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Best conversation topics: always have topics to talk about

Best conversation topics: always have topics to talk about

In this article you will find a list of topics for conversations. This way you always have something fun to talk about with friends and acquaintances. Read on for all tips and examples.

Tip 1: The ‘Weekend trick’ for simple conversation material

First, we’re going to teach you the weekend trick. You can use this tip on any day of the week except Wednesday! The trick goes like this:

  • If it is Monday or Tuesday, ask, “How was your weekend?”
  • If it’s Thursday or Friday, ask, “What are you going to do this weekend?”
  • If it is Saturday or Sunday, ask, “How has your weekend been so far?”

Tip 2: The ‘Months trick’: there is always a topical topic of conversation

With the months trick you always check which month we are in, so you can always find something suitable and current for the month. Below you will find a list of the best conversation topics per month as an example!

First half of November

What did you dress up like at Halloween?

Second half of November

Are you going to your parents for Thanksgiving?

First half of December

How was your Thanksgiving?

Second half of December

Are you doing something fun for Christmas and New Years?


How was your Christmas?


How is your exam period going? Or: what Valentine’s Day plans do you have / did you have?


What are you going to do during the spring break / carnival?


How are things going with graduation / learning for the last exams? Or: what fun spring activities have you already undertaken?

Second half of May

What are you going to do this summer?

June July

How has your summer been so far?

End of August & beginning of September

Will ‘normal life’ start again?


Will there be another autumn break for you?

Tip 3: Use this model to go in depth in terms of conversation topics

conversation techniques

Until now, the examples have been very surface-focused. They were mainly about behavior: “What have you done ?” Let’s introduce a model that also makes it easy to talk about deeper topics of conversation.

Because we can talk about deeper topics of conversation thanks to Bateson ‘s model of logical levels.  If you are studying that model, a logical next question would be, “What did you discover and learn today?” This puts you at a level higher than behavior, namely skills.

I’ll show you:

  1. Environment : you are here almost every day! I see you already have your special clothes on. You are all set! Where do you live? A little close?
  2. Behavior : Looks like you were in a bit of a hurry. What are you going to do today? Ah, to work. By the way, do you have to communicate a lot in your work?
  3. Abilities : You look relaxed today. How do you always do that? By the way, I think you always do it very nicely and skillfully. Do you feel competent at your job? The lifesaver?
  4. Beliefs and values: I think exercise and relaxation are very important to you. What motivated you to do this? How sure are you that you will succeed in this? Who inspired you to do that?
  5. Identity: Would you compare yourself to Daphne Schippers? What kind of person are you actually?
  6. Mission: I think you always make others happy. Have you noticed that yourself?

Another similar way to get deeper – or more superficial – in your conversation topics is the chunking model. So you have even more choices to direct your conversation topics!

Tip 4: Think ‘past-future’

You’ll find even more topics to talk about:

  • Continue to talk about the topics from your previous conversation with that person.
  • If you see someone after they start doing something, ask about what they just did. If he went to eat, ask, “What did you eat?”
  • What has been on your mind lately?

Tip 5: Ask your friends for an update

topics of conversation examples

If you haven’t seen an acquaintance or friend for a while, ask:

  • Make me up to date again!
  • What have you been up too?
  • What is your concern?
  • What is your story?
  • How is life?
  • How is your day?

When the other person talks about things that you don’t like at all, ask the other to convince you why you should care. This way you sincerely let it know that you have nothing to do with it so far, and that you are genuinely open and interested in learning something about it.

Tip 6: Ask these fun, interesting questions

Do you want interesting, funny and fun topics to talk about? We’ve put together a special list of hundreds of in-depth questions . You can always appeal to these questions. Pick one or two and ask them the next time you’re talking to someone.

One of the great questions from the comprehensive questions article:

What are you most proud of (this weekend)?

Tip 7: Ask about family

Conversational tips

  • How is the family? (Do ask about the children)

Tip 8: Reflect on life together

It is very nice to reflect on life together. This is an excellent conversation piece to deepen friendships, and in fact, it often creates friendships! Use these reflection questions . The hand exercise is also a very nice method.

Tip 9: Use these somewhat confrontational – but thoughtful – questions

Ask these questions:

  • What are you thinking about now?
  • How are you doing now?

It’s very thoughtful when you think about someone else. And that is exactly what you do with these questions.

These questions are very personal and can lead to deep themes, which can make them feel confrontational to the other. So first make sure that you have a connection and connection with the other. These questions are worthwhile anyway because you are thoughtful: you wonder what the other person’s inner world is like.

Imagine that you have a store and that you only think about yourself, instead of the other person. Do you think you will sell a lot? Customer satisfaction increases if your conversation topics really concern the perception of the other person .

Tip 10: Do you want  to meet (new) people? Use this step-by-step plan …

shaking hands topics of conversation

These tips have been all about topics of conversation for friends and people you already know. But what do you do if you want to meet people? For this there is a handy step-by-step plan to make contact with everyone.  Use it and you will know exactly what to say when you want to meet new people.

Tip 11: Use these topics if you want to flirt / date

Do you want to have examples of things to talk about with your crush? Or on your first or second date? Then I would like to refer you to a separate article with extensive examples and tips! Read this article with 64+ flirting tips. In several tips of that article you will find lists of topics to be discussed.

These were all talking points and tips. Use them with your friends, acquaintances and family. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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