People are always for the underdog. Be humble and modest.  Then everyone becomes your fan.

The way to deal with negativity is to not deal with that negativity at all.
– Eduard Nandelall

On your luck!

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