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198 Best Compliments Ever! Examples (List!) [Update 2024]

198 Best Compliments Ever! Examples (List!) [Update 2024]

Do you want to give good compliments? In this article you will find an extensive list with 193 beautiful, special and the best compliments, for example for colleagues, friends, family, women or men!

Good that you ended up here. In this article you will find examples of the best compliments.

Below you will find 2 nice lists with the best compliments


List 1: Compliments for everyone
The first batch of compliments can be given to everyone . So we can safely give each other more warmth and validate, because we all want acceptance and validation. So make people feel good about their goals and about the things they have already achieved. Become their biggest fan. You thereby communicate acceptance.

They mainly communicate openness and gratitude. In addition, compliments are the best gift you can give someone, because they give someone confidence . You make use of  vulnerability through openness, acceptance and validation.

List 2: Flirt Compliments
Later in this article you will find a second list of compliments. These compliments are especially meant for romantic contexts. Finally, at the end of this article, you will find some bonus tips for giving a compliment.

Examples of the best compliments to give to everyone (1st list: 1 to 129)

Below you will find the gigantic compliments list.

  1. I am genuinely glad that you are here today.
  2. I want to thank you for being there.
  3. You deserve:
    You deserve a break today.
    You deserve the very best.
    You deserve all the success.
  4. Life is strong, but so are you.
  5. I will never forget you.
  6. Keep it up! I wish I looked like you, buddy.
  7. I wish I could be like you later.
  8. You are unique.
  9. Someone wants or is going to teach. “If you were a teacher I would like to take lessons from you.”
  10. I am glad you did that back then.
  11. I believe in you and I mean it.
  12. You matter. You are important.
  13. I wouldn’t change anything about you.
  14. You are worth it.
  15. You make me want to be a better person.
  16. You are my hero.
  17. What a refreshing perspective you have!
  18. Dealing with you is always a party.
  19. You are a gift to those around you.
  20. What would I do without you?
  21. As far as I know, I wish I were you.
  22. Thank you very much for your special contribution!
  23. I see your value now.
  24. You, as an intelligent person, could easily understand how {state} is already inside you.
  25. I appreciate you.
  26. If you need someone or something I am here for you.
  27. You inspire me.
  28. What an inspiring person you are. You can be really proud of yourself that you already look at the world like that at this age. You are very wise and absorb everything. Loved it so much, thank you very much!
  29. I always feel happy and inspired when I’ve talked to you.
  30. You are beautiful.
  31. Talent! You have a gift!
  32. Thank you for your engaging spontaneity.
  33. You’re the best thing that happened to this office.
  34. You are the best thing that happened to me.
  35. You have no idea how nice it is to work with people who are smart and sharp, really care about things and think clearly.
  36. Hey, I like you and I really enjoy your company. We should spend more time together.
  37. What a pleasant personality you have.
  38. When you are with someone, you are with him too. You always give people your undivided attention, you never judge people.
  39. I really feel understood by you.
  40. Doing this with you was the highlight of my week.
  41. I’m a better person now that I’ve met you.
  42. You’ve changed my life.
  43. I want to be a better person because of you.
  44. You are the reason why I smile constantly (and other people too).
  45. You’re a good person.
  46. You look like a nice person.
  47. You make people feel good about themselves
  48. I’ve always liked the name Dave.
  49. Listen, you are a perfect person. You are a perfect person and I appreciate you.
  50. I am glad to have met you.
  51. I’m glad I know you.
  52. Fortunately, there are people like you!
  53. The world is a better place with you in it.
  54. You are the only person I have met who continuously impresses me when I talk to you.
  55. You are a wonderful person. Thank you for being you.
  56. You have the quality of getting the best out of other people.
  57. You have a warm personality.
  58. You are a warm person.
  59. You are very easy and nice to talk to.
  60. You have hidden treasures in you.
  61. You look good.
  62. Hello beautiful soul.
  63. Your smile makes everyone’s day better.
  64. There is that smile!
  65. You are a beautiful, smart person. People like you.
  66. I feel I can trust you (even though I just met you).
  67. I know you as nice and tidy, a man of integrity and beauty who has overcome all the trials and tribulations of the profession with greatness and honor, and keeps going {state} through everything, what an admirable man with your effortless charm!
  68. Spectacular, special, glorious man, very nice, thoughtful and sweet.
  69. … Is funny, sexy, beautiful, talented, incomprehensibly intelligent, warm, and always radiant.
  70. Your warmth, love and intelligence.
  71. Elegant, gorgeous, smart, warm.
  72. Russel Brand: ‘I do this because I know you as nice and decent, a man with integrity and beauty who has overcome all the trials and difficulties of the (fill in) -ship with greatness and honor, and keep going (e.g. funny to be) through everything, what an admirable man! ‘
  73. Russel Brand during an interview in another country: ‘That woman, Fifi Box, is a projection of everything that is great about Australia: she’s fun, she’s frivolous, she’s beautiful, exuberant, full of life, brave, with a’ I can -spirit ‘, she is unstoppable, I love her!
  74. I love you and I mean it.
  75. I can even have fun with you in hell!
  76. You make me feel safe (in a hug).
  77. You’re my hero.
  78. I see energy, I see a personality.
  79. Spectacular, special, glorious woman, and he’s very nice and sweet.
  80. Incomprehensible intelligence.
  81. Your warmth, love and intelligence.
  82. Enthusiastic, love, energy, people around you inspire you with your effortless charisma.
  83. Warm, and always radiant.
  84. Beautiful, fashionable, stylish.
  85. Infectious how warm and radiant.
  86. You were really born to make such a fashion show program on TV.
  87. You know, I can really be myself with you.
  88. Please don’t be too hard on yourself. I’d like to go up to you, sit on the couch with you, eat pizza and watch your favorite movie if I could. But I can not. So you have to be nice to yourself for just being unable to attend, okay? Promised?
  89. Hey you! Yes you! Come here.
    I know you’ve had a hard time. I see you. You are a wonderful person. Despite your difficulties, you have found the courage to stand firm and be a role model. Maybe things go wrong sometimes, but you keep trying your best and it shows, friend! There should be more people worthy of as much respect as you. We need superiors like you in this world but we cannot because you are unique in the best possible way. Thank you for being this person. Now put on a smile and keep your chin up because you deserve it.
  90. Dear Stefan, I think you are completely yourself!
  91. You can really listen.
  92. Thank you for being here, beautiful person!
  93. I wish I could be as good as you …
  94. Conan O’Brian: ‘Do I exercise? I want to try to look like you. I would like to exchange my body with you right now. ‘
  95. You get it done that when you talk to me my day will be all right again.
  96. Red. It’s your color! It looks good on you!
  97. You smell nice.
  98. Is everyone in {country} like this {compliment}?
  99. I will encourage people to name their non-ugly children after you.
  100. Russel Brand: ‘I watched your show and I really enjoy it. Nice to be here, I enjoyed coming here. This is the fulfillment of one of my many childhood dreams. Nothing can match this experience, I feel honored to sit here next to you. ‘
  101. I wish I looked that good in my clothes too.
  102. I like you.
  103. I’ve missed you man.
  104. Class!
  105. You radiate happiness.
  106. I wish I could do that as well as you.
  107. I think you were the key person in designing this product.
  108. You can do it.
  109. After someone has done something good: “How did you manage that when all other people fail?”
  110. You are awesome.
  111. Love your vibe.
  112. You, my friend, radiate completely. Warm.
  113. You seem like a very wise man / woman.
  114. I am so glad you wanted to share that with me, something that you are passionate about. Thanks for that present.
  115. “Hey, I think you’re a cat / dog person!” They will ask, “Why?” or “How did you know?” And that’s your chance to compliment, “Oh, you just look so warm / friendly / sociable / relaxed I thought you like dogs / cats.”
  116. Kid president: ‘You are unique. You are you. There is no other person like you in the world. You should think carefully about what that means. There is no other person in the world like you. It means that you can feel good about yourself and that others can feel good because they know you.
  117. The following example is for how you interact with a client on the job and is not so much a compliment as it makes the other person feel very good: “Hello sir, we’ve already counted on you!”
  118. Be careful with {name}, we only have 1 {name}.
  119. How is my favorite woman / man in the world?
  120. You are even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside.
  121. You are a great listener!
  122. Serious?! It looks like you were photoshopped! (From: Crazy Stupid Love, 2011)
  123. You have a very nice, spontaneous appearance: because you make contact with people and are open!
  124. The sun is shining for you.
  125. You are pure and compassionate.
  126. You are my favorite man / woman.
  127. After the other puts on a crazy accessory or piece of clothing: “You really look everything on you.”
  128. “Do you know what’s wrong with you?” ‘What?’ ‘Nothing!’ (From: Charade, 1963)
  129. You radiate happiness.
  130. I find you fascinating in interesting.
  131. What’s your name? Because I thought to myself: what is kindness called?
  132. You really show yourself! You are different from others: unique and authentic!
  133. You are intelligent, mysterious and beautiful.
  134. You are the warmest of my fellows!
  135. Did someone smile at you warmly and heartily? “Thank you for sharing the good energy with me!”
  136. Wow, you are so radiant! You enlighten me. You are so sparkling (people who are in contact with their intuition literally give off light)!
  137. You give the best compliments by giving positive feedback to the other person out of the blue. For example: “You can communicate very clearly.” “You show so much interest in me and you are so committed!” Use the following feedback model for this.
  138. Think of a compliment yourself and let it know in the comments below. By the way, we’re not done yet: below arrives the second batch of compliments (the flirting compliments!)

Flirt compliments from him for her or hers for him (2nd list: 133-198)

flirting compliments

Important notes before we start:

  • As you will see, they are only sweet compliments , not annoying “tease compliments.” Because what do boys and girls do with each other? Right, they give each other kisses and hugs. No reason to be mean.
  • These compliments are for when you are flirting with each other. In the examples, the man says the compliments, but they can also be used by women.
  • These compliments are not for when you have only just met and have not yet shown how you normally behave. Only use them once you have shown your authentic self first.

Then here come the flirt compliments:

  1. I’m sorry, I get shy around pretty ladies.
  2. Wow, now I have a huge crush on you.
  3. Maybe too early to say this but I think you are very sexy.
  4. I don’t know if I can concentrate if you sit here with those clothes.
  5. An ‘overly romantic compliment’ … Suppose your date is 5 minutes late or if you yourself are a little late: ‘Are you really going to talk about 5 minutes ?! I’ve been waiting for you all my life and then you’re gonna watch 5 minutes!
  6. You have very delicate hands.
  7. The subtle of the following compliment is that you communicate straightforwardly that you like the other person. So don’t expect that this will necessarily result in a date, that’s not the intention of this compliment: ‘When are we going to have a romantic date? / What do we do together on Saturday? / When are we going to cook together? / What are we doing tonight?’
  8. Wow you look fantastic, I hope you are single!
  9. She says something that shows that she is single: “Yes, I have a chance with her!”
  10. The following is a flirty compliment that communicates in a ‘cocky’ way that you think the other person is handsome.
    You look at something about her.
    She: what are you doing?
    You: I’m not done yet.
    How do you get this compliment? You can enter that yourself.
  11. The following compliment works best when you are on an equal level in your energy together, so for example when you are together at that moment shy, like each other and find it exciting: “Besides, I’m busy with you now.”
  12. What a cutie you are.
  13. I like it when women have a mix of sweet and naughty.
  14. You are lucky that you are so handsome, otherwise I would have gone for a beer long ago.
  15. The following compliments are very cheesy, but very useful if you bring them in a certain way: put them between nose and lips, very casual: ‘Wow, those eyes of yours. Sorry, I got upset for a moment. ‘ “By the way, do you know that you have a really nice smile?”
  16. Did someone tell you today that you look elegant? Hereby.
  17. Oh sorry I was in a daydream where you and I were kissing, what were you saying?
  18. From the movie: Happy Go Lucky:
    Poppy: ‘Wow, your eyes just get me upset. You have beautiful eyes. Especially the color.
    Man: ‘Thank you, that’s nice of you. I selected them myself. On the market.’
    (Eyes are the gateways to the soul)
  19. I didn’t follow what you said, I was admiring your eyes.
  20. Lock eyes, do not disconnect. ‘You have really beautiful … Your eyes are like dark oak. (Green: Amazon. Blue: Atlantic Ocean)
  21. Your eyes are very blue.
  22. I think I like your left eye best…
  23. You are the reason why I smile now even though I try not to laugh.
  24. You know, I almost stayed home tonight. Now that I’ve met you, I’m glad I didn’t.
  25. Did you know you are beautiful?
  26. Did you know that you are so beautiful that I want to kiss you?
  27. You look dazzling, as usual.
  28. You have a tough I’m-cool smile. That interests me.
  29. I find you really irresistible the way you look now.
  30. “The chance that I can meet a person like you is the only reason I’m talking to strangers.”
  31. “You look good.”
  32. After she laughs: “You have a nice smile.”
  33. Your smile is breathtaking.
  34. You are extremely nice (instead of extremely handsome).
  35. (With warmth) “Come here you hot thing.”
  36. Tell her she’s funny. Women love to be told they are funny. Say measure behind it: I like you.
  37. You are fascinating. I love to talk to you.
  38. ‘How are you?’ ‘Good! I’m trying not to stare … ‘
  39. I can’t believe I’m getting to know someone as handsome and interesting as you.
  40. How can we get you to show off that beautiful smile from a few minutes ago?
  41. You’re incredibly beautiful, and that’s the least interesting thing about you.
  42. You are a fine appearance.
  43. You’re funny.
  44. Hello. You. Absolutely intriguing.
  45. You have such a nice smile, like a little cute bear.
  46. In the most casual way possible: “Hey Good Looking.”
  47. I could talk to you all night.
  48. You light up the room in that dress. I like how it makes you stand out from the crowd. You really are someone with a sense of style.
  49. I like you to the moon and back.
  50. That ring is beautiful (taking her hand). Then ask a question about it.
  51. Wow, you really have a very calm energy.
  52. ‘You have a very interesting energy over you’ Then tell your perception.
  53. Make sure you flirt casually: “How nice (casually) your hair is.” Then go straight to the next, instead of getting stuck in it: “Sit comfortably”.
  54. I am very fond of you!
  55. You caught my attention.
  56. Russel Brand: ‘Why are you nervous, you are a strong woman, you have princess {Maxima}’ hair! You’re a goddess! ‘
  57. You seem very friendly. And I mean it, even though I try to pick up on you.
  58. Misschien raak je geïnspireerd door de volgende Reddit-anekdote: ‘A man hustles up to me, lights my cigarette, says “Beautiful people don’t have to light their own cigarettes.”, winks at me and then walks on. I still use that line on girls when I light their cigarettes.
  59. I find it cute/sexy how you always get so angry with me / react fiercely / laugh exuberantly / constantly look so questionable.
  60. Russel Brand to a lady sitting next to him on a talk show: “You look nice (he touches her too). I love your gladiator-style shoes, and your legs too (touching them) ”. Immediately throw in something else: a question!
  61. Great that you are sporty. That means you look good naked and I love that.
  62. Do you know how much I like you? From here to the moon and back!
  63. I’m glad I met you.
  64. I wouldn’t change anything about you.
  65. Is everyone in {her country} like this {compliment}?
  66. Weave the compliment into the conversation too. For example, when she talks about what a bad day she’s having, you could say something like, “I hate seeing someone as beautiful as you are so unhappy. What can I do to help?

How can I best give compliments? Below are 15 more tips!

hand medium

Give compliments especially to build rapport and to give warmth to the other. An extra advantage is that in this way you can first experience what the other is experiencing, because you step into his world model, and as a result you gain all kinds of wonderful insights. You can be very grateful to the other person for that too.

Via social medium Reddit we have previously investigated which kind of compliments were best received. The participants in the poll also gave wonderful examples of the best compliments they have received. Below are the tips that the users gave that you can get started with giving compliments.

Tip 1 – Link a nice feature of the topic of conversation to the other person

For example, if you are talking about how sweet a cake is, then you cannot pass up that opportunity …

“It’s sweet …”
“Just like you …”

Tip 2 – Give compliments based on the higher logical levels

Consider Bateson ‘s model of logic levels.  You see that this model has lower logical levels, such as environment, and higher logical levels, such as capacities and identity.

So you can compliment the low environmental level:

What a beautiful gift!

But isn’t it much more valuable to give that same compliment at a higher level, such as capabilities and identity?

You are so good at discovering what people want most for their birthday!

So give more compliments on capacities, attitude and personality: spontaneous, energetic, positive, interesting!

Another example. When someone was thoughtful enough to say “health” twice when I sneezed, I gave a capacity level response, “You have a very thoughtful personality!”

Tip 3 – Give a compliment with a presupposition

A presupposition means that you ‘skip a step’ in a sentence. The step you skip is the compliment. So you do not necessarily give a compliment, but you imply the compliment in a sentence that is about something else:

Attractive people don’t have to open their own doors.

Tip 4 – Start by summarizing (qualification)

Summarize what you have heard. This step also serves immediately as a qualification. The compliment has much more impact if you first give another reason why you are giving the compliment. This means that you do not just throw compliments without reason, which makes your compliment more valuable to the client.

Do I understand correctly that you did A and B?

Also remember not to paraphrase while summarizing! This has a strong report breaking effect because you use different words than the words of the client. You thereby create a major mismatch. Rather, be an echo and use the client’s exact words.

Tip 5 – Let the compliment arise in ‘the now’

Now that you have given a reason why you should give a compliment, you can create a heartfelt and powerful compliment. This will arise in the moment because you were in the previous step with your full attention to listen to the client. Start with a compliment about the environmental factors and work your way up towards identity.

I can see that you are a go-getter.

Tip 6 – Don’t give a ‘bare’ compliment

When you give a ‘bald’ compliment, there is a chance that the other person will feel uncomfortable because of the silence that follows. So put a question or statement behind it.

Add a question to stop making it bald:

  • ‘Cool ring / necklace / tattoo / belt / earring / watch. What’s the story behind it? ‘ So don’t ask where they got it. Always ask for stories, not facts.
  • ‘What a great buffet! Which is your favorite dish? ‘ Asking for an opinion is also a better alternative to facts.
  • ‘Superb costume. What is your favorite science fiction movie? ‘
  • “That’s a nice handbag, where did you get it?” as opposed to: “I like your handbag!” “Thank you.” (The end.)
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Add statement:

  • I like your {shirt}. He is cool.
  • You have a great figure. You must have an unbeatable diet and exercise routine.
  • I like your art. You are clearly a creative person.

Tip 7 – Take every opportunity to give a compliment

  • Whenever possible, always compliment.
  • Always congratulate everyone on all their achievements. Be their fan. “Congratulations, you must be proud.”
  • Find things you can express your appreciation for. For example, thank every host you meet.
  • Thank people wherever possible. For example, there is an American newsreader who always mentions his editor at the end of every news report to honor his work. Take this as an example to thank the chefs behind the scenes, for example, when you are at an event.

Tip 8 – Add the person’s name to it

Weak: “Good morning.”

Strong: “Good morning, Bas (with a smile).”

Tip 9 – Compliment on higher logical levels

  • Weak: “Do it.”
  • Sterk: ‘I believe in your ability, and I know that you can make it happen. I count on you.’
    This job has too much responsibility to just entrust to anyone, so I trust you with it.
    It looks like you put a lot of work into it.

Another example based on identity level:

  • “Ha, I bet you’re a cat / dog person!” The other will ask, “Why?” Or, “How did you know?” And that’s your chance to compliment: “Oh, you just look so warm / friendly / social / playful / relaxed.”

Tip 10 – Describe the effect it has on you

  • Weak: “You’re a great writer.”
  • Sterk: ‘Your books inspired me. I started exercising again because of what you wrote. ‘

Tip 11 – Don’t let the compliment hang

  • Can be improved: “You have a great figure.”
  • Good: ‘You have a great figure. You have to have an unbeatable diet and fitness routine! ‘
  • Can be improved: ‘I think your art is so beautiful.’
  • Good: ‘I think your art is so beautiful. You are clearly a very creative person. ‘

A great way to keep the compliment going is to ask after it, “What’s the story behind it?”

Tip 12 – Use these three steps if necessary

  1. Compliment: “That’s a great scarf.”
  2. Qualify the compliment “It matches your mascara and shoes, I like that.”
  3. Ask a question about it: “Did you figure it out yourself?”
    * You are very confident. I like that in a woman. How did you develop that? “

Tip 14 – A thank you or acknowledgment is also a compliment

Show someone your gratitude and acknowledge what the other is doing. “I really appreciated it when you called me to invite me to lunch. I love spending time with you and it makes life so beautiful. I am grateful that our friendship is important to you too.”

Tip 15 – After giving the compliment

  • After they thank you: ‘You’re welcome’.
  • Make it exclusive: “Cherish it, I don’t often compliment.”
  • Then go directly to another topic or ask a question about it.

Give compliments

Giving compliments as a coaching tool, is that useful?

Many coaches and counselors adhere strictly to their role as an observing ‘mirror’ and do not show any kind of encouragement in the form of compliments. Of course it is an important part of coaching that you give back as much observable and useful information to the client as possible, but shouldn’t the coach sometimes add a compliment? I think that is fine.

Compliments give you a special feeling. They can be a great resource for the client as he can remember your compliment when he is working on his goals. Also, as with affirmations, compliments are installed directly in the unconscious of the client, so that he also benefits from it when he does not consciously think about it.

Compliments in a coaching session can even have an extra strong effect if you combine it with your role as an acting coach. You keep giving back what you perceive, for example, in the attitude, voice and words of the client. You also keep checking whether you still have understood what the client has said.

Receiving compliments is also an art …

The art of receiving compliments

It’s always nice to receive compliments. How do you do that stylishly? We researched it on the social medium Reddit. See the four tips below. Earlier we also discussed giving compliments.


1. Just say thank you

How do you respond to compliments? In any case , you must respond positively . Otherwise, you can never expect to receive a compliment from the same person again. Reward positive behavior with the angel in you.

  • ‘I am flattered. Thank you!’
  • A three-year-old child with Ellen: ‘Thank you I love you so much!’
  • “Thank you … Brother.”

2. Make your thank you a compliment

  • Thanks! You look great too.
  • You can’t give a better compliment.
  • I really appreciate you saying that.
  • You only get 1 chance to notice a new haircut (You grabbed it.)
  • Without Sander’s help, this could never happen.
  • That really means a lot to me.
  • I like you so much that you noticed.
  • I really appreciate that you noticed that. No one has ever done that.
  • I felt a little unmotivated and this is exactly the encouragement I needed to keep going.
  • That’s nice of you to say that.
  • Thanks, that’s a very nice compliment.
  • You just made my day radiant.
  • Your endorsement is flattering and it means a lot to me.

3. Thanking overly arrogant

You can handle the compliments you receive like a total dick, which makes it really funny and fun:

  • I give the public what it wants.
  • I was hoping you will say that.
  • Must keep the fans happy.
  • They call me sunshine.
  • If the compliment is about your appearance: “Fits well with my personality.”
  • I respond well to flattery, thank you.

4. Excessive rebound:

You are funny.
– No you are funny
– No you are funny

That was it!

What is an example of the best compliment you received that made you feel really warm? What kind of compliments make you feel good? And how do you react when you receive a compliment? Let me know in the comments!

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