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What are the 7 chakras & how can you open them? [How-To]

What are the 7 chakras & how can you open them? [How-To]

What is the meaning of the chakras, what are their symbols / colors and how can you strengthen, balance and open them? Read on for all the information and exercises that you can apply immediately …

What are the chakras and their symbols?

The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and means loosely translated: ‘wheel’. You sometimes see them in images as ‘ colored circles ‘. Chakras are often described as ‘ whirling wheels of energy ‘. You could also call them ‘orbs’.

You can think of them as ‘ communication satellites ‘ because they communicate information in three directions:

  • From human to human.
  • From your subconscious to your conscious.
  • From your conscious to the soul realm. That can be: to your own soul, other souls or the Divine soul / Divine consciousness.

Chakras are located in your aura field . That is the energy field that is in and around your body. This energy field communicates information about or to a person . For example, this field can feel light, heavy, happy, tense, open or closed. You can sense from someone’s aura what the level of consciousness of a person is.

Let’s see below what the symbols of the individual chakras are, what their function is and whether they can be dangerous …

How many chakras are there and what do they stand for?

chakra meaning

There are seven chakras. As you read the explanation for each chakra in a moment, you will also discover a kind of structure . Each chakra is a stepping stone to the next.

  • The first three chakras are oriented towards yourself .
  • Then you become aware in the fourth chakra that you are also part of a larger whole.
  • And in the last three chakras you realize what you want to contribute and you look beyond the illusions of ‘otherness’ through which you can realize who you really are.

The 1st chakra: the root chakra at the bottom of your spine [Red]

This red chakra slowly vibrates in a circular motion. This is the first field of consciousness: a field of survival, eating, sleeping, being safe … I am. I exist. I’m here. I live.

When this chakra is in balance, you have energy and desire to take care of yourself.

Meditate on this chakra to balance it

  • Think of a vibrant spinning red orb. Think vibrant red images – such as strawberries or red apples.
  • Affirm: I am perfectly balanced. I can be alive. I am responsible for being present on the Earth and I am happy to be here.

The 2nd chakra: the ‘sacral chakra’ in the center of your stomach / stomach [Orange]

This fire-like orange chakra contains the energy of sensuality, sexuality, feeling, ‘What feels good to me?’, ‘What do I like?’, ‘What gives me pleasure and satisfaction?

We are in this world to play and enjoy. If this chakra is out of balance, it can spill over into addiction or it can spill over in the other direction to disinterest and live without pleasure, beauty and sparks. It feels like you are experiencing rainy days, with depression and without enthusiasm and desire. This is not love!

Meditate on this chakra to balance it

  • Visualize the bright orange orb in your belly. Be there with your attention. Turning and turning. Washing with a warm orange feel.
  • Do things that stimulate your senses: eat well, look at beautiful colors, take a bubble bath, listen to beautiful music and take a walk in nature.

The 3rd chakra: your navel / solar plexus [Yellow]

This yellow chakra contains willpower (“I will!”), Decisions and the ability to think with your mind.

If it is in balance, then you have very clear for yourself: What do I want? Which path do I choose? What do I commit my energy to?

If this chakra is too strong, you will have a bossy, dominating or bullying aura. You will then also tell others their path. If this chakra is not present enough, you are passive, you have no resilience, you walk everywhere and let others determine your path.

Meditate on this chakra to balance it

  • Visualize the color yellow.
  • Affirm: I am in balance. I am in control of my path. I make choices that serve and protect my highest good.

The 4th chakra: the heart chakra [Green]

The heart chakra is the chakra of love (“I love …”). With this you can sense the energy of others. This is therefore the first center for your paranormal activities.

The fourth chakra is exactly the center in which you realize: Although I am an individual, I am also part of a greater whole. Through feeling and touch I can connect with others in that whole.

When this chakra is in balance, you are connected to the world around you, you feel harmony, sweetness, kindness, warmth, a higher sensitivity and you can very well sense energy through your palms. For example when you shake hands with someone.

Meditate on this chakra to balance it

  • Send positive energy to people and receive positive energy from them.
  • Direct your attention to the center of your heart.
  • Visualize the green orb flowing over you, like a field of fresh grass or a deep green forest.
  • When you meet people, don’t look at their appearance, but look at their soul and become aware of it.
  • Meditate often.
  • Be in nature.
  • Eat fresh.
  • Love yourself and love others.

The 5th chakra: the throat chakra [Blue]

The throat chakra holds the domain of creative expression, healing and movement. It shows you the inner voice of your soul and guides hearing

When it is in balance, there is free will, expression (‘I speak’), movement, dance, healing and creative expression. Then you can tune in to what is important. Then you have psychic abilities and you can communicate telepathically (that is possible via the aura). Your thoughts are clear. You know for sure what you want. You can also easily persuade others. People naturally trust you. You will use this to tell the truth.

However, if the throat chakra is out of balance, you are timid, passive, apathetic, you do not say much, you have too many thoughts, you do not know what you want, you cannot communicate what you want and you are not connected to your own expression.

Meditate on this chakra to balance it

  • Visualize the blue orb. Watch it spin and spin.
  • Open your throat, make your voice stronger.
  • Sing your meditations.
  • Keep a Journal: What’s What I Want to Say?
  • Listen to your inner guidance: Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going?

The 6th chakra: the third eye / the center of your forehead [Indigo blue]

The sixth chakra has a slightly darker shade of blue than the fifth chakra and is located in the center of your forehead, near your pineal gland. It is the chakra of vision (‘I see’), inspiration, guidance, your internal cinema, your fantasy, visualization, psychic vision and being able to have a vision for the future.

Through this chakra you find your vision and direction and you look beyond appearance and illusions, so that you can see the soul in everything.

If this chakra is too strong, you can hallucinate and it can bring fear with it. If this chakra is not present enough, you will have trouble fantasizing and visualizing.

Meditate on this chakra to balance it

The 7th chakra: the crown chakra / crown chakra above your head [Purple / Violet]

You can pretend you are wearing an invisible pointed hat, the highest point of which is your seventh chakra. This is the highest point of consciousness. It is therefore the place where your soul enters the body.

The crown = chakra takes you back to where you started. ‘I am. A spiritual being. Guided and loved by guides and infinitely loved by God. ‘ Some also see this as a white chakra.

This chakra gives you peace from your soul and the feeling of ‘I know’. Through this chakra you know your mission: the reason you came to earth.

Meditate on this chakra to balance it

  • Be very quiet, Then you suddenly ‘hear’ from your soul: ‘Remember who you are. You are an artist / doctor / you are here to offer your creativity / you are here to write …
  • Meditate by focusing on the white orb above your head, and watch the orb open, downloading all the energy from the universe into you, filling you with life force.
  • Offer Yourself for Service !

Take a baseline measurement for your chakras

chakra baseline measurement

Ask yourself: where am I in each chakra? This way you know which chakras you want to bring more into balance. So feel for a moment what it does for each chakra, how strong it is and how it feels. This gives you comparison material for when you take another measurement later.

What are other ways to open your chakras so that your energy can flow freely?

Cartoons are not so popular among a select group of adults for nothing. They sometimes contain beautiful themes. Similarly in Avatar. See the clip below of this series.

Also post daily reminders of your chakras in your environment

It can be very useful to remind yourself of your chakras on a daily basis. Take for example a chakra bracelet or other chakra stuff.

All information about chakras, including audiovisual guidance

If you want to strengthen and balance your chakras, so that you can find complete peace again in your daily life, then an audiovisual guidance is highly recommended. By means of Yoga Nidra you can be guided to work with your chakras in deep relaxation.

Timeline therapy is also an excellent method to clear up chakras

A nice bonus: when you are doing timeline therapy, your chakras are also cleaning themselves. View all steps of timeline therapy here.

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