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8 Tips To Be More Content In Life [Developing Contentment]

8 Tips To Be More Content In Life [Developing Contentment]

How can you be more content with your life and learn to appreciate what you have? For example with things, situations or even yourself? How can you learn to appreciate what you have? Being satisfied and content is an art. Here you will find tips for more satisfaction and contentment. Read more…

Why is contentment so important?

When we learn how to be satisfied, we can finally feel calm. Then we can enjoy the time we have with the person next to us. Then we can make peace with ourselves and let go of our baggage. In short: then we immediately experience more happiness.

If you are not happy with what you have, do you think what you do not have makes you happy?

Tip 1 – Do not strive for better and more perfect, because that is an illusion

satisfied his car

If you are not satisfied because something has to be better or more perfect first , then it is an illusion. When the situation has finally gotten better, you will only be satisfied for a very short time, because then the situation can get even better … or you will find something else that needs to be improved.

Have you finally got that Rolls Royce and can you finally be satisfied? Soon it gets boring and you are not satisfied again. Are you on a perfectly white beach? Then you will soon want an even better life.

If you are not satisfied now, you will not suddenly become satisfied in the future.

This is the illusion of matter. It’s never enough. So it makes no sense to anticipate that with the intention of being satisfied only afterwards.

People are satisfied with a tenth, a hundredth or even a thousandth of what you have. And you are more satisfied than many people who have a hundred times more than you. So it cannot be matter.

There is only one thing left: to be satisfied with your current situation. No matter how ‘normal’ or ‘not exciting’ your life is. Happiness can be found with ‘the ordinary’ of your current life.

Satisfaction is a choice. You can make that choice whenever you want.

Tip 2 – You don’t have to be content by pure willpower: ‘trick your mind’

develop satisfaction

You can just take very practical steps to reduce discontent incentives:

  • Are you forced to buy after seeing commercials? The whole point of companies and commercials is to make you feel that you don’t have, can, do and are enough. Simply be less aware of what’s for sale. Stick a no / no sticker on your letterbox against advertising brochures and turn off the TV.
  • Are you leading FOMO ? Throw a lock on social media accounts so that you are less exposed to the ‘envious’ stimuli of ‘perfect lives’ lived by ‘perfect people’.

Tip 3 – Pay attention to your life and slow down

Are you constantly running and flying? Then it is very logical that you rush past the small blissful moments of life.

How can you slow down and pay more attention to the little things in everyday life? There are two things that are most effective.

Tip 4 – Dealing with dissatisfaction? Literally go for less stuff

less stuff satisfied

Ever heard of minimalism ? It sounds intense, but it is not an ‘extreme’ approach at all. Less is more.

Just think: you might have all kinds of expensive items, precious cars, a large house, a rare painting and / or a hugely valuable stamp collection.

All those things are just somewhere. They don’t give happiness, as fun activities and good company do.

If stuff doesn’t make you happy, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your car and expensive paintings, but it does mean that you can look in all sorts of ways to see which stuff can make way for more space.

Imagine: you only have your favorite things. The things that you no longer used and that stood in the way, have been replaced by space.

Being literally satisfied with less is an excellent idea! Read more about decluttering here (with tips and step-by-step plan).

Tip 5 – Take a look at how you develop the ‘little brother’ of contentment: gratitude

Gratitude is very close to contentment and satisfaction. Check out these 13 tips for gratitude.

Tip 6 – Are you satisfied with yourself? Reflect on your life more often

reflect satisfaction

Reflection is wonderful! Mainly because it makes you feel satisfied. View here which reflection questions you can use and possibly gather a nice group of people around you with whom you regularly reflect on life together. Such a group is also called a mastermind group.

Tip 7 – Let nature be your teacher when it comes to satisfaction

Nature only goes through life wonderfully slowly! Squat in the garden and watch a snail take all the time to happily nibble on a plant. Here you will find more inspiration about learning nature.

Nature is not in a hurry, and yet everything is finished
– Lao Tzu

Tip 8 – Be satisfied and keep growing

Being satisfied with what you have does not mean that growth is no longer possible. Be content and continue to grow in the goals you have in mind.

On your luck!

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