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12 Signs & Examples Of Real, True Love (Surprising)

12 Signs & Examples Of Real, True Love (Surprising)

What are the signs of true love? What are the real signs of ‘loving someone’, like your partner or any person? How can you use it to grow your love and how can you recognize it? Discover the qualities of true love on this page. Does real love exist? Yes. How? Read on for all the signals and quotes about giving and receiving true love …

True love can be expressed in the following 12 ways

According to the speaker Tom Price, true love – for example in the relationship with your partner, children or friends – can be expressed in the following ways.

1. Love is given through praise and appreciation

Expressing your appreciation and compliments is a huge gift and brings a lot of joy to both of you. It must be genuine praise – after you’ve gotten to know someone well enough to be able to give your heartfelt compliments on something. For example about their intelligence, intention, patience, appearance, or another external or internal quality.

However, do it without ‘but’. So never let your praise precede anything bad. Do not abuse something as wonderful as praise and appreciation for it.

2. True love is expressed in gratitude

You should always be grateful for every person you meet and for every person who is in your life. Always . Also – or especially – when things are not going well. Because they make it possible for you to grow spiritually – for example, by letting go of your pride, selfishness and intolerance.

Be grateful to everyone . Also – and especially – to people who are difficult to love. In practicing tolerance, someone’s enemy is the best teacher because your enemies teach you to love more. Because let’s be honest: how easy is it to love an always-loving person, like your dog?

The invitation to love even your enemies is reflected in every world religion.

3. Forgiveness is unconditional love in action

This one is the hardest for many, because people can be quite rotten and cruel behavior – for example towards you. Nevertheless – or why – is forgiveness so powerful. If we cannot learn to forgive, we cannot learn to love.

Anyone who does not know the power of forgiveness does not know the power of love.
– Martin Luther King

Your lack of forgiveness is a sign of your own materialism and lack of detachment. Of pride, selfishness, ego, stuff …

Unconditional forgiveness – without speaking out loud or demanding a confession from the other, for example – is the surest way for you to set yourself free. It doesn’t necessarily liberate the other – but yourself .

You must learn to forgive everyone. Sooner or later, that really applies to every person in your life – because no one is perfect.

4. Acceptance & tolerance is a sure sign of unconditional love

true love

We must accept and allow people to be what and who they want to be. This is especially difficult for parents towards their children: they tend to love their children only when they become the person the parents want them to be.

The same goes for your partner. If your partner is just sweet and cuddly all the time, then it is easy to love him / her. It really counts when your partner messes up, hurts you, does something wrong and does something terrible: then your partner gives you the opportunity to prove your love. You can be grateful to your partner for that. Tolerance and acceptance is the purest sign of love.

Be tolerant and patient in all that Life gives you. When you get wealth, comfort, luxury and convenience, it is easy to love Life. But if – under whatever circumstances – you still love Life, it is the sign of true love: when you face trials and still remain tolerant.

True love conquers all.

5. Look over the other person’s mistakes

In other words, don’t look at the other person’s mistakes. Every partner has mistakes. Every child has mistakes. Every colleague has mistakes. Every brother or sister has mistakes. A sign of – and the purpose of – love is to ignore those mistakes.

The purpose of life is to realize that mistakes don’t exist. They don’t exist. Mistakes are simply the absence of good qualities. There is no darkness in a room: it is the absence of light. Nobody says take the dark out. They say turn on the light. A person’s mistake is only the dark part of the person.

6. See the good in everyone

true love see the good

See the good qualities in everyone. Forgiveness, compassion, kindness, joy, courtesy, generosity. That’s God! I’ve just seen God. Something Divine – in the other person – as long as I see those good qualities in them. God is not a man in heaven with a beard. It’s a bundle of qualities like kindness. It is love.

If someone has 9 good and 1 bad quality, look at the 9 good ones. If someone has 1 good and 9 bad, look at that one good one.

Do you have every reason to complain? Then just give a compliment.

– Stephen Covey

The more you look for good qualities in people, the more you will find them. That’s how the law of attraction and selective perception works.

If you look at a starry sky, you see many points of light. Do you say, “Look at all that darkness.” No, you focus on the bright spots.

There is absolutely no point in naming anyone’s mistake. Especially when it happens behind their back. Gossip – finding fault in someone and naming it – is therefore the biggest sin.

I will speak ill of no man… and speak all the good I know of everybody.
– Benjamin Franklin

7. Love is listening

The key to love is to listen and to want to understand. Trying to understand someone is 100% sure to be a sign of love. The first thing you should always do is listen to people . Before you want to try to tell them anything and tell them anything. In fact, don’t fool them.

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you’ll be a mile from them, and you’ll have their shoes.
– Jack Handey

Everyone is always right, based on their own frame of reference. That is scientific: from a certain framework or point of view, anything can be true. If someone believes something that you don’t believe, then the other is not wrong based on their own frame of reference.

8. Service

service is true love

Service is simply giving your time or energy to help someone. If you do it unconditionally – and not as a sacrifice – then it is love.

How many ways are there to be of service ? Whatever the other needs … you help the other with that. It is not difficult to find out what they need. Just listen, just ask. Make a little effort to find out – whatever it may be.

9. The ability to receive love, so to be loved oneself

The ability to love received is the only way to love giving . We must accept, accept and receive love with gratitude and love.

Electricity only flows out when it flows in. You don’t have to be a generator of love – all you have to be is a circuit of love – and you are.

10. Love without conditions

love without conditions

Conditional love is: Wanting something back. A hidden agenda. Sometimes loving the other. Take another look at this article about self-effacing and sacrificing.

True love is unconditional. You don’t want to get anything out of it for yourself. If the other didn’t do something, you would still love the other.

Love cannot have ever been and then no more. True love does not disappear. When someone says, “I do n’t love you anymore .” Then that actually means, “I never really loved you.” So divorce can also be a sign of love: if you love someone, let it go. Letting go of each other is also love – even if it means letting go of your true love.

11. The joy and happiness which you radiate to others

This may be the easiest sign of true love. Give others the biggest smile you can give them. Give them a giant beam of joy.

How does it feel when you come to someone’s house – and you are welcomed with a radiant, friendly smile? That is love for sure .

12. Never intentionally cause grief to others

soft words love

Don’t criticize others. Don’t mention the mistakes of the others. “You shouldn’t do that. That’s not right.” It causes grief. Never do it. It is certainly not a sign of love. There is also no ‘constructive’ criticism.

Giving advice rarely goes well.

Instead, you just have to focus on the light – on the good qualities in the other person.

Remove the selfish words, “I told you …” from your vocabulary. Bite your tongue and say, “Great for you.”

On your luck!

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