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Being Conscientious: Meaning Of This Virtue [Explained]

Being Conscientious: Meaning Of This Virtue [Explained]

What does it mean when someone is conscientious? In this article, let’s look at the meaning of this property. Read futher…

Meaning / Definition: What is a conscientious person?

In the word conscientious is the English word  conscience that stands for conscience . So someone who is conscientious has a strong conscience.

In English, the word conscientious is almost the same: conscientious.

Moreover, being conscientious is a personality trait of careful  and dedicated . Being conscientious implies a desire to do a job well and to take obligations to others seriously.

Conscientious people are generally efficient and organized , as opposed to easy-going and disordered people. They tend to show self-discipline , act dutifully , and strive for good performance.  They exhibit planned rather than spontaneous behavior  and are generally reliable .

Conscientious individuals are generally hardworking and trustworthy.

Is conscientiousness to do with morality or ability? Both…

A conscientious person is both moral (lying or being unfaithful is unlikely to happen) and competent (striving for good performance with discipline).

Once thought of as a mere moral evaluation, conscientiousness has in the past been overlooked as a true psychological trait.

The pitfalls of conscientious people

When pushed to the limit, conscientious people can also be ‘workaholics’, perfectionists and compulsive in their behavior and work.

People who score low on conscientiousness

On the other hand, people who score low on conscientiousness tend to be more relaxed, less purposeful, and less driven by success; they are also more likely to engage in anti-social and criminal behavior.

Low conscientious behavior is also associated with the inability to motivate oneself to perform tasks that the individual wishes to perform.

Synonyms of conscientious: dutiful, scrupulous and more …

To a greater or lesser extent, the following words are synonyms of conscientiousness:

Scrupulous, conscientious, obliging, accurate, painstaking, thorough, detailed, faithful, thorough, literal, meticulous, accurate, dutiful, precise, punctual, meticulous, punctual, strict, dedicated, verbatim, careful, contemplative, dutiful, dedicated.

MBTI and DISC profile conscientious

When you look at the MBTI profiles , conscientiousness often appears. This property also plays an important role in other models. A conscientious person falls under the C-pillar of the DISC model . This is the blue part of the DISC model.

A typical C is:

  • formal
  • considered
  • structured
  • wants control
  • analytical
  • exactly
  • is objective
  • perfectionist
  • logical

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