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Intuition / 6th Sense: How To Develop & Follow It? 96 Tips!

Intuition / 6th Sense: How To Develop & Follow It? 96 Tips!

How can you get in touch with your intuition / 6th sense ? How can you really get to these intuitive feelings? Do you still find this difficult? In this article you will learn exactly how you can get to your intuition, soul, or your higher consciousness. Read on for the meaning, explanation & tips to an impulsive and intuitive life…

Contents of this page:

96 tips to listen to your sixth sense and start following your intuition

With the tips that you will find here, you will take better care of your soul / intuition and listen to it. You feed it by giving it what it loves. That can be different for everyone. So test yourself which tips appeal to you and which are your favorites. Experimentation is so important if you want to change your life!

‘6th sense’, ‘feeling’, ‘intuition’, ‘higher consciousness’ – Are they synonyms of each other?

Some would say these are all synonyms, and others say there are differences between these labels. Everyone uses different labels, but we are especially curious about  how  we come into contact with them. For the sake of convenience, we’ll randomly refer to all of these terms in this article, meaning about the same thing:

  • Higher Self
  • Sixth Sense
  • Intuition
  • Soul
  • Spirit
  • Heart
  • Infinite Capacity
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Feeling
  • Your unconditioned self
  • Your inner light without an off switch
  • Your true face (from Zen)
  • Your infinite happiness consciousness (from Hinduism)
  • Your raw block (from Tao)
  • Mere consciousness
  • Inner gold (from Alchemism)
  • Your infinite love (Saint Francis of Assisi),
  • Your Secret Beauty (Thomas Merton)
  • Your original innocence (Christianity)
  • Your highest vibrations
  • And there are probably many more labels. We are interested in the practical tips in this article! Let’s get right to that …

You will gradually learn in this article what the 6th sense is, what its properties are and how to use it

Do you want to have a good idea of ​​what the sixth sense is? This is all covered in the tips of this article. Trust the order of this article. As you read the tips of this article, it becomes increasingly clear to you what the properties of the sixth sense are and how you can use it in your daily life.

Let’s start with the first tip …

Tip 1 – Put your intuition first! The 6th sense should actually be called the 1st sense

Why is your intuition so important? Why would you connect with your intuition? It is very important…

The 6th sense should actually be called the 1st sense.

If you lose all your senses, but still have your sixth sense, you are going to be fine. If you have all your senses, with all their strength, but you miss your sixth sense, then I don’t know if you’re going to be okay. Take Hellen Keller as an example: she couldn’t see or hear anything very early in her life, but she has been one of the most influential women ever.

Elephants and dogs run long before danger. Ants crawl long before the rain comes away.

What are the reasons why your intuition is so important? You can read that in the next paragraph.

Tip 2 – Recognize the reasons why our intuition is so important

intuition important

What are the reasons why our intuition, which lives in our (physical!) Heart, is so important?

  • Your intuition creates love.
  • All answers and intelligence are in your intuition. These answers come to you through psychic gifts / clairvoyance.
  • When you are in touch with your intuition, life becomes interesting! This also makes you enthusiastic and involved. You want to participate and you want to be involved! From the moment you experience a sense of enthusiasm about everything, you know that you are following your heart.
  • The heart, where your intuition lives, connects you with others, such as people you love and people you need to get to know. The heart connects you to all other life on Earth.
  • Your intuition, or your spirit, gives you inspiration! “Inspired” also literally means “in spirit.”
  • It’s like a push in your back. Suddenly you are carried. You do things automatically without effort. For example, jumping out of bed, changing clothes or doing a kind act.
  • The heart shows you all the good in others.
  • Thanks to your heart / intuition you become receptive to all the unique possibilities that life presents to you. So you become receptive to the opportunities and gifts, for example to fulfill the law of attraction.
  • It is the voice of your heart that lets you know that everything is going to be okay. The heart / your deepest consciousness is naturally calm, strong, clear and peaceful.
  • You cannot see or touch the best and most beautiful things in this world. You can only feel them with your heart (Helen Keller).
  • The heart gives us life. Why not focus on what gives life to our bodies? There is no greater gift imaginable.
  • What your heart tells you is the meaning in your life and of your life (your mission).
  • The heart is where you can rise above your problems, limitations, doubts and fears. The impossible becomes possible.
  • Opening your heart is the key to a fulfilled, rich and successful life. You then get a passionate life full of meaning and meaning. You then do what you were born for.
  • The heart connects you with the universe, with Infinite Capacity (God). The heart is powered by the invisible energy of the universe that is woven into all matter and connects everything and everyone. This Divine intelligence speaks in and from your heart. In your mind you will not find It.

Happy are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
– Christ

You have undoubtedly experienced the power of the heart. You went for a walk or bike ride, cleared your mind and suddenly you got the perfect idea or the perfect solution. The power of your heart was at work then. It opened you up to the energy and inspiration around you: the powerful source of wisdom.

The love of God is at work in the human heart.
– Martin Luther King Jr.

What happens when you lose touch with your heart?

  • You feel adrift.
  • You don’t know what you want with your life anymore.
  • The world around you seems colorless and gloomy.
  • You feel lost. If you know your heart, you are never really lost.

The heart (the intuition) sees the power, beauty and opportunity of every moment in which you live.

Tip 3 – Your intuition has all the answers! Ask yourself everything with these questions…

intuition answers

One of the simplest things you can do to connect with and listen to your intuition is to ask the questions below out loud. You can do this for yourself or you can use them to encourage someone else to use their sixth sense.

Whenever you are inclined to ask a question of the external world, know that the truth is just in your own heart. Use the following questions:

  • What does your feeling say?
  • What is your feeling about this?
  • What is your heart telling you?
  • Where do you want it from? (From my heart.)
  • If I wasn’t scared I would …
  • When it is a fearful / sabotaging / negative answer: Is that your heart or ego speaking?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What gives you pleasure?
  • What are your passions?
  • What inspires you?
  • What gives you a sense of fulfillment?

Then ask your intuition a question that initiates action: “What small and large steps can I take?”

Everything in the universe is within you. Ask yourself everything.
– Rumi

In any case, ask any question you may have to your heart, your intuition. Questions such as: Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want? What is my mission? What am I looking for in a relationship? What are my talents? Etc.

6 senses don’t listen to others for what to do: 6 senses look in and ask their Higher Self. 5 senses look for the answer in others.

Also in the following sections are excellent questions you can ask to get answers from your intuition. You do this by asking for instructions and learning points and by putting your fears aside. Read on quick…

Tip 4 – Ask your intuition: what do you want to let me know?

  1. First, focus your attention on your heart , for example with a walk or meditation.
  2. Then ask your sixth sense, “What do you want to let me know?”
  3. And then feel what the answer is. How exactly can you feel that? No worries! That is discussed in detail later in this article …

Tip 5 – Ask your intuition what you have to learn in a situation

Ask the questions below regarding yourself and people in your relationships. Ask your intuition:

  • What do I have to learn here?
  • What am I not acknowledging here?
  • What am I not listening to?
  • What am I not giving enough attention to?
  • What am I not respecting?

Finally, ask yourself: What am I afraid of (ego energy)?

You will learn how to get the answer in the tips later in this article!

Tip 6 – Fear is the keyword for everything that has nothing to do with your soul: say the following …

intuition soul

Use this sentence: ‘If I wasn’t afraid (because the ego is afraid), I would …’

This way you can recognize whether something comes from your heart or not: if something does not come from your intuition, there is also fear. Nothing that comes out of your intuition contains fear.  In people who are not in touch with their intuition, their lives consist only of series of managing their fears.

The joke is: the ego feels anxious and unprotected when it has to remember to open the heart, but when you open (and follow) your heart, it is actually protected. You are Divinely protected if you follow your heart and if you show your true self by removing the shields, walls and masks.

Here comes one of the most important phrases that you can pronounce directly to get in touch with your intuition. Close your eyes. Allow your attention to lower, lower, lower from your head to the center of your heart, where you will find your spirit. Say out loud,  “If I wasn’t afraid (because the ego is afraid), I would …” And then do one of those things you say.

Do this in 4 minutes of silence: you cannot put words into this mission level. How would it feel if you felt your intuition, your heart, uncensored?

What am I afraid of?

Tip 7 – Developing a sixth sense? Give up part of your control for guidance

Make the intention to give up some of your control so that instead you rely more on the guidance through your sixth sense . In the rest of this article you will find all kinds of tools to do this more and more.

The longest journey you will take in your life is from your head to your heart.
– Sioux proverb

Tip 8 – You need courage to follow your intuition (which will be rewarded!)

Do you want to follow your intuition? This takes a lot of courage. And your courage will be rewarded.

Have the guts to follow your heart and intuition.

It is absolutely worth it to have the courage to follow your heart. You do it for love, freedom, joy, compassion, beauty … That’s very simple, but it is not a simple decision. It even takes some kind of confrontation to get there.

We are subject to the heart.

Tip 9 – Decide to be open to your sixth sense

being open to sixth sense

Decide to be open to it. Once you do that, the process begins. The paranormal process is all about being open to energy. Decide to allow guidance into your life.

Affirm: today I am open to guidance and today I allow guidance into my life.

Tip 10 – Decide to expect the leadership

Expect guidance and inspiration with every activity. Expect to be clairvoyant or clairvoyant. In this way you create the opportunity for the universe to deliver it. To expect is to create the opportunity for the voice of your soul to show itself.

Decide to expect the voice of your soul when it emerges.

When you expect guidance, the guidance is not there yet. So there is a vacuum (possibility) between your expectation and the leadership. The universe wants harmony and so will fill this vacuum.

The gap between belief and reality will soon close.

Tip 11 – You just have to allow your intuition

We don’t have to become holiness, we just need to become aware of holiness: it is already within us.

It cannot be improved. It can only be allowed.

Tip 12 – How do you follow your intuition? Feeling is the magic word: don’t approach this too intellectually

intuition answers

How can you follow your sixth sense? At least not in a logical way. Do you want to make contact with your sixth sense to feel what to do in a certain situation? Don’t be too intellectual. Don’t let the mind interfere. Feeling is the magic word.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller

Step 1  – Put your hand or consciousness on your heart. Literally feel with your attention towards your heart area.

Step 2 – Then ask:

  • What is the impulse coming from here? What movement, action and / or words?
  • Does this feel true?
  • Does this feel natural?
  • Does this feel correct?

Instead of asking, “Is it intellectually correct?” So learn to recognize the difference between your intuition and your intellect.

The heart has its reasons, which does not know the reason.
– Blaise Pascal

Tip 13 – Welcome, out and process every feeling, for example by simply saying it

Are you annoyed by something and you can’t really pronounce it yet? Then say that. Do not keep it to yourself, but process every emotion.  Process old emotions and stories so that new emotions and stories can come. This makes room for intuitive activities.

What do you feel but cannot pronounce?

Feel free to feel the hidden feelings. They may be there too. Right, including that one bad feeling. If necessary, use the method of the Journey process for this.

Tip 14 – Focus on vibrations with your feelings in your body

Feel the vibrations in your body and around you. That is your soul, or sixth sense. When you get intuitions, your body will feel them. For example, you can feel them in your stomach, heart, chest, throat, feet or arms …

Whenever I am somewhere, I am also emphatically present. I’m not just sitting here in the chair with my mind. My soul is here too. I am present at all levels.

Tip 15 – Trust any subconscious signal that comes up immediately, without censorship

Just take whatever comes up directly as the answer through the subconscious mind. Trust any signal that comes up. That can be:

  • A (lower abdomen) feeling in your body, for example in your stomach, throat, feet or hands
  • An emotion
  • An image
  • A sound
  • A bright idea
  • An impulse or tendency to do something
  • Lean in a certain direction
  • A dream
  • A quiet, subtle, loving inner voice
  • Just take the first word that comes to mind. It can help to ask someone else to snap their fingers and have them say “now.”

And the most important thing here is: do it without censorship! Don’t censor / edit / evaluate / judge. Say whatever comes to your mind, no matter how stupid it sounds. It’s not stupid! Express yourself freely.

You don’t have to explain it and you don’t have to be afraid (to make a mistake). You don’t have to be afraid to have so much authority over your own life.

A friend said I was in her dream. The words ‘underwater’ immediately came to mind, so I said them. As it turned out, she dreamed that I was in the sea.

So, whenever you get an impulse, clear idea, tendency or gut feeling: don’t censor, evaluate, judge, discuss, try to understand or justify it. Just noticing and naming (acknowledging) is enough. And who knows, you may also take immediate action, just as a bonus!

Successful people can’t wait to get to work in the mornings. And they all say in interviews that they owe their success to their gut feeling, their intuition. So always trust that.

Tip 16 – Be sensitive to even the most subtle signals

subtle sixth sense signals

Be sensitive to recognize the signals of your intuition. It is a very subtle and delicate communication. Like a feather brushing against your cheek, or a small whisper that falls just below audible volumes and tones.

Be the princess on the pea. Read the story below …

The queen was looking for a true princess to marry her son – the prince. Women came from all over the kingdom. They had to pass a test to prove they are a true princess: They had to spend the night on top of 100 mattresses, and under the bottom mattress the queen placed a small pea.

“How did you sleep last night?” The queen asked each participant. “I had a great night’s sleep,” they all said. And the queen showed them the door piece by piece.

Until at last a true princess came and the queen asked, “How did you sleep tonight?” ‘Your Majesty, I don’t want to be ungrateful, but I must confess, I slept terribly. What was under that mattress? ‘ That was the princess who proved she was authentic.

You want to be that person who can feel such a pea. The true princess could not only see the obvious, but also feel and recognize the subtle .

Your intuitive feelings will not be literal messages. You get very subtle energy that you have to translate. Sometimes it comes in images, feelings, ideas, dreams or feelings in your stomach, throat or hands … It is a subtle, still inner voice …

Tip 17 – Ask the questions that spontaneously come to mind

Don’t think, “Am I asking the right questions?” But: “Do I ask the questions that come to mind?”

Tip 18 – Literally feel if something feels light

What is one more way you can pick up signals from your sixth sense? Ask yourself, “Does it feel heavy or does it feel light?” How do you follow your intuition in this way? Just move to whatever feels light, and let go of whatever feels heavy. You do this automatically when you are in connection with your heart.

You can know that your choice was made by your heart if it feels right.

Tip 19 – Is this something my intuition tells me? Feel if it makes you feel bigger or smaller

By knowing if something is a message from your soul, you ask yourself, “Does it make me feel bigger or make me feel smaller?”

It is an inspiration from your intuition when you have the feeling that everything is right, when it makes you feel bigger or when you feel that a situation is not a coincidence but that there is a meaning or power behind it.

Tip 20 – Say out loud: ‘My intuition says …’

intuition sixth sense

  1. Put your hand on your heart.
  2. Inhale.
  3. Say out loud, “My intuition says …”
  4. And fill in the dots.

Do you sometimes spontaneously get vibes from your intuition? At least say your vibes out loud. You will notice that you will actually take action on it after two times. Talk about your vibes as much as possible and include as much action as possible.

Tip 21 – Take immediate action on your intuition

Let it become more and more natural to trust the signals and take immediate action. Have you noticed an intuitive signal? Then take immediate action before the moment is gone. In this way it becomes a ‘support system’ for you that keeps you on your path.

Tip 22 – Exercise and sport

How can you trust your intuition better and stay in the heart of life? A large number of tips from this article are about this: move your body, literally become more flexible and control less. If a twig is stuck in the river, it only needs a little push to get back into the flow. No therapy. So get out of your head and give your body a push in the flow.

Illuminate your body, because your body is your mind. Then you go through life lighter … literally and figuratively. Energy can then flow more easily through your life.

Sometimes your body turns and moves in a certain direction spontaneously and for no reason. Follow it. Let yourself be guided by feeling. Get moved!

You cannot be guided and moved by your sixth sense until you are … Movable. Your intuition literally guides you on your way, and for that it is useful to build capacity. How moveable are you?

Activity is the source of life.
– Persian saying

Tip 23 – Your soul moves in your hips!

Where does your soul live? In your heart. That was learned in the previous paragraph. Where does it move most freely? In your hips. You make your decisions based on that. So make contact with your hips and take a deep breath. Then feel the intuitive decisions that flow from it.

Move from your soul today. Listen to your body and especially move your hips. Where do they lead you? You no longer think like that, but you move through life.

Are you movable? Your soul moves through your hips. Take a hula hoop or move your hips without a hula hoop … by dancing!

Tip 24 – Return to the mobility of being a child: undo all limiting conditioning

child's intuition

There was a kid at my office recently, and the energy of the parents was right away, ‘Hmmm! Let that kid shut up! Because here there is no room for spontaneity, no room for sound, no room for life! Sit. Be quiet. Do not touch. Don’t move. ‘

I want to move. I want to touch. I want to laugh. I want to cry. But it is inappropriate. But they are real feelings. It’s your God-given right to be pissed off! To be happy, to cry, to feel, to discover the world through your body. You did that as a child. And then came education …

What is the first step in education? When you go to school, how do we operate? We’re in rows, we’re quiet, you raise your hand. Little by little, you become paralyzed for the feelings in your body. Little by little you no longer trust your body (where your intuition lives!). Little by little, your authentic self crumbles. A head full of knowledge! And a dead, sleeping body.

Where is your life experienced? Where is your soul experienced? In the domain of ideas or in the domain of sensations? But I cannot answer that question for you. Because otherwise I would allow and continue on the very same path that the world has given you and that you have become addicted to.

I can’t dictate, can’t tell you anything through this article. I have no information. I have liberation. Liberation is an experience. Not an idea. Action is done by the body. But we go to the head through our conditioning: how it was taught to us.

It’s in your body.

In school we have never been taught to integrate the mind with the body. We learned to worship the head. However, we must integrate the following:

  • Intellect (your head)
  • Intuition (your heart, hips, balls / womb)

Tip 25 – Acknowledge your vibes as something completely normal

Do not disqualify your intuitive experiences. ‘That was a funny / funny thing. That was a coincidence. ‘ No! Get used to calling them what they are: intuitive!

Don’t talk about your vibes like they are crazy things or like something crazy happened. Don’t talk about them as if they are unnatural. But just as if they are the most natural. Also bring them as good news: “Something wonderful happened to me today!”

Tip 26 – Acknowledge your vibes and be grateful for them

The more grateful you are  for your vibes, the more gifts from your intuition you will receive!

How do you recognize your vibes? Say thank you out loud and / or write your vibes all down in your journal. What is that what you feel? Write it down. This way you have proof of your vibes at the end of the week. Then you don’t have to believe me anymore.

Anytime you notice an intuitive feeling or message, at least speak it out. If you are in the shower, talk to the doors if necessary. You bring it into the world like that.

Tip 27 – Following your intuition does not mean that you neglect the material

Should you only pay attention to spirituality in your life? On the contrary! When our souls landed in our human body during conception, we lost a lot of higher consciousness. This was done entirely on purpose, so that we can rediscover our higher consciousness during our earthly life. We play hide and seek for it. By the way, that’s nothing serious at all! Hide and seek is a game !

God has hidden the truth in the hearts of the people to make people’s lives interesting. People will search everywhere and it is only after a long search that they will discover that the truth is in their hearts.
– Deepak Chopra

So yes: spirituality is important, so is materialism. Because we descended into the physical, but our consciousness is not physical. Consciousness descends all the way down to the physical and has to rediscover its true nature and take certain lessons back to the spiritual.

Life should be a series of daring adventures launched from a secure base.
– Frank Reagan

So do not forget to complete the descent into the material completely. The descent to the material must be complete before the ascent to the spiritual can begin. That certainly includes material things . For example money. So: have you become a master of making money?

The study of God must be preceded by the study of man, for man was created by God.

Tip 28 – Set an intention to tune in to your intuition

intention to tune in to your intuition

Set the intention for yourself that you want to be connected with your heart right now. Feel that intention in your heart too.

Tip 29 – Have a conversation with your intuition more often

Just talk to it and increase the frequency for how often you do this.

Tip 30 – Connect with your intuition through silence (‘a creative, holy pause’)

Unlike your mind, the heart is silent until you are willing to listen. The heart does not shout, but speaks subtly. The heart is in inner peace. You have a choice of which voice to follow: the loud voice of others, the nagging voice of your ego that wants others to like you, or the subtle, quiet voice of your intuition. Hear him and follow him.

Silence is the great teacher . You can become silent (you achieve that by clearing all the negative), and then you can begin to feel the voice of your intuition.

  1. Find a quiet place.
  2. Sit and think about nothing.
  3. Listen to the wordless feelings of the silence.
  4. You may hear – with your gut – the calming voice of your heart that knows that all is well.
  5. Stay in silence. Close your eyes. Allow your attention to lower, lower, lower from your head to the center of your heart, where you will find your soul. Focus on your breathing and then very consciously focus your attention on your heart and the area around your heart. Feel the impulse coming from there. What deeds and what words come from here?

It’s okay if you ask yourself what you want from life, but a more important question is, What does life want from you? What does life have in store for you? You will find out if you allow the silence into your life. Then you hear the wordless signals from life that want to help you in the search for your life purpose. ‘
– Eckhart Tolle’s response to Oprah Winfrey when she said, “I don’t think there’s anything more important than realizing your life purpose.”

6-senses develop a growing desire and preference for silence. They no longer want to be bombarded by noise. They turn off the radio and TV, they turn on classical music and they enjoy the silence.

Welcome silence or a ‘creative, holy pause’, for example, even when you have lost something, when you can no longer say anything or when there is another obstacle.

Welcome a creative, holy break. Let the unknown exist completely for a moment without interruption. Don’t cheat yourself out of that moment of letting go and surrendering into the void. Slow down, starting with your breath, and do nothing. Allow yourself to be led into the unknown. It’s a demonstration of absolute faith.

Tip 31 – See the intuition in every other person: soul to soul instead of role to role (personality)

soul to soul intuition

Have “soul to soul” relationships instead of “role to role.” Recognize the ‘spirit’ in every being. So make a distinction between personality and spirit.

“My mother is very negative and and grumpy (role) .” “That could be very true about her personality, but tell me about her spirit!” ‘Oh, she’s determined, strong, hard weekend, reliable … (soul)

That is what your personality says, but what does your heart / soul say?

Why are we doing this? The more the spirit is recognized, seen, experienced and addressed, the further the personality withdraws and the more the spirit shows itself.

A six-sense sees the sacred in the other – and even actively searches for it. Despite the circumstances, crisis or drama. Six senses observe attentively, instead of seeing (projecting) what they think they see. They see clearly. They see what is actually happening, without fear and with love.

This gives you a deeper experience of life. They see with their soul and they see the soul of the others. Soul to soul. They see the others with love. This opens the door to the souls of others.

Others feel your soul vibration, open through it and reveal themselves. For your vibration feels safe – there is nothing safer than the vibration of love. This allows others to see their own soul for themselves. They feel seen and thus remember who they are. You look at the divine in someone. If you look for it, it will appear.

When something scares you, you are role to role.

See the beautiful things in people that others do not see. No fake compliments, artificial flattery or anything else made up. Look at what is really, actually there, what you did not see before. Look deeper.

In addition, take this exercise with you to the mirror. Be curious and be willing to see – from your heart – who you really are. And then receive all the support for your success.

The here and now is the only place where we really meet. Can you see with your heart?

How do you recognize ‘soul to soul’? What are the characteristics of such relationships with other people? You see other people as follows:

  • You find the soul of the other in his / her eyes.
  • You look and connect with the other.
  • You listen with your body, because your whole body is picking up information, not just your mind.
  • You see clearly.
  • You do not see what you want to see, but what is really there.
  • You see without projection.
  • You see without distortion.
  • You see without sentimentality.
  • You see without fear.
  • You see the beautiful things in people.
  • You see deep perfection.
  • You become a deeper observer and look deeper. You look with your heart and not with your eyes. You look with God’s eyes. You put on His glasses.
  • You see your own art in the world.
  • You see friends.
  • How are we alike?
  • What do we have to offer each other?
  • What do we have to learn in this moment?
  • You see the willingness in the other to have faith, instead of cynicism.
  • You see patience, grace, beauty, creativity, humor and all other virtues.
  • You have a very careful observation of others, instead of seeing what is in your head (projecting). With 5 senses, 95 percent of what they see is in their head, and not what is actually happening. The internal drama keeps us from seeing what is actually happening before our eyes.
  • You make an accurate observation with sensory acumen. This objective perception invites you into a deeper experience of life. You see and interact with the world from your soul and in the soul of others. Soul to soul.
    When you have soul to soul interactions with the world, you have a much deeper, more joyful, more loving, satisfying, and more creative interaction with the world.
  • You’re going to look into the other person’s eyes, heart, soul, and you’re not distracted by their defense mechanism to keep people out for fear.
  • You see others shine.
  • And … when you sit in this clear vibration and look into their soul, they feel that vibration too! And that vibration of the soul feels much better than the vibration of the ego. People feel it when they are looked at with love, without judgment. Without projection. Without defense. They then come out of their hiding place. They open up. They want to show their best dance. They want to play and share with you. Because your vibration feels safe. And there is nothing safer and the vibration of love.
  • It also opens the door to their soul! They open up and begin to show more of their authentic and real selves. They begin to reveal who they really are, what they really need, what they really want and what they want to contribute. Because your vibration feels safe.
  • Moreover, this is healing !!!  When you are soul to soul with someone, you are a healer!
  • Search for their hidden treasure. It will become easier and easier as you develop a feeling for it. Until even people want to show it to you themselves.
  • You see the humor when you meet a role. You know that behind that is the soul. So you wait until the part is finished and finished, so that you see the soul again.

So change from role to role (fear) to soul to soul (love).

Tip 33 – Be literally alert with your senses: pay more attention!

sixth sense to really see someone

Intuition also simply means that you put your senses to work. The dictionary definition of intuition is, “ Notice and pay attention. So pay more attention to the things you are doing and notice more things! Notice as much as possible to people. What do they have on or in themselves?

Half of paranormal perception is perception! So do sensory observation . For example on the way to work. Really watch what you see around you, pay attention, get out of your own mental bickering and listen to the world around you. Suddenly you hear the birds, you hear how people sound, you taste what food tastes …

Also mindfulness  helps you to develop it.

Above all, soul to soul contact means that you are in the here and now and that you pay attention to the other. Take a breath and take in everything about the other person …

  • The color of their eyes.
  • Their breathing.
  • Their viewing direction.
  • Their mannerisms.
  • Which way they lean.
  • Whether their arms are crossed or what position they are in.
  • The tone of their voice.
  • Recurring words (personal trance words).
  • What are your vibes about how this person is behaving? Do you not see the soul at all and do you get a letdown feeling or do you notice other red flags that give you the yak factor ?

Consider having a practice partner to constantly remind each other to look soul to soul  . ‘What do you see differently now than when you looked roll to roll ? Can you find the connection now? ‘

Tip 34 – Meet people over and over as a new person

If you run into someone you already know, don’t meet a walking personal history. Don’t be concerned with what you know or think about the other person. Let every meeting with people be fresh. What is their energy? Their emotion? Tune in humans.

How? Put your hand on your stomach. Take a deep breath in and out. Slowly. Keep your senses sharp and always notice something new about the other person. With attention.

You have to be open to the new and respond to life moment by moment by moment.

Tip 34 – Notice the difference between the ego level and the soul level

intuition and sixth sense

The most important thing you can tell if something is coming from your soul or your ego is fear . This is such an important feature that it has been covered in a separate tip at the top of this article. Below you will find – besides fear – even more characteristics of the ego level compared to the soul level.

Role interaction – Soul interaction

  • Ego interaction: role to role
  • Soul interaction: soul to soul

Fight – Together

  • Ego: me against you
  • Soul: I with you

Dual – Nondual

  • Ego: other
  • Soul: same

Anxious – Protected

  • Ego: you scare me, not enough, fear, worry. I wanted my challenges to disappear.
  • Soul: always comfortable, always safe, we are divinely protected. You can’t go wrong if you listen to your sixth sense, and you won’t. My challenges are an opportunity to grow.

Abort – Create

  • Ego: what can be broken?
  • Soul: what are we brought together here to create?

Never enough – It’s okay

  • Ego: never loved enough, never sure enough. Constant stimuli and more and more satisfaction.
  • Soul: it’s all right. Satisfaction and gratitude.

Search for validation – Perfect already

  • Ego: can you approve of me? I am just as good as my social status dictates.
  • Soul: I don’t seek approval because I know I have Divine perfection within me. Everyone is on their unique path.

Happiness in the ‘future’ – Being happy now

  • Ego: Strive. Happiness must be earned.
  • Soul: Happiness is my birthright. You can contribute. Striving is about the outcome, contributing is about the way.

Control – Be guided

  • Ego: I want to do it myself. I keep muddling on by myself. What can I think of and decide about this myself so that I remain in control?
  • Soul: I allow guidance in my life and I take immediate action. I want to get help. I can not do it alone. I pray for guidance. I don’t have to prove myself.

Being a Victim – Invent and Create

  • Ego: I am a victim of circumstances. There is always a problem.
  • Soul: I create my own reality.  There is always an opportunity and a solution.

Fear of ‘uncertainty’ – Enthusiasm for ‘uncertainty’

  • Ego: Insecurity scares me.
  • Soul: Uncertainty makes me enthusiastic.

No change – Options to change

  • Ego: I want to reach the status quo.
  • Soul: I want to break the status quo.

Meaningless – Meaning

  • Ego: Life is random data and it is chaotic.
  • Soul: life is creative energy. Life flows with me when I flow with life.

Tip 35 – Also notice the difference between your certain intuition and doubting mind / ‘wishful thinking’

follow intuition tips

When does something come out of your intuition and when is it wishful thinking?

Properties of your intuition

  • Sure, you feel / know it all over your body. You don’t even have to decide. You just let yourself be guided and you know it.
  • Clear and simple.
  • Grounded.
  • You feel relaxation and security in every cell of your body (even if it may not be good news in terms of content).

Properties of wishful thinking: your thoughts

  • Doubtful. When you are in your head doubting or deciding , it is your thoughts. Then you don’t know yet.
  • Lots of thoughts and consort.
  • Shaky, not sturdy.
  • Changes all the time.

Go with certainty. Just know.

Do you already see the difference between logical reasoning (wishful thinking) and your intuition? You cannot get out of the pit with logical reasoning. What you need is faith. This is the willingness to look beyond your thoughts and see another possibility.

Don’t confuse intuition with emotions. Is the plane going to crash according to your intuition or is it just your fear that speaks?

It allows you to be inspired and guided by an intelligence that is far greater than your thoughts / ego. With the logic of the mind, you cannot access ‘Aladdin’s lamp’ which uses inspiration, intuition, vision, eureka, miracles, and love.

Tip 36 – Don’t decide, but feel

Once you are deciding on something, you are not relying on your intuition. With intuitive guidance, you automatically skip the decision step.

Whatever you see, hear or think: you always have an extra authority that verifies everything. You have to feel that sixth sense.

When making any decision (such as, ‘What do you think of this dress, shoes, etc?)?

  • What are your vibes?
  • What does your feeling say?

When you do, there aren’t even decisions.

If you know what to do, there is no decision. What we call a decision is that 1% of our experience in which we don’t flow.

Tip 37 – Do nothing: ride the waves of your intuition

In the physical world it goes without saying that we wait for the waves. But in the mental world, we want to push and guess too often instead of waiting for waves and wind. We go on the water anyway and blow our sails in the hope that it will help us move forward.

In the physical world, it makes sense that that doesn’t work. We don’t even think about doing that. But in the mental world, it often somehow seems logical for us not to wait for the wind of inspiration and clear knowing, but to blow our own sails.

There is less to do that you think. However little you think you will be doing, there is even less to do. The system – the wave does the heavy lifting. Infinite Intelligence unfolds and guides you.

Relax! In fact, even that is too much: relax is still a verb. Relaxation is the result when you see the power of your intuition, because there is nothing left to worry about.

It is relaxation, but it is not active relaxation. If I know that the water will carry me, will I relax. If I don’t think that will happen, I will make an effort with my limited muscle strength, contract, stop, struggle and sink. So the bottom line is: do I know the water will carry me? Enjoy the ride!

The wave of immense intelligence is here. It’s coming. When? You do not know. Life then becomes shockingly simple. It is then: I know now. Now I don’t know. That’s all. It is done. You only notice afterwards that you have been lived by that powerful intelligence.

Tip 38 – Trust firmly in the future vision of your intuition, which guides you through the unknown and obstacles

wave of intuition

Trust that things will work out in the long run, even if they don’t seem like it. Even if your intuition leads you into the unknown. Even though you are now heading for a short-term obstacle.

A metaphor about how important it is to trust your intuition:

See your life as a river from the source to the sea. Your head can’t see beyond the next corner. Because of the concerns and short-term goals that concern the head, it has no view of the bigger picture. When you hit something, you feel frustration. However, if you open your heart, you saw that before you there was a momentum that you had to be prepared for: everything was and is okay.

Your intuition whispers to you what lies ahead and warns you of signs of turbulence. Your ego never fails to see the small picture (the momentum right in front of you) instead of the big picture. Especially during the journey: a lot of ego judgment, fear and panic block the view so that it is impossible to see that it is all for your own good.

Sometimes you just have to trust, while the answer is not immediately visible. And that’s the most important thing: opening your heart and enjoying the questions. Not having the answers to those questions. 

Follow the lightness in the heart, even if it doesn’t seem to give a straight answer. The answer to life’s biggest questions doesn’t always come as an answer, but as a path. We can’t see tomorrow’s sky, but the heart can see it.

I told you so.

Your Intuition

Are you led to nasty setbacks ? A failed application could mean that you missed something or that there is something much better in store for you. God always opens three windows when He closes a door. Trust the bigger plan. Read more about synchronicity here.

Byron katie ‘s mirror experiment  also uses the premise that whatever happens to you is good for you. What if bad is good, and problems are gifts? Be open to a higher, more positive meaning to an event.

Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
– Dalai Lama

Trust that your soul will always have something up its sleeve that is better than anything your mind can think of in terms of answers. Allow your sixth sense to open your eyes to something your mind would never have dreamed up. Be able to live with ‘insecurity’ and enjoy it.

Enduring not knowing is crucial to getting an answer.
– Eckhart Tolle

Let’s look at the surfer metaphor below to learn how we can trust that when we let go of things and leave things to our intuition, things will work out:

All things have a way to end well if you let that happen. If you trust in it. It’s not that it’s up to you to give them a happy ending! But you are involved. Take a surfer. A surfer is involved with the wave. However, his job is not to be, to make, to make bigger, or to let the wave do what it wants. His job is to ride the wave and to work in harmony with the wave.

In this metaphor, the ocean represents the unknown. Surfers always stay in the water and thus get a deep intuitive feeling about the waves. Stay in the Ocean: The Game of Life. The unknown. This gives you a deep intuitive feeling about waves coming.

Other people will then say, ‘Oh my God! How did you know that?’ We didn’t know, and we did. It’s not up to you, and it’s not up to you at the same time. You cannot force it to happen, but you are intimately connected to make it happen. If you know that the water will carry you, you will 100% relax and succeed. The intelligence of the universe is behind you. Get in the wave and enjoy the ride.

Tip 39 – Start to trust your intuition more and more so that you always ‘stay in’ it

Why step out? From your intuition? From the fullness of life? Have the confidence to always be in the thick of it! Feel more and more confidence for your intuition. Follow your feelings more and more, even if there is no logical reason at all. Let this guide you more often and notice where it all takes you.

When I let go, I am guided.

Rely more often on the intuitive decisions that spiral you from an ordinary to an extraordinary life.

Following your intuition is ‘educated faith’.
– Michael Neill

Tip 40 – Spot other 6-senses! How do you recognize a 6-sense?


Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and the whole room became more cheerful and brighter? That was certainly a ‘6-sense’! We call someone who is in contact with his / her 6th sense a ‘6-sense’.

You can read how to recognize them here.  Minor spoiler: they laugh a lot, don’t hold back and have twinkling eyes.

Tip 41 – Know that the heart is the home of your soul: so tune in to your heart

The intuitive soul resides in the heart. There is the seat of your soul. The voice of your soul speaks through the heart and shows you the way.

Whatever your hand has to do, do it with all your heart.
– Jesus

Thanks to science, there is even more reason to believe in our intuition. The heart (as a physical organ!) Is a miracle. The heart is the first thing in you that processes information. The activity of the heart responds and changes before the brain does.

At the same time, the heart is also a great mystery. Science has not yet been able to figure out why the heart starts beating when special heart cells begin to multiply in the fetus.

Tip 42 – Follow your heart: your intuition asks (and knows) what you would like

This is a very simple action: think carefully about what you would like. In fact, there is a good chance that you don’t have to think about this too long, because your heart already knows what you would like. You just have to tune in to it and then follow it. So ask yourself, “What would I like?”

You will be able to escape your heart. Therefore, you better listen to what it has to say to you.

Do what you enjoy doing and do the things  that relax you.  Visiting friends, walking, playing, laughing, singing, dancing … anything that relaxes you, calms you and opens your heart!

“Tell me two things you love to do that help you relax.”

“I like forest walks and salsa dancing.”

“The Lord is addressing me now. Take your pen and paper. I am given the highest, purest guidance to say this message to you. Have your pen and paper ready?”

“Yeah, what is it, what is it? Tell me!”

“Okay, here he comes … what you have to do … is walk in the woods … and go to the salsa lessons.”

– Alan Cohen

Tip 43 – Don’t use your physical eyes, but your inner eye

sixth Sense

Without physical eyes, you will still be able to use your sixth sense. Just go back to the first paragraphs of this article and take Helen Keller’s example.

You can only see clearly with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

But eyes are blind. One must seek with the heart.
– ‘The Little Prince’, Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Tip 44 – Receive your soul as a visitor

Your soul is like a visitor. Your soul enters your body. Prepare yourself so that you can receive this visit.

Do you remember when visitors would come and your parents were preparing you for the visit? We had to put on our beautiful clothes, be enthusiastic, clean the house, bring out the best crockery, set the table, light candles … We prepared ourselves for a visit.

The universe is designed to make it easier for you. The universe wants to help you. Are you prepared for the visit of your soul? Or do you have the ‘go away’ sticker on the door? “Go away, I’m busy!” Put down the welcome mat for the higher energy! Don’t think about it and accept it.

Tip 45 – Speak beautiful words: pleasant speech is the magnet of the human heart

Pleasant speech is the magnet of the heart. From every heart! So your own intuition and the intuition of other people around you will fuel you with this.

Pleasant speech is the magnet of man’s heart. It is the bread of the spirit, it gives meaning to words, it is the source of the light of wisdom and understanding.
– Bahá’u’lláh

Soften your language more often with pleasant words. This is what Byron Katie does so lovingly:

  • Sweetheart.
  • Beautiful soul.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Treasure.
  • Sweetheart.
  • Beauty.
  • Angel.
  • Tell me, beautiful person.
  • Hey hot thing.
  • Another bright day!
  • Especially as a teacher, trainer or supervisor you have an important role in this. For example, if you select people for an energizer or if you hand out something, you say to everyone: ‘Please beautiful person’ or: ‘You are a beautiful person and you are a beautiful person and you are a beautiful person …’

Tip 46 – Have nice, honorable behavior

intuition tips

Observe courtesy and reverence, and your intuition will show itself more often!

Tip 47 – Take a course on intuitive painting or singing intuitively

Just as a test: take part in intuitive painting or intuitive singing. Notice what it does to you.

Tip 48 – Forgive

The heart gets stronger when you forgive more often.

Tip 49 – Rest: let your body be a charged vehicle for your intuition

Peace! Because your body can thereby become stronger and thus become a better vehicle for your intuition. The more awake you are, the more intuitive and telepathic power you have.

That computer, TV, radio and telephone sometimes really have to be turned off. And other people too.

You get your best ideas while cycling in nature or after a meditation moment, a vacation, while playing golf, while walking the dog or when you are playing with your children. That’s why golf is so important to great leaders.

Often the best thing to do is to end the working day. To go home. Relax. Create space. Just walk around. Just close your eyes and listen to baroque music. And that weekend does not exist for nothing …

Tip 50 – Feel free to use tools: draw an inspiration card

Feel free to use tools such as the I-Ching or Tarot cards . But know that the tools themselves have no power. It is your intuition! The tools are just a medium for your intuition.

Nothing is accidental! Smart cards!

Tip 51 – Relax and give your spirit vibrational space again

Remove anything that gets in the way of your spirit. Make room for it. Stuff, ideas, attitudes, unfinished business, behavior … Everything in the universe has a vibration, and that has an impact on your vibration and that can slow down your vibration. So read here how you can easily relax! 

Tip 52 – Following your heart seems crazy to the outside world (the ego)

follow intuition

To the ego, following the heart and following your feelings seems crazy, but tightness and seriousness are the real disease. It’s actually the other way around. Don’t protect your ego. Get it out of the way and stretch yourself. Don’t be afraid to look silly.

What’s the difference between crazy and genius? Results.
Such as luck or financial results!

It takes courage and practice. It may be scary to follow your intuition, but it is never dangerous. Only for your ego, because your ego doesn’t want to give up control. It’s fun. There is no danger. Practice and create as many intuitive experiences as possible, while being flexible.

When you let go of fear (ie the ego), you enter a state in which you are in ultimate connection and harmony with the universe. Then you live your best life.

Tip 53 – Don’t just listen to others: only your intuition knows the perfect answer for you

In one of the first sections of this article, you learned that all answers are in your heart. So don’t listen to anyone telling you that there is only one way. For example, there are 250 ways to do laundry (this was a study by Virginia Satir).

Should you never listen to others? That is also not entirely true. If you decide to listen to someone else, listen to the winners, not the losers.

Tip 54 – Realize that we don’t learn these things in school

In schools no attention is paid to feeling and emotion. Let alone “the sixth sense!” We’ve even learned to dismiss any intuition as strange, inappropriate, or scary. We are only taught to make rational choices. You now have the choice to make a change in that now and learn to use your sixth sense.

Tip 55 – Feed your soul with singing


You cannot be in your head and sing at the same time. Sing like a rock star at full volume, like no one is listening.

Singing is the domain of the heart and soul.

Tip 56 – Take your time for something

If you are in the bathroom, take the time to brush your tongue or brush your teeth, for example. The soul loves this.

Tip 57 – Do one thing at a time

Doing one thing at a time – monotasking – nourishes the soul!

Tip 58 – Practice mindfulness by just touching something

Mindfulness can already be done through short exercises. Just touch something, just look at something or listen to a song.

Tip 59 – Say a prayer and meditate

Blockages are lifted through prayer. This makes your auras more transparent. Energy from your environment can flow in and out freely without blockages. With 5-senses, their aura is like concrete: nothing seems to go in or out.

Prayer and meditation is a direct “download” to your soul.

Meditate daily, that’s the most important. The fundament. Take those 15 minutes. Not as an obligation, but as a gift and an opportunity to include a mini-retreat in your day. To charge your battery and to strengthen the contact with your intuition.

The chatter of your mind then calms down, and it continues in the conversations you have. The other person can say something that suddenly activates your worry. And suddenly you are no longer present … unless you have meditated wonderfully.

You see and hear better and you receive more information when you are present.

Tip 60 – Decorate your home

Decorating your home is a gift for your sixth sense: candles, colors, flowers, pillows, rearrange your furniture … Delicious!

Tip 61 – Run and play with your children or dog

intuition child

Take children and dogs as your teacher for following your intuition. Children will be happy to show you how to be guided by their intuition that has not yet been obscured by the conditioning of the mind. And dogs, they will never go mad as humans!

Tip 62 – Choose 3 moments a day to do something for your soul

Choose 3 moments for each day to do something for your soul. This can be very short, such as taking 5 extra minutes for a cup of coffee or tea. Or take a walk home instead of taking the bus or with whom you were in the car on the way there. Or turn off your phone / email and give yourself a break.

Tip 63 – Call on other angels, because your own soul is also an angel

Your own soul – your higher self – is also an angel. So call on other angels.

Tip 64 – Make a noise: open your throat

How do you open your heart? By breathing and by making noise. Breathe in and out, making a sound: ‘haah …’ When exhaling, make even more noise: ‘ahhhhh’ or ‘ha!’ You immediately open your heart. You can feel the shift physically. If you put your hand on your heart while doing so, you will feel the heart vibrate.

Say loud, ahhhhh! Shout or scream. As long as there is sound. You also need to throw out the sound of your frustrations.

Tip 65 – Use your hands for intuitive messages: psychometry

You can use the feeling of your hand to pick up energy, for example to be able to say something about someone’s life. How do you do that?

  1. Focus your attention on your hands.
  2. Rub them together.
  3. Feel the energy between your palms.
  4. Do the aura cleansing technique on yourself as shown in this article about the aura.  In short: push all negative energy around your body towards the ground with your hands. Inhale and imagine that your energy field is light, clear, and free from distractions.
  5. Place an object belonging to someone in your palm, pass it from one palm to the other, or hold it with both hands.
  6. Close your eyes.
  7. Your inner self – your intuition – will give you the best way to interpret vibrations. Tune in the object and pretend you’re tuning into a computer chip full of information about the object’s owner. Scan the object from left to right and from high to low. Go on a Little Journey:
    What Images Do I See?
    What feelings do I pick up on?
    What mood do I pick up?
    Do I feel tension?
    What level of vitality do I pick up?
    Energetic, tired or even sick?
    Do I feel blockages?
    Do I feel joy?
    What are this person’s talents?
    What kind of person is it?

Every time you shake someone’s hand, you’re already doing psychometrics and getting information.

See, being clairvoyant or paranormal is not about predicting the future. That’s just the Hollywood picture you get of psychic abilities.

The future is not fixed, but is a consequence of our choices. It’s about being able to create the future you want. It is about reading energy in process / motion.

Tip 66 – You don’t know what you’re missing: this is so insidious about ignoring your intuition

listen to your intuition

If you ignore or argue with your intuition, you don’t necessarily notice it, but you just might have missed the magic of your sixth sense.

Tip 67 – Create your desired feeling by means of (self) hypnosis (you can do this yourself)

Did you know you can just take simple steps to put yourself in a certain feeling? You just have to do it for a while. All steps can be found in the article about self-hypnosis.

Tip 68 – Laugh!

Laugh more often! Moreover, this will strengthen itself. When you end up in higher vibrations, you will automatically often ‘giggle.’

Also try out laugh yoga. Start with a smile on you, also through your eyes. “Ho ho ho … Ha ha ha” and then burst out laughing, with your arms stretched out!

Tip 69 – Cry!

When was the last time you cried? Did you feel a relief? Did you notice that after that you got space in your chest and that you could breathe deeper afterwards?

Tip 70 – Bring more humor into your life

Humor is essential to the heart. It is an essential part of life. Read the accompanying article on humor tips! 

Humor opens closed hearts.

Tip 71 – Connect with the earth souls by gardening

This allows your soul to connect with the earth souls. Read more about grounding yourself here.

Tip 72 – Go clean and tidy up


Tidy up and do the laundry, for example. Notice how joyful your soul becomes.

Tip 73 – Listen to music!

Even the simplest piano melody can open a secret door to your heart when played with feeling. Listen to cheerful music , calm music or  meditative music .

Tip 74 – Cooking makes the soul happy

Use beautiful ingredients, scents and colors.

Tip 75 – Take a walk along the lake or the ocean

Get in touch with the water souls in this way. This feels great for your intuition.

Tip 76 – Walk through nature

Take a quiet walk through the woods. Visit the mountains. Nature connects you deeply with your intuition and as a bonus you also clean yourself of unnecessary energies of other people that you carry with you.

Tip 77 – Wash away old and heavy energy

In order to free up your intuition, it is necessary that the energy field around you (your aura) is clean. Wash away the unnecessary, heavy and old energy, for example by taking a shower. And treat yourself to luxurious towels. You deserve it.

Here you will find an article about cleaning your aura.

Tip 78 – Do creative activities and art

Create or view a painting.

Tip 79 – Work with colors

intuition follow tips

In whatever way: bring color into your life. This can be done, for example, by means of flowers, creativity, cooking and your clothing. Dress in the colors of summer and allow yourself to be shamelessly happy with all those colors in your life!

Buy fresh flowers and bring color and life to your home! Wear colorful socks instead of those standard black socks. Also wear jewelry and colorful clothes.

Tip 80 – Do this mirror exercise

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror.
  2. Say, ‘I love you. What can I do for you today? How can I make you happy? ‘
  3. Listen to your inner voice.

Tip 81 – Feel, breathe, open and become soft …

I am going to invite you to an exercise of freedom. It becomes very uncomfortable. It’s about  deep breathing and spontaneous movement. Earth and presence. We go back to our body, which is going to be a challenging journey. It is not your fault that this is challenging: it has been taught to us.

The invitation is as follows: it is a candid, authentic invitation from me. We’re going to bring up feelings, maybe sadness, maybe suppressed joy, maybe anger. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, or if you don’t want to be fully involved, you also have the option not to do this exercise. The exercise is as follows:

Breathe in and out 50 times with your mouth open – completely. I want to hear the sound of the breath. Open your throat completely. There could be a gag reflex, but it doesn’t matter. Open your throat and relax the muscles in your throat.

Tip 82 – … And get hard when you need to

Living from the heart does not mean that you are always sweet. It means standing up for that which is love. In our western world we learn to be tolerant. To protect tolerance, intolerance cannot be tolerated.

For example, expression of love can sometimes be tough. Demonstrating love is a state of consciousness and a state of no emotional response. Be the one who is always sweet. Love is consciousness . We can be aware that we are all one and act from there.

Tip 83 – Take in sunlight: this feeds your heart

Fill your body with light. Our body needs sunlight for nutrition and energy. Our body is therefore filled with light. Make your body a container of light. Take 20 minutes of sunlight a day.

Tip 84 – Eat ingredients that contain life, sun energy and have been given love

Eat vegetables that contain sun energy. For example carrots and vegetables where you can literally see the sun. That is food with vitality. Eat real food and drink real water. Alive and growing.

And eat what someone loved while preparing. If there is only fast food available in a particular situation, pray about the food and give it that way.

Tip 85 – Dance!


If dancing doesn’t make you incredibly joyful, if you don’t cry out with happiness, if you don’t jump with happiness, realize once again what dancing is: the whole creation is a dance! It’s one big party!

Invite your friends and have a funky party!

Tip 86 – Avoid fallible thinking with Daniel Kahneman’s theory

Daniel Kahneman teaches us in Thinking Fast And Slow,  among other things, that our intuition (he calls that system 1) is much faster and more skilled than our slow mind (system 2). How can we get around that slow mind (system 2) more often and get to system 1 faster? By becoming an expert in a particular field.

For example, if you are a firefighter, make sure you get enough experience so that you can automatically use the fast and instinctive system 1.

If you are an accountant, read all the latest books on the developments in your field so that you can work much more intuitively when working with clients.

You can easily become intuitive in that area where you have a lot of knowledge and skills about.

Tip 87 – Talk to friends about all the things that feed your soul: all the things you love

Do you want to develop your intuition? Then you have to feed him too. You do that by giving yourself things that are good for yourself: do things that you love! In the previous tips you have already been able to find many examples about this.

What you can do now is share with friends and list what you all love, so that you know for yourself what nice things you can do that feed your soul.

Tip 88 – Playing activates your intuition

The definition of play? The time you spend without a goal. There’s nothing wrong with playing – and in fact, it’s very powerful. It activates your intuition. There is a difference between being childish and being like a child.

Create a playful environment in your life. Put table football and board games in your office. Do you have a meeting? Play a game before you get down to business. Don’t discuss your business until after you have jumped on the trampolines together.

If you estimate in advance that it will really not be possible to get the others involved, then go for something simpler: if you are in a meeting or are you giving a presentation to very tight people, then do something together at the beginning. breaths.

Tip 89 – Use your imagination: pretend you have psychic abilities, and then it is!

Every time you fantasize, you have access to more than what you know intellectually.

Logic takes you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere.
– Einstein

So use the pretend frame (the wonder question).  The more you pretend to be a psychic, the more you will actually be. This is really the way to develop psychic abilities: when you pretend, you are treading the path of fantasy and play. And when you play, your soul plays with you. You allow the energy to flow through you.

The belief that you can do it is important. Pretend that you are already an expert in psychic abilities.

So pretend you are psychic and have been doing it every day for years. As if you do it all the time, it is your second nature and it is very easy for you.

Then make up (!) Something. It’s really about making up . The path to the soul is the path of play . If you’re wrong, people don’t think less of you.

Tip 90 – Make it a game! The whole point of the sixth sense is that it is fun

intuition is like a game

Make it a game – or even a sport. Working with your intuition doesn’t have to be serious. And involve others in the game too. Playing together is more fun! You can turn it into a game to train your intuition in the following ways:

  • Make an appointment with someone: At 10 am I will send you a vibe / thought. See if you can pick him up.
  • How much will be in the account?
  • Which color car will come by now? Whoever comes first to 10 well-vibed colors!
  • When someone calls: Who is that?
  • What will come for lunch for lunch?
  • Call the waiter until you get through your vibes when sitting in a restaurant.
  • In the supermarket: What are the good apples? The good melon?

Celebrate and acknowledge it when you get it right! Don’t be ashamed if you’re wrong. So what? Because of this you become familiar with working with your intuition. Working with your intuition is not about perfection. Make mistakes. If you fall, don’t say, “Oh no!” Say, “Oh, well …” and keep playing!

In short: live life spontaneously and playfully, always oriented to the participation of your soul, because the universe plays with you.

The path of the soul is the path of play.

Tip 91 – Play the game: ‘I am clairvoyant’

  1. Pick a day when you are clairvoyant. Preferably a day off. Plan to be psychic during that day. 
  2. You use the pretend frame during this day (see previous tip). Imagine / pretend / imitate a psychic.
  3. Everything that comes your way this day, you surrender to your clairvoyant self: if I were clairvoyant, what would I feel / say / do / choose? If necessary, bring a glass ball or crystal in your pocket as a trigger: when touched it activates your clairvoyance.

Start with small things. Should I go left or right, up or down, walk or take the bus, should I go north or south? This way you have already had a lot of practice, confidence and victories – and you are well prepared for when you encounter more significant situations where you start to use your intuition.

This game is the gateway to allowing your psychic abilities. What are you waiting for? You are always waiting for permission to be clairvoyant. No one can give you that permission. That permission comes from you. It’s part of who you are. No one should have this kind of authority over that. If you want to be a psychic, then be a psychic.

Tip 92 – Grow step by step: look at the levels of consciousness

By listening to our intuition, we enter a state of pure consciousness. Dr. David R. Hawkins has created a points scale for this – The Levels of Consciousness, or The Map of Conscousness – that shows you what small steps you can take to raise your awareness a little bit more.

Tip 93 – Do you not yet ‘succeed’ in following your intuition? You are already further in your development than you think …

last doubt in intuition

Above all, have patience in creating an increasingly intuitive life. Do you often say ‘yes but’ to your intuitive feelings at the beginning? Then you are doing very well! You are just about to live intuitively. Congratulations! Celebrate it! You have looped your perception – away from your ego and jumped into intuitive living.

The ‘yes but’ is one last attempt by the ego. So it means ‘I am afraid’. There is only one answer to ‘yes but’: do it anyway. Don’t let your anxious ego make the decisions.

Breathe, trust, meditate, let go of control and go for it. Let the universe support you. You immediately feel relieved and satisfied.

Tip 94 – Still work for it! Be proactive!

Intuition must go hand in hand with knowledge, experience and work. It is not a way to avoid work – not an excuse to lose responsibility.

In life it is quite simple. You can lead or you can follow. You can be the victim or the victor. You can go forward or backward.

Sometimes you actually have to make an effort and do difficult things. Doing the things that are difficult makes life so much easier. Just wanting to do the easy things is likely to make your life a struggle.

You cannot ‘overthink’ yourself from, for example, a problem or depression. Create a solid yet simple game plan and start implementing it today. It will work far more wonders than any theoretical self-development program, such as podcasts from new-age gurus on “Finding Your True Purpose.”

Taking back control gives you all the strength and confidence. Get moving. Do what you fear until you are free.

Tip 96 – Read ‘Trust your Feeling’ and ‘The Power of the Heart’

There are two books that provide an incredible amount of inspiration and insight about the intuition and the heart. The Power of the Heart by Baptist de Pape is a treasure full of small beautiful sayings, exercises and information about the heart. Sonia Choquette is also one of my favorite authors who specializes in developing your intuition. Read these books and apply the lessons immediately!

More tips? Read the article about becoming happy and the article about angels and guides

Also read the in-depth article on calling angels , the article on becoming happy and the article on following your heart.  You will also see a space at the bottom of this page where you want to say what you want to say. Feel free to use it!

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