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Altruism: Definition & 151 Examples Of Altruism

Altruism: Definition & 151 Examples Of Altruism

What is altruism ? What is altruistic behavior, or selfless behavior – the synonym for altruism? Read along for a meaning and 151+ examples of altruism…

What is altruism, or selflessness? The meaning …

The dictionary gives the following definition of altruism:

Act selflessly (contrast: selfishness).

Altruism is acting out of concern for the welfare of another . Often people behave altruistically when they see others in desperate circumstances and feel compassionate and helpful .

So altruism and selflessness are the opposite of selfishness .

Thesaurus also lists the following synonyms of altruism:

1) Selflessness 2) Human love 3) Charity

Altruism Psychology: Why We Want to Give

altruism psychology

Altruism does not always come naturally, as it by definition requires people to ignore their own concerns to help others without any expectation of a reward.

However, there is also the existence of “reciprocal altruism,” a term used by evolutionary biologists and psychologists in situations where there is an expectation that someone will also receive a benefit or reward for themselves.

Cooperative behavior has enabled our ancestors to survive in harsh conditions and it still serves a necessary purpose for a highly complex society.

Even when people don’t act altruistically for recognition or reward, they often feel energized and happy after helping others, which is sometimes referred to as the “helper’s high.”

Humans aren’t the only creatures who act altruistically. Many animal species benefit when individual organisms ignore their personal needs and serve the larger group.

Research shows that poorer people are more prone to altruism

Research shows that people who have fewer resources and who live in the present, rather than looking to the future, are more prone to altruistic acts.

While altruistic givers don’t expect recognition, compassion for others activates the reward centers in their brains, allowing them to feel good about themselves.

Children, in particular, are highly altruistic: they begin to share with others at an early age, and when they see someone upset, they naturally employ comforting strategies.

The personality of altruistic people

altruism personality

People with an altruistic personality are often:

151+ examples of altruism

A well-known example of altruism is the donation of your organs. There are also many little ways you can apply altruism. View 151+ examples of random acts of kindness (RAK) here.

Altruism book? The RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) book

There is also a book full of ideas for Random Acts of Kindness. This is the well-known RAK book that is all about spontaneous selfless actions.

On your luck!

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