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Great that you are visiting this website for a happier life, for which NLP, spirituality and entrepreneurship are very good tools. Basically: everything about happiness in one place!

A happy life…

My teachers are important to me

I think it is important that my teachers are honored. In my development, outside of traditional school, I owe most to my teachers Saskia and Peter from Vidarte. Also UNLP and my various American teachers such as Tad James and John Grinder are important.

 This website is how I want to continue the work of my teachers.

Are you expecting a ‘good’ ‘mission’ / ‘blabla’ text here?

Indeed … such an ‘about us’ page has a ‘ mission ‘. Let me tell you something: I don’t have one.

I’m no good at all. I enjoy steaks, including the carbon footprint I leave behind.

I could put up a story here about “what I contribute” or “we are all one” but I’m really just selfish and arrogant.

Who really contributes what? These are the people who spontaneously decide to help a refugee, the friendly bus drivers, the people who donate to good causes …

Not me, behind my computer, with my buzz words. But probably you do, with your captivating smile and awake greeting to all those people who are illuminated by it.

I also don’t have to do anything from my ‘spiritual’ background. We don’t have to be moralistic by God.

I (Rubin) don’t like just ‘sending’. I also like to learn what makes you happy and what your dreams are. I let myself be inspired by one person every day . Just as friends with a cup of tea or during a nice nature walk. You always have a friend in Eindhoven (that’s where I live).

I have no personal mission. I just want to make myself happy and I learn from the virtues of others such as their helpfulness, joy and spontaneity.

If you are in the area, send me an email, whatsapp or phone call. Then I would like to meet you in De Vooruitgang or we go for a nice walk on the meadows. Or maybe you have a great idea yourself!

By the way, my phone may be off for one or more days. So send an email or a whatsapp well in advance.

The little things? They are not that small!
– Jon Kabat-Zinn

Maybe we walk in silence or maybe we have a dialogue with each other about essential and distinctive questions such as:

  • What is my ideal life like? What kind of organization of my working days and weekends am I working towards?
  • What can or am I contributing to the greater whole? In other words: what is my mission? How big is my effect at the moment and how big can my effect be?
  • Why am I doing what I do?

And indeed: the answer may also be: I don’t need anything! Everything is already fine. Really.

Some more of your questions answered …

What do the users benefit from these training courses and blog articles?
Nothing and I mean it. You are exactly right as you are. Do nothing more. I seriously want you to do your thing without our help. I believe in you.

Why did you start this initiative?
I want to continue the work of my teachers so that we communicate with each other respectfully and peacefully. I think that is the great strength of NLP.

Why do you think it is so important to do this?
Wait a minute. What I do is not important to me. You, with your smile and presence, do much more important things than I do. So I just don’t want to answer this question.

What do you like best / most beautiful about your work?
This is not my job. It is the work of my teachers. I’ve learned such valuable things from them that I want to pay it forward. I see this little part as my work and the best thing about it is that I am continuing it for millions of people.

What is your favorite YouTube video?
This video  from the ‘era’ before Instagram is my favorite. A teenager who puts on a deep voice and accent while showing off his designer clothes. It is in the Dutch language.

What are your main values?
Family comes first with me. Then I think ‘small action’ is the most important. What is a very small thing I can do now so that I feel happier and get closer to my goal? I want to pass that on to you too. You don’t have to move mountains. I’m proud of you already.