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How To Become Rich? 27 Millionaire Tips [Guaranteed To Work]

How To Become Rich? 27 Millionaire Tips [Guaranteed To Work]

“How do I get rich?” Do you really want an answer to the question: how do you get rich quickly or easily? In this article, you will be told the hard truth: 26 tips that tell you what exactly it takes to get rich.

Contents of this page:

Tip 1 – How do you get rich? All these books teach you exactly this …

Learn from the richest people in the world. Check out this article with the top 10 best books on getting rich. These are the only 10 books on the subject you need to read. In all these books you will find a number of themes that keep coming back: you can also get rich without a diploma or education and you do not have to (continue to) work to become rich.

Tip 2 – Getting rich without working? That is absolutely possible! This is the big secret…

get rich how tips

I’ll tell you a little secret. You have been lied to. All your life. Ever since you started primary school, you’ve been told to study hard and work hard for your money. “What kind of work do you want to do later?” Everything therefore seems to be running. From primary school to your studies, this idea is sown into you …

And the big secret is: you don’t have to work for wealth. There are several ways to achieve this in the Netherlands: for example, you can start your own company so that staff or the technology will work for you ( such as creating a blog ). Entrepreneurship is by far the best idea. You can also put your savings in real estate, but you need a lot of savings for that. That is why a company is the best idea.

If you start a business, you can become successful and rich without a diploma and without working!

But before that happens … you have to start building something. That’s how you achieve that ‘wealth without working’. To be precise: you have to build a ‘perpetuum mobile’ that automatically generates money. And if you then say: ‘I can’t build anything because it’s difficult,’ then the answer is clear … That’s why we do it: to make it easier!

Does it get harder? I love that! The only way it can be difficult is if you don’t like it.

Getting rich is pretty easy. Just don’t wish it would be easier than it already is. Wish you would get better. And how you can make it even easier in this way, you will discover in the following tips …

Tip 3 – ‘Get rich quick?’ Anyone can become a millionaire, but not too soon …

get rich tips

You may be asking yourself, “How do I get rich quick?” Then I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news: It ca n’t happen anytime soon . The good news: it can happen easily !

Becoming a millionaire is easy. You will learn that in the tips of this article. Only it will not happen soon:  ‘Get rich quick plans’ do not exist, but ‘Get rich slow plans’ certainly exist!  Get rid of all the ‘easy, quick ways’ to get rich. Also pray that you never win the lottery. Our body cannot even handle that much energy at one time.

Getting rich suddenly is more dangerous than poverty.

And there is even more good news: you don’t have to see ‘get rich slowly’ as a ten-year plan. You can take incredible strides to wealth in a single year. The following tip could be decisive for this …

Tip 4 – It is not going to be easy to get rich (and yet it is, thanks to this tip)

It’s a bit contradictory, but at the same time it’s challenging … and actually also easy to get rich. How? Johan Derksen once said it on primetime TV:

‘To all 15-year-olds in the Netherlands: If you start training every day to become a goalkeeper from now on, you will be a millionaire at the age of 20.’

So yes … becoming a millionaire is actually easy! Why is that so and why is Johan Derksen right with the above quote? This works if you choose one thing and do it every day. Hardly anyone comes up with this ridiculously simple idea, because everyone always wants everything.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it will be worth it.
– Art Williams

If you choose one thing, such as football, blogging, cooking, making music, vlogging or playing tennis, and if you do that every day for a number of years, then you will be all alone at the top. There is also a word for this: focus!

Do it until it works.

In the following tips you will learn why and how focus will lead you effortlessly to wealth …

Tip 5 – Smart people and smooth people rarely get rich: it is certainly not difficult!

have focus

I just want to point out some important things about wealth … A lot of skills and circumstances are not decisive in order to become rich:

  • Is it hard to get rich? No . Is the average famous person or millionaire you know a very nerd and mega smart? No. It’s not difficult at all. It’s only difficult if you live in a third world country where you don’t have a stable internet connection, because you can very easily start a profitable business over the internet.  It doesn’t take a high IQ to get rich. In fact, a high IQ can even hold you back.
  • Does it take a lot of years to get rich? No .  What does take a long time is to follow a training of 4 years, and that is also very difficult. But building a business via the internet in a few hours a day is extremely simple. You don’t need 4 years for that. There are 20-year-old boys who currently earn much more with little effort than people who studied at the technical university for 8 years.
  • Do you need to find the right tactic / method to get rich? NoEvery method, every tactic, every industry, and every skill can lead you to wealth. You don’t have to constantly search for the right method or a secret tactic to learn from a marketing guru. That is not the problem.
  • Do you have to invest a lot of money to get rich? No . It is nonsense that you can only make money with money. Someone who borrows money just spends that money again. Away. Someone who not lend money, money will actually make . You will really be disappointed with people you give money as an ‘investment’ so that you would magically become rich.

Apple was created in attic rooms and garages, with only the blood, sweat and tears of the founders themselves. What would have happened if those founders had immediately thrown $ 100,000 at some marketing agency, waiting for it to all flow by itself? Then that marketing agency would have accepted that 100,000 euros and delivered the end result three months later: a logo, three brochures, two landing pages and perhaps a handful of customers. “Thank you for your 100,000 euros and good luck with the rest! Our task is done. Bye!” To be clear, Apple started with $ 1,300 in seed capital and the founders built 100 computers (Apple 1) by hand.

Okay, getting rich isn’t difficult, doesn’t take years, doesn’t require any special tactics and doesn’t cost a ton of money. What is that one thing that makes you rich? 98% of entrepreneurs never get rich because they don’t use this one skill. What am I talking about here? See next tip …

Genius is 1% intelligence and 99% hard work.
– Albert Einstein

Tip 6 – You must have one extremely simple skill … Focus is the only answer!

What is that one thing that makes you rich? The answer is focus , which is also related to effectiveness .

  • This means that you choose one thing and build it up structurally. You learned this in one of the previous tips of this article.
  • This also means that you do not have access to distractions such as Facebook, Youtube and TV during your working hours . Or that you cannot be called or texted. It’s not even a bad idea to unplug your TV, remove all apps from your smartphone, or grab a hammer and smash your Xbox. You now have clean working time and guess what happens in it: ‘Shit gets done!’
  • If you take a genius who is working on three different things at the same time, and then if you compare that genius to a stupid person working on one thing, the stupid person wins every time. Make sure you don’t get pulled in 100 different directions .
  • Read more about focus here.

Nothing in the world can take the place of focus and persistence. Talent? No. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with mountains of talent. Knowledge and IQ? No. There are countless people with a high IQ but no reward. Education? No. The world is full of people who have been educated. The only thing omnipotent? Focus, persistence and determination.
– Calvin Coolidge

And the great thing is: hardly anyone has focus. That is why hardly anyone gets rich. If you have focus, you will blow over all competitors effortlessly.

It’s not that I’m that smart. It is that I stay with a project for a long time.
– Albert Einstein

Just sit in a bar. How long can people just sit there and be in a conversation without even checking their cell phones? How long can people sit at dinner without looking at their cell phones? Everyone is on their phone, everyone knows that Femke Halsema has become mayor of Amsterdam, everyone knows very clearly what Trump is doing and everyone constantly receives notifications by telephone.

Are you only at 15% of your ability due to a lack of focus, and do you want to solve the problem in the meantime and be one of the 2% who do get rich? No wonder you fail!

Therefore, most people only get 90 minutes of clean work done in an 8-hour span. This is why people fail, don’t grow, don’t make valuable mistakes, can’t get feedback, and can’t get rich. You can’t grow anything substantial in 90 minutes a day.

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.
– Mark Twain

You may even have the best tactic or idea, but fail hopelessly simply because you are not focused. You completely miss the point. So choose one thing – it doesn’t matter what – and actually do it consistently.

Keep holding on to it, that’s the genius! Anyone can achieve anything if they stick to it like crazy and remember that nothing good happens right by itself. You gotta make that damn thing work.
– Thomas Edison

Wondering how to achieve your dream? The answer is really not that difficult. In fact, it’s so simple that it’s brilliant: lock yourself up for two years and just work on that one thing that is your dream. It is then impossible that you still belong to the large group of beginners. You then belong to the select group of major players.

People with mediocre skills can often achieve excellent results because they are unable to give up.
– George Allen

Tip 7 – Rich people are not consumers but producers


Do you want to get rich? Then make the switch from consuming to producing . If you do that, everything will change for you.

Produce therefore consistent and focus your thereon. What are examples of this?

  • Instead of wasting 2 hours every day watching YouTube videos, put that time into recording a video every day.
  • Instead of listening to a podcast for an hour every day, you record a podcast yourself.
  • Instead of following all kinds of webinars, you start giving webinars yourself.
  • Instead of working as a construction worker, you start working as an architect.
  • Instead of being distracted, clicking around, being lived and creating crowds and chaos for yourself … you will create more peace, overview, focus and productions for yourself.

Can you see the difference yet? A life of creating VS a life of consuming. While consuming seems to make you feel good, it leaves you feeling empty and frustrated.

If you suddenly start producing constantly, you get a feeling of satisfaction, unlimited options and growth. Your untapped potential is suddenly used.

Whenever I’m about to lapse into consumer mode, I look at my bracelet. It says: I take action on my dreams now.

If you are going to spend a lot of your time consuming things that are not really important, and only a little time producing your best work … then you are a thief of your own potential.

You’re not going to get any younger than today and you are probably at your peak of potential now … and that potential is waiting for you to be used.

When I travel business class, I often notice something … They work. Or they read something that makes them smarter. Or they rest and sleep. They are engaged in growth & development.

In Economy this is completely different. Almost everyone consumes. They board a plane and do everything they can to ‘kill time’. Playing games, watching movies … Anything to pass the time.

– Eelco de Boer

So – again – live as a producer. Get to work, focus, work ten times more effectively and a hundred times bigger. This way you will surprise yourself again, while of course you continue to enjoy the process.

You have no idea how rich you can get if you consistently focus on producing one thing. In this where everyone is distracted, your focus gives you an extremely distinct advantage.

Tip 8 – How can you get rich? Develop these skills …

work hard to get rich skills

This step requires some patience. In the time when you are learning things, you are not necessarily taking visible steps towards your (financial) goal. Still, it is valuable to focus on learning a skill at certain times. Develop your skills and abilities to handle the size of 1 million euros.

These are some of the most important skills for getting rich:

  • The most important quality for wealth is focus . We discussed this extensively in the previous tips.
  • The skill to be able to do business . Fortunately, this is much easier than you think. Entrepreneurship is simply a matter of understanding the problems that many people encounter, and then offering them a solution in exchange for money.
  • Being able to communicate well, clearly and clearly , both with speech and text. If you already writes: ‘How am t I rich’ or ‘How to become t you rich, “you advance your language skills are the first step to wealth. Successful people are masters of communication. They communicate pleasantly and do not tell negative stories. Conversely, unsuccessful people are those types who start talking to you with long-winded stories.
  • A pleasant personality. Do you have a negative personality? Then you will not acquire wealth. And no, Donald Trump is not self-made, but has inherited his wealth.
  • One of the other skills that millionaires must have is sensory acumen . This is a skill of intelligent people. Do the associated observation exercises to develop this.
  • Long-term vision & patience.  Not wanting to be successful today. Do you remember? Getting rich quick is not possible, but getting rich slowly is easy! You have to start building something to reap the benefits later. Children who could very well wait for a treat at a young age can do this naturally. You too can do this now, by not asking yourself, “What will it cost me?” But: “What can it get me?” Don’t be afraid to invest in tools and knowledge that will bring you a lot of money.
  • The skill to actually be busy building something every day . This could be: calling a number of people every day with your phone to sell them something, training every day to become a professional football player, creating Instagram posts for your Instagram company every day, adding a page to your website every day, etc.
  • The following tips in this article will cover even more concrete skills for getting rich, such as goal setting and … online marketing. Read more!

To get started, just get started with the above skills and make them into habits. See next tip …

Tip 9 – Now convert your learned skills into habits

Developing habits is an essential step to getting rich.

Student: ‘It’s not going so well yet.’
Teacher: “How many times have you done the exercise?”
Student: “Once, I just learned it.”
Teacher (surprised, knowing already): “Oh … You only did it once!”

You can do more than you think, you just have to do it several times . Hardly anyone seriously takes the trouble to stick with a little more than a few times. After a few times they have found something else fun again … You can be the one who does develop habits!

Turning good actions into habits brings you to wealth.

Take the following as a metaphor for life: stretch with your outstretched arm, turning all the way back. The second time you can go a lot further, and even further. And especially if you also visualize in advance that you are getting further. It is a bit uncomfortable to do, but the power of repetition keeps you going.

Tip 10 – Set a (high!) Goal: this is a wish that is guaranteed to come true

get rich tips

Do you know the outcome! A goal is a dream with a deadline, so set a goal.  For example, in five years’ time I will have earned my first million as an annual income. Also set corresponding milestones: in 6 months I will have reached 50% of my goal. Then frame this goal and process it in a Law of Attraction planner.

It must be a high goal. You should really only see a million euros as a starting point – as the first milestone to more. Because a million is not that much these days. The middle class, meanwhile, just has a million.

It’s very easy to make a million. Watch. You have to sell the following to get a million euros:

  • You need 5000 people who buy a product for 200 euros.
  • You need 2,000 people who buy a product for 500 euros.
  • You need 1,000 people who buy a product worth 1,000 euros.
  • You need 500 people who buy a product for 2,000 euros.
  • You need 300 people who buy a product worth 3,333 euros.
  • You need 200 people to buy a 5,000 euro product.
  • You need 100 people who buy a product worth 10,000 euros.
  • You need 50 people who buy a product for 20,000 euros.
  • You need 25 people who buy a product for 40,000 euros.
  • You need 5 people who buy a product for 200,000 euros.

One million euros is a realistic goal. Think bigger than that! And if you think smaller – and just want to collect a barrel, the math is even easier: go for 1,000 true fans who pay 100 euros per year. That is 100,000 euros per year.

If you have a clear goal – such as budgeted profit – you have already completed most of the work of a business plan. However, a well-conceived, well-defined and feasible plan is also watertight. Can you substantiate that your goal will also come true? Here you can read more about making a business plan.

Tip 11 – Tell (only  a few special!) people your goal to become rich

You will get a powerful motivational boost when you share your desire / dream / goal to become rich with some other people who are very special to you. The word ‘single’ is important here. These special people are, for example, your family members or your best friend with whom you share everything. You can also use a mastermind group for this (the following tip is about this).

Sometimes … it is nobody’s business that you are working on your goals.

A seed can only grow if it remains underground. If you constantly take the seed out to show it to everyone, the seed cannot grow.

Tell most people are not your dreams but let them see the result!

This is especially important if there is a chance that competitors will get information about your goals. In that respect you should see it as war. Conceal your intentions.  This has another additional advantage: then potential competitors cannot prepare.

Don’t reveal your tricks. They will use it against you.
– Robert Greene, uit 48 laws of power

Even use decoys (cloud of smoke): say (publicly) that you are working on a goal that you are not actually working on. This also has the advantage of not making competitors suspicious because you don’t say anything. Pretend you want the other.

Law 21: play a sucker to catch a sucker. Seem dumb. Make your competitors feel smart, smarter than you even. Do not say how hard you worked on something, because that will cause questions. Don’t show how smart you are. Even play dumb. Suspicion will go away.
– Robert Greene, from 48 laws of power

In fact, if you reveal something about yourself – even if it’s just the decoy – your competitors might even want to tell you their plans. Or give them a fake confession. They will give a real one.

How do you win a drill game? By deliberately making ‘blunders’ in the game.

Don’t make it seem like you’re too perfect. Sometimes shows some ‘defects’. Show that you have had to work hard for it, just like everyone else. So never see yourself as ‘better’ or ‘higher’ than others.

Law 38: think as you like, but behave like others. Not wanting to show that you are different or better. When dealing with dissenters, accept their values.
– Robert Greene, from 48 laws of power

Tip 12 – Start a mastermind group to find support in getting rich

mastermind group to get rich

A mastermind group consists of about four people who share everything  related to their financial and / or personal goals. In addition, they think along with each other and tell which concrete steps they are going to take.

The benefits of a mastermind group are too many to list here. That is why I would like to refer you to the article about starting a  mastermind group .

Tip 13 – Execute and take action: set concrete weekly tasks

This tip is woven into your mastermind group. The essence of a mastermind group is that you make known your big goals and that you make known your specific weekly tasks: what are you going to do this week to get one step closer to your goal?

Ask yourself: what can I do today to achieve my goals?

Non-rich people just say “I want to get rich” but actually don’t do anything. Rich people are actually taking action to really get started on getting rich. Action is the habit of successful people who excel and enjoy what they do.

Actually do the job. Through the resistance.

Shutting yourself off from the outside world and certainly from all the distractions that exist today. Have laser focus.

“Throw yourself” completely and get into bed exhausted at night, instead of tossing and turning.

You are capable of so much more than you may feel right now. You can also achieve this faster and it can be grander than you might imagine right now.

But don’t go for mediocrity anymore. And once it is finished… Bliss!

– Eelco de Boer

Tip 14 – Have flexibility in behavior: this is called proactive behavior

how do I get rich

It is important to make a lot of mistakes quickly, so that you get a lot of feedback and so that you can make adjustments on the way to wealth. And often that doesn’t mean you have to make massive changes. Small ‘tweaks’ are often enough to get new, better results.

Change what you do when it doesn’t get results (the TOTE philosophy ). This creates options. Develop a proactive attitude where you are on the cause side. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had. So adjust your approach proactively and flexibly!

Do you think, “I create my own life” or do you think, “Life is happening to me.”

Tip 15 – Be congruent in your goal to become rich

Your behavior, thoughts and feelings are all focused on your goal of getting rich. Operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence. This is called: being congruent.

Tip 16 – Say to yourself every day: ‘I will be rich’, or even better: ‘I am rich’

Create a new document on your computer, choose a large font and write, “I’m rich.” Also write down the amount of money that you want to have earned at the end of the year. Print it out and hang it on the ceiling of your room so that you wake up and see this every day.

There is a huge difference between “I want to be rich” and “I am rich.”

Why does this work? Read all about this in the article about the law of attraction.  Then everything will become clear to you.

Tip 17 – Don’t be spoiled: don’t be afraid of effort

get rich how

Are you serious about the question: “How can I get rich?” Then you should also expect to tighten yourself a lot and hard to work . We are so spoiled that any activity that requires some degree of physical exertion is seen as difficult.

Move your ass! It’s incredible … People don’t work! It is so bizarre how little work people do. People go to work before 8, but they only work for 2 hours. I’ve seen people work and I thought, why is he here?

Work hard and enjoy the results later. Don’t sit here in this gray area between working and not working! Most people do not have a work attitude. I have hardly met anyone who works really hard and doesn’t waste time.

When you are willing to do the hard things, life becomes easy.

When people study, they spend a whole day before and then they read 1 page per hour. Imagine where you would be in 30 years if you have such a work attitude and imagine where you would be in 30 years if you have a serious work attitude.

Don’t hope for ‘something for nothing’. Earning money easily on the stock exchange, for example. This creates a passive hands-off mentality with nothing but talk. That is appearances.

Tip 18 – What about the obstacles? Look right through it

get rich tips

Setbacks make you stronger.  Keep going despite setbacks and obstacles. We are going to make a metaphor for this. Break a plank in half with your own hands. Below you can read the modeling of how one of the many plank breaking experts fares. You may have another way to break the plank.

  • See a circle on the board and visualize that your arm is already going through it and that pieces of the board have already gone all the way to the floor, along with your hand. You have to look beyond your goals.
  • Take your hand all the way to the floor later. Right through the board.
  • Put your left leg in front.
  • Place the lines of the wood vertically.
  • Give yourself the following internal dialogue: “I can!”
  • Consider for yourself: what is important to you about breaking through your obstacles straight to your goal?
  • Let energy flow and pump from your abdomen to your hand.
  • And focus: visualize that you have already achieved your goal! Visualize that you have already passed the shelf.
  • Let the power come from your shoulder.
  • Inhale, slowly raise your arms, absorb all the energy from the sun.
  • Make the movement to and through the board as quickly as possible.

Think possibilities instead of problems.

See this as a symbol for all the obstacles that you break towards your goals, using the tips described in this article.

Get rich or die tryin’.
– 50 Cent

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
– Nietzsche

Tip 19 – See through social conditioning

get rich anyway

You may have learned the next word in high school: social conditioning. That word means that, for example, there are people who normally never go out, but they do during Carnival: not because they want it themselves, but because everyone does it.

Have you ever noticed that most Dutch students don’t really care if they have a 5.5, while foreign and especially Asian students are only satisfied with a 9? Even if they have a 9, they go for a retake to get a 10. So you are influenced by your environment.

The media also plays a role in this. The media wants us to talk about Rapper Boef and Twerking. They push it down our throats. “Please, you stupid people.” Say no to these distractions, which are keeping you happy with football and TV so that you don’t start working on your dream of getting rich.

Your thoughts, personalities, goals, preferences and tastes have been influenced by society. They are not yours.

Say no to what society wants from you. Say no to the question what you think of Gordon’s book, Boef’s sayings or The Lice Mother. Say no to procrastination. Say no to people who are wasting your time and putting you back. The big gate closes, so that you are only focused on your goal of getting rich.

I refuse to follow the rules that society has set up to control people with low self esteem.
– Kanye West

Tip 20 – Be different from the crowd – The crowd is not rich

Dare to be different from the crowd. In some important cases in life when you are in the majority, you have to scratch your head.

Anything popular is wrong.
– Tim Ferris

I have always gone straight through all prevailing views.
– Johan Cruijff

The masses finish high school, take a side job, take a study, are satisfied with a 5.5, are on Facebook, watch TV, take a ‘fun package minor’, play video games, are at 9 Gag and Dumpert … Are you one of these thousands of graduates in commercial economics? Or are you different?

Are you going to live the life you want?

Consider the word ‘normal’ . There is the word ‘norm’ in it. Now wonder how low and unhealthy that standard is. Is doing normal really good? So don’t confuse ‘normal’ with ‘good’, even though the rest of the world automatically does. Normal is not good, but normal is the norm. And the standard is very low. In fact, the standard is poor.

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
– Morticia Adams

Just think about this …

  • It is normal to eat sugary foods and drinks. But is it also good for you?
  • It is normal to believe that you will not get rich. But is it also good for you?
  • It is normal not to live life full of ecstasy and joy, but rather tight and serious. But is that good for you?
  • It is normal not to let go completely when singing and dancing. But is that good for how happy and cheerful you feel?
  • It is normal to congratulate someone when they have a new job, but not when they have started a business. Is that okay?

The masses are not taught what is good for you and what brings wealth, pleasure and happiness. For example, schools do not teach you how to cook, what to do if you have an appointment, how to maintain your weight, how to be financially responsible, how to boost yourself in the event of a setback, how to handle your emotions and thoughts …

Is it okay to act normally? For example, we don’t think it’s so strange to pay $ 8 or $ 9 for a glass of drink, and yet we hesitate when it comes to buying a book full of wisdom that costs the same as 2 glasses of drink.

Be different from the crowd! Do things that are good for you!

To get exceptional results, you have to make exceptions. Become that exception. Embrace being different from others. And that you go for the exceptional instead of the “deadly mean.”
– Eelco de Boer

Tip 21 – Don’t be persuaded to go back to the norm

get rich don't go back

If you step out of the norm, in which you have to be a follower, you will be confronted. You will be challenged and maybe even denounced. You may be questioned by other egos. You may be told you can’t …  But never let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling .

Statues are never made for pessimists who criticize others.

When others say to you, “It is impossible,” it is impossible for them . Not for you. Keep going! And go so hard so that you can’t even hear those people anymore.

Two sweet and respectful sisters, Bianca and Natacha, appeared in the SBS program ‘Super Rich, Super Poor’ in 2019. The sisters are quite rich thanks to the effort they have put into their business and can spend 1,250 euros a week freely. They exchanged with a poor family that can only spend 80 euros a week and in which 80-hour working weeks are normal.

The contrast between the two worlds was not quite right for the viewer . Where one has to get by with a lot of pain and effort, the sisters can do whatever they want. The sisters were overloaded with fierce criticism from viewers, while they are cheerful, positive girls.

Do you see what is happening yet? Their positivity, happiness and success are disgusted. Many people will throw stones at you if you choose positivity, success and wealth. Don’t throw them back. Pick them up and build an empire with them.

Moreover, you will never be criticized by someone who does more than you. They are always people who do less than you, like the people who watch television. They just aren’t your type of people. Don’t take advice from people who are unsuccessful themselves  or at least actually step into the arena and take action.

Only take advice from successful people. You can still love and be friends with the unsuccessful critics and just do whatever you want without letting unsuccessful people hold you back.

If you’re not in the arena and don’t get a massive beating, I’m not interested in your feedback.

Take responsibility for encountering these things. It is awesome. And always remember who you are, that you can create anything you want, that you don’t have to get stuck in the beliefs of the norm, which tells you that you don’t have the power, authority, and ability to create.

Those who say it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt those who are actually doing it.

You don’t need permission, not from anyone. Dare to devote yourself to your dreams, your passion and your purpose. People around you don’t keep you small, you keep yourself small. Do you want to get rich and make your dreams come true? Then it is time to stop shifting responsibility to others.

Don’t let small minds let you think that your dreams are too big. In other words, don’t let little ghosts around you fool you. People who live small, think small and at the same time think that you have dreams that are too big.
– Michael Pilarczyk

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead.
– Tupac Shakur

You will no longer belong to the norm and you will not be normal anymore, but your results are extraordinary!

You have been lied to. You can do whatever you want with your life. You have choices. You can ‘just’ get rich.

Tip 22 – Keep this knowledge about getting rich and ‘transcending the norm’ to yourself


Now that you know that the norm does not contribute at all to getting rich and now that you are going to do and think things that are outside the norm, it is important not to bother others with this.

For others there is nothing wrong. They live in the norm, and that norm is pleasant to them, even though it is not good for them. Keep it that way! You don’t have to become an ‘outsider’ and you certainly don’t have to lecture or hurt others.

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.
– Neo, The Matrix

Plus – and this may sound extremely harsh – be glad the masses are being kept dumb. Be glad that all these things aren’t being taught to the masses because if everyone does these things, no one is going to do the boring work. Let the others do the boring work so you can enjoy a simpler and easier life.

Tip 23 – Know that money is energy: prepare your body for it

Money is energy: I can clean my gutter, which costs a lot of energy, but I can also pay someone money so that the other does it. Now that you realize that money is energy, I recommend preparing your body for all that energy. Make room by exercising and open your meridians by ‘tapping’.

Tip 24 – Think about how relative your wealth may be

relative wealth

Now that you know how  to accumulate wealth, it is good to ask yourself what kind of wealth you want. Do you want to work 50 hours a week to earn 100,000 euros a week? Or do you want to work 10 hours a week to earn 40,000 euros a week, while also maintaining a fantastic lifestyle, for example with a lot of free time with your family?

To help you with this question, consider the article on abundance  and read the article on working smarter .

Tip 25 – Start with online affiliate marketing: the perfect way to do something to build on

There are quite a few ways to get rich, but there are fewer ways to get rich without having to work . As you learned in the tips in this article, it is important to build something for yourself . Then you can have what you have built up, do the work automatically, so that you can sit on the beach on a warm Monday morning.

However, there is an excellent way … If someone were to ask me, “What education will you get rich (without working) so that you can go to the beach on Mondays?” Then my answer is clear: affiliate marketing. 

And it is quite simple. You don’t need complete training to learn it. Here you can read everything about affiliate marketing.

Tip 26 – Getting rich is a matter of buying and selling: start a webshop

Nowadays it is possible to start a webshop where handles all logistics. However, you must do proper research into products to purchase and you must be able to recommend them properly.

Tip 27 – Don’t feel like building something up and can you withstand the tension? Perhaps investing and trading is something …

Some people don’t feel like building a business. For them, investing and trading in shares is an option. 

Those were all the tips for getting rich. If you follow these tips, with the necessary hard work, you will ‘just’ succeed in getting rich.

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  1. Anoniem

    I have read many articles on the internet that tell you how you can make a lot of money as quickly as possible and become rich. After you read such articles, you have the thoughts and you suddenly get motivation and you think: “I will continue!” But the next day it will stop. But your tips are so logical, great and it’s so true!

    My compliments for this, really!

  2. Colin

    Amazingly good piece! It’s motivational, realistic and stimulates action … great!

    I’m going to work with it, thank you!

    Gr. Colin