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Powerful Words [List] 58 Trance Words for Emotions & Action

Powerful Words [List] 58 Trance Words for Emotions & Action

Do you want to capture people’s attention in your speech or texts, for your communication or, for example, your marketing? Do you want to arouse emotions and action in people? Then use the powerful trance words of this article.

What Are Powerful Trance Words aka ‘Hot Words’?

‘Hot Words’, or ‘Trance Words’, can have a lot of effect on their own. For example, you may have to automatically turn inward when you are faced with these words. You then notice what happens to you after hearing these words. So use trance words if you want to make a certain impact. Action words are another great example of Hot Words. They can put pressure on people.

Words that arouse certain emotions are also hot words, because trance takes place when the emotion changes. Let’s take an example from English. For example, ‘baby’ has a much greater emotional charge than ‘infant’. If, on the other hand, you say “The baby got hurt”, it does a lot more to the listener than “The infant got hurt”. In the same way, think about which synonym you use to convey certain messages.

When not to use Trance Words

Use clinical, neutral words in a context where you want to be neutral, such as when communicating bad news. In your marketing you do want to use the powerful power words.

The Powerful Trance Words

Below you will find all powerful power words:

Let’s start with the top 10 power words

We start with the most important words that you can easily memorize. After that, we will go deeper into several other types of power words / trance words. The top 10 power words are:

  • Free
  • Now
  • you
  • Save
  • Money
  • Easy
  • Guarantee
  • Health
  • Result
  • New

Because … (you can) …

  • A coach can use the word ‘because’ to motivate his client to want to do an exercise: “Because you have enjoyed learning so many things in your life, you can know that you can appreciate the process of learning and that you can enjoy it, so you can look ahead to how much you will enjoy this exercise. ”

Just and natural

Adverbs such as ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ ensure that no discussion is possible. ‘Normal’ is useful for disqualifying everything except your own message.

  • It is very natural to feel something like that.
  • It is just a skill that you have that you are really good at.
  • It’s just that you are going to make progress because you are just going to grow in creativity.
  • I just cannot listen to you and accept what you say.
  • It’s just how it is.
  • It’s just how I feel.
  • Just think about it deeply.

Other Hot Words

  • As soon as you say ‘Here’, people around you become alert. Either they start looking or point you somewhere, or they expect you to hand them something.
  • It’s okay!
    This is a strong Hot Word for when someone is startled or worried. By saying “It’s okay” a few times in quick succession, you can quickly reassure the person.
  • Fascination, fascinate yourself.
  • Go deeper.
  • Hypnosis, hypnotized.
  • Spontaneous!
  • Now!
    Say that word meaningfully, and possibly after a short pause.
  • You!
  • Fast.
  • Immediately.
  • Straight away.
  • Suddenly.
  • Abrupt.
  • Choose quickly.
  • Wake up: “It’s like your feelings from your past are waking up to the point where you feel reborn!”
  • Lots of unspecified verbs, such as: notice, realize, allow, think back …
  • The person’s name. The real name, so no nickname or abbreviation, and with the correct pronunciation.
  • Convince yourself. “Don’t convince yourself to learn these skills perfectly.”
  • ‘Who’ makes people in a group pay attention.
  • “STOP” (+ turn head) to interrupt people.
  • “STOP. Keep your body still, keep it as it is. ”
  • Focus!
  • Secret.
  • Curiosity.
  • Dead / lethal.
  • Enchanted.
  • Please.
  • Thank you.
  • Many unspecified verbs  are trance words, such as: Notice, realize, allow, think back to …

Finally, here is a list of positive words that have extra power

Feel free to use these powerful words in your marketing:

powerful words marketing power words

  • magnificent
  • fantastic
  • insane
  • spectacular
  • over the moon
  • incredible
  • enchanted
  • ecstatic
  • incredibly blessed
  • driven
  • charged
  • exuberant
  • phenomenal
  • awesome
  • deeply affected
  • invincible
  • out of the ordinary
  • unforgettable
  • explosive
  • invincible
  • unstoppable
  • brilliant
  • unstoppable

Let’s put these powerful action words into a sentence

Let’s see what happens when we start making sentences out of action-oriented words.

  • Does the thought of being easily influential make you happy?
  • Do you feel the power of being able to present your ideas easily?
  • Do you find it valuable to get cooperation from people?
  • Isn’t it important to be able to help people become successful in their lives?
  • Would you rather be influential or would you rather have others tell you what to do? Wouldn’t you rather have more authority instead of being treated like a doormat?
  • Do you realize the importance of the ability to get people to agree with you?

These were all power words for emotion and action

Those were all words for emotion and action. Weave these powerful words into tactical spots in your marketing communications to amplify your message and evoke emotions and action in your audience.

And remember: words are just words. The way we say something also has a major influence. Say something meaningful – and possibly after a little pause – to actually make an emotional impact. Good luck!

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