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Life changing books: 10 books that change your life

Life changing books: 10 books that change your life

On this page you will find 10 books that will change your life. These are books that are so inspiring that they will not only make you think, but also transform your entire life. This list will give you books inspiration that you can use to invest in yourself. Read further…

Life-changing books: the top 10 …

Let’s go straight to the list of the books that change your life.

1 – The 4 hour workweek

It is a cliché book for this list, but this book will change your life in several ways. The author gives you insights into how he runs his companies, how he communicates and how he mastered every other skill to world top level in an incredibly short time, including kickboxing and tango, in which he became world champion. Above all, this book changes your life because of the term ‘lifestyle design’: you are not rich if you have a lot of money, but if you can do a lot of fun things with the time you have.

2 – How to win friends and influence people

This book changes your life because you suddenly become a person everyone likes. This book explains exactly what you should and should not do to stop becoming ‘that one person’ that no one wants to get near. This book is from the 1930s but it is second to none. The smoothest writing style you will ever experience in a personal development book,

3 – The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

After this book you will never again be fussed about 10 cents, a few euros, a few tens or other minor problems.

4 – The 10 x rule

How does this book change your life? Just look at the title: this book does not teach you to improve your work, income, health and / or personal goals by 5%, 30%, 100% or 200% … but by 10,000%. This book will teach you that it is as easy as improving yourself 5% – or actually even easier …

5 – The free fall in life

This collection of poetry changes your life – along with the other collections of Jeff Foster – by pointing you to non-duality, which gives you an incredible amount of peace. I can’t explain non-duality here – and Jeff Foster can’t explain it either – because it can’t be explained. It can only be pointed out, for example in poems.

6 – A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle gets ‘it’. Peace, unity, love, non-duality … And why does this book change your life? Because you only have to read the sentences and a tremendous amount of peace will already descend upon you.

7 – The Books of David Deida

David Deida’s books transform your love life. The bond between you, your partner and Oneness with the rest of the world is immediately strengthened by David Deida’s descriptions – and are special exercises to do with your partner.

8 – Rich dad poor dad

There is one simple reason why this book changes your life: this book points you – based on the story of two fathers – to the possibility not to trade your time for money, but to find other ways to make money. … without taking your time. The most proven ways? Starting a business and investing in real estate.

9 – Models

This is a life-changing book for men as Mark Manson tells men that they don’t have to do anything in terms of ‘pick up tricks’ to impress a woman. As a man you just have to show up. That is the most important. Important life lesson for any man who thinks he is not good enough.

10 – NLP books

NLP has changed their lives for many people because they suddenly dare to do many things. View the recommended list of NLP books here.

What are your life-changing books? Let us know below

Let us know in the comments which books have dramatically changed your life. To your success!

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