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NLP experiences – Negative and positive experiences about NLP!

NLP experiences – Negative and positive experiences about NLP!

What are the experiences about NLP? On this page we will discuss negative experiences and positive experiences. You will also find videos of participants in NLP courses here. Read more…

Negative experiences about NLP

There are certainly negative experiences about NLP. Read the article about criticism of NLP here later.  The bottom line is that NLP is almost automatically equaled to with therapy by many people, and then you indeed get a potentially very unpleasant negative experience.

NLP is far from therapy: it is a series of special (communication) models with which you can achieve your goals. Most negative experiences about NLP come from people who have come into contact with NLPers who use NLP as a form of therapy without being a medical doctor.

Experiences about NLP in video form

View the experiences about NLP below.

This was the article about experiences about NLP. Let us know in the comments what your experiences are with NLP.

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