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How To Invoke Angels: 64 Tips For Contact With Angels & Guides

How To Invoke Angels: 64 Tips For Contact With Angels & Guides

How can I make contact with different types of angels (such as archangels and guardian angels)? How can I invoke and talk to the angels and ‘guides’ ? How can I ask for help from the angels? How can I see and feel them? This article answers all these questions. Read along…

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What is the meaning of ‘angels’ and ‘guides’?

Angels, what is the meaning of them? The word angel means messenger. These celestial beings see it as their main mission to support, help and communicate with you in the soul realm. You can communicate with them through prayers and other ways that you will discover in this article.

You can also ask for help from guides . Unlike angels, many guides have had an earthly experience of their own: they had once been human. For example, your deceased loved ones are guides! With guides, there is also a two-way street: they can help you, and you can help them in their spiritual development by acknowledging and thanking them.

Tip 1 – Be prepared to feel angels and guides around you every moment

Know that angels and guides are always around you. Your angels visit you hundreds of times a day! Can you feel them? This is Sonia Choquette’s main message. She explains in her book ‘Ask Your Guides’ that you can feel them at any time of the day because they want to visit and help you continuously .

You are being watched, in a very affectionate way …

Tip 2 – Angels love visitors: prepare yourself for visitors!

Maybe you saw the word ‘visit’ in the previous tip: your angels are visiting you. And what do you do when you receive visitors? You wear your best clothes, get the best crockery from the cupboard and you ensure a tidy house. Angels love it when they are welcome! So make sure you are clean and cared for. The angels will then visit you much more often.

Tip 3 – Use your intuition to make contact with the angels

angels and guides

Our own soul is a million times stronger than our angels. They are our assistance. We are great glorious beings. Our angels want us to finally see that and that we love ourselves the way they love us.

You need your own intuition (soul) to connect with the angels. Your soul is connected to other souls and the holy spirit. And they want to help you. Before connecting with angels and guides, you must connect with your own soul. You can only make contact with the soul world through your own soul – your own creative power.

Guides and angels speak with your heart, not your ego. They only speak to your soul.

Instead, look at the properties of the conditioned ego. Can you create something with that? So use your intuition to make contact with the angels. How? Tune in and listen to your inner silence. So not on words but on frequency, rhythm, space and silence. Here you will also find dozens of other ways to tune in to your intuition.

Your main guide is your own soul (higher self / intuition). The other guides support your connection with your higher self.

Tip 4 – Put your hand on your heart and ask for help from the angels

“Guides, angels, teachers, healers … Help!” Ask for a booster shot from God and the angels. Important: Always ask for the most advanced help!

Say, ‘Help! Send me the most advanced help! ‘

Tip 5 – Listen for an answer: learn the angel language

How, then, do we get answers to our prayers to the angels and guides? The angelic world has its own language. Answer and guidance comes through:

  • To dream
  • Riddles
  • Symbols
  • Jokes
  • Metaphors

Tune in to them by listening to your inner silence. Do not pay attention to the words but to frequencies and rhythms. The angels often show themselves this way:

  • Familiar scents that remind you of your loved ones
  • Sparkles
  • Light flits
  • You get a song in your head. What is the message of the song?
  • Whatever crazy or nonsensical message you feel popping into your head, trust it.

The consequences are beautiful if you follow your intuition / heart. Everything in life becomes a potential message for you. Every situation, every opportunity, every conversation is potentially overloaded with gifts. Gifts, miracles and synchronistic events come out of nowhere. As if a filter is missing. Suddenly synchronicity is all around us.

It is not an accidental world.

Open your imagination. What is the gift? What is the real message? What is the probability here? What is trying to seep through? Your intuition will pick it up and you will learn to speak angels.

Tip 6 – Also pay attention to the creative ways angels answer

Our angels and guides also use very creative ways to make interventions on our lives:

  • For example, they use nature: suddenly a robin lands out of the window, and it seems to be singing to you.
  • Or you see a message on a license plate: love you.
  • You hear a conversation between other people and the message seems to speak to you.
  • You forget your keys twice or you cannot fall asleep all night, so you report absent the next day and thus save yourself from something, for example on the road.
  • A radio show that you normally never listen to, and that – now that you just turn it on – finds exactly the answer to your problem.
  • The guides let you look in a newspaper.
  • They maneuver you in certain conversations that you need for your development.
  • They let you pick up a book just like that.
  • A magazine just falls at your feet.
  • They give you a push.
  • They drop flyers for you.
  • They let you talk to certain people.
  • They let an unknown person suddenly give you a crystal clear message out of nowhere, and that person then disappears again.
  • Do you suddenly find feathers somewhere? Then angels have visited.
  • The answer can also come in a dream.
  • The answer can come through animals. For example, a bird that shows you the way on foot, instead of flying. How special! Because which bird does that on foot?
  • You may suddenly receive a loving phone call or chat message from someone you weren’t expecting, who suddenly cheer you up, or who gives you credit for how beautiful you are.
  • You suddenly decide to do something! For example, you suddenly decide to buy flowers, go to the movies or to the pedicure for no reason. The joy angels must have made sure of that. Or you suddenly become generous , hospitable or you give someone a compliment ! After all, it is the job of the joy angels to bring more joy!
  • The angels and guides are recruiting someone to give you a hint, advice or suggestion. You have also been used many times by guides. For example, when you suddenly decided to call someone for no reason and it was the perfect time for the other person.
  • They ensure that more and more people perform a ‘random act of kindness’ . Maybe someone just orders a pizza as a gift for a random address.
  • They   activate synchronicities .

These are all clear messages, interventions or hints from your guides! They are very creative in this. Connect the events in your life, such as a broken bicycle or a flat car tire, with what is happening in your life right now. You will be surprised by the connection.

Is something happening that prevents you from getting somewhere? Then it shouldn’t have been. Angels have taken care of it.

Tip 7 – Do you want to be guided by your angel? Feel (the frequencies)! Does it feel good? Does it feel true?

angels invoke contact

You will receive answers and guidance via:

  • Feeling
  • Statue
  • Sound
  • Rhythm

These are all frequencies. Your body is an instrument for this. It’s a feeling. Feel the frequencies and ask yourself:

  • Does it feel good?
  • Does it feel true?

For example, if you are somewhere you shouldn’t be, and if that place doesn’t feel right, then at that point you will be led to go to another place!

Trust an inner flow. You have to become sensitive to it and tune in to the frequency. You can hear or feel it when you are still inside. Pay attention. Intuition is feeling. What are your vibes?

Does it feel good, does it feel true? That is the feeling your angel gives you. Trust it.

Tip 8 – Guidance from the angels is sometimes very subtle

The guidance you receive is often very subtle: listen carefully to what is happening inside you. Quiet your thoughts. Sometimes it is a very light thought behind a thought. Sometimes it is very short there, after which you let your mind rage over it late.

Open your heart. Quiet your mind. Listen. When you least expect it, it will come.

When your mind becomes silent, you come to a higher frequency. At some point, you can easily converse with deceased guides and hear them very clearly. The other is just there for you.

Tip 9 – It is normal to connect with angels and guides

Being associated with angels and guides is normal and natural. It’s weird not to be connected to it. Live your life with this attitude.

Tip 10 – Be pure: learn from babies, because they already talk to angels!

calling on angels

Have you ever seen babies babble? Have you seen them smile and look around in amazement? They are talking to angels because they are so pure.

Tip 11 – Realize and think about all the beautiful things angels can give you

Angels make life so much more fun and easier! Angels and guides give you:

  • Consolation
  • Certainty
  • Support (for your dreams)
  • Inspiration
  • Fun
  • Tension and sensation
  • Care
  • Love
  • Information, just like Google

The universal provides.

Tip 12 – Take a look at how special angels are

Angels are:

  • Magic
  • Surprising
  • Hilarious
  • They give appreciation
  • Generous
  • light
  • Life

Tip 13 – You also have your own guardian angel (s) – What is the difference between them and other angels?

guardian angels contact

Your own guardian angels are intimately connected with you from the moment of conception, and throughout your life – until your last breath – they continue to guide you through to the afterlife. That is the difference with other angels. They protect you, guide you, keep an eye on you and help your soul to grow.

They are there especially to help you fulfill your personal soul intent. When you threaten to get off the path, they will keep you back on the path to guide you along the path. So when you get into trouble, endangerment, or make wrong choices, it could just be that these angels come in some form to lead you back.

The only type of angels that will naturally come to help is your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is the only angel you don’t need to summon – the others should be summoned with a short prayer.

The unique thing about guardian angels over other angels and soul guides is that they are there all the time and they always help you. Whether you are aware of them or not, whether you have asked for their help or not, whether they have permission or not. That is because you made an agreement with them before you incarnated.

Sonia Choquette describes in one of her books how she saw a child fall into a big campfire – but appeared to be lifted and thrown to the ground in the opposite direction. “Are you OK?” “Yes, he helped me. He pulled me out.” “Who?” “My angel.”

The other unique thing about guardian angels is: they can present themselves in human form when needed. Often people say, ‘I had the most special experience with a person’ when, looking back, it was an angel!

Your guardian angel can present himself in the form of a man who gives you gasoline when you run out of gas – when you really can’t miss the airport and your flight.

You too can serve as a channel for someone else’s guardian angel. How does that work? God is good. When you are good, you are an angel to someone: for a moment you are the ‘channel’ of God in the form of an angel.

Tip 14 – Feel how you can feel the presence of your guardian angel

Guardian angel

In the evening before going to sleep you can feel the presence of your guardian angel: ask your soul where your guardian angel is in your room. “Guardian angel, let me feel your energy.” Close your eyes and notice if you can feel it. Is it to my left or right, close to me or across the room?

Believe in it. Close your eyes and feel if you can feel your guardian angel by your side. Is my guardian angel on my left or right side? Near me or across the room?
Believe what you feel, see or hear.

Trust whatever comes up and trust what you feel – where your attention rests. Rest your attention there and greet your guardian angel. If you have a special request, you can ask. Now is the time for that. You can pray to your guardian angel and ask what you need.

Tip 15 – Use the following prayer to make conscious contact with your guardian angel

You can ask for anything from your angel. Speak out loud the words you want to share. For example, ask your angel to remove all resistance in you to be helped. Connecting with your guardian angel is especially recommended for children, but it is suitable for everyone before bed. Below is an example of such a prayer that you can say for your guardian angel.

Angel of God, protecting angel, whom I have always honored, to whom God’s love commits me. By my side every day, to enlighten, protect and guide. {Ask your question here.}
– Sonia Choquette

Tip 16 – Meet the Archangels


You can also receive a lot of energetic support from the Archangels. Hierarchically, they are God’s most important messengers. Asking for their help is like asking the best soccer team in the universe to help with the game of life. You can always ask for their extra help. Each archangel has a specific domain in which they can help.

If you have had a Catholic or other religious upbringing, you already know them. In the Bible, the following archangels are mentioned:

  • The Book of Enoch mentions seven archangels: 1. Uriel, 2. Raphael, 3. Raguel, 4. Michael, 5. Sariel, 6. Gabriel, and 7. Jeramel.
  • Abraham’s Testament mentions two additional archangels: Dokiel and Puriel.
  • The Apocalypse of Abraham calls Jehoel.
  • Samael is mentioned in the Ascension of Moses.
  • Through a search in Google you will come into contact with many more archangels.

Below you can see which archangels I personally appeal to. Don’t see this as an absolute explanation, but as just a selection of archangels to whom I ask for help myself.

Archangel Michael

Domain: protection and love, vitality, love power, health tension or if you feel fear.

Archangel  Azrael

Domain: hope, life and death, transience. He is there for you during gigantic transitions in your life. It is there, for example, when the umbilical cord is cut. Ask for his help when you are experiencing major changes.

Archangel Gabriel

Domain: water, emotions, self-confidence, security, safety, strength, birth, inner child, carelessness, pleasure, receptivity, telling and conveying your mission (it is not for nothing the messenger angel).

Archangel Raguël

Domain: the police, make others in your life behave, connect the lines of communication.

Archangel Raphael

Domain: air, healing for mind, body and soul, inspiration, guidance, spiritual guide, communication, education, self-expression.

Archangel Uriel / Ariel

Domain: protection of the earth and nature, fire, warning, love, harmony, friendship, enjoyment, music, art, beauty, maternal love, benevolence and care.

Archangel Sariel

Domain: keeps everything in control and organized, calms down.

Tip 17 – How do you summon the Archangels?

Archangels are strong but kind and good. They love to be summoned. They love to serve you because that’s how they serve God. You can summon them by singing their names slowly, several times (3-6 times).

Tip 18 – Meet the Ministry of Angels

ministry of angels

There is another ‘support system’ that you can always rely on: the Ministry of Angels. These are entire armies of angels who love to help, support, and give gifts. This can be done for every aspect of your life: there is a ministry of angels for, for example, your creativity, your work, gardening, cooking, knitting, getting a relationship, parenting, traveling, bargains etc. Whatever you need help for.

Tip 19 – How can you summon the ministry of angels?

To recall them, say the following:

  • I am calling my angels.
  • Angels, I need you.
  • Angels, come here.
  • Angels, help me.

And then be open. After that, you must also grasp their handles and take action on their help.

Undergo each endeavor with a short prayer: “Ministry of angels, oversee everything I do and make it easy, magical and filled with gifts. Thank you.’

Tip 20 – Notice the difference between what you feel with each type of angel

Tune in to the different types of angels and notice how they all feel differently.

  • “Guardian angel, let me feel your energy.” Close your eyes and feel that frequency in your heart. What color is it?
  • “Archangels, let me feel your presence.” Feel how they feel different from each other.
  • “Ministry of angels, let me feel your energy.”
  • “My knitting angels, my bargain angels, my travel angels, my feeling angels, let me feel your presence.”

Then speak out loud what you see or feel. Also the colors.

Tip 21 – Use your imagination

angels invoke tips

Using your imagination is the way to communicate with the angels, and that doesn’t mean it’s not real. It is a legitimate perception and a legitimate dialogue. The fantasy is about the way your angels and guides talk to you. Take a look around in the physical world. Everything you see was once fantasized.

Literally see the angels around you and ask for a sign.

Tip 22 – Practice noticing different frequencies (of different angels / souls)

Do you want to make contact with the soul world and the angels? Practice noticing different frequencies at different times of the day. You keep getting better at it. You can recall and notice them.

  • Start with your own soul. How does it come to you? What color, tone, tone, vibration, feeling do you notice?
  • Then the spirit of your loved ones and neighbors.
  • The nature world: The trees, the garden and your house.
  • Then your guardian angel.
  • The Archangels.
  • The Ministry of Angels.

Have fun with it. It is not a test but an experience. You are being introduced to a whole new dimension of consciousness.

Tip 23 – Summon the angels with a prayer

For example, you call the angels through prayers. However, if you neglect this and you never do it, God may also send the angels to you on his own initiative!

Be careful what you whish for…

You can say a prayer by literally asking the angels for help – or you can say a prayer in the form of an affirmation :

I am a spiritual being.

I am protected by angels.

Taught by my teachers.

Helped by my healers.

Supported by my riders.

And I am infinitely loved by God.

Tip 24 – Being guided means being moved: be movable, flexible and open to guidance

Be flexible and open to guidance. Open your portals and openings to the guides. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How open are you to guidance?
  • How guide are you?
  • How receptive are you?
  • How flexible are you?
  • How willing are you to try something new?
  • Be open to the opinions and advice of others: ‘That’s interesting! I can consider that! ‘
  • How open are you to new things? Guides always give you new things.
  • We communicate with you in every possible way. In how many ways are you open to be communicated with?

The more you move, the more guidance can come. Move your body and bring your soul into your body. How can you do that?

  • Move, exercise, become more flexible and spontaneous in your body.
  • Jumping rope.
  • Run around the corner.
  • Hoelahoepen.
  • Stretching and yoga.

Stop controlling situations and get moved. The guides steer your direction and your body. You become open to information in the moment.

How moveable are you? Move physically.

Tip 25 – Pray for being able to be led be angels and guides

angels make contact

Pray to build the capacity to actually be led by the angels and guides.

Divine Holy Mother Father God. Use me, move me. Move me in the right direction. I am available.
– Sonia Choquette

The prayer should be, “Divine guidance, move me. Move my body, my butt, my mind and attention. Move my consciousness where it needs to be. ‘ Add it to your morning meditation: ” Move through my day.”

Tip 26 – Now we know a lot about angels, but what are guides?

Let’s briefly list some properties of guides:

  • Angels have never had a worldly experience. They have never had ego energy. Guides do. So they understand the challenges of humans. So they are a kind of mentor.
  • Angels are sent by God. Guides must be called. You have to do something to tune in to them, that is, give them permission to help you.
  • Guides need our help too! The deceased can also be your guides, but when someone dies it does not mean that this person is suddenly enlightened. We too must help our deceased loved ones.

Tip 27 – Guides (and angels) are a coach: they will never do the work for you

Guides are there to guide, guide, support, assist and give you suggestions. But under no circumstances can they do the job for you. They are not for that. They also cannot tell you what to do. That would be a breach of the divine contract of free will. You can give them permission to work with you, but always with you.

You can ask: bring my attention to what will be my highest good for me. It works like a football coach. The coach will coach you. He will give you tools, tips and recommendations but at no point will the coach say, ‘You sit down, I play the game. give the ball to me I’ll score for you. ‘

Tip 28 – Simply state what you could use help with

Ask yourself about the area in your life where you could use help, protection, support, or guidance. They don’t have to be problematic things. It can also be things that are already going well. It’s nice to be led by the guides!

Tip 29 – Thank and acknowledge the angels and guides

thank you angels

Angels can appreciate being appreciated, which will also make them come around more often. Say thank you to your angel if you feel helped. When you feel helped, say out loud, “That’s an angel.”

Always thank the angels and guides. They like to be recognized. They also become happier. Then next time they will work twice as hard.

If you pay attention a little, you will see the times when the angels come by or answer all the time. Recognize these moments by thanking the angels out loud and saying it was guidance.

This works like an accelerator: the more you see and acknowledge it, the more often it will come. And that happens more and more often until every moment of your life becomes guidance. And all fear, frustration and pain disappears.

The best way to give thanks to the angels and guides is to be happy and joyful.

Say out loud, “I am grateful. Thank you, I am so grateful for this! Do I have to sit here for an hour on the bus? Yes I am so grateful! ‘ Even with difficult people. They are doing us a favor. Be grateful.

‘Do you want a cup of coffee?’ “Thank you, I’m so grateful for this!”

The quality of your connection with your guides will increase! They like gratitude.

Tip 30 – Expect guidance and help from the angels

Expect the lead. The more you expect something, the more you get it. This is the law of attraction works. Expect your angels and guides to be there all day long. Ready and willing to help you.

When you expect it, you look for opportunities, anticipate support, expect surprises, and feel the generosity of the universe. Say / Affirm:

I live a guided life. My life is being conducted more and more every day.

Get into a state where you are receptive to help. This way you attract more leadership. 24/7!

I don’t believe in miracles. I trust them.
– Laurence J. Peter

Always be on the lookout for the presence of miracles.
– EB White

It acts like a giant antenna / magnet to be receptive to the vibrations of positivity. When you love life, life loves you too.

Say, ‘I love my life. I expect the best. I am open to be helped. I wonder what beauty will happen to me and come to me today. I expect something wonderful to come. ‘

Tip 31 – Be open to guidance from the angels and guides: take immediate action!

Be open to the way the direction is coming: don’t get stuck in the way it should come according to you. For example, the angels and guides give you inspiration to follow a different route and suddenly meet your future partner. Follow your inspiration! Take action.

Pay attention to where you are. What is right in front of you? A woman in a carpool told her travel buddy every day that she couldn’t find a friend, until one day he said, “Shut up, I’m literally right in front of you!”

Once upon a time there was a loving priest who dedicated his whole life to the Church. One day there was a big flood and the water is still rising and all the people have fled to the roof. After a while a boat with rescuers comes to get everyone off the roof. Only the priest does not want to come. “God will save me.” The rescuers insist for a while, but he insists, “God will save me.” So the boat leaves, with everyone from the village except the priest.

After a while another boat arrives. Meanwhile the water has risen considerably, the priest is in the water up to his waist. But he still doesn’t want to come. “God will save me.”

Later again, the priest is now standing on the roof of the house up to his neck in the water. A helicopter comes flying over: “Priest, we have come to save you! You are saved! ‘ But the priest does not want to come along again: “God will save me.”

You guessed it: the priest is drowning.

At the gates of heaven, the priest said to Peter, insulted, “I thought God would save me.” Peter does not understand either: “Indeed, sir, you have lived an exemplary life, indeed you had every reason to expect that you would be saved.” So he sends the man to the big boss. The pastor stands before the throne of God and says, “Why didn’t you save me while I was waiting there on that roof?” God says, ‘Yes, I don’t understand either. Something must have gone wrong. I have sent you two boats and a helicopter. ‘

The unexpected, unusual ideas you get that you normally wouldn’t do are guidance. Follow them up. These are strong indications that it is leadership.
Don’t turn it down because they ask you not to do something your way. At the very least, say the answer given.

That’s the point: because what you’re doing now isn’t working. That is why you receive guidance. So accept every inspiration, idea, impulse, message. It’s all important. From the second you think about it, you’ve missed the moment.

If you do this consistently, you’re going to live a guided life so fluid that you won’t even stop to think about it. You flow with it. The flow of life. You go with the last helicopter to pick you up from the roof. It is your choice.

Tip 32 – Meditation helps to receive guidance from your guides

receiving angels and guides

Do a meditation to receive guidance from your guides. Meditation is not a hard task, as it may seem. It’s a state of relaxation, a mini vacation, a sip from the spring … It’s refreshing and it nourishes your soul.

You may already be taking a few deep breaths or listening to a song completely. This trains your mind to listen. Then take this meditation energy with you for the rest of your day. Breathe while someone speaks. Take in the other’s words.

You can hear everyone who has passed over, if you remove the resistance and come into positive energy (through meditation).

Tip 33 – Guidance from guides and angels comes suddenly, just like that!

You suddenly just have the answer instead of going through the intellectual process to get to the answer. It just pops up. Accept the answer. Dare to trust it. And sometimes … It’s not just an answer, but an action! See the next tip …

Tip 34 – Guidance from guides and angels moves you just like that for no reason

And sometimes it doesn’t just pop up, it just moves your body. It just moves you. You suddenly walk in a certain direction, you suddenly get up and suddenly start doing something, you suddenly start looking in a certain place.

You have to respond immediately. In the moment. The answer is in the moment.

Guides (Helpers) rarely elaborate on why. They are very short. Don’t wonder why but do it. “Why, how did that happen, what does it mean?” They give the answer but it is in the moment. Take immediate action on it.

Sonia Choquette was two blocks from the walk to pick up her children. Suddenly her guides told her, “Turn around.” She just did. She didn’t think. When she did, she suddenly ran into a baby in a diaper, all alone, and he wanted to walk into the street. No parents. All alone. She could save the child. What if Sonia Choquette’s mind had said, “You’re late, you have to go to school to pick up your kids …”?

Tip 35 – Also set the table for your guide

angels guides

Sometimes also set the table for your guide. Place an extra plate. Especially if you have a situation where you would like extra help.

Tip 36 – Don’t break connections: don’t judge and forgive

Love and forgiveness open the way for angels and guides. Forgive yourself and the ‘self’ of others.

Not judging and forgiving are acts of honor. If you are accusing and judging, it creates a ‘disconnect’ with the angels and guides.

Tip 37 – It’s simple: ask for help

You cannot ask enough for help. It’s a shame if you don’t do it enough. It’s almost certainly the case that you haven’t asked enough for help. If you’re stuck, you haven’t asked for enough help.

We need help. But we do have to ask.

You just have the angels at your disposal. They work for you. So make use of it, otherwise they will just sit at a table like bored employees who have not yet had a temporary assignment. “Did you hear anything?” ‘Nope. Have you had any action down there? ‘ ‘No, no calls yet …’

Universe, send me help and surprise me. In any way and by any means.

Have a short prayer at the beginning of each task. Ask your guides to make it a wonderful day or trip to work. Talk as if you were just talking to your own loyal staff.

If you truly realized that you have your own personal team of angels, teachers and guides and your intuition, you would never worry about anything again. Not a single day would you think that things are not going to work.

Make it a habit to simply ask for help from the angels. Help is all around you. Whenever you feel vulnerable, uncomfortable, threatened or unsafe, say “Help!”

The more you ask, the more you get.

All help is ready for you. Stop doing it to yourself to think you are on your own. Find that silence and listen.

Ask for a sign.

Tip 38 – Do something different every day: these are entrances to be guided

Do something different every day. Do something different every day. Out of the routine! Those are openings. There your guides will be able to make an intervention.

  • Take a different route.
  • Talk to someone else and ask how their day is going, when this person doesn’t normally interest you.
  • Ask another question.
  • Eat something else.
  • Walk to work instead of taking the bus.

Do something different every day. Those are openings. There your guides will be able to make an intervention.

Tip 39 – Say your experiences with angels out loud: ‘you name it, you clame it’

  • State aloud the messages you receive from the angels and guides.
  • Thank the angels out loud.
  • Ask for help out loud.
  • Recognize the angels aloud: “That was an angel!”
  • Write down in your journal at the start of the day what you asked for help for and then in the evening how you got help.

Mention and / or write in your diary what happened to you. This makes the process even faster.

You name it, you claim it. This is how you make the connection.

Tip 40 – Say out loud: let me ask my guides

  1. Say out loud, “Let me ask my guides.”
  2. Then put your hand on your heart.
  3. Take a breath.
  4. Fill in: ‘They tell me …’ Fill in the dots.

Tip 41 – Practice with friends!

angelic friends

Find friends to practice with. Take turns asking your guides for insights. Witness each other.

  1. Put your hand on your heart.
  2. “I need guidance about my love life.”
  3. “My guides say …”
    “My guides say …”

Tip 42 – Connecting with guides and angels? The key is intention

The key is intention. If you have the intention of connecting with your guides instead of fighting, you will succeed.

tip 43 – Guidance from guides is almost always different from what your ego would say

The guidance is almost always different from what your ego would say. The ego likes sabotage . It is in the nature of the ego not to want anything good. In addition, the answer from your guides is consistent. It will be the same answer every day if you ask on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Your ego / mind is totally inconsistent.

Tip 44 – Do you want to see your guides? Do not look with your physical eyes, but look with your inner eye

You cannot see your guides with your physical eyes. You have to use your inner eye, with which you fantasize. You can train and strengthen this by simply visualizing .

  1. You can practice this. Look at an object or person, such as a bright red apple. Now close your eyes and see this apple in front of you just as clearly as with your physical eyes open. Do this 5 times. It’s nice to see how quickly you get better at this.
  2. Now bring people into your fantasy who are not here right now. For example your neighbors or a family member. What are they wearing, what are they doing? Say it out loud.
  3. Then feel if you can feel them too.
  4. Soften your eyes and watch the figure of your guide emerge. Describe it. It can also be a feeling, smell, thought or color. But it comes through the third eye.

Practice and become as comfortable seeing with your third eye as you are with your physical eyes.

Tip 45 – Ask your guide to introduce himself

  1. Put your hand on your heart.
  2. Say, “Okay helper, who are you?”
  3. Articulate aloud a name or whatever comes to mind.
  4. Don’t think about it . Don’t let your intellect want to control it.

Tip 46 – Invite your guide to your dream!

calling angels and talking

Invite the guide to your dream and let yourself be surprised.

Tip 47 – Guides can show you the future – Watch the signs

Your guides can show you your future. They prepare you for it. They do this, for example, through a vision, metaphor or dream.

Tip 48 – You can connect with your guides through the here and now

Your guides can only connect with you when you are in the here and now with your attention . Notice what is in the here and now. Notice it with your eyes closed and your eyes open. Communicating with guides is the skill of focusing and responding to what is happening in front of you in the here and now.

Tip 49 – Take a walk and guidance from the angels and guides will come naturally

Go for a long walk and you will be guided. Are you stuck? For example if you want to write a play? Call in help, go for a walk for half an hour and it will come by itself!

Tip 50 – Get the angels out of the closet!

Share with others how you have been guided! You strengthen and accelerate leadership by getting it out of the closet.

Tip 51 – Never doubt the guidance of the angels

Don’t doubt what you will get. What you get is what it is for you.

Tip 52 – Ask the right guide for help: not everyone is equally suitable… And help the guides yourself!

Suppose your uncle was addicted to gambling in this life, it is not the best idea to ask his switched soul for financial advice. Ask him to put you through to someone who can give you the best possible help in that area.

Also always use your own intuition with the help of guides who have departed from this world. They are still the same person but without a body. They also develop further in the afterlife and are not suddenly perfect. The help is mutual! We too must help the guides who have made the switch by praying for them.

Tip 52 – Meet the nature guides

nature souls angels

The nature guides assist us in our earthly experience. View their properties below and see in this way which type you need guidance. Is your life too grounded? Invoke fire. Too excited? Call upon the earth souls. Too stuck in your head and not enough emotional connection? Invoke the water souls.

Earth souls (Mother Earth: Gaia)

Our physical body feeds off the earth.

Ask for this in your prayer:

  • Emotional Healing
  • Healing for stress
  • To care
  • Fear
  • Mentally clinging to things instead of letting go.

This is how you make contact with the earth souls:

  • Just walk out. Go out and pay attention to the world around you.
  • Sit on the grass.
  • Run on the grass.
  • Walk barefoot.
  • Work in the garden.
  • Work with flowers.
  • Play in the earth.
  • Feel the soul of a tree.
  • Lie on the grass and feel the earth breathe.
  • Feel regularly how you are supported by the ground: make contact with the ground.
  • Here are more ways to ground yourself.

This is how you are working with the earth souls!

Water souls

Water souls, for example, come along through rain or morning douw.

Ask for this in your prayer:

  • They clean your soul
  • They clear the negativity of the day

This is how you make contact with the water souls:

  • Say a prayer while taking a shower.
  • Drink water before you sleep.
  • Appreciate water.
  • Place a bowl of water with flowers in your home and ask the water souls to keep your home fresh and free from negativity.

Air souls

Air souls are blowing a new wind.

Ask for this in your prayer:

  • No fear
  • More confidence
  • Calming
  • Focus
  • Mental clarification

This is how you make contact with the water souls:

  • Take a deep breath. Not superficial. Every morning 5 to 10 deep cleansing breaths.

Fire souls

Fire souls get you moving and start activities. They dance!

Ask for this in your prayer:

  • Getting things moving
  • Innovation, not always the same grind
  • Getting involved in life
  • To give everything
  • Spontaneity
  • Passion
  • No boring
  • New life
  • Creativity
  • Spiritual healing

This is how you make contact with the fire souls:

  • Light a candle
  • Make a fire. Write what you want (which gives movement or change) on paper and throw them in the fire. See the fire dance around it. Let the fire burn completely. Notice the big differences in the following weeks.

They are intense, so pay full attention. You cannot be casual, drinking, or distracted during a fire ritual. You have to give it your full 100% attention.

Tip 53 – Meet the guide type: Runners

talking to angels

The runners are your helpers, your scouts. They help you move through the physical world to achieve your goals quickly. They run ahead and find things for you and they connect things for you. They help you! And they do that by running.

They run through the world, through the vibrations and waves, through the cities, in the shops and cinemas and wherever you need to go, so that everything runs smoothly and practically. They help you find things you have lost and connect you to things you are looking for, such as parking lots or apartments.

They also look for things that you were not aware of. They can even move things if you are looking for something. They don’t speak. They just run.

Tip 54 – This is how you can call the Runners

Send them out! Ask them to do things for you. Ask them to anticipate. They like to do it. Always thank them too. They like to be recognized. They also become happier. Then next time they will work twice as hard.

Send the runners ahead to find things you have lost or to keep the best seats available for you in the cinema.

Your riders connect your attention to what you are looking for.

Tip 55 – Meet the guide type: The Helpers

Helpers come and go. They change depending on what you need. They help make your life easier for you to enjoy.

Use them for example for:

  • Writing books
  • Cook
  • Learning DIY in your new home
  • Travel better
  • A new job

The helpers were all once human. They are acquaintances, family members, neighbors, friends and caretakers of you in this life. They love you. Helpers help you so that they can also develop themselves spiritually.

Tip 56 – Get acquainted with the guide type: The Healers

angel healers

The healing guides provide healing for your body or soul. They ensure that the right signals and messages come to you that you need to do something about your health, they ensure that you are told the solution about the treatment you needed or they take over the work of the doctor, surgeon or dentist . The dentist will feel like he is daydreaming while the perfect operation is being performed.

For example, they themselves have been human with the same health problem and they know what works. They are overseen by Raphael and the Ministry of Healer Angels. Don’t underestimate their power. Many miracles have happened.

They sometimes don’t need to be asked for help because they have made a soul commitment to help you. Pray to them anyway and ask them to work with the doctor, therapist, counselor, surgeon, or dentist.

Your healers say relax. Take care of yourself.

Tip 57 – Get acquainted with the guide type: The Teachers

The teacher guides appear at times of crisis and turning points in your life. Moments when you realize, “I have to do something else.”

They help us grow spiritually and find our mission. They also help develop our capacities to love, to forgive, to serve humanity, to unfold and use your gift to the world, and to feel oneness with everyone. In short: they help us develop our soul / intuition.

The Teacher angels guide us through the classroom of life.

How do they teach us these things? For example, they suddenly let you talk about spirituality with friends. They bring you into contact with people who are going to be important for your spiritual growth.

Or you wake up in the morning and it seems like you learned a lot in the night. You downloaded information all night. Hence the expression, “sleep on it.” Your teacher guides come and give you the understanding in the night to get through a crisis.

How do you know the teacher guides came by? Suddenly you are detached , suddenly you have a different attitude or a different perspective. The teacher guides show you certain things. Finally, you have the Great Teaching Guides, such as Christ and The Buddha.

Tip 58 – This is how you can call on the Teachers

Go to a quiet place and ask them to reveal themselves to you. To do this, open your heart with a few deep breaths. Then ask:

  • What do I have to learn (now)?
  • What is the lesson?
  • What’s the message?
  • What’s important?
  • What am I hiding from?
  • What would help me now?
  • How can you help me with that?

The intention of your question is more important than your question itself. Let your heart speak and lead you to the answer.

Tip 59 – Meet your animal guide

Meet your animal guide! A whole world of leadership will open up for you again. We all have our unique animal guides. And for every area in our life we ​​have a unique animal guide.

Animal guides help you reclaim lost pieces of your soul. They help you with creativity, strength or with strengthening your intuition. How? Animals are such good teachers because they don’t communicate in words, but they teach you to communicate telepathically, energetically, by feeling and organically.

Tip 60 – This is how you can call your animal guide

Use your imagination to call on your animal guide.

  1. Choose a nice place outside where you will not be disturbed to relax. A bit of a closed place.
  2. Sit there for a while and take in the environment. Experience the peace and power of nature here.
  3. With the imagination in your heart, invite your animal guide to appear and introduce themselves and see what comes. However it chooses to communicate: visual, auditory, kinesthetic or via ‘just knowing in your heart’, non-verbally. Accept and trust what comes up.
  4. Trust whatever animal appears in your fantasy.
  5. Then name the animal out loud. You name it, you claim it. This is how you make the connection.
  6. Then ask your animal guide to send you a sign to let you know it’s the right one. For example, in the days after that, you may encounter the animal on a postcard, on TV or maybe you suddenly see it live in real life.
  7. Has it been confirmed? Then take a symbol of the animal. This could be, for example: a photo, a statue, a piece of jewelry …

Tip 61 – Meet the joy guides

joy guides

The joy guides are the children’s souls of the universe. Their job is to keep your inner child alive. For example, they appear in the form of children, clowns, acrobats or funny fairies. Whatever they do, they make you smile. They are naughty and want to make themselves laugh too. The joy of these guides is like getting high!

The joy guides help you act lovingly.

If you take yourself too seriously or let your thoughts (ego) drive you crazy, their favorite trick is to hide something. Or, for example, during a heated argument in the family, they let someone trip over their words, making it difficult to hold back your laugh for everyone.

When you see a young child completely on their own who is full of fun … Then I assure you: that child is not alone! The child is in the good company of the joy guides.

Tip 62 – This is how you can call the joy guides

For example, connect yourself with your joy guide in the morning.

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. In the morning, ask your joy guides for 3 gifts.
  3. At the end of the day, you got 3.
  4. At the end of the day, write down what those gifts were. By doing this you recognize the guides.

May my life be filled with presents

What kinds of gifts can you get? You can choose to leave that completely to the angels. Then you just perform the above steps. You can also ask for specific gifts:

  • A good day
  • That the children have a good day at school
  • Family
  • That the car starts
  • A nice job
  • Good to deal with your partner
  • Feeling good
  • That your parents and neighbors feel good
  • For inspiration
  • That you cook a good meal
  • A day full of presents

Pray for everything all day long.

Tip 63 – Meet the Beings of Light

Beings of light are souls from other solar systems / dimensions. They work with our collective consciousness. They help humanity shift into a new era of consciousness: from ego to love.

They teach us to become peace keepers. We learn from the Beings of Light to help the world, fight pollution, open our hearts and become universal citizens of responsibility and contribution.

Tip 64 – Be patient for the answers

Some help comes immediately. Some help comes in days, and sometimes months, months. But everything is answered.

In summary: 6 steps to make contact with angels and guides

In summary, this article has taught you six steps to a life of angelic guidance:

  1. Be open to guidance.
  2. Ask for guidance: ask for gifts and free parking spaces, ask your joy guides to make you smile, ask your healers to appear in your dreams and lift your mood, and ask your departed loved ones to comfort and inspire you.
  3. Expect guidance.
  4. Trust the guidance you receive and acknowledge it out loud with your voice: “This is guidance.”
  5. Take action as soon as you receive it. The moment you start doubting, you already start to lose it.
  6. Thank your guides and angels.

With a little effort you will be in constant contact with the spirit world and believe me, your guides want to help you. They want nothing more than to make your life joyful, miraculous and breathtaking. And that you do this for others!

The universe is very generous. When you ask for help, the whole system is instantly on to help you. Do not you feel well? Ask a healer for help. No progress in a project? Ask a helper for help. Are you stuck? Ask a rider to run forward and loosen things up. Isolated? Lonely? Don’t you remember? Uninspired? Doubting about the point of your life? Ask your angels – your teachers to put you back on the path.

This was the detailed explanation of angels and guides – Read Sonia Choquette!

Sonia Choquette can explain this subject like no other. Her books are easy to read. She perfectly complemented what I had learned from home about angels and guides. Buy her book ‘Ask your guides’ (recommended)!

You should now know how to connect with different types of angels such as archangels and guardian angels. You now know how to call them so that you can talk to them. You know how to ask for help from them and how to respond to the help of the angels. You also know how to thank them!

Finally, read the article about your sixth sense so that you learn to receive the messages from the angels.

At the bottom of this article you will find space to be able to say what you want to say. So leave a comment and good luck connecting with the angels!

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