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Best Online Study Options [Online Education Top List]

Best Online Study Options [Online Education Top List]

Do you want to study online from home? Here you will find the best providers of online courses and training for adults. Studying online is much cheaper than studying in class. That is why we have listed the best online courses here. Read on for the best home study options …

Everything you need to know if you want to take an online study / course

More and more people are now choosing to take an online course. It is a useful way to expand your skills and may also help you get a new job. Moreover, with online courses you often get the opportunity to determine the pace yourself. This makes it easy to combine with a family or another job.

Before you make this choice, however, it is good to delve into the different possibilities. That is why we have listed a number of organizations in this article that offer the best online courses. In this article we will find private training and courses in addition to education at college level. So read on quickly.

About online courses

Before we go into further examples of organizations that offer online courses, it is important to discuss what an online course actually is. Most of the online courses we discuss in this article fall under the category of MOOCs. MOOC stands for massive online open course. A MOOC is exactly what the word says, a course that is widely offered and accessible to everyone.

There are a number of differences and similarities between MOOCs and normal courses. The similarities are mainly in the study material. As with any other study program, after registering for the course, you will receive a curriculum and a list of the course material that you must purchase or that you can access online. This will then be used to support the lessons.

The big difference between massive online open courses and the average classroom, however, is the lack of interaction between students and between students and the teacher. Since sometimes several thousand students participate in the course, it is impossible to organize this. However, a discussion platform is often set up, so that everyone can still ask the necessary questions and thus go deeper into the topics discussed.

Now that you have a little idea of ​​what an online course is all about, let’s move on to discuss the best-known online training platforms you can turn to.

Best Home Study in combination with classroom (including college courses)

online study best options

Where can you best follow an online study? View a number of suitable providers of home study training below. Some of these home study courses are without an internship.

Coursera is our #1 recommendation

One of the best-known online training platforms is Coursera . Coursera was founded in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, two Stanford University professors. This was also an immediate introduction to the concept of MOOCs. Coursera has since grown into an organization affiliated with no fewer than 140 universities worldwide.

If you decide to take an online course at Coursera, there are five variants to choose from:

  • Online courses. When you choose an online course, you will learn something new about the topic you are interested in within four to six weeks through homework assignments and taking lectures. When you choose a paid course, this will be rewarded with an accredited certificate.
  • Specializations. Specializations are often chosen by people who are applying for a new job and want to learn one specific skill to increase the chance of success. Obtaining a specialization takes an average of four to six months.
  • Professional certificates. Obtaining a professional certificate through Coursera takes on average a little less than a year. This is also a very good addition to your CV. In particular, the many practical projects that you carry out ensure enormous progress in your skills.
  • MasterTrack certificates. If you want to obtain a MasterTrack certificate, you will take a module of an official master’s degree. This does not concern the entire training, but a part of it. You will receive accreditation from the university upon completion.
  • Online diplomas. You can also choose to follow a full course online. You will be given a maximum of four years for this, in which you can determine the pace yourself. The diploma is a full university diploma.

➡️Click here for the Coursera website.

Best Small Online Course Providers

best online courses

Where can you take the best online courses? If you want to quickly acquire a new skill, the options below might be a smart idea.

1 – Udemy

Udemy is an online training platform that was founded in 2009 and now has the widest range of courses worldwide. This mainly concerns video courses given by professionals from the chosen field. Think for example of marketing, music, photography, software development and much more.

The special thing about Udemy is that it is also very accessible to companies. If you, as an entrepreneur, want to ensure that your team develops certain skills, you can use this platform.

When you sign up for a Udemy course, you get access to a comprehensive platform. You can also contact the teachers and other students from your course group. This is ideal if you have questions about the subject matter or would like to go deeper into the material.

Udemy has a huge catalog of online training as thousands of international trainers contribute to it. Check out our Udemy review here.

2 – Mindvalley

Mindvalley is mainly focused on online training around a happy life. Check out our Mindvalley review here.

3 – Linkedin Learning

Although Linkedin is an A-brand, you should not automatically assume that their online training branch also has top quality. It is an independent company with sometimes inadequate online training courses. Check out our Linkedin Learning review here.

4 – Fiverr Learn

Fiverr Learn was created specifically for providing courses to freelancers. The courses are supervised by professionals from the field and are therefore very practical. This platform is therefore very suitable for anyone who has their own business or wants to start one.

The available courses can be divided into five categories:

  • Design and branding.
  • Adobe CC.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Storytelling and voice over.
  • Web and SEO.

The big advantage of Fiverr Learn is the fact that you don’t pay a monthly subscription fee. Instead, you pay per course. Despite the fact that this does not give you access to an unlimited offer, it does ensure that you do not waste unnecessary money in periods when you have less time to learn.

Although Fiverr is known for offering cheap self-employed people, their e-learning department is a completely different story: all their courses are created by a professional studio and immediately updated every year. They do not allow self-employed people to create courses themselves. So it is a surprisingly good and quality option. You should check out a trial lesson anyway.

5 – Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community that has mainly focused on offering creative courses. These are not certified courses, but videos, tutorials and podcasts that help you take your creative skills to the next level. You can decide for yourself whether you limit yourself to the lessons that are offered for free or if you take out a Premium subscription.

Not sure? Then try the free trial period of 30 days. During that period you have full access to all lessons and you can test whether this is something for you. Not convinced? Then you only have to cancel the subscription in your account. Satisfied? Then the trial subscription is automatically converted into a paid subscription. Here you will find all the info.

Study Online at a University: Free Home Study

best online study with certificate

Do you want to follow an online study? With Coursera, it will be free to study online at university level. This allows you to study remotely at university level. Click here for our Coursera review. Although you still have to pay for your certificate, this is a good option for a cheap home study.

There are no free online courses with certificates

Coursera’s online courses (see previous paragraph) are free in themselves, but you do have to pay for the certification procedure. Then you will receive a recognized diploma.

Tips for Choosing the Right Online Degree Program

It soon becomes clear from this overview that there is a huge range of online courses. Whether you are looking for specific language courses or want to discover a global perspective, you can find it. To help you make a selection and choose the right training, we have listed a number of tips:

  • Many people start an online course to have a better chance of a job or promotion. If this is the case, it is always wise to start a conversation with your (future) employer. Ask this person which training he or she thinks would be most helpful and discuss the options together. An additional advantage is the fact that this is a subtle way to let you know that you are serious about your personal development. Of course this can never hurt.
  • Once you’ve made your selection, it’s a good idea to see if the organization you’re targeting offers a trial subscription. This gives you the opportunity to see for a few weeks what exactly you can expect from the training platform and whether it is worth the investment. Of course you can also simply choose to take free courses. Keep in mind that you usually do not receive a certificate after completion.
  • Are there any options left after these steps? Then take a look at the reviews of students that preceded you. The reviews often give you a clearer definition of what you can actually expect from the course and also ensure that you can make the choice with more confidence.
  • Finally, we have one final piece of advice: choose something that you genuinely like. Based on years of experience, we can say that few people can successfully complete a course on a subject that they do not find interesting at all. This is mainly due to the fact that you are given a lot of freedom and therefore have to bring up the discipline yourself to get started. Does the subject not appeal to you? Then this becomes very difficult.

To your success!

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