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Business Vlogging: 16 Tips For Beginners [& Best Examples]

Business Vlogging: 16 Tips For Beginners [& Best Examples]

What are the best vlogging tips & tricks to get started with business vlogging? How can you get off to a good start as a beginner? How do you make a vlog on Youtube and what do you need to vlog? In this article you will find all the best tips, vlogging supplies and examples of business vlogging

Why should you vlog for your business?

The reason indeed to vlogging is simple. Business vlogging shows your story. And telling stories is simply a best practice within marketing. This will help you make money by perhaps gaining new viewers who will trust you by making a vulnerable video of yourself. There is a chance that they will call you for an appointment that could lead to an assignment!

Why should you absolutely not vlog?

Why should you absolutely not start with business vlogging? If your business isn’t running smoothly at all. Then vlogging distracts you from actually selling and converting money, because then you really just have to be busy with acquisitions and set up your company properly so that it is profitable. Once your company is set up, you can start business vlogging as a bonus.

Business vlogging for beginners: all the tips you need to know…

Let’s move on to all the examples, tips, dos and don’ts of vlogging.

Tip 1 to 8 – Nobody just wants to see your talking head… use these 8 tips to avoid this

vloggen tips

Below is a list of elements you can put into your video to make it more dynamic. They take some effort, but with them you are guaranteed to win the battle against your competitors. Apply one or more of these elements and you will be 10x more interesting than your competitors in one fell swoop.

If you were just filming yourself and talking, you might as well – or actually much better – have used the text medium. You would have done your viewers a much greater favor with that.

Apply these tips to actually justify your choice of video medium:

  1. Stand in front of a blackboard or whiteboard and make your story visual. Use many colored markers ! If you do this, you don’t even have to use a video editing program because such a video alone is much more interesting than the talking head you see with all your competitors.
  2. Be willing to demonstrate . Illustrate what it looks like what you are talking about. For example, if you are a burn-out coach and you talk in your vlog about the importance of healthy cooking, show how you prepare your recommended meals and how you apply your tips in the kitchen.
  3. Be willing to act . Act out what you say. For example, if you are a child coach and you make a vlog in which you recommend the parents to go to the library, have someone film you while you read a book to a child or while you take a book from the shelf (from the library).
  4. If necessary, use  royalty-free photos and videos  that you edit in it to support your story. Here you can find good royalty-free material.
  5. Background music completes it even more. Use Bensound  to download music directly. You just need to mention their website in the description at the bottom of the video.
  6. If you use images, it is static and not a moving image. However, you can easily solve this by zooming in a little on the image in your video editing program, and then slowly moving the image from left to right.
  7. Make a short  intro  and  outro .
  8. Use simple text on the screen to support what you say.
  9. Every video feels immediately ‘finished’ when sound effects are used. A very simple sound effect is a  ‘bubble sound’ , for example when a text appears on the screen, or a  ‘whoosh’ sound  when you cut to another clip.

This is not to be mean to you, but it is rather lazy and self-centered if you think you can beat your competitors just by filming your head. Wouldn’t you prefer to watch dynamic videos full of practical images, visual accompaniment, sounds and jokes?

Few people want to stare at your head during the 6 minutes that your video lasts while you spit out your wisdom. Well, they might want to do that once, but if your entire video archive is made up of your talking head, few people will be able to concentrate on clicking more than one video.

Tip 9 – What can you vlog about? You are always in the right place with your personal story!

  • Give a look behind the scenes of your company. For example, if you are giving a workshop, show the location in a vlog one day in advance.
  • Make a funny sketch. You can see a good example of how Coolblue does this later in this article.
  • Show a day in your life. Later in this article you can see the entrepreneur who does this best: Jorg Ruis.
  • Really show something of yourself. Simply find some videos and photos of yourself and stitch them together, instead of telling a long-winded boring story where people have to look at your head. Below you will find my own example of exactly one minute.

Tip 10 – Vlog consistently for 2 years

It is impossible to vlog every week for two years and then not get any results. Why? It is easy to check. All successful (business) vloggers have actually maintained it every week for more than a year. Then they got the results.

First you have to put in the work, and then you can expect the results.

Tip 11 – Always ask people to subscribe

Unless your entire video is geared towards selling something, you should always take the opportunity and ask viewers to subscribe. That can be done in different ways:

  • Create an end screen with ‘cards’ via the Youtube editor.
  • Always include in the description why people should subscribe.
  • Mention it verbally in the video, including why people should subscribe. This can be done at the beginning as well as at the end.

Tip 12 – What kind of camera should you use for vlogging? The best equipment …

Time for the vlogging camera tips. Do you have an Iphone? It is more than perfect. However, if you have a somewhat older Android phone, it pays to research other options.

Tip 13 – Go for interaction and involvement

Interaction and involvement simply means: let people say something in the comments. For example, let them make suggestions, let them talk about themselves or let them give their opinion.

Tip 14 – You may also want to do YouTube SEO

You can get viewers in two ways:

  • Way 1 is to just make videos without having to worry about findability and keywords. Then it is hoped that your videos will be picked up by an audience. This can just work. You can also choose this option if you already have a lot of followers via another channel, who you can guide to your videos. For example, if you already have a large email list, you send from your email list to your videos.
  • Way 2 is to optimize your videos for keywords. This is called YouTube SEO. This way you get new viewers faster. You can learn how to do this in the video below.

Tip 15 – Make your own thumbnail

It is very easy to observe a trend with the successful Youtube channels. They have catchy, homemade thumbnails with a text on a catchy image.

This is easier done than you think. Just go to , choose a template for Youtube thumbnails and replace the text and image with your own text and image. And you have already made it.


Tip 16 – Learn from the very best example of business vlogging

As an example I would like to show Jorg Ruis, someone with a consultancy company for corporate cultures. He is the very best business vlogger in the Netherlands because …

  • He actually gets leads and customers through it. Purely by documenting his life and work. Fair and vulnerable. No long, boring and long-winded stories.
  • His vlogs are always full of action images, and not just a talking head. He actually documents his life.
  • He is always well dressed in his vlogs.

More good examples of companies that vlog?

Business vlogging for dummies: book recommendation

There is no book written about business vlogging for dummies, but a book about vlogging for dummies. This is also a good aid.

Those were all tips for your vlog. To your success!

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