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How to make dreams come true? [33 tips to realize dreams 100%]

How to make dreams come true? [33 tips to realize dreams 100%]

How can you make your dream come true? How to achieve your big goals? Here you can read exactly what you need to do to realize your dreams. Use these tips and inspirational quotes to follow your dream and make it come true.

Contents of this page:

Tip 1 – What do you have to do regularly to realize your dream? A stretch out of your comfort zone!

Before we get to all the other tips, let’s look at the most important tip: you really have to stretch and do work to realize your dream.

Comfort is the enemy of growth.
– PT Barnum

The growth does not take place in the comfort zone, and on the other hand: also not in the stress zone (too much). In the stretch zone! That is a healthy step outside your comfort zone.

We also don’t want to go too far and be in the stress zone: had fitness trainer Mark immediately asked you to squat 140 kg, what would have happened to your legs? Then you wouldn’t even have been able to come to the gym.
– Sylvia de Vries

In short: you literally take steps towards your goal if you step out of your comfort zone and no longer avoid discomfort . Everything you do for the first time feels uncomfortable. In retrospect, it was always very bad! So you do it again, and it gets a lot better. You just did a stretch .

What are you going to do?
Making choices that cause growth VS Make choices that focus on comfort?
Experiencing discomfort VS Avoid discomfort?
Play to Win VS Play to Not Lose?

Tip 2 – Do you want to seriously realize your dream? Go for ‘The One Thing’

realize dreams

The Great Wall of China could only be built because a group of people chose to do only one thing every day : lay bricks. If you choose one thing to do every day , you will have built your own Great Wall of China in a few years.

Sven Kramer, Daphne Schippers, Frenkie de Jong … They are living their dream. They have achieved the highest possible success. They have achieved the highest possible result. Why? Because they chose one goal. There is only one focus and there is only one goal. They don’t have 10 goals that all seem fun, such as a French course or a drawing course.

Nobody is waiting for all-rounders and multi-taskers. However, on very good and unique specialists. Those are the people who excel, add value, make their dreams come true and these are the multi-millionaires of this world.
– Michael Pilarczyk

It is impossible to devote your time to many goals. If you have one goal and you do everything to achieve it, you will achieve success after success. It’s so unbelievably logical, but it so often goes wrong. Especially with entrepreneurs:

  • Self-employed people who actually just have to work with their physical body for a client, spend months working on their website and social media
  • Self-employed people who really only need a telephone to inquire where they can get an assignment, spend hours on their Facebook page
  • Entrepreneurs who want more website visitors, leads and customers are on all possible social media and they also do a little bit of SEO and advertising …

I want you to make a ‘business plan’ that makes it clear what your ‘one thing’ will be: the thing that – if you would only do it every day – ensures that you really achieve that turnover target. And that becomes a breeze if you stick to your ‘one thing’.

Read more about focus here.

What are you going to do?
Focus (The one Thing) VS Do multiple things (Spread your attention)

Tip 3 – Do the necessary work: you cannot expect the results without the effort

I have a question for you: why are you annoyed by the results not received, while you have not done the necessary work?  Have you taken the (right) steps, put in the right amount of energy? If you haven’t, I don’t want to see you fed up. That would be illogical and hypocritical.

First you have to pay , and then you get the reward . Everything has a price. Few people are willing to pay for the success they want.

Take the necessary steps to expect the results. You cannot expect the results without doing the necessary work. You just have to do something for it. In fact, you have to do a lot to make your dreams come true.

If you are more like, you will be harder to work.

There are no shortcuts to success. It is not given, but it is earned. No one is going to bring it to you on a silver platter. Get moving and work for your success. When the door to opportunity opens, no one is going to pull you through.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.
– Albert Einstein

You get ‘accidental success’ if you just work really hard. And rest assured: it is not necessarily boring to do the necessary work … Feel free to make the process fun too!

I’ve found that the harder I work, the luckier I seem to be.
– Thomas Jefferson

Coincidence makes sense.
– Johan Cruijff

Our happiness is as great as the courage we show.
– James McCrae

The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call happiness.
– Tony Robbins

If you don’t climb the mountain, you can’t enjoy the view.
– Chinese proverb

I hated every minute of the workout, but I said, ‘don’t give up. Suffer now and live like a champion for the rest of your life. ‘
– Muhammad Ali

Success is a science; if you meet the conditions, you will get the result.
– Oscar Wilde

The price of success? Determination, hard work and an unwavering dedication to the things you want to see happen.
– Frank Lloyd Wright

Opportunities are missed by most people because it dressed up as work.
– Thomas Edison

I was brought up on the principle: work first, then earn.
– Johan Cruijff

Inspiration exists. But it finds you while you work hard.
– Pablo Picasso

You cannot harvest if you have not sown. Of course not every seed grows at the same speed, but sowing has to be done if you want to harvest. It also takes a lot of time. You cannot look at the seed and see it grow right away. In short: do something for it. Or better: do a lot for it and have patience.

“I’m going to discuss my motives with like-minded people, light some incense, draw an inspiration card and go to an astrologer. Then my dream will become reality by itself. It manifests itself …”

That’s not how it works … You have to work hard for it and sacrifice a lot for it. Otherwise it will not happen.

– Michael Pilarczyk

In short: success is no coincidence. It is hard work and persistence.

Tip 4 – Want to achieve your dream? Certain things you will really have to sacrifice…

dream come true give up netflix

If you want to succeed in the things that really matter to you, you may have to sacrifice some other things …

  • Netfllix … The new season of Narcos is out! I really want to see it so I can have a say in it … but I’m sacrificing this.
  • Going out with your friends … Super fun, but it is a necessary sacrifice if you want to reach your goal.
  • Your mobile … Sacrifice your mobile so that you are completely free to perform, read a book or chase your dream in any other way!

The point of this section is not to make you sacrifice things, but to be okay with sacrificing things: turn The Fear Of Missing Out into The Joy Of Missing Out!

Tip 5 – Use the ’10x rule’ to outrun your competitors

What is the 10x rule? Easy. Tenfold your bet. Or even better: tenfold your effectiveness. The big secret of this rule is that it doesn’t make everything ten times as difficult …

Pianist Ludovico Einaudi, like all other composers, made a new album about every three or four years until 2018. However, in 2019 he decided to apply the 10x rule: 7 albums in 7 months. He would make a new album every month. And they are also big albums with 11 or 12 compositions each. Every day he would be busy making music, composing, recording and in the meantime continuing to give concerts. The result was no less: in a few months his new music became more popular than almost his entire top 10 most popular pieces. The reviews are not lagging behind either: Ludovico Einaudi is currently the biggest thing to happen to modern classical music. And it is re-affirmed in every note.

In fact, everything becomes easier because you have more focus, work more effectively and become more enthusiastic about all the progress you make in achieving your big dream. You can only do that if you are really passionate about your goal.

If you have a ten-year plan to get somewhere, you should ask yourself, “Why can’t I do this in six months?” What would you do to achieve your ten-year plan in the next six months if a gun were held to your head?

Don’t just go on and on a bit. Don’t just take any action. Take massive action and break through the culture of six. Go 10x faster.

Tip 6 – Don’t be spoiled: don’t be afraid of effort and have a serious work attitude

make your dream come true

A lot of people are so spoiled that any task that requires a certain amount of effort is seen as tedious and difficult. It is unbelievable, but people don’t want to work… They go to work for 8 hours but they actually only work almost 2 hours. Sometimes I see people at work, and then I think: why is he here?

There are so many people who don’t have a work attitude … Most people just fool around.

Few people really work hard and don’t waste time. Imagine how beautifully your dream will be realized when you look back to now in 20 years, and see that you had a serious work attitude. And imagine if you look back 20 years from now and see a work attitude that hangs in the gray area between working and not working …

I never wanted something I couldn’t get, but I got almost everything I wanted anyway because I worked for it.
– Louis Armstrong

Go for ‘deep work’. Intense working hours in which you really make progress and push yourself ‘over the edge’. The top people – the people who are the best in what they do in the world – are formed that way. Go for unstoppable security and / or take risks to move forward fast.

Mohammed Ali did not start counting his sit-ups until he felt pain. There is no magic pill. You just have to work really hard for it. There is no way around it.

Then also go for deep relaxation. For this go ‘all in’ & ‘all out’. How?

  1. All in: Go to the max and give it your all.
  2. All out: Then relax as much as possible.

So don’t get stuck in the lethal mean. Focus completely or relax fully. Stop settling for mediocrity and the deadly “gray area” between working and not working, because you get what you tolerate.

Doing less is what the average would recommend to you. Go all out.
– Eelco de Boer

There is a lot more potential in you than you might think possible right now – and the first step is to raise your standard and stop accepting nonsense.

Push harder.
– And a pen

In short: people are spoiled. Dare to do hard work. Do it heavy. Do what’s difficult. Put your time in it. Dare to go beyond what most people even think about!

The best preparation for tomorrow? Do your best today.

Tip 7 – ‘But … effort = burnout?’ Incorrect

You may now be thinking: ‘Okay, I have to roll up my sleeves a little more and work harder, but does that not encourage burnout and / or depression?’ The answer is no, but only if you meet the following three conditions:

  1. You work smart. That means that you don’t waste time on ‘half-working’, but that your work actually has an effect. This also means that you do not work all nights while you can also work fine during the day.
  2. You are working on your dream. Your passion! You understand the real cause of burnout and depression and ways to prevent it.  Continuing to work is not  a cause of burnout when you work on your passion . In fact: in that case it gives you energy!
  3. You are not hard on yourself, but you have self-love .

Do what you love and love what you do!
– Ray Bradbury

As you have read in the previous tips, it takes hard work to achieve your dream: people often have beautiful goals and big plans, but they don’t see that they have to do a lot and give up a lot for it. They are too lazy. It really comes down to that. And not being lazy has nothing to do with burnout.

Get energy by putting energy into it. You have no energy, you generate energy.
– Eelco de Boer

In fact, if you want to achieve your dream, you must (and do!) Have to be willing to work 10, 12, 15 or 16 hours a day, seven days a week. You also have to give up many social contacts and contact with friends. And if a friend asks you, have you seen that cool Netflix show? The answer is no.

But you have worked on your passion and made your dream / goal come true. And that makes it impossible for you to get a burnout. You get an unprecedented energy.

We had a great holiday and at the same time there was not a single day where we worked less than six hours. We even went late into the night on a regular basis. We think it’s so cool, so much fun and it gives us so much energy that it makes us unstoppable. If not for you, then you shouldn’t. Then you don’t really want it.

Energy runs out of your body through completely different things, such as negative thoughts, negative people around you, and doing what you don’t like. Energy cannot run out of your body if you live with passion, live from love, do things you enjoy and work on your dream.
– Michael Pilarczyk

Tip 8 – Be different from the crowd: The crowd doesn’t make their dream come true

dream come true mass

In some areas of your life, if you are in the majority, you have to scratch yourself as well. What is normal according to the masses is certainly not always good.

Anything popular is wrong.
– Tim Ferris

It’s lonely at the top.
Margaret Thatcher

The masses believe that you cannot be happy, that you cannot pursue your dreams, that you must not be successful … Do you dare to follow your heart and make your dreams come true?

What are you going to do?
Live up to your unique commitments VS Go with the crowd
Choose success VS Choose mediocrity

Tip 9 – Success is doing what makes you happy: don’t look at the success of others

Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t do something because – like the others – you also need a Ferrari. Do something because it makes you happy. That’s how you measure your success!

There is nothing wrong with not being the richest or smartest person in the room or not having the same experiences as other people. You just need to find out what makes you successful and you shouldn’t care about what other people say.

Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.
– Bruce Lee

Only look at what makes you happy. One person becomes happy doing business, the other happy working from 9 to 5, then eating with the family and then going to the park together. If that means happiness to you: great! Then do that more often!

❌ Don’t’s: Believe the hype, get distracted by the glamorous lives people share on Instagram, compare yourself to everyone else, worry about how much progress you’ve made.

✅ Do’s: Stay true to yourself, work hard, stay motivated when everything falls apart, remember that breakthroughs happen when we least expect them.

Tip 10 – Choose for yourself and for your values ​​and dreams: don’t sell yourself short

How often have you failed yourself and have you been too easily bent over so that you could not take care of your own ambitions and dreams? Ask yourself: what do I want? Choose yourself!

What are you going to do?
Expressing ambitions in the US Debunking ambitions

Tip 11 – Write down your goal and make your dream visual, because then it has already come true! That’s how you do that…

make dreams come true

You know the well-known Harvard research  on goal writing? It found that the 3% of MBA alumni who put their goals on paper ended up earning ten times as much as the other 97% put together, in just ten years after graduating. They got the finances, career and relationship they wanted.

The world is yours.

There are several ways to make your dream visual. Try them all out!

Tip 12 – Success is energy: build a body full of energy so that you can make your dreams come true

However you turn or turn it, you will eventually achieve your dream with your own body. Your own body is your ultimate instrument. Your body is the most powerful vehicle on the way to your dreams and success. So take good care of it. Throw your stress level down and your effectiveness skyrocket.

How do you do that? Read the article on care of yourself  and be happy  that your effectiveness will increase and so you just can from the journey toward your dream enjoy .

Be a goal digger, not a gold digger.
– Eelco de Boer

Tip 13 – Use the law of attraction: Expect it! Expect your dream to come true!

law of attraction for dreams

Do you want to succeed? Then act as if you are already succeeding. Pretend you are already successful. This activates the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is simply setting goals and being happy right now . Happiness comes first. Success can only come after that. That is how you could summarize the law of attraction. And that is also how happiness works : you cannot become happy if you strive for it as ultimate fulfillment which will only come after you have reached your goal.

You always achieve goals. I always say: if you have a goal, you will always find a way to achieve it, otherwise there will be plenty of excuses. You can have anything you want in your life. You just have to plan it, prepare it and expect to win.

Do you ever watch football? Zig Ziglar once made a striking comment about what something special is happening in it:

In the last 2 minutes of the first half and in the last 2 minutes of the second half, 20% of all goals are scored in a 90-minute match. So in football 20% of all goals are scored in 4 minutes.

This is because of the 2 minute attacks …

They plan to score. They prepare to score and as a result they try to score. And coincidentally enough, the defense cooperates to get them to score.

On the other hand, you have the defense: they do prevention in the same 4 minutes, which suddenly gives the opponent room to attack. If they expect the opponent to score, then the opponent will also score.
– Zig Ziglar

So always think, “If I do this right, we’ll be successful.” And not, “If I don’t do this right, we’ll fail.” Tell your team, “I chose you for this assignment because I have complete confidence that you are the person I can count on to solve this in the best possible way. You are designed for success, to achieve things. You were born to win. ‘

You expect the ball to fall somewhere in the front and then you start looking for luck.
– Pierre van Hooijdonk about the return of the Dutch national team against Germany from 2-0 to 2-2 in the last minutes of the game.

We have been looking for the victory and then you will automatically encounter him.
– Johan Cruijff

You get bad luck with a negative attitude and luck with a positive attitude.
– Johan Cruijff

This Ajax can win the Champignons League.
– Louis van Gaal in the summer of 2018, 13 years after Ajax last survived the first round. In the end they missed by a hair after the final.

Expect it, and it will happen. Read more about this in the article about the law of attraction.

Tip 14 – Make dreams come true? Start a mastermind group

make dreams come true

You have a dream. You want success. You want to take action. Perfect, you will definitely come there! A mastermind group only accelerates everything. These groups are ideal to realize your dream.

In a mastermind group you will consult with others, brainstorm and think tanks about each other’s dreams. Talk to others about your dream! For example with your three people in your mastermind and six family members. Then it is more likely that you will make your dream come true.

Read the article about starting a mastermind group.

You are the average of the people you associate with. Be kind to everyone, but don’t make friends with everyone. Be aware of who you allow into your inner circle. Build through your mastermind and group of friends around you who support you in good times and bad. Your family / your parents are a good starting point for this.

Tip 15 – Don’t stop with knowledge and ideas… Take action: Set concrete weekly tasks

Ideas, knowledge, courses … You can find them everywhere! Then why are so few people actually successful? Because hardly anyone really takes action. They read enough books and they have enough ideas … But in the end it is mainly action that brings you to your goal.

‘Knowledge is power.’ – Francis Bacon
But a better phrase for this statement would be “Knowledge is potential power.” Knowledge is not power. You must also apply it.

Many people are even careful with their ideas and think they are scarce. However, ideas abound. What appears to be very scarce is the number of people who actually implement good ideas.

Action is the habit of successful people who excel and enjoy what they do.

Ideas are still important. Everything you want to achieve in your life starts with an idea. The idea grows – when you work for it – into something big, something you will be proud of. So what you should do is believe in the idea and actually work hard for it.

Execution always beats knowledge.

By the way, action is not something vague. It is a concrete action you can do. Action is also not a result, such as achieving 100,000 website visitors, but a process , such as writing 300 articles.

Don’t judge your days by looking at the harvest you pick up, but by looking at the seeds you plant.
– Robert Louis Stevenson

You see, in life, many people know what to do, but few people do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You have to take action.
– Tony Robbins

Don’t tell people your dream, show ’em.
– American saying

In theory there is no difference between practice and theory. In practice … yes.
– Jan LA van de Snepscheut

A conquering army on the frontier cannot be stopped from eloquence.
– Otto von Bismarck

The best eloquence is what actually executes things.
– David Lloyd George

Knowing what to do and actually doing it makes all the difference.
– Bill Philips

How wonderful it is that no one has to wait even a moment to start making the world a better place!
– Anne Frank

You have thinkers and you have doers. The worst are the thinkers who think they are doing something.
– Catrines Veenstra

This tip to do a lot of action is woven into your mastermind group (see previous tip). An important part of a mastermind group is that you encourage each other to actually take the steps that will bring you closer to your dream. What are you going to do this week to get one step closer to your goal?

What are you going to do?
Apply and live VS Just know how
Do VS Try

Tip 16 – Use the power of the small first step

Also, don’t overwhelm yourself with steps that are too big. Never underestimate the power of a small step. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the idea of ​​instantly making the whole world happier, you can also think: 1 fan every day! That small step? It’s not that small!

What can I do right now to realize my dream?

Most importantly, you should have started yesterday. Didn’t you start yesterday? Then start today. Aim big, start small. And now! Here you can read more about the power of the first small step, aka ‘Kaizen’.

What is Speed? Often the sports press confuses speed with insight. Look, if I start running a little earlier than anyone else, I seem faster.
– Johan Cruijff

Tip 17 – Now convert the right actions into habits

The only way to actually make your dream come true is by taking action, and then taking action one more time … And one more time … Actually often for years! Structural progress is essential to be successful.

The most powerful muscles are the ‘invisible muscles’. Your emotional and spiritual muscles. It’s not that I’m that great, but it’s that I’m well trained. I don’t negotiate with myself. I’m just doing what’s right for me.
– Tony Robbins

How do you become successful? It all comes down to routine . Repeat something over and over. What you see about other people in public or on social media is the reward for something they put a lot of effort into at first. Take a look at the quotes below:

Routine, in an intelligent person, is a sign of ambition.
– WH Auden

Success means making 10,000 hours.
– Malcom Gladwell

When you see a successful person, you see only the public glory, but never the private efforts and sacrifices to achieve it.
– Vaibhav Shah

It is what you practice in private, what you will be rewarded for in public.
– Tony Robbins

Rehearsal builds reputation.
– Elizabeth Arden

True “knowing” comes from repetition.
– Tony Robbins

Our greatest weakness is giving up. The surest way to be successful is to try again.
– Thomas Edison

Moreover, only the highlights and top matches of Frenkie de Jong, Ruud van Nistelrooij and Arjen Robben remain with us. We don’t see their temporary setbacks and not-so-special early years, but they are there. These are all invisible years in which they have practiced really and hard. But again: they did happen.

You can do more than you think, you just have to do it several times. Everything that looks good is very well and internally practiced. Take the following as a metaphor for life:

  1. Stretch with your outstretched arm and index finger turned all the way back. As far as possible.
  2. Shake it loose.
  3. Visualize that you can move on.
  4. Do it again and see you progress. The second time you can go a lot further, and even further. It is a bit uncomfortable to do, but the power of repetition keeps you going.

Actually, this tip is very simple: practice, and practice often! Take the exercise below as a metaphor:

  1. Person a says 1
  2. Person B says 2
  3. Person A says 3
  4. Person B says 2
    Etc. Do this for a few rounds to keep getting better.
  5. Do the same, but replace 1 with a slap.
    Do this a few rounds to keep getting better.
  6. Do the same, but replace 2 with a jump.
    Do this a few rounds to keep getting better.
  7. Do the same, but substitute 3 for a crazy sound.
    Do this a few rounds to keep getting better.
  8. Do the original exercise again just by saying 1, 2, and 3. Notice how easy this is now because you’ve practiced (and made it more and more difficult).

Excellence is not an act, but a habit . If you can cultivate habits, there are no more restrictions for you. So … f * ck your limits and make those things a habit that will get you to your goals.

Your greatest successes will not come so sexy. Working on your own for many hours, days, months or maybe even years, not being understood and sometimes even doubting whether your brilliant idea will work. Carrying on when the going gets tough makes you a winner.
– Eelco de Boer

In a match, I am on the ball for two and a half to three minutes. It comes down to what you do in addition. About the initiative, where are you, what are you doing, what can happen? Working without a ball happens too little.
– Johan Cruijff on the importance of preparation and exercise

Tip 18 – Use a strong undercurrent towards your dream: your subconscious

realizing dreams

Obviously it is quite effective to work with your logical mind in a conscious way. But there is something much more effective: the motivational and action-generating power of the subconscious .

One of the many ways to get the subconscious in the right direction is to apply the ‘pain-pleasure principle’ to the extreme:

  1. Feel how much it hurts and the miserable life you are going to lead if you don’t achieve the goal . Make it extra dramatic.
  2. Also feel the fascinating effects of achieving the goal. Make it extra dramatic.

It’s simple: when you have a gun to your head, you do what is asked of you. In that case necessity motivates you (getting away from pain). When you can collect a million euros from the cigar farmer, you will change clothes now and get on your bike. In that case, desire motivates you (moving towards pleasure).

You can ‘activate’ this gigantic force in your subconscious so that you can move much more easily and develop good habits that will lead you to your dream. Read more about developing habits here and read more about the subconscious here.

Why do you do what you do? Everything is possible if you really want it. Then you will always find a way to get it done.

Tip 19 – Create Discipline VS Seek Motivation … Sometimes you also need discipline

Although you learned in the previous tip that the unconscious is much more powerful than consciously using discipline, you can use both of these forces. Sometimes you just need hard discipline to realize your dream.

The pain of discipline hurts less than the pain of regretting your laxity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has mainly become successful thanks to his discipline. He didn’t want to waste an hour of his day. That time is too precious to him. He came to America penniless, did construction work during the day, then played sports for five hours and took acting lessons from 20:00 to 00:00.

Read this article on developing discipline.

Everything seems impossible until someone does.
– Nelson Mandela

Tip 20 – Celebrate your milestones! And then go straight on …

dreams milestones

The end date for achieving your dream may be several months / years away from now. That’s why it’s so important to celebrate all of the milestones now so you can enjoy the process! Secretly you are already successful in life because you enjoy the process in this way.

Beware of a small pitfall: if you have reached a milestone, you have not yet reached your goal. Do not slow down, but continue immediately. Play to win with big numbers. Not to defend or not lose your lead.

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
– Will Rogers

Winning is not a sometime thing; it is an all-the-time thing.
– Vince Lombardi

People also say that a team with ten men is more dangerous than a team with 11 men. How many times have you heard that? That is only because five of those eleven think: I am taking a step less, while five of those ten are just adding a little extra.
– Johan Cruijff

Push harder.
– Dan Pena  after every email with good news.

Do you want to make your big dream come true? Then don’t be satisfied with a fine, average life. Go for more !

An occasional ice cream is the worst thing you can do when you’re a sugar addict and working towards your dream body. We all have our weaknesses that rob us of our potential. Stop negotiating with your weaker self. Don’t feed them, destroy them. 100%. And then forget about them. That’s how you reinvent yourself.
– Eelco de Boer

Tip 21 – Think long term and enjoy the journey

realizing dreams

Do not go for the immediate reward, but for the much greater reward in the longer term. In English this is said so beautifully: exchange instant gratification for achieving your big goal in the long term.

We want immediate results. That’s why so many people fail.

In the meantime, however, continue to enjoy the trip. You will not be happy if you subordinate the journey to the goal. You become happy when you find absolute happiness in the journey , and seek relative happiness in the goal.

Goal setting isn’t necessarily about meeting them, it’s more about being the person you become. And secretly you always achieve your goals (the stars), and if not: then you land on the moon (aim for the stars, land on the moon).

Sometimes you also have to invest now so that you can build for the future. Hiring staff is an example of this. Now you are building something: the future. This year you will have less profit, but more next year, because you yourself had more time and could spend this time on growth.

It always takes longer than expected. Patience = key.
– Eelco de Boer

Think long term. Don’t expect to get all those beautiful, fantastic results you want so bad this year. In the photo below I was 19 years old. Three years earlier – at the age of 16 – I had started my long-term vision of 3 years to work on a toned body in a sustainable way.

When I was 19, I had completed that long-term vision and wrote this little text:

This story is what worked for me – you really need to see what is true for you per person.


The last 3 years have been very difficult for me, because in fitness you will encounter many challenging feelings. Besides, I thought I couldn’t change. However, it became easy thanks to my long-term vision. Paradoxical eh? Difficult yet easy …

What started when I was 14 as something I only did halfway – like most of them actually – was transformed at 16 into a passion that has brought me infinitely more.

What was my goal? An athletic, slim body and a blocky stomach.

What did I do to achieve my dream? I ‘lifted’ for ~ 1.5 hours a day, 5 days a week, but never less. In addition, fat burning was added in the form of exercise without sweating, so cycling or walking to school is actually enough. You can also go out in southern countries, where they dance more people, so you can burn more. And oh yes, no beer!

This shit lasted 3 years.

I’ve always done a variation of a 3 day split. I lift for 1.5 hours, 5 days a week or even more.

My current 3 day split:

Chest / triceps = day 1
Back / biceps = day 2
Shoulders / legs = day 3
In addition: Abdominal muscles every other day or more often. In a group lesson.

What did I do with my mentality? I have learned that lifting is not only a physical – but also a mental battle. And that you shouldn’t fight that mental battle. How did I make sure I didn’t have a mental battle all the time? By simply having a long-term vision. In my case, that was a 3-year vision.

The most important thing I apply is: prepare yourself mentally for that boring shoulder / leg day is coming … by accepting it as part of the 3 year journey and not by loathing it and wanting to get rid of it as soon as possible .

It takes time, just like you can go on for 3 years without nagging or quitting . Have that long-term vision. If you mentally prepare for the fact that you won’t be finished until 3 to 4 years, you will keep going. If you keep thinking: “Next month you will see my muscles a little better,” you can start fighting that mental battle 12 times a year, while with my 3-year period you only have to fight that mental battle once every 3 years.

It’s not an easy process, but a long-term vision keeps your dream alive.

Tip 22 – Make a ‘Getting Things Done’ document

In such a document you put the concrete steps you need to take. This is a clear definition of the end result and the steps required for it. If you don’t write it that way, you only have a list of ‘stuff’. The preparation of such a document only requires a little healthy thinking.

Why do you have to keep such a document with all ‘to do’s’? Your mind does not have a mind itself to be able to remember everything. If it had any intelligence, it would only remind you of things when you can do something about it. But that intelligence is not in your mind.

When you have expressed the focus / dream, for example your new product launch, you immediately create new ideas and thought patterns. You want to put all of these on paper as concrete steps. Immediately your attitude and behavior will change! Read more about this in the book ‘Getting Things Done.’

Tip 23 – Be part of someone else’s success: you can’t take anything if you don’t give anything

make your dream come true

Gary Vaynerchuk teaches us in all his books: Do you want to get customers? Give 800 euros worth of free value (jab jab jab) and then ask for 18 euros (right hook). For example to buy your book afterwards. That is the correct ratio.

Sometimes you can also immediately ask for the sale: ‘I don’t often ask for something, but now I have published a new book. I would like to ask you to buy it and distribute it on social media.

Read more about this in Gary Vaynerchuk’s books.

Tip 24 – Don’t be a perfectionist: don’t be afraid to fail and start now

Don’t be afraid it won’t turn out perfect or be afraid of failure. You even need that ‘failure’. You fall and you get up again. Fail, learn and live!

Fear of failure is the reason many people don’t dare to set big goals.

Start now with the steps to realize your dream. Once you have started, you will probably find that it is much easier than you think. Read the article on perfectionism .

Start before you are ready.
– Unknown

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
– Mark Twain

In other words: success = taking risks. Take risks, be vulnerable  and be willing to enter and discover the unknown.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm.
– Winston Churchill

Tip 25 – Make your dream a reality? Don’t put it off anymore

That’s right, I’m talking about procrastination and escapism. Imagine where you would be in a year if you just do everything you had to do  right away.

  • No more “I’m thinking of doing it …”
  • No more “I’ll do it one day …”
  • No more excuses

Just f**** do it.

Just get things done. If you combine this with focus (one of the earlier tips), you are completely unleashed and blow your competitors away. Then you are like a choke snake to your competitors, squeezing the last bit of air out of them.

Making your dream come true is a matter of … simply doing that . Is it your dream to live in Deventer? And do you then buy a house in Emmen? Then don’t be surprised. “Huh, this is not Deventer!” Simply buy a house in Deventer – and not in Emmen.

Tip 26 – Use your beliefs: adopt empowering beliefs and values

achieve dreams

If I wanted something bad, I could. This is driven in large part by my values and beliefs .

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
– Theodore Roosevelt

What you believe is true for you or becomes true for you. What you send out to the world comes back to you. So do you believe, “Everyone wants me!” Then that will also be fulfilled.

Successful people are confident people.

You can always adopt a new belief. Don’t get stuck with the past. Every moment is a new beginning. You are never stuck. Say, “I deserve to have x, and I accept it now.”

Everything around you – what you call life – was conceived by people who were no smarter than you. And you can change it.
– Steve Jobs

The same applies the other way around: Do you want to make your dream come true? Then let your dream be in line with your core values ​​/ mission.

Tip 27 – Be open to new things and changes: the past does not equal the future

Do you feel resistance to change? What old belief are you holding onto?

Every moment is a new beginning: changes take place here.

Recently I asked a group to whom I gave a presentation, “How many of you believe you can do something specific to make your situation a lot worse in the next 14 days?” Almost everyone believed in that. Who believes that you can make your situation a whole lot better by doing something specifically you can do? Whose choice is that? ‘

Repeat affirmatively in I form. ‘There’s something I can do to …’

Tip 28 – Want to make dreams come true? Be flexible

The path to achieving your goals is not straight. Change your approach if there is an obstacle. “What else can I do?” This is the TOTE philosophy.

If you always do what you have done, you will always get what you have always got.

Plus, you can be flexible in the following ways: if you’re flexible, you’ll find resourceful ways to get to your goal. Do whatever it takes. As long as you achieve your goal. And nothing or nobody will stop your sign.

“And if that doesn’t work?” “Then you make up another way.”
“And if that doesn’t work?” “Then you make up another way.”
“And if that doesn’t work?” “Then you make up another way.”
“And if that doesn’t work?” “So it will always work.”
– Lil ‘little (rapper)

This also shows a proactive attitude. See next tip …

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.
– Tony Robbins

Tip 29 – Be proactive to realize your dream: you are in control and you do not react to your environment

habit to make dream come true

I made a choice to stay slim because I have never accidentally eaten anything unhealthy. Do you choose to get fat or thin? Do you opt for cookies? Of course you are always the one who chooses. This is what proactive people know.

Nothing will work unless you work.
– Maya Angelou

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.
– Renzulli

What happens in a time of recession (and as you know, the media has accurately predicted 27 of the last 2 recessions)? There are people who give up and do not pursue their dream because the environment is in recession. And there are people who don’t pay attention to what others do! In many cases of a perfect economy, a large number of people went broke, and in many cases of a bad economy, a large number of people became rich.

You cannot change the environment, but you can change yourself and your future: it is between your own ears.

Immigrants are four times more likely to become millionaires than the Dutch themselves. That also has to do with someone’s attitude to life. In the Netherlands, for example, there are many internet jokes such as ‘I am lazy and I am proud of it …’

What are you going to do?
I am always in control US It happens to me
I create or seek what I
lack in skills US ‘They are tough limitations’ Growing through challenges US Sitting down on setbacks Looking for
a solution US Not knowing what to do Making
the choice to stay calm US In panic Create
opportunities US Respond to your environment See
opportunities US See bears on the road Take
responsibility US Victim role

Tip 30 – Your ego is getting in the way of completing your dream

ego dreams come true

The very annoying thing about the ego is that it is very good at fooling you. It makes you think that unimportant things (like what others might think of you) are important. Beware of this!

  • If you do the things that your ego doesn’t want to do, you will experience breakthrough after breakthrough.
  • If you don’t do those things and listen to your ego, you will keep wondering when that breakthrough will come.

That breakthrough is closer than you think. See through the ego and what needs to be done.

What are you going to do?
Brutal honesty US Wanting to be liked
Taking rejections (growing by a no) US Giving up because rejections aren’t fun (affirmation of negativity)

Tip 31 – Keep your vision obsessively in sight – then you get more adrenaline!

The secret to successful people is simple:

  1. They know what they want. They obsessively have their vision in sight.
  2. They do everything they can to make that happen.

A vision is not small. It’s big and that gives fuel and adrenaline. So don’t think small. If you want to achieve something, you have to think big . Aim for the stars, land on the moon. Keep that great vision in mind: “Where are we going?” This releases a kind of invisible force that pushes you extra hard!

Have you made the decision to make your dream come true? Get ready because it gets uncomfortable and difficult. And at that moment you remember your vision and you know:  the game is on!

I am obsessed with success.
– Jia Ruan

Obsession makes everything possible.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tip 32 – Setbacks? You will perform extra when things get difficult

This is the mindset of a champion: especially when the going gets tough, you want to and will perform extra! This also builds character and gives you adrenaline to rise above yourself.

Winners never give up. Another way to put this? A quitter never wins and a winner never gives up.

Go for gold. You will win because you never give up. Continue until you have won. Continue until everyone has given up and you are the only one left. That’s why you win. For the most part, success is a matter of continuing after others have given up.

The above sentence is about the idea of performing . It is not about you having to win or about others losing. Of course you don’t compare yourself to others. The match is always against yourself. All you have to do is take a step forward today from yesterday.

Stay true to your goal, show what you can do, and don’t allow doubt or trial to blow you off course.

But what do most people do? They give up, quit their dream and turn to something else. Then they give up again and turn their backs on their dream. What would happen if you stopped giving up and continued to provide resilience ? Greatness. That’s what would happen!

Dream big and dare to fail.

A winner is simply a loser who tried it one more time. Get up and keep going! Never stop working on your dream.

We shall go on.
– Ramses Shaffy

Many failures in life are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
– Thomas Edison

Read more about dealing with setbacks here.

Tip 33 – Develop your qualities and use them

If you want to make your dream come true, the following (!) Core qualities will help you on your way. You really can’t fail if you use these gifts:

  • Passion
  • Dedication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Perseverance
  • (Self confidence
  • Decisiveness
  • A high energy level
  • Communication

For a comprehensive meaning and characteristics of these properties, see this article.

Good luck making your dream come true!

Immediately follow your dreams and make them come true! Read further? Read these tips to get rich and follow your heart . The world is yours.

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