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Eyes Are The Mirror / Gates Of The Soul [Meaning & More]

Eyes Are The Mirror / Gates Of The Soul [Meaning & More]

Eyes are known as ‘the mirrors of the soul ‘ or ‘the gates of the soul’. Also they say: eyes are the window of the soul. What is the significance of this? Let’s find out…

‘Eyes are the mirrors / gates of the soul’ = See the joy of life (the soul) in someone’s eyes

When you look into someone’s eyes, then you are actually looking into someone’s soul: that’s who that person really is, when you look through all the conditioning. And that is breathtakingly beautiful.

What’s the best way to get to know someone else? By looking that person straight in the eye.

There is a small condition if you want to be able to see this … That soul must be nourished and clearly present in the body of the person. This can be achieved with the tips on nurturing your intuition (other word for soul).

A person’s eyes in every situation reveal the truth of who that person is (if the soul is present, it is incredible joy of life and love), whatever mask that person puts on.

“The soul can speak through the eyes, and kiss with a gaze.”
– Gustav Adolfo Becquer

‘Eyes are the mirrors / gates of the soul’ = Reading feelings through the eyes

eyes mirror to the soul gate

The eyes are the sincerest part of your face, which prevents you from ‘fake’ emotions with your eyes, while you can with the rest of your face. For example, you have no control over the dilation of your pupils: they dilate when you really like something. They contract when they feel disgusted. This should be taken more metaphorically and not necessarily as a reliable source for reading emotions.

Think of feelings such as irritation, joy, love, anger, disgust, surprise … Psychologist Paul Ekman does make this scientific, but attention is paid to the whole face, and not just the eyes.

  • Joy: your pupils dilate, your eyes lengthen, and they sparkle and wrinkle more than usual. So you don’t even have to look at the mouth to see if there is a smile.
  • Attention: your eyes are very open and you have a penetrating, concentrated look.
  • Sadness: your eyelids pull up and the tips of your eyebrows pull up.
  • Anger: a serious look, arched eyebrows and a frown on your face.
  • Uncertainty: your eyes narrow.

Which soul do the eyes reflect? Yours or mine?


The statement is recognizable, but it omits some information: whose soul do the eyes reflect? That of the owner of the eyes or that of the beholder of the eyes? The best possible attempt to answer this lies in the theory of ” perception is projection ” and ” non-duality .” With that we can say: the eyes reflect both souls.

Do you want to learn to connect soul to soul through the eyes of other people? Read this book

Sonia Choquette cannot help but devote a piece to a strong ability to observe in her books. Because really looking at someone is the key to spirituality. Don’t look at others through concepts in your head, but really see them with your full attention. If you look for the soul in the eyes of the other, it will also appear!

Poems and Bible Quotes

If you search carefully, you can find poems about ‘eyes are the mirror of the soul.’ And what does the Bible say about this? This overview is printed via Open Bible. Finally, leave a comment below!

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  1. Anonymous

    I look into someone’s eyes
    question is taking over mind

    • Rubin Alaie

      You are you and the other is the other, so that will not happen.

      You can feel someone’s energy (aura) and carry it with you for a while.