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Mind Reading – Tis is How You Do It! [Dangerous]

Mind Reading – Tis is How You Do It! [Dangerous]

In this article you will learn to read minds using the NLP technique ‘mind reading’. You may also be wondering if it exists, so we’ll get into that first. Mind reading can steer someone in a certain direction. Let’s find out.

Reading minds: does it exist?

Reading minds certainly does exist! You can use it in positive and limiting ways.

The ‘mind reading’ technique ensures that thoughts, desires and feelings reach the recipient. It seems as if you know as a fact what the other is thinking. It’s a pretty obvious way, but the recipient is pretty much affected by it, even if you’re doing it very over the top as a joke.


  • You probably want that too, right?
  • You know you want it.
  • I know you’re going to love this.
  • I know you are excited to….
  • I know you are someone who would like to get more creative.
  • You know as well as I do it’s okay to …
  • You know it is true.
  • You understand that …
  • In the past, you had some trouble communicating with people and getting what you wanted.
  • I know you’re getting more interested now.
  • It is true that I know you know that you have a tremendous amount of assertiveness.
  • When someone can’t answer your question,
    “Well, I know you know enough, but for now you only have to give one more.”
  • You can also use mind reading pacing : “You wonder what’s going to happen”
  • You will probably wonder what makes this product so special for you …
  • And then you think, “That’s not right.” That is right.
  • And you know it actually makes a lot of sense to meet us.
  • What you need right now is not product A because you are more of a person for product B.
  • I know you wonder how quickly you can become a great coach. And it is good to wonder.
  • I know what you guys think and yes, I am willing to be the group leader.
  • I know you are curious about NLP.
  • I know you believe in / that …
  • I know how much you like that …
  • I know you knew that.
  • I know you’re thinking about how nice it is to … do.
  • I know you enjoy … so much.
  • I know you are learning a lot here today.
  • In commercials: “You know why!”
  • We know you don’t care.
  • I knew you were thinking that.
  • I realize you already knew that …
  • I see you know …
  • I can see that you are looking forward to getting started.

An observant client can use the metamodel as an antidote to ask “How do you know?”

You are probably wondering what I mean by the title of this article …

to read minds

Mind reads are very powerful for encouragement, but they are also potentially restrictive (dangerous). It is far too often that we let something beautiful pass by by rejecting ourselves beforehand by doing a restrictive mind read.

That customer doesn’t want to buy shoes.

They probably don’t want me there.

They must hate it when I say something.

She’s in a hurry and doesn’t want to be stopped.

We read the thoughts of others and then do nothing.

There is nothing wrong with mind reads, but too often we use them in a self-sabotaging way rather than a resourceful way.

What would happen if you did positive mind reads?

That customer probably wants to buy shoes.

They probably want me there.

They’ll find it valuable when I say something.

Let me find out if it just seems like she’s in a hurry. She’d probably been waiting months for a nice person to stop her.

Let us know in the comments how you will use mind reading!

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Hello! Thanks for reading these articles. My intention is to make happiness as simple and clear as posssible. By the way, excuse my English. I am not a native English speaker since I live in Amsterdam. Much appreciated if you use the comments to make suggestions on my grammar. See ya in another blogpost!

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  1. Jakob

    interesting article, and it new for me. But the mind reading sentences sound for me as a cheap car salesman who try to sell an old unsell bar car.
    I think it must be a very dangerous tool to use, because if the client in a split second fell that you try to manipulate him/her, then your report and trust will be lost forever.