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How To Stop Wasting Time In Life: Take This Crucial Advice

How To Stop Wasting Time In Life: Take This Crucial Advice

Time is precious. Are you wasting your time? In this article, we discover how bad it may be that we waste way too much time in life. Read along for some crucial advice to stop wasting your time…

How much time do you waste? A short calculation…

Here in The Netherlands, an average Dutch person has 6 hours of TV and internet time. And yes, now we are going to make one of those stupid calculations. But it’s only stupid because no one  dares  to look at it like this … It’s a Jordan Peterson calculation by the way. Here it comes …

An average Dutch person spends 6 hours a day on TV and internet. Those 6 hours of TV and internet time is 42 hours per week. That is a whole working week. There is a complete working week of extra internet time in a normal week. So … you waste half your life with spectating stuff on your little screens.

And what is your time actually worth?

Let’s say your time is worth $ 50 an hour (although that’s way too low). That is a waste of 2,000 dollars a week and 100,000 dollars a year.

How much better would your life be if you didn’t waste $ 100,000 a year? You’re rich, but you don’t even know it. Stop wasting time. Fortunately, this is a discipline muscle. You can make your life richer little by little.

Get out of spectatorism and live your own adventure

time is a precious commodity

By the way, I mainly refer to social media, internet and TV. We can all classify these media under the term ‘spectatorism‘.

What is spectatorism? The average TV + internet time of the Dutch is 6 hours a day. We have become a spectator nation. Watching watching watching others. We don’t live our own lives. We don’t want to have the glory ourselves.

Life begins out of your comfortzone.

People do not regret the things they have done: they always regret the things they have  not  done.

Have as little regrets as possible in your life. Rather die with memories instead of dreams.

Don’t ever look back at your life at an old age and think, ‘What was I doing, when I was trapped in the stories and gossip and defending myself on a stupid Facebook discussion … What was I doing , that I looked at the lives of all those other people, and saw how they lived wonderfully while I did not create something beautiful, great myself? ‘

You can supply entire villages with drinking water on your own. Instead of checking on Facebook every day how someone else does these heroic and honorable acts …

Motivating yourself to stop wasting time? Try this out …

time is precious no longer wasting

Oh, and you can motivate yourself to change this with pain and pleasure. The NLPs among us know this as the  Dickens technique.  The short explanation?

You just take two pictures of the future version of you in your head. A very painful picture with a worthless, time-wasting living situation and then a very pleasant picture in which you get the most out of life.

“14 summers”. Put that message on your fridge at home.

14 summers? What is he talking about?

It is important to know that you have 14 summers left …

14 summers with your daughter and 17 summers with your son before they grow up.


Use your time and energy in a wise way.

– Eelco de Boer

Go for it and make positive change in the world!

To your success!

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