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How to recognize if a man is in love [Signals & his body language]

How to recognize if a man is in love [Signals & his body language]

What are the signs that a man likes you? For many women this is easy to recognize, but sometimes you are dealing with a shy or insecure man who is in love. So how can you easily discover that a man is in love with you? Read on so you know exactly how to spot men’s amorous behavior…

Recognizing a man who is in love with you: not always easy…

signals from men in love

Falling in love is not the first topic that men like to talk about, and in practice it can be difficult to spot falling in love behavior in a man. Too bad, because you do have feelings for the man in question, but you prefer not to take the risk of being rejected.

Is he in love with you, or is it just ‘like’ gently? As you already know, men are often not very good at showing feelings – or picking up hints, but that’s another story – even when it comes to things other than being in love.

Nevertheless, signals and body language can be distinguished, showing that men are in love. Although they are sometimes subtle, recognizing the signals can help you make the move.

Men and emotions: often not a happy combination

man in love behavior

Whether it’s about happy, sad, angry or amorous emotions: men often have no idea how to show their emotions in the right way. We therefore understand your frustration, because you are looking for a sign that shows that the man you are in love with also feels the love for you.

Unfortunately, some men are more calculating. They analyze the situation, wait for the perfect moment, and then forget to express their feelings. Until they get home – then they hit themselves in the head again.

Body language says a lot, but not everything

The value and influence of body language is generally underestimated. Body language can speak for you. Do you walk bent … do you stand with your chest out? It shows underlying emotions to the people around you, maybe even your prospective partner.

The body is often a reflection of your emotion, and certain expressions can make you find out if he likes you.

Since body language is often unconscious, there is little that men can do that they may be sending signals without wanting to reveal them.

On the other hand, a man’s body language can also mislead you. A shy man can adopt a closed body position, when this is not the intention at all. The body language says a lot, but not always everything.

Impressing women: typical male behavior

men in love signals

A man who is in love wants to make a good impression in the presence of ‘his wife’. Every man does that in his own way. One is joking in front of you, while the other is going to show macho behavior.

Men are very different from women in conquering a flame. Women especially want to show their sweet or caring side, while men as ‘natural warriors’ will adopt a predominant attitude.  

External characteristics of being in love

Body language is largely unconscious, but there are also physical characteristics that will change in a man the moment you walk in. What does a man do about his appearance around a woman he is in love with?

  • He does his hair good.
  • He sticks out his chest.
  • He touches his face or lips.
  • He comes closer or sits down a bit further away.

In the latter case, it depends per man whether he wants to get closer to you, or sit a bit further away. A shy or nervous guy will likely do the latter, but a convincing guy will definitely come to you. He wants to touch you subtly, to show that he likes you.

Eye contact: the most neglected signal

man eye contact

Have you ever stood in a bar and saw men looking at you? You have no doubt noticed that this eye contact is expressed in different ways.

Some men opt for a stoic look to maintain the alpha-male appearance. Other men are just not staring at you.

Fortunately, there is a special type of eye contact, from which falling in love or ‘liking’ becomes clear:

  • His pupils widen
  • The man looks at you (too) long
  • The next look is to the ground
  • With fleeting eye contact you see the man startled

Men usually do seek eye contact with you, but especially if they don’t know you that well yet, that is quite exciting. However, a confident man will look at you confidently for a long time, looking for a signal from your side.

A complete blueprint of the male brain

Men communicate quite differently from women. For example, men don’t pay attention to everything that can be implied by a woman – but men have to literally hear everything in order to understand it. Here you find all characteristics of men.

The alternative: emancipate approach the man of your dreams yourself

recognize the love of men

It’s okay to expect ‘old-fashioned’ that ‘just’ the man has to take the biggest moves and risks, but it’s also completely fine to take on that role yourself. Falling in love is exciting, both for you and for the man in question. So don’t let that stop you from approaching the man himself.

A small touch or short sentence to really ‘make contact’ for the first time can be enough. Take note: the man has already created feelings for you as a result. The first time may have been uncomfortable, but the next time you approach him, it will turn out that his body language is already very different. Or better yet, next time he will confidently approach you. Now is the time to assess if he’s in love with you.

Without self-confidence, a relationship will fail. That is the most important reason to do everything you can to find out whether a man likes you or not. Self-confidence must come from both sides. Everything may show that the man of your dreams is in love with you, but he just doesn’t dare to approach you at the right time. But you don’t have to let everything depend on the man. If you are sure that he likes you, but it is difficult for him to address you, then you are the right person to express your emotions. Express your crush to the man.

You can wait for the men to finally make a move or you can lend them a hand …

You can try to spot some signs in a man but maybe it is better to take more initiative as a woman as well.

On your luck!


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