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#1 Best WordPress Hosting 2024 [Honest Opinion]

#1 Best WordPress Hosting 2024 [Honest Opinion]

What is the best and fastest hosting for WordPress in 2024? In this article you will find my honest conclusion about the most fast, secure and best supported hosting provider for website owners. Read on to find out the best web hosting for your WordPress site.

What is the best WordPress hosting? Honest entrepreneurial experience …

Why do I share my experience with hosting providers with you here, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur? Web hosting is one of the most important components of any successful website and is often overlooked. For example, choosing the best WordPress hosting for your needs can improve your site speed, SEO and therefore increase sales.

There are several types of WordPress hosting providers available, many of which I’ve compared over the years. In this guide, I’ll help you choose the best performing and fastest managed WordPress hosting for your website.

Unfortunately, many ‘hosting reviews’ cannot be trusted

I know that choosing hosting for your WordPress website can be a daunting task. Especially since there is so much choice and ‘customer reviews’ cannot be trusted.

The judgment of this article is therefore based on the personal experience of an entrepreneur. I have already tried everything and I like to share the choice that I am most satisfied with with others, so that other entrepreneurs and website owners can immediately make the right choice.

For example, when entrepreneurs ask me whether they should choose Hostgator, Namecheap or Bluehost, I sincerely advise against all three providers because I myself have experienced that my webshop was running almost 3x slower on these providers.

The quick answer: What is the best WordPress hosting provider?

best wordpress hosting review

After I have tried a lot of providers (including TransIP, Hostgator, Siteground, Mijndomein, Versio …) I have come to the conclusion for myself that one provider is the best: at  Siteground I wanted to remain a customer.

I’m not going to recommend something that I don’t use myself. At the moment I use this hosting provider for my websites with 2 million visitors per year. Below you will find the main reasons why this is the case.

The benefits of this hosting provider

You pay a few euros/dollars more per month at Siteground , but you get a familiar feeling in return, because …

  • They are the fastest. We will discuss this in more detail later.
  • The major reviewers love Siteground. For example, WPbeginner rates it as 2nd and PCmag as 1st.
  • They do not advertise, which Hostgator does, for example, leaving more money for quality. Siteground is a global a-brand without advertising: their quality is their advertising. And at the moment, as a satisfied customer, I also contribute to this by telling about it.
  • It has fast, personal chat support that helps you with almost everything. Even for things that are not hosting-related, but are WordPress-related. They also advertise this. Another example: in their Grow-Big package they manually move your website to Siteground themselves. Obviously, this is not budget hosting with impersonal budget support.
  • It has the advantages of an international company, but you just get a server in Amsterdam or in any region that is close to you.
  • The most hosting companies are bought by large investors, and efficiency-rounds ensure that poor hosting services are provided. Hostgator is an example of this. Fortunately, this is not the case at Siteground.
  • It updates just about everything in WordPress automatically. SSL is even installed automatically via their Quickinstall button. This gives you an instant https site without additional actions or plugins.

The cons of this hosting provider

the cons of this web hosting

There are also two drawbacks with this # 1 provider. These are the only drawbacks I have run into with my websites after two years, including this website with 100,000 visitors per month …

  • Although at Siteground you get a hosting package that is optimized for your website in any region of the world, the language of the login environment remains English. It is true that you almost never have to deal with the login environment of your hosting package. You install or move your WordPress website once and you’re done. Then you are always working in WordPress, which is of course completely in your own language.
  • With larger sites it can sometimes happen that your site is ‘attacked’. This is very ‘normal’ by the way. Such an attack requires a lot of ‘processor power’ from the hosting provider. Most providers do not say anything about this and therefore do not make a point of it. However, when SiteGround notices that attacks are happening on your website, and their CPU is being demanded as a result, they will ask you to resolve the attack. This demands some time from you. You can of course ask for help from their chat support and they will lead you through the steps to track down and block the attacker.

The problem with hosting providers like Bluehost, Hostgator and Versio …

Did you know that Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Site5, HostMonster and a host of other hosting companies are owned by the same money-making firm (EIG)? EIG is notorious for acquiring businesses, laying off employees, and completely milking businesses by downgrading the hardware and packing more customers on the same server. Great for the EIG profit, but not for us.

Let’s dig deeper into the speed

web hosting speed test

Is Siteground fast? Yes, because after all you pay those extra euros for that. For WordPress hosting, SiteGround is one of the fastest hosts out there and it uses SSDs, PHP 7+, and Cloudflare.

In the screenshot above you can see that my heavy website – with a webshop section and 700 pages – can count on a server response time of 9 to 36 milliseconds in Europe. The server is located in Amsterdam. 200 milliseconds is seen as fast, so I immediately say yes to 9 milliseconds!

That fast server response time also affects page load time. The average loading time of an average web page this year is 4.7 seconds. Site grounds load time without cache is 1.7 seconds (with cache 1.3 seconds).

best wordpress hosting speed

The amount of traffic this hosting provider can handle

The average number of CPU hits that hosting providers can handle is 2852. SiteGround can handle three times more: 8276. With cache even more.

best wordpress hosting speed

best wordpress hosting speed

Waiting time on the phone with hosting provider Siteground: immediately

The results are based on real account testing on 12 of the largest web hosts in the world: Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Fatcow, Justhost, AsmallOrange, InMotion, WebhostingHub, Arvixe, GoDaddy, GreenGeeks, and A2Hosting.

When you contact them by phone, you usually have an urgent problem. It is then very important that your call is being answered immediately. Unfortunately, this has not happened everywhere. This is also one of the reasons why, despite their excellent quality, I don’t recommend TransIP: they don’t have telephone options and you can’t chat directly. At Siteground they are available by phone 24/7.

best wordpress hosting waiting time support

Waiting time via chat with hosting provider Siteground: the fastest

Many hosting providers do not have a chat function and the average time to resolve something was 21 minutes in this test. Only four hosts were able to fix it in 10 minutes.

best hosting support time

I am not alone in my experience and judgment

Large parties such as Yoast – and even WordPress itself – have also embraced this hosting provider. In addition, the perfect score on Trustpilot is not only remarkable, but also very rare, especially with web hosting companies.



trustpilot score web hosting a

This isn’t just a review of the best web hosting

Since 2014 I have purchased ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’ from Mijndomein, TransIP, Versio, Hostgator and Siteground. I have been able to compare them extensively in practice with my companies.

Ultimately, I am most satisfied with Siteground. You pay a few dollars/euros more per month, which also gives you more peace of mind.

Conclusion: the best WordPress hosting…

SiteGround is quite rightly one of the most popular and highly rated hosting providers in the WordPress community. They offer unique in-house speed and security solutions. That is why they are even an official WordPress recommended hosting provider.

This was the honest opinion of an entrepreneur like you – Now what?

After years of trying everything, Siteground scores the best in my opinion. I am a happy customer, and I like to tell other entrepreneurs and WordPress users so that they immediately choose the right web hosting. What are your next steps?

In summary: you need to know this when choosing the best hosting

What should you pay attention to when choosing a good hosting provider?

The most important thing to watch out for is the parent company behind the hosting provider. Is the hosting provider run by an investor agency that buys up companies and wants to make as much profit as possible through cutbacks? Then stay far away. In this article, we’ll discuss which hosting companies to ignore and which ones do put their customers, speed and quality first.

What is the best hosting provider?

It’s simple: the fastest is the best. In this article you will find tests and personal entrepreneur experiences about the fastest web hosting. We have been able to test many different parties over the years, but nowhere were our small and large websites as fast and reliable as with the hosting provider we chose.

But isn’t good support important?

Yes! Because it can cost you thousands of euros if your website is down for a while. That is why we have chosen a hosting provider that always comes to the rescue immediately in case of problems – without waiting.

Is this hosting provider suitable for all regions in the world?

The hosting provider that we rank # 1 operates worldwide, but is the most qualitative choice for e.g. Dutch webmasters. In fact, their servers are located in Amsterdam as well. This makes them the fastest choice and it shows.

Get more information here

View the Siteground packages for your WordPress site. I am an actual customer and I honestly think they are the best hosting provider after everything I have tried. Extra tip:  Take advantage of Siteground’s generous discounts  for the first term.

Good luck with your website!

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