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43 Relationship Tips To Improve It! [Good & Happy Relationship]

43 Relationship Tips To Improve It! [Good & Happy Relationship]

Are you looking for tips to improve your relationship? In this article you will find relationship tips for girls, boys, women and men. This way you know what is important in a happy relationship. Here you will find tips and exercises to improve your relationship with your better half, with your teammate for life, and make it even happier. 

Let’s start with the tips … In the tips below of this article you will find all the answers to the question ‘How do I improve my relationship?’ or ‘How do I save my relationship?’. Read along…

Contents of this page:

Relationship Tip 1 – Love is all about the little things… Attention!

The most important factor in a good and happy relationship is … attention! Whatever fun activities or gifts you give to each other … give each other your undivided attention.

Stop everything when your lover talks to you.
– David de Kock

You don’t have to be together extremely often or for long, but when you are together, be awake, alert and attentive.

Actually listen  to each other.

This also applies to small moments of full attention. It’s the little things that make the big difference. Don’t take the little moments together for granted. Moreover, you often only know what kind of something valuable you have when it has disappeared … So don’t neglect the little things.

We buy all kinds of gifts and we do everything for the one we love, but sometimes there is just  a sign of even deeper love. Give each other the gift of your full presence.
– Haemin Sunim

Relationship tip 2 – Want to prevent a relationship dip? Have fun date nights

date evenings relationship

Is your relationship in danger of getting into a rut or slump? Use the article with  97+ fun date night ideas!  The reason is ridiculously simple: it is almost impossible to speak of a ‘dip in a relationship’ if you are dancing, laughing and / or enjoying a fun outing every weekend. It’s just a matter of doing it.

Relationship Tip 3 – Keep flirting even after you’ve become a couple

Do you stop flirting in your relationship? No wonder your relationship goes into a slump. Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you can stop flirting suddenly.

Just keep teasing, saying sweet things, and doing sexy things. Even once the other has become your partner, continue to ‘accidentally’ touch the other’s buttocks while ‘reaching for your scarf’ and apply these 66 other fun flirting tips.

Relationship Tip 4 – Embrace the fact that a relationship is fucking crap (and totally awesome at the same time)

Oh, a relationship … it’s really awful. And it is absolutely great! It is beautiful and at the same time it is very heavy. It is fragile and at the same time enormously powerful. It is a combination of these extremes.

Also – and especially – learn to embrace those tough moments. A relationship is a mess. Continuously. There is no ‘end goal’. The journey always continues in a relationship, so go for that journey.

And don’t play perfection on that journey, because a relationship isn’t perfect. Be there for each other, even when there are tears, and be there for yourself.

I accept the challenges love demands of me.

Relationship Tip 5 – Be prepared for the monster in the other person, and accept that monster

relationship accept each other

A relationship is so great at the beginning, you think you have found your ideal partner … and after a few weeks you discover that there is a different side to his / her character, which makes the other person a little monster regularly …

And then you might think, “Oh … I made a terrible mistake entering into this relationship.” That is not true! Everyone has such a little monster in them. You too. Be prepared and accepting of the other person’s character, because there is an inherent monster in every character. After all, ‘character’ is also a synonym of ego .

When you first meet someone you see their persona. The more intimate you become, the more layers of the masks, walls and shields will fall off you.

Through the relationship, we become aware of what needs to change within ourselves and develop the humility to do so.
– Sri Prem Baba

In the beginning of a relationship or marriage, the romance, attraction, blind love, thinking about each other, the tension, the seeming perfection of the other, the beautiful picture that you project onto the other, is at a peak level.

In every relationship that peak is followed by a trough.  If you want to flee from that trough by breaking the relationship, you will encounter the same issues in the next relationship.

The marriage between you and your partner must be allowed to grow. It is a fragile child who needs attention, patience and care. Allow it to pass puberty and reach maturity.

Relationship tip 6 – Not weird, but useful: schedule formal relationship management meetings

If you take your relationship seriously, then there is no reason to think this is ‘weird’: schedule serious conversations where you will talk about your relationship. Among other things, ask these questions:

  • How’s the relationship going?
  • What are your dreams?
  • What are your basic needs?
  • And how do I meet you in this? Please rate.
  • And how can I score higher in that?
  • What are your ways to fulfill those basic needs?
  • What basic needs have we given much attention and which basic needs should be given more attention?
  • Are we clearly reflecting what we feel? Don’t we keep our disappointments to ourselves? Do we pronounce it if there is anything? For example, when you got a certain reaction or feeling because of something the other did or said?

Relationship tip 7 – Everyone has their own thing – Give each other space

Sometimes it is wonderful not to see each other for a few weeks. Everyone does their own thing and as soon as you see each other again, you are whole again. Moreover, everyone has their own hobbies that the other has nothing to do with. Embrace this polarity!

You cannot be free until you let others be free.

If you struggle to hold onto the other, the other will leave you. If you can let the other go, the other will stay. Love each other like two pillars supporting the same roof. Make sure there is some space between yourself and your loved one. Otherwise the roof will not be supported.

Love is … two streams that mix without losing their individuality.

So you don’t have to be together all the time, throw the golden look in each other’s eyes and send sweet messages. Sometimes you don’t feel in the mood. That is normal. Then say that and then keep your earned me-time.

And now the most important part of the whole point comes to take a step back: during the moments that you are together, feel each other’s presence and be fully present!

Remember that the best relationship is one in which the love for each other is greater than the need for each other.
– Dalai Lama

Above all: trust the other completely. Do not control the other person by never being suspicious of the other person for even one second, for example when it comes to cheating. Show that you fully trust the other person in this.

Relationship tip 8 – Let go of each other too … Don’t fall for the relationship trap of ‘pleasing’

relationship tips women men

It may sound familiar … In the beginning of relationships, people are still free, and the couple leaves each other, but the infatuation disappears as they less free each other and want to bond more and do everything together.

So make sure that you do not please the other person: you go to that movie where you would never actually go, or you go to a morning activity of your partner, while you actually want to sleep in … With these kinds of actions you actually say, ” Please like me!”

Are you starting to see it yet? You are going to do things that you would rather not do, in the name of “love.” Oops … That’s not love, it’s fear.

Ask yourself regularly: Am I doing this out of love or out of fear?

Don’t let yourself down. So be true to yourself and still put your values ​​and desires first. Feel what you want, say no when you feel no and say yes when you feel. In this way the other gets to know the real you.

Relationship tip 9 – Set boundaries, also in relationships

Set clear boundaries . This is important in all aspects of your life, and even more so in your relationship. Then you will care about each other even more. What are examples of clearly indicating a boundary?

  • If the other person does something that goes against your values ​​(such as respect), let them know and take action against it . ‘I find this very annoying. Give me the keys, I’m going home. ‘ So put the other person in his / her place. Say it if you don’t like or disagree with something. Guard your limits and standards. Hold your partner responsible for that.
  • Say ‘no’ calmly and convincingly while standing firm. You don’t have to give a reason or be accountable. That prevents discussions.
  • Do keep the setting of your boundaries nonviolent by continuing to use the I message: “I don’t want x. I don’t like x. My feelings tell me that I don’t want to / shouldn’t do x. ‘ With this non-violent I message, the other does not feel attacked.
  • What is another example of a boundary in a relationship? No is no. Your no is and remains a no. Don’t let him turn into a yes after all. Otherwise people, often unconsciously (so with all kind intentions), cross your boundaries. This applies not only to relationships but also, for example, at work.
  • Keep your responsibilities separate. Don’t take responsibility for the other’s problems. Well for your own problems. If you do take responsibility for other people’s problems, such as the problems of your partner, then you think it is too important to make your partner happy or that your partner should make you happy.
  • Both step into the feminine energy once and reflect back your partner’s actions and words: what is the effect of your partner’s actions on you? Does that make you angry or do you feel confidence diminish? Show your anger.
  • Don’t let the other get too involved with you. Cut off the other if that happens too much. Dare to put the other person in his / her place, because the other simply needs that. If you think, “What is he / she whining about?” Say it. “Let me. You stay away from that. Deal with it.”

Solving each other’s problem does not make anyone happy. You can offer help with the other person’s problems, or support the other while he / she solves it on their own, but only because you choose : not because you feel obliged to do so.

You have to take responsibility, but only for your own responsibilities . This is important in a healthy relationship. “These are your responsibilities for your problems and not mine.”

Distinguish between you and others.

For example, it doesn’t make sense to ask someone else to make you feel better. That is not their job. That is a clear limit (otherwise it will even be pleasing by the other). That’s not the relationship you want. If you read the article ‘ perception is projection ‘, you find out that you can actually feel better thanks to your partner, because you first feel better yourself: it is your responsibility what you ‘extract’ from the other.

We conclude this tip with an important reminder. Setting boundaries must be done, but there is also such a thing as tactful communication . If you have been dating for a while, bring out your limits gently and understandingly

Relationship tip 10 – No trust in your relationship without conflict (arguments)

improve relationship

Without conflict there can be no trust. Conflict shows you who is unconditionally for you. Nobody trusts yes-men. If two people who are close cannot state their differences openly and vocally, the relationship is based on manipulation.

People who love each other get angry with each other.

Have a  relationship with unconditional acceptance  rather than a relationship where you are conditioned for the superficial benefits you get from each other. To do so, have a willingness to give and receive rejection when necessary , even though you sometimes hurt the other person’s feelings. The last person you want to censor yourself with is the woman you love.

Enjoy it when there is friction, otherwise it lacks character. Be happy when it arrives.

However, if an argument is responded to by fighting, fleeing, or freezing, there is a problem.

  • These types of partners fight by attacking uncontrolled.
  • Or they flee by leaving issues undiscussed for fear of conflict and remain angry for too long (sometimes years).
  • Or they freeze by closing emotionally and no longer showing emotions.

Healthy arguments and conflicts are part of it. Successful couples ensure that they enter into the conflict, that they resolve the problem, and that they can then let it go by processing it in a healthy way.

  • In doing so, they focus on tackling the problem and not the person.
  • They don’t take things personally, such as insecurities of the other. They know how to leave it with the other.
  • They stay close to each other even during arguments while being angry and emotional.
  • When the issue is resolved, they forgive and forget!
  • These couples grow and learn from their conflicts. Their relationship improves because of this maturation.

The heart grows thanks to obstacles, but keeps returning to love. That is marriage. Anger, doubt, pain, and fear are ways to get closer to your partner. That is part of the journey. There is always acceptance and forgiveness.

That said, let’s say again: you don’t have to fight a blast . That’s not the point. Simply disagree and engage in conflict. That’s what it’s about.

Relationship tip 11 – Let unconditional love for each other prevail during a conflict: do this when you argue …

relationship tips look each other in the eye

Are you arguing with your partner? A clash between two pain bodies – in a relationship? Fine. That is part of it. However, always return to your firm foundation of unconditional love. Stop, be still and look into each other’s eyes for five minutes.

“I don’t love him anymore” means you never loved him. True love is not conditional.

In other words: become more present yourself instead of wanting to change others. You allow everything deeply, you are completely open. You allow your partner to be where your partner is. You let the other person be who he / she is. You give up the desire to be understood by the other.

Your desire that the other should have done things differently also disappears. Nobody ever hurt you. Only your little me feels hurt. The other didn’t know any better. There was no one there to have failed. It was unconsciousness, so it was nothing personal. The other was completely unconscious.

And then forgiveness happens automatically. You don’t have to try to forgive. Then it doesn’t work. Forgiveness happens naturally when presence arises: Allowing everything as it is. Allow the moment as it is. You embrace your own pain and your partners pain. Without judgment. You bring presence to the situation yourself. You don’t bring the reactivity of the little me.

You can stay in a feeling of love and you realize there is this movement of pain. You don’t have to put it in words. Do not analyze / reflect until later! Where did it start, what did it start, when did it end? Do not answer these questions until after consciousness has returned. Look at it objectively without judgment. Anything can happen, but if you are there, nothing is wrong.

Relationship Tip 12 – The greatest gift in a relationship is: freedom of self-expression (!)

We become truly happy when we meet someone who takes us as we are. If your partner can have freedom of self-expression without being judged, that’s the most valuable thing you’ve given the other.

This is the greatest gift you can receive from each other in a relationship: “Everything about who I am may be there. In the relationship. This is how I can grow”

Let your partner feel the full depth of her emotions and expressions when she is around you. Encourage her to do that and to say more / express herself: to trust her heart and to fully express her feelings. They are safe with you.

So express your emotions in a relationship and express your wish that your partner can do the same in connection with you. Feel what has to be felt and say what has to be said.

Your primary intention should be to act from your heart in this moment.

Especially feminine energy in the relationship can convey this message clearly. “Now I can’t hear this. I need to hear you speak from your heart.”

My wife always reminds me, “I won’t listen to you until you talk to me from your heart. I want to hear your feelings. Hear the love in your voice. I refuse to talk to you if you are only in your head and not in your heart. ” She’s not saying it’s not okay to be in my head. Otherwise, she’s denying part of my personality. But she always reminds me to express my heart too.
– John gray about his wife

Finally, make sure you let your heart speak for yourself . Feel more – and take your attention to your heart. What is the impulse – what are the words that arise from it?

Relationship Tip 13 – Do you want to keep life at home happy? Don’t criticize the other person! (divorce rescuer)

relationship improve happily

This is Dale Carnegie’s Rule 3: Don’t criticize. Another wonderful example from Disraeli: is the chicken burnt? Help and appreciate her cooking work. And while you’re at it, let her know how important she is to your happiness. Disraeli was an esteemed politician in England and he constantly let the world know how much he owes his wife.

A nice anecdote from Dale Carnegie’s book:

She asked her husband to help her by listing six things he believed she could do to help her become a better wife. He reported to the class: “I was surprised by such a request. Frankly, it would have been easy for me to list six things I would like to change about her – my heavens, she could have listed a thousand things she would like to change about me – but I didn’t. I said to her, ‘Let me think about it and give you an answer in the morning.’ “The next morning I got up very early and called the florist and had them send six red roses to my wife with a note saying: ‘I can’t think of six things I would like to change about you. I love you the way you are.’

The best predictor of divorce – so concluded Dr. John Gottman of the University of Washington – is how both partners talk about each other. When they talk negatively and disrespectfully about and interact with each other (when they don’t accept each other), it’s like putting a bomb under their relationship.

Make your home a place of love.

So criticize the right way (soft on the person and harsh on the subject), don’t judge negatively and don’t be sarcastic.

Feed your relationship with love, courtesy and unending patience. Live in harmony in such a way that you become an example to others.

Relationship tip 14 – Welcome politeness – Rudeness is the tumor that eats up love

Politeness in a marriage is like oil for your engine. It is an ability of your heart. Everyone knows … But still we are more polite to strangers than to our own family. We shouldn’t think of interrupting strangers to say, “Gosh, are you going to tell that old story again!”

The secret to a good relationship is gratitude: for example, telling your partner how well he / she cooked.

We would never open our friends’ emails without permission to discover their personal secrets. It is only the members of our own family who are most valuable to us who we dare to insult for their trivial mistakes.

Don’t you see, politeness is the real alchemy that turns everything it touches into good.
– George Meredith, The Song of Courtesy

Banning swear words also works wonders for every person and every relationship. Scolding people because they don’t know what to say. Sometimes they can’t find the words to convey what they mean. Therefore, they reach for something of little value: swear words.

“It is an amazing but true thing that practically the only people who ever say mean, insulting, wounding things to us are those of our own households.”
– Dorothy Dix

Relationship tip 15 – See your relationship as the ultimate means to true love

relationship improving tips

Your relationship is the perfect way to develop and experience true love. However, many people get disappointed because they seek true love in their relationship to be fulfilled and complete. How is that possible?

That true love we’re talking about here isn’t in a form (and your relationship is a form). True love is timeless, unconditional and formless. Seek your love in a form outside of you (such as status, objects, a relationship, a body outside of you) to be fulfilled and complete, you will be disappointed. You can use your relationship as a means to develop that pure love together and to help each other in that.

One of the biggest challenges in relationships stems from the fact that most people get into a relationship to get something: they try to find someone who makes them feel good. In reality, a successful relationship if you see the relationship as an environment better to give , and not as an environment to take.

Relationship Tip 16 – Let your intuition / heart form a loving foundation for your relationship

Love cannot be expressed through the way of the mind … But through the way of your heart. Read the article about developing your intuition (heart). 

Relationship Tip 17 – Have a party time with your family every morning

Do you already have children or not yet? It does not matter! Every morning, before or after breakfast, have a dance moment where the whole family will dance first and then have breakfast. Do you want a happy relationship? It couldn’t be happier than dancing every day!

Relationship tip 18 – Do the dishes for each other: the ultimate gift in a relationship

washing dishes better relationship

Cleaning is not only a joyous occasion for yourself! It is the ultimate gift that makes you say, “I love you,” which you can give to your partner every day.

Relationship Tip 19 – Do charitable things together

For many people, the purpose of a relationship is to grow together in service to your environment …

  • Visit a child with cancer and make his day more fun.
  • Doe ‘Random acts of kindness.’
  • On a hot summer day, bring bottled water for construction workers.
  • Walk to a homeless person and say follow me. Lead him to a buffet and say, “We’re buying.”

Here you will find ideas for random acts or kindness.

Relationship Tip 20 – Always kiss each other goodbye

Never leave the house without a kiss – least of all without saying something. Life can just be over, and at least you’ve said goodbye to each other. Always let us know where you are going so that there is no uncertainty or insecurity.

Never leave without greeting,
never leave without a kiss.

Whoever meets fate
cannot do it tomorrow.

– Toon Hermans

Relationship Tip 21 – Give the other person a surprise kiss or hug

Spontaneity and vulnerability make a relationship extra sweet and fun! You don’t have to wait for the other person to move towards you. You too can take the lead and give the other some love out of nothing.

When your other half is working very seriously or focused on something, you walk into the room to do one thing: you give her a surprise kiss on the top of her head or neck and you walk the room again from. No words required.

Just hug the other from behind for a moment. Or just pull the other person towards you, for example to kiss. Yes you. Give some love spontaneously. Because you know, a relationship isn’t an excuse to become a predictable gray mouse. Just grab your partner by his / her lower back at unexpected moments and keep distracting each other in that way, for example during the dishes.

You don’t die suddenly,
just a little bit now and then.

– Toon Hermans

Relationship Tip 22 – Welcome vulnerability in your relationship: say the following to each other …

Vulnerability creates a close relationship. How do you show your vulnerability? Because something doing what scary and / or where the outcome is uncertain.

In principle, this cannot be done through words, but through actions .

  • Do you dare to see through your partner’s weaknesses?
  • Do you dare to forgive your partner after he / she has done something weak?
  • Do you dare to show your confidence in your partner?
  • Do you dare to show that you want security in your relationship?
  • Do you dare to be the first to make a loving movement to your partner again after an argument?
  • Do you dare to ask your partner if he / she will sit with you? To then just take the other person in your arms? Just because it’s so nice and you don’t need anything else?
  • Do you just dare to give a boring answer and not always have to prove yourself?
  • Do you just dare to express your feelings?

Now that we have shown vulnerability in actions, we can also look at words. See next tip …

Be honest and vulnerable in your relationship

In addition to actions, honest communication is also a good example of vulnerability … Communicate everything that concerns you and consult each other. Express yourself with feeling and emotion, such as sadness – and not just hard, empty words. Let us know in a real way what is bothering you. Open, honest and with feeling. Say what you feel instead of saying other things incongruently and going around the bush with ‘jokes’.

Be honest, brutally honest. That’s what sustains relationships.
– Lauryn Hill

Consider, for example, sharing:

  • Your pain
  • Your wounds
  • Your insecurities
  • Your expectations
  • Your desires
  • Your fears

This also means that you can discuss frictions and pain points in a relationship. For example, if you have an attachment problem, make it a topic for discussion and ask what the other is having. If you can handle both of that, that’s a very beautiful thing.

“No, I don’t want you to go and hang up now, I need you to listen.”

Speak your deepest truth. Let your heart speak and do not shy away from each other. Be steadfast, intuitive, patient, honest about your feelings, transparent, authentic, consistent. Trust each other and don’t play games.

Show the courage to take it on. Giving up is the easy way, not the way of growth and love. Vulnerability is the way of growth and love. You can read more about vulnerability here. 

A relationship takes guts. Try to live with the person you love 24/7.

Finally, we also briefly highlight a pitfall of vulnerability: don’t be ‘vulnerable just to be vulnerable’, so don’t make yourself small on purpose. Be equal. Don’t feel unnecessarily insecure or small compared to your partner.

But if you feel insecure or small, feel free to let go. Then you don’t have to be tough. I sometimes feel small and sad in my life. That’s part of it too – and when I can express that, I feel peaceful and free.

You trust each other and you are just people – no more, no less – who want to be together. No reason to make yourself unnecessarily small.

Relationship Tip 23 – Do not make your partner the victim of your own old problems that arise

For example, had you been in an abusive relationship or a relationship with a lot of lies? Don’t let that play out in a way that will hurt your current partner and don’t project it onto the other. The other is completely new and has nothing to do with that past. Fix it with yourself.

If you yourself are the partner who unfairly gets the full blame because the other person projects his / her old problems on you, do not make it personal. It is the other’s process. For example, do not think that the other person suddenly wants to leave you after an outburst that still has to do with his / her own past.

In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don’t stir up the past.
– Dalai Lama

Relationship Tip 24 – Do David Deida’s partner exercises together

happy relationship improving tips

You can find these exercises at the bottom of the article about spiritual love relationships.  One of these exercises is looking into each other’s eyes and telling why you love each other.

Love is made up of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
– Aristotle

Love is on the way to: finding yourself in each other.
– Toon Hermans

Relationship Tip 25 – Take a moment to understand the other person’s feminine / masculine energy

Are you in your masculine energy and the other in feminine energy? Understand the needs of the feminine energy and allow for it. Read the article with a list for masculine and feminine energy.  And purchase the book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ so that you know exactly how to give space to the other.

So the most important, practical lesson is: if the other has problems while he / she is in his / her feminine energy, it is best to just shut up, pour the other a glass of wine and just listen (in instead of giving advice and solutions).

Remember that sometimes silence and a hug is the best answer.
– Dalai Lama

Relationship Tip 26 – We are also going on a philosophical tour with these tips … and we need to!

There is not a single good book about relationships that does not take the philosophical tour. Vulnerability, masculine and feminine energy, separation anxiety and eroticism … all pretty ‘floaty’ topics, but you have to give them a shot if you want to take your relationship to ‘magical’ heights.

Relationship Tip 27 – Have a booklet of positive things together

happy relationship improving tips

Put a small nut block in the kitchen and write positive things in it almost daily, including things you appreciate about each other:

  • Thank you for doing the dishes.
  • You look so nice today.
  • It’s been 5 years now! Unbelievable!
  • I am glad you are in my life.
  • I am really happy with our house (even if you think it is really ruined with all her hearts and pink pillows …)

Pleasant speech is the magnet of man’s heart. Also use the article with the sweetest compliments  to make each other’s soul happy with beautiful words.

Relationship Tip 28 – Have meaningful conversations too: use the logical levels

Consider how deep the conversations are in your relationship. For this we tackle the logical levels . You can at all logical levels make report , but do you see people usually only at low levels report. Even in relationships you see this: “What are you going to do today?” ‘This.’ ‘You?’ ‘Which.’ ‘Bye!’

Relationship Tip 29 – Do things together

happy relationship improving tips

Some examples for inspiration:

  • Tie a lot of straws together and drink your drinks from across the room.
  • Are you at a party together? Pretend you don’t know each other, talk for 10 seconds and then start kissing. Afterwards, laugh at the astonished looks of the others around you.

In this way, think about how you can do even more mischief together.

Relationship Tip 30 – Be romantic sparingly … Then unforgettable moments arise

When you do something often, its value decreases. If you do something sparingly, the value will increase. So you get incredibly romantic if you are rarely romantic. Those moments when you do something romantic will become unforgettable moments .

Regularly pretend it’s Valentine’s Day and spoil your partner.

Oh, and then what are romantic things? Of course, a bunch of flowers is romantic, but can you make your action more original and specific for your relationship? Let’s look at some examples and inspiration …

  • What specific, perhaps even symbolic gift can you give that really refers to you, that suits your partner well, or that refers to something that the other person has experienced or said?
  • What kind of spontaneous love letter can you suddenly decide to write for each other?
  • What kind of romantic place can you spontaneously take your partner to?
  • What kind of beautiful message can you give your partner? What beautiful reflection? And how can you make this clear in a surprising, emotional, inductive way? Maybe with an experience that you can give your partner, including a suitable piece of music ?
  • Remember what the other person’s favorite music is and put it on.
  • What kinds of things can you think of so that you complement each other’s efforts? Is your partner preparing a dish, can you come up with a suitable side dish and make it on your own initiative?
  • Can you take your partner’s hand and take him / her on a spontaneous mini-date in the neighborhood?
  • If you see a beautiful flower shop that attracts your attention, then spontaneously get some beautiful flowers for your home.
  • Use a helpline if necessary. Friends are very useful to help you with a romantic action. Your own friends for advice and help … and your partner’s friends for insider information about what he / she would love.
  • Hide his / her favorite candies in all kinds of places in her house and clothes. Lots of …
  • Provide a surprise, so if you have arranged tickets for your favorite movie, for example, pretend you are going to finish some work together in the flex workplaces next to the cinema.
  • Send her flowers to work.
  • By the way, you don’t have to do something super big. Something simple is enough. Remember his / her favorite color. Buy a flower of that color and name it his / her favorite color. Simple enough and you do not have to do more effort.
  • What does your partner need? Is it a good bottle of drink, a warm bath that you fill up and a dinner that you will prepare for you? Think about what thoughtful things you can do or bring with you for the other person.
  • Get more inspiration from this list of date ideas.
  • Find some more original gift ideas here.

Relationship Tip 31 – Leave sweet messages for each other: support your partner

Give your partner extra support. It is not for nothing that you are teammates for life. Leave sweet messages, for example in the other person’s car. Or … do you know ASMR, or ‘whisper videos’? Sometimes make one for your partner. Or at least whisper a Whatsapp message.

By the way, take this to a completely different level … Are you in a public place and your partner is away for a while? Ask complete strangers to compliment your partner when he / she returns (or have them walk up to your partner)!

Relationship Tip 32 – For the men – Tell her how beautiful she is every day and use sweet words

The masculine is the observer (of the light: the feminine). Manifest this by telling her how beautiful / feminine she is.

This is not tied to a gender. The woman can also be in her masculine energy on some evenings and do this with the man. “Come here you hottie.”

No one has ever become unhappy from sweet words and no one has ever become happy from becoming hateful.

Note: talking is one of the many love languages. It’s a beautiful one, but it’s not the only one. Don’t just talk about your love for your partner, let him / her read it from your behavior . Imagine your partner in a different reality with your actions.

Relationship Tip 33 – Bless your home with flowers and fruit

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As far as we can go back in time, flowers have always been considered the language of love. Why wait until your wife ends up in the hospital to give her some flowers? Why not tomorrow night?

Haemin Sunim says, “Are you thinking of buying a lottery ticket? Just buy flowers for yourself and your family! If you  buy flowers and put them in your living room, you will find abundant beauty every time you walk into the room.”

In addition, always buy fruit for the home! Fruit makes your soul happy. More tips for a blessed home can be found in the article: Tidy house, tidy head.

Relationship tip 34 – A relationship also means: helping and being there for the other person

Of course, a relationship is not the most important thing in your life (because that is your life mission). A relationship is supportive of your life mission, and therefore your relationship is one of the most important things in your life (so not the most important). To support each other in each other’s life mission, it is good to help each other and to be there for the other. Support each other and let each other out of the comfort zone.

When you look at the other, you melt and at the same time you learn from each other: you see in each other the qualities that you have not yet seen in other people. In this way you help each other to give everyone’s gift to the world.

You give each other the inspiration to be strong and powerful in your life. You can be free, feeling the strength and presence of your partner knowing that nothing can ever shake that. You feel safety, warmth, strength, strength, space and adventure on his / her heart and chest. So that you can carry out your soul mission. 

Relationship tip 35 – Fulfilling your life mission together starts very close to where you are: love for the neighbors

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Contributing to a better world already starts in your own neighborhood. Have love and a warm smile for everyone around you! Visit everyone in your street and illuminate your entire neighborhood together with your partner! So don’t just have a relationship with each other, but also give your love to the neighbors, servers, homeless newspaper sellers, etc.

Relationship Tip 36 – Whining and complaining is deadly

Whining is like a cobra’s bite: the deadliest thing there is. It always destroys. This is Dale Carnegie’s rule 1: don’t whine! In one of the anecdotes in his book, Carnegie tells about Disraeli and his wife Mary Anne. She was his greatest help and advisor and she simply did not believe he could fail.

Convert a complaint into a request.

Relationship Tip 37 – You are really special to each other: you do things with each other that you don’t do with others

What is a sign that you have become special to each other? Let’s look at the unromantic proofs of why you are with the love of your life.  It comes down (metaphorically and literally) to let farts in the presence of each other. You use the toilet while the other is also in the bathroom. Otherwise you are not that special to each other. You don’t do these things for everyone! Take these examples as a metaphor to realize that you really have a unique relationship with each other.

What you normally find dirty with others is not a problem together. For example, someone who has a cold: you don’t want to get close to it, while you are going to take care of your partner immediately.

Without frills you will find the other most attractive. With sweatpants, in a T-shirt that is too big and without make-up. Together you burst out laughing (the number of inside jokes can no longer be counted) at uncertainties like a few more pounds. You feel that good with the other.

You will also immediately tell the other if you are annoyed by the other. It will not end in a fight, and even if it does end in a fight, you still know that your love is unconditional.

Relationship Tip 38 – Do partner yoga

Growing spiritually within a relationship is the ultimate in life. Practice together the spiritual exercises specially designed for partners, such as Yoga, Tantra, partner stretches and partner massages.

Relationship Tip 39 – Show more affection

See the well-known sayings of ‘Love is …’ . Those are all very fine examples of affection and affection. You will also find an article about affection and affection here.

Relationship Tip 40 – Do a big project together

In the meantime, you have already realized that your partner can be very different in 24 hours than in small moments when he / she goes to a date nicely dressed.

To learn more about your partner – beyond those date moments – large projects are ideal. How does your partner deal with anger, frustration, disappointment and other pressures? You can find out in a major journey, renovation, neighborhood project or other extensive project in  which you participate together.

Relationship Tip 41 – Finish the Bucket List Book

bucket list finishing relationship tips

It’s a huge project, which makes it very exciting: complete all 250 bucket list items in this popular book. Are you successful with it?

Relationship Tip 42 – Don’t involve everything to yourself: Sometimes something isn’t your fault, it’s your partner’s wound

Have you ever said, done or not done something that would make your partner angry, triggered, emotional or kicked? In other words, what made it storm?

Then know: it is not necessarily your fault. Sometimes something belongs to your partner. Maybe your partner is overreacting because he / she has experienced pain in a similar situation in the past. Then it’s not your fault.

Relationship Tip 43 – Work on your telepathic bond

Rupert Sheldrake proved that telepathic communication exists. Practice actually communicating telepathically with each other. Are you in need or can you use an extra hand while your partner is in a completely different place? Then ask aloud or silently for help from your partner and who knows, he / she will suddenly appear. Here you will find 89+ tips to work on your telepathic and intuitive skills.

Telepathic communication between partners is very serious, but you can also play with it …

You can also speak with each other as an ‘inside joke’ fake telepathic: let’s conclude with this silly (but fun) tip. Come up with codes to communicate ‘telepathically’ with each other. For example:

  • 1 stands for ‘I’
  • 2 stands for ‘So, go’
  • 3 stands for ‘Try’
  • 4 stands for ‘Go’
  • 5 stands for ‘Would’
  • 6 stands for ‘Please’
  • 7 stands for ‘Quick, maybe’
  • 8 stands for ‘Now’
  • 9 stands for ‘Okay’

These were all the tips for a happy relationship. How do you view a happy love relationship? Let us know your additions in the comments. That is very much appreciated!

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