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10 Surprising Reasons To Go To A Singles Event

10 Surprising Reasons To Go To A Singles Event

Are you unable to find the right person in everyday life or on dating sites? Then it can be a nice change to go to a single event every now and then. A single event is an organized meeting where you meet several singles at the same time. Are you wondering if visiting a single event could be something for you? The answer is almost always yes. Why that is the case, we discuss in this list with 10 good reasons to go to a single event.

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1. Everyone comes to date

Just like with an online dating site, all participants of single events come there to make new contacts and if they click with someone to find a nice date or even a relationship. If you ‘just’ go out, you have to wait and see if a nice man or woman you have spotted wants to talk to you or is looking for a relationship at all. At a single event you don’t have to overcome that sometimes quite annoying hurdle, because everyone comes to date.

2. There really is something for everyone

There are a lot of great single events that you can participate in and so there is always something to find that suits you. A single event can be as simple as just getting a drink in the pub. But you can also follow a workshop or join a walking tour for singles. In short, there is something for everyone. Are you curious where you can find the best events for single people in your region? Take a look at this page with tips for single events .

3. It’s easy to combine it with regular dating

Visiting single events can easily be combined with regular dating. That is why more and more dating sites are organizing their own single events. Dating sites where you as a member can participate in single events are, for example, and However, most of these drinks, parties, walks and workshops are found in the south of the country. If you live above the major rivers, the events of dating sites are unfortunately less frequent.

4. You meet singles with the same interests

By choosing a single event that really suits you, you are also more likely to make new contacts with people who have the same interests as you. If you like to be outside in nature, a walk for singles, for example, is very suitable for meeting like-minded people. And it goes without saying that you are more likely to click with someone you meet during such a very specific event.

5. There is usually a pleasant casual atmosphere

A singles event doesn’t really feel like a date, mainly because you don’t have to focus all your attention on one and the same person. If all goes well, you will also feel less likely to make the perfect first impression. Thanks to that relaxed atmosphere, you can be yourself more easily. The threshold to start a conversation with someone else, for example, immediately becomes much lower. That is always good for making nice new contacts!

6. More likely to find the one

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Because you meet several people at a single event, you automatically have a greater chance that your true love is among them. On the other hand, with a regular date you only go out with someone who has previously clicked online. But if all goes well, the organization will ensure that there are about the same number of female and male singles, so that you always find enough nice singles to get to know better.

7. You have a fun or educational experience

Is your dream date or relationship not among the singles you meet during the single event? Then you can still have a very nice experience. However, you can also take the opportunity to practice your social talk , something that can help you in the further dating process, especially if you are a bit shy.

8. Often someone is allowed to come along

When you have a regular date, it is of course quite typical to bring your best friend or girlfriend, however much you would like that support at times. In a single event that is often not a problem, because the more souls, the more joy. If he or she is single then that is of course a bonus, but it really is not necessary. Of course, make sure that you are not only talking to each other but that you also open yourself sufficiently to others.

9. Doing something together immediately creates a bond

There is no better way to discover how someone works than by doing something together. A workshop, for example, where you learn something new together. Like a new dance, because during a dance workshop you will of course very quickly notice which man or woman you match well with. Many love experts therefore recommend that singles also have an active first date with each other. You will notice the quickest if you really click with each other. This appears to be even more the case when you undertake an exciting activity.

10. Always something to do during the holidays

When you’re single but would rather have a partner, the holidays can be quite annoying. By going to a single event on those days, you make something fun out of moments that you would otherwise experience as unpleasant. For example, go to a Christmas drink, a Christmas dinner or a New Year’s party for singles. Who knows, you might just bump into that one nice man or woman to snuggle up to next Christmas!

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