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People watching gets hilarious with these 22 people watching games

People watching gets hilarious with these 22 people watching games

In this article, you’ll find 22 people-watching games that will make you have a lot of fun. You can play these people-watching games on your own, but the best thing is to do it with a friend. 

People watching game 1 – Classic people watching

  • Ask yourself with each person: why is this person here? Is he happy, nervous, irritated? Why? What does his body language say about him? What about the way he talks?
  • What do his clothes reveal about him? Is this person rich or poor? Is this person stylish or distraught when it comes to fashion? Is this person dressed appropriately for the weather or not? Is he part of pop culture?
  • If you look at this person’s style and mannerisms, what would you think this person’s aspirations, dreams, or job would be?

People-watching game 2 – People-watching at a just closing shop

Look for a shop that closes at 9:00 PM (most people expect it to close at 10:00 PM). Find a nice spot to watch all the people who come to a closed door.

People Watching Game 3 – Spot the Drug Deal

people watching

Sit in a McDonald’s parking lot after 9:00 PM. Play “spot the drug deal.”

People-watching game 4 – Cupid

Pick two people who could make a good couple and imagine what it would be like if they met.

Champions round: introduce them to each other.

People-watching game 5 – Guess the serial killer

If you see a sketchy person, tell your friend, “Guess the serial killer.”

People Watch Game 6 – Dubbing

If you are going to look at two or more people together, sit with your friend far enough away so that they cannot hear you. Each chooses a person and fills in the words when they move their mouths.

People Watching Game 7 – Naming People

Try to give matching names for how the people look.

People Watching Game 8 – People Watching People

It is very interesting to watch people watching people.

  • When an attractive woman walks by, look at all the men trying to get a glimpse of the woman without it being very clear that they are doing it.
  • If someone walks by in really weird clothes or is this person very drunk, look at the reactions of other people to this person.

People Watching Game 9 – The alive version of “Guess Who?”

people watching

Everyone chooses a stranger. You can take turns asking questions to guess who has been chosen, just like the board game “Guess Who?”

People-watching game 10 – Which of the 2 …

Designate someone and ask your friend:

  • Teenage mom or big sister?
  • Hipster or homeless?
  • Schizophrenic or bluetooth headset?
  • Fat or pregnant?
  • Daddy of date?
  • Gay or friends?

People Watching Game 11 – Who Just Had Sex?

Look around and recognize the people who just had sex.

People look game 12 – Follow someone through the mall

Select a person and follow this person until you lose him / her or he / she leaves the mall.

People Watching Game 13 – People Watching Bingo

Make bingo cards and write down typical traits. For example, you can make bro-bingo. It contains the following properties:

  • Spot a boy with a cap backwards.
  • Spot a boy with a striped polo shirt.
  • Spot a boy with his pants slumped way too low.

People Watching Game 14 – ‘It’s an honor to meet you’

As soon as you see someone in a suit with a briefcase, walk over and say, “Sir, it’s an honor to meet you. May I shake your hand? ‘ Whatever the other person says, then say, “It really is an honor,” and then walk away.

People Watching Game 15 – Yours!

people watching

This game is always on! Once you learn this game it will not stop. There are no timouts. When you’re out with your boyfriend, and you spot a strange or uncomfortable person, you say it, ‘Yours! The one in pink with the beehive haircut. ‘ Now this person is assigned to you. You must now touch this person.

People watching game 16 – Finding a theme song for the people you are watching

Grab your phone and use the shuffle button until you have found a theme song for everyone who comes in and out.

People-watching game 17 – Pretend babies are just really drunk

When you see a baby, you pretend it’s an adult who is just really drunk.

People Watching Game 18 – Which of the Three? (from an episode of Gilmore Girls)

When you are in a place where you cannot see who is coming by long in advance, then you play this game. You have 3 chances to decide who you would like to have sex with. You could already say yes to the first person, and your friend gets a turn. You can reject the first and say yes to the second, but if you reject the second too, then you’re stuck with the third person coming by no matter what!

People-watching game 19 – Spotting doubles

Spot look-alikes. That means looking for people who look like you or like famous movie stars. Who knows, you might see a real celebrity!

People watching game 20 – Kill / marry / make love

You choose 3 people for your friend. Your boyfriend needs to tell you who he / she would kill, who he would marry and who he would make love to. It must also be told why!

Of course, you can make it fun by picking the three most nerdy guys for your girlfriend. You can have a lot of fun with this anyway. ‘Don’t really do it, it’s just pretend. Once upon a time there was a girl who really wanted to kill someone… “” You actually have a real crush on that nerd you wanted to marry! “

Championship round: let your boyfriend / girlfriend actually meet that person.

People Watch Game 21 – Who’s Depressed?

This one might be too easy, but it’s also a bit unreal. Who’s all depressed?

People-watching game 22 – Creating a backstory

people watching

Make up stories about the lives of others.

For example, if you see a middle-aged woman talking to someone on her phone, you call her Karlijn and she is talking to her husband Jeffrey. It’s their wedding day and she can’t wait to see him, but he’s getting weird with Karlijn’s younger sister, Marieke.

Marieke had always been jealous of Karlijn. Karlijn was always the prettier sister, the smarter sister, the more popular sister. You get the idea. Since childhood, Karlijn has always been the favorite, and now she has hooked this beautiful man: Jeffrey. Jeffrey was handsome, smart, funny, and had every quality that dating books say you need to find in a man. Karlijn and Jeffrey were married at a young age but they soon found out that they were not suitable for each other. Karlijn wanted romance, but Jeffrey was a workaholic lawyer who never had time for her and was always too tired for sex.

The cheating started at a family reunion. Karlijn soon had to go home to relieve their babysitter. Marieke and Jeffrey were left all alone. Marieke took her chance and passed her number to Jeffrey and told him that he could call at any time. She took his hand and pushed it against her leg. Jeffrey, a serial cheater, knew what time it was. He called Marieke the next day and they agreed.

Ben was born nine months later. Marieke also had a husband of her own, so she pretended it was his child. He had no idea what was going on. Fortunately Karlijn had no suspicions.

And the day of Karlijn and Jeffrey’s wedding day was there. Karlijn was at the supermarket buying pasta, ground beef, and tomatoes to make Jeffrey’s favorite meal. Her best spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce and meatballs, her grandma’s recipe. In the line at the till, she called Jeffrey and said she loved him.

Jerry was in the car on the way home. At one point he noticed that he was close to Marieke’s house. He thought: let me surprise Marieke. He double checked that her own husband’s car was not there and rang the doorbell. Marieke was in the living room. She was reading a magazine. When she opened the door, he kissed her immediately. Before she could push him away, two unfortunate things happened …

Karlijn just passed and Marieke’s husband emerged from the living room. With one fist, Jeffrey lay on the floor with a broken nose. Karlijn parked her car, rushed to the house and demanded to know what was wrong.

It was quiet. Nobody said anything.

“I saw what you were doing, and I’m not stupid, Jeffrey, tell what the fuck you were doing with your tongue in my sister’s throat!” said Karlijn. “The thing is, she came to me,” Jeffrey said. That was enough to get Karlin’s blood boiling hot.

“Karlijn, I am your sister!” Marieke shouted in vain as Karlijn left the house. Karlijn turned around again, looked straight at her and said, “Now no more.”

Tips to avoid being noticed when people watching

Look like you are doing something. So bring something to read or write, or bring something else you can do while watching. Sunglasses are also very smart because it makes it difficult to see that you are people-watching.

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