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How to stop being addicted to your smartphone [warnings & tips]

How to stop being addicted to your smartphone [warnings & tips]

How Bad Is Phone Addiction ? How serious is it that you are wasting your time with your smartphone? For example, by always looking on social media? Read on and get inspired to spend less time on your phone! Maybe this is the start of your ‘digital detox’ …

How much time are we actually wasting online? (Shocking number!)

How much time do you waste on this addictive activity? An average western person spends 6 hours a day on TV, telephone and internet time.

Now we’re going to make such a stupid calculation. But it’s only stupid because no one  dares  to look at it like this … That’s 42 hours a week . That is a working week. You waste half your life.

Okay, your smartphone is addictive, but what’s your time worth?

Let’s assume your time is worth $ 50 an hour (although that’s way too low). That is a waste of 2,000 euros a week and 100,000 euros a year.

How much better would your life be if you didn’t waste $ 100,000 a year? You’re rich , but you don’t even know.

Stop wasting time.

Get out of spectatorism (looking at others) and live your own adventure

stop social media addiction

What is spectatorism? The average TV + internet time of the Dutch is 6 hours a day. We have become a spectator nation. Watch, watch, watch others. We don’t live our own lives. We don’t want to have the glory ourselves.

Life begins out of your comfortzone.

People do not regret the things they have done: they always regret the things they have  not  done.

Have as little regrets as possible in your life. Rather die with memories instead of dreams.

Don’t ever look back at your life at an old age and think, ‘What was I doing, when I was trapped in the stories and gossip and defending myself on a stupid Facebook discussion … What was I doing , that I looked at the lives of all those other people, and saw how they lived wonderfully while I did not create something beautiful, great myself? ‘

You can supply entire villages with drinking water on your own. Instead of checking on Facebook every day how someone else does these heroic and honorable acts …

Do you see how this man is? What do you think happens to your neck after doing this position for 6 hours a day?

digital detox

Your head weighs 6 pounds. Your neck and back can still handle the tension that arises when 6 kilos protrude, but if you do this throughout the day, it is disastrous for your posture, among other things.

How do you kick off your smartphone so that you waste less time?

Have a look at the article about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and  the article about learning new habits. This is a muscle. You can make your life richer little by little.

Oh, and you can motivate yourself to change this with pain and pleasure. How painful is it to spend the rest of your life sitting at home, behind that screen? And how much fun are you going to get when you can look back in 20 years on a fantastic life in which you actually lived?

Don’t confuse relaxation and attraction with passivity and apathy!

Why this article? I recently discovered pitfall  of wonderful methodologies such as ‘Power VS Force’ and The Law of Attraction : A lot of people confuse relaxation, taking care of yourself and ‘Power’ (making things come to you) with apathy! That is absolutely not the intention!

Phone addiction is a real battle

rehab phone

I also understand: you want to get love from people, so it is understandable that you check your phone regularly. You also want to make sure that everything is okay and taken care of. That everyone who asks for help also gets help and answers. But yes, that idea should give way if you want to apply a digital detox in your life …

Set the necessary status messages that you are not online on Sunday

There is a lot you can do to prepare your environment for not being online regularly.

  • State on your Whatsapp status that you are not online on Sundays.
  • Please include in your email signature that you are away from your computer and that it may take 2 to 5 business days for you to respond.
  • Record your voicemail message in such a way that people are prepared that you cannot always be reached.

Kick off social media and live like today is the last day of your life

Get rid of social media and start an adventure

What would you do if this was the last day of your life? Have I lived? Did I matter? Have I given love? Open, honest and generous? Or was I passively and apathetically wasting my time?

Do ‘internet fasting’

The well-known entrepreneur Eelco de Boer is online only between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm. After 16:00 he only works with his Nokia telephone without internet function and 23 hours later he is only available again. The result? He became extremely productive, he becomes much more alert and present, and he becomes happier overall.

Go for it and make positive change in the world!

Get out there. Laugh more. Be enthusiastic. Do one of these 151+ ‘random acts of kindness’.  Do new things. Discard old items . Go to bed early. Set your alarm for 5:00. Be powerful. Don’t gossip. Show more gratitude . Do things that challenge you. Be brave. Make your dreams come true.

To your success!

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