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Skillshare Review & Experiences [Mediocre?] [2024]

Skillshare Review & Experiences [Mediocre?] [2024]

What is Skillshare and what can you do with it? Is the subscription worth the money or is it a mediocre service? Skillshare is a special platform on which everyone is motivated to get the most out of his or her creative talents. With online courses, tutorials and manuals, everyone gets the opportunity to take personal skills to the next level. Read on for our experiences and review…

About Skillshare

As mentioned, Skillshare is an online learning community. It consists of three types of members:

  • People who would like to learn new things.
  • People who can teach these new things.
  • Skillshare employees who ensure that everything works properly.

This turns out to be a golden combination. Countless people have used the platform to take their skills in drawing, photography, freelancing, video and much more to the next level. Skillshare is also widely used in many countries across the world.

Subscription of Skillshare

You can choose to take free classes only or sign up for a Premium subscription. While there are quite a few free lessons available, chances are you won’t always be able to find what you are looking for. Especially if you prefer to reach the very highest level, you will see that a Premium subscription is the way to go. This gives you unlimited access to all lessons on the platform, so that you can get the most out of your talent.

Would you like a Premium subscription, but are you afraid that you cannot afford it? Then apply for a full scholarship. If you meet the set requirements, you will have the opportunity to enjoy unlimited benefits of a Premium subscription, without actually having to pay for it. Ideal, right?

Free trial subscription

Still not sure whether you want to take out a Premium subscription? Then try the free trial subscription. This gives you unlimited use of a Premium subscription for 14 days. Satisfied? Then you don’t have to do anything. The subscription is automatically converted to a paid version after two weeks. If you do not want to pay, you must indicate this in your account on time. Here you can take the trial subscription for unlimited access.

What else does Skillshare have to offer?

In addition to the online classes that you can take as an individual via this platform, Skillshare has even more to offer. For example, you can register as a team . This option is widely used by companies that want to inspire their employees to let their creativity run free. You also have access to all kinds of interesting blogs via the website . These are written by creative professionals who are more than happy to help you.

What do we think of Skillshare?

Our experiences with Skillshare were very positive. Our advantages and disadvantages at a glance:


  • There is a lot of content on various topics – with a nice focus on creative topics.
  • There is a well-designed – optional – opportunity to interact with homework tasks and a community
  • Anyone can design and give a course. The best courses are highlighted.
  • There is an excellent quality control. There will be no bad courses in Skillshare.


  • The other Skillshare students don’t really provide substantive feedback.
  • There is no guarantee that the teachers will actually participate in the community features.

All in all, we thought this was a useful and interesting platform. Better quality than Udemy and a finer workflow.Here you can take the trial subscription for unlimited access.

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