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Applying The Law Of Attraction / The Secret [63 Tips & Steps]

Applying The Law Of Attraction / The Secret [63 Tips & Steps]

You might already know the law of attraction, but how can it be implemented in practical ways? How can you apply the law of attraction (The Secret) and attract abundance instead of scarcity, for example in terms of money, love, relationships or some other purpose? Here you will find all steps & tips for applying the law of attraction. Read more…

Contents of this page:

The complete roadmap of the law of attraction

This is the most comprehensive article with a full step-by-step guide of the ‘how’ of the law of attraction, but let’s start with a brief definition. So before we start, let’s give a brief meaning of the law of attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?

You can use the law of attraction to achieve your goals big and small. What kind of ‘law’ is that exactly? The law of attraction means that you get back what you radiate and expect. It assumes that the world is like a mirror to you. If you smile in the mirror, you can expect the mirror – ie the world – to smile back.

The law of attraction is therefore one of the forces that explains why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer: the rich see a lot of wealth around them every day and the poor see a lot of poverty around them every day … And what you often see see, you get easier! The law of attraction then states that you can use this to make your goals and dreams come true.

As Esther Hicks sums up so nicely – include in her book “The Law Of Attraction ‘: If you change the way you look at things, then change the things that you look for.

Summarizing the law of attraction: what are the steps?

In summary, you can apply the law of attraction as follows:

  1. Determine what is what you really want.
  2. Question (via visualization) ! Express the intention that you really want it. The # 1 way to do this is to  visualize and feel like it’s already there. In this way you are telling the universe, “I expect it!”
  3. Let go, give yourself strength and ‘become’ what you want (eg through meditation) . This will not force you. During this step you look for everything you want from the outside world in yourself. This makes you a ‘vibrational match’ for what you want to attract from the outside world. Step 1 and 2 were mainly cognitive, and this third step is about letting go completely, being free, having nothing to do, having fun, accepting, meditating, ‘rebooting’ and being ‘aligned’ with the harmony of the universe again. That universe always wants to ensure that you succeed.
  4. It will be given . In other words, the universe will rearrange itself so that everything will lead you to succeed.
  5. Expect it and be open to whatever comes your way in order to actually receive and create that. Allow it.
  6. Take action on whatever comes your way. Action is the keyword. To roll up your sleeves and actually head into the opportunities of the universe.
  7. Receive with positive emotions. This means, for example, that you are going to say ‘yes’ to a lucrative offer, a bonus that you have earned, a new customer or someone who asks you out.
  8. Trust and love the process . So even if there are setbacks. That is precisely where the valuable lessons and growth opportunities in life lie. Moreover, without valleys, there can be no peaks, as we learn from non-duality .

These were all steps summarized. The rest of this article will detail and clarify all of these steps , along with a lot of guiding tips! Let’s go to the steps and tips to enable the law of attraction even better in our lives:

[Step 1 – Decide what you want]

I will now give a number of tips per step for applying the law of attraction. Let’s start with the tips for step 1 …

Tip 1 – The law of attraction starts with a wish: think of exactly what you want (a goal!)

wish doing law of attraction

The law of attraction is actually synonymous with a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’. That means you get what you expect. How do you create an expectation? Think of exactly what you want in the form of a clearly formulated goal .

Your goal can also be your mission: “What do I contribute to the world?”

However, don’t make it altruistic forcibly. This step is called: ‘Decide what you want ‘. Not “Decide what to do .” So carefully consider what purpose or mission you want. And if there is no piece in there about how your goal helps your environment further, that’s fine!

Start with the end goal in mind.
– Stephen Covey

There is another point of attention to this step. This step is called: think of what you want. Don’t: think about what you don’t want. Nothing does not exist in the cosmos. It works like a mail order business. If you want to order a product, you can’t order what you don’t want, but only what you want.

“I don’t want trouble” is a request for trouble.

Tip 2 – Dream big: don’t just choose a goal, choose something you really want

Have a goal that you can fall in love with and obsess about. A goal that keeps you awake at night. It is essential that this is a wish that actually matters. A wish that will change your life. A wish you really want!

Create an intense desire that turns into obsession … so that the desire for {your purpose} stimulates you from within to create and execute concrete plans.

However, many people who want to apply the law of attraction do not realize this. If you walk into any workshop ‘visualizing goals’ or ‘making a vision board’, you will see this common mistake in half of the participants …

They have just come up with something on the spot that they ‘look like fun’ … This is not just an afternoon of tinkering!  Make it your life’s work. By that I don’t mean that you have to make the mood board perfectly beautiful. It may be ‘ugly’. I mean that you have to work substantively with your greatest wishes .

What is the point of making a goal board if it is not so important for you to achieve what you are going to put on it? Yes, then it is just an afternoon of tinkering with some Happinez females …

Use this experiment to make your wildest dreams come true – dreams you’ve been brooding on for some time. And in fact, precisely because you apply the law of attraction to your wildest dreams, it will become extra ‘easy’, because you – with extra adrenaline and enthusiasm released – will do everything you can to make it come true!

This is so funny about life: if you refuse to accept less than the very best, very often you will get the very best.
– W. Sommerset Maugham, English writer

Think bigger than you are now. Don’t have drive? Then it is because you think too small. Do not play at the level where you are now, otherwise you cannot grow.

Have a goal that you have desire and passion for. Passion is boundless enthusiasm that cannot be tempered. It is an energy that you radiate, and that affects others. It ensures that you rise above yourself, keep focus and achieve great achievements. Passion is the power that can make miracles happen.

As you’ll learn later in this article, our thoughts become things. Allow yourself to fantasize dreams beyond your ability to understand them with your mind.

Dream big. Dream about a better life (and be grateful for what you have now). Most people live their day with nonsense in their head that doesn’t matter. Set goals that are greater than your daily concerns – goals that go beyond them. Dream big and never stop. Never let go of your dream. Keep the dream alive.

Tip 3 – What if you don’t know what you want? Then ask good questions!

not knowing what you want law of attraction

It seems simple: I want to watch a movie now. Now I want a cup of coffee. Now I don’t want to talk to anyone. I want to live in a villa with a pool in 5 years. It would be very nice to have an annual income of one million in 3 years. I want to have a happy life. I want more personal growth. I want to go on vacation more often and have more free time. Isn’t it really easy to know what you want?

However, one choice is not really that easy for many people: what work will I do? A lot of people say they don’t know what exactly they want with their life. It makes sense that this is a difficult question that many people have.

“I regularly hear that people find it difficult to set a goal. “I like so many things,” someone would say. (…)  Not being able to choose means that you don’t find any goal really worthwhile.  There is then no focused desire. ”
– Michael Pilarczyk

There are a number of options available to find out what you want:  Ask good questions. Do you want good answers? Then you have to ask good questions. What questions are these?

Mission: what do you think is really worthwhile?
As you have already read in the above quote from Michael Pilarczyk: determine what you really think is worthwhile. This is an excellent starting point for determining the work you want to do. Look at your mission. What is the goal that you really find worthwhile? What can or am I contributing to the greater whole? In other words: what is my mission?

Ask yourself what your ‘Ikigai’ is.
Complete an Ikigai schedule . This allows you to determine your work that meets the following four conditions: what you like, what makes money, what people need and what you are good at. If a choice does not meet one of these four things, you can already delete it. You’re left with your Ikigai and you can do that.

Look at what you want
The cause of this dilemma (what work am I going to do?) Is that we listen too much to what others want, instead of listening to what we feel ourselves. We have lived our lives according to the expectations of others. So don’t live to please others anymore, but to fulfill your own heart’s wishes.

Gain Insights for Yourself with the Disney Model
Use the Disney Model as the first input to determine what you want.

Test a lot of things
Do you like so many things, or don’t you even know if you like them because you have never tested them? Then plan a number of months in which you will test everything . Then feel what feels heavy and what feels light. Cut out anything that feels heavy and do more of what feels light.

Ask yourself more good questions
Ask yourself the questions below …

  • What is what you really want? What do you really want?
  • What do you like to do so much that you don’t want to stop? What makes you happy ? What can you enjoy?
  • What is my passion ? What makes me happy? What are you obsessive about?
  • What do you think is important? What are the four most important things in your life? What gives you gratitude?
  • What could you work on now, so that your life changes immediately ?
  • Use the questions from the article on following your intuition. Then you follow your heart. Examples of these questions are: “If I wasn’t afraid, I would …” “If you knew you can never fail, what are you going to do (differently)?”
  • If time and money were not an issue , what would you do? How would you organize your ideal life? What would you stop doing , what you have to do every day now? What decor of your life would you really enjoy?
  • What is something you absolutely want to do before you die ?
  • What is something that, when we work on it right away, brings a smile to your face?
  • What should go different so you can say, “I have a perfect life!”
  • What change that you can make in your life would you immediately give more space ?
  • What would you like to achieve in your life?
  • Do you know what you want to get out of your life?
  • Who are you?

At some point you know what you want and the desire is there. Great, let’s go to the next step!

Just this: In the end, you shouldn’t make things more difficult than they are. Still not sure what you want? Still haven’t set a goal? Then let it go. Apparently you don’t think anything is important. No problem. Then your life is just fine as it is. Perhaps there are only 1 million Dutch people who set goals. The other 16 million are living fine. That includes happy people.

[Step 2 – Question … And the most powerful tool for that is visualization!]

Tip 4 – Ask what you want! To do this, use visualization and these additional tools …

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to make it clear and visual. Formulate a clear goal and give it an extra boost by clearly visualizing your goal.

Everything starts with a thought. From visualization to realization.
– Michael Pilarczyk

You have to dream before your dreams can come true.
– APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India

The pattern of visualization invariably recurs in the greatest success stories. The Greatest Showman is just one of millions of examples.

Cause every night I lie in bed, the brightest colors fill my head. A million dreams are keeping me awake. I think of what the world could be (…)

This is an essential step. When you visualize it, you materialize it. Why does this work? Partly because our subconscious mind can  not distinguish between a vivid imagination and reality.

A desire comes to life in your imagination. Imagination is the workplace of your subconscious mind.
– Napoleon Hill

Moreover, visualization works like an ‘order’ that you place. Ask what you want: place your order with the universe.  You literally send a request to the universe in this way.

You have to ask. The law is: Ask and it will be given to you.

Concrete ways to do this:

  • Set a goal  (do this anyway!) And frame it.
  • See and feel (visualize) what it is like when you have just achieved it and when you have already achieved it for a year (do this anyway!) .
  • For example, write down your ideal life from minute to minute . Literally design your ideal life.
  • Create a vision board  that clearly shows what you want.
  • Hang paintings and visual expressions in your home of how you want to live. Place a note with the number of euros you want to earn this year on the ceiling for when you wake up. If your goal is a relationship, put paintings in your home that depict a happy couple.
  • Hold a Mastermind meeting  and set your long-term goals, annual goals, and milestones.
  • If your goal is a skill or behavior, rehearse it down to the last detail in your head with the new behavior generator technique.
  • View and / or research a role model who has already achieved your goal. This is called modeling.  Such a role model serves as inspiration to activate your capacities. If you want to become successful and happy, study success and happiness.
  • Research in a curious way what your strengths and weaknesses are and what opportunities and threats there are in your environment. Create a business plan and strategic plan based on this research. This is the same as your goal, but substantiated and rock solid. This can already be done on one A4 sheet and the essence must be described in a few lines, with a brief substantiation, otherwise it is not a good plan.
  • Place an intention and / or pray .

You simply place your order with the universe this way. The universe is now going to rearrange itself so that all of this will happen for you.

Be careful what you wish for! (It actually comes out …)

Some more points to pay attention to when visualizing:

  • In principle – after you have visualized your goal – you will let go of the visualization and not look at it so intensively. After visualization comes life and action . This will be covered in the following steps of this article.
  • It is always welcome to be reminded daily of your goal – for example visually because your screensaver contains your goal. Or visualize briefly in the morning and in the evening by grabbing your vision board or framed goal again and feeling what it is like when you already have it in your hands.
  • Do this step – whether you do it with visualization, a vision board, an intention or all – preferably also without words : visually and with feelings.
  • Say what you see on your mood board, framed goal and / or altar with emotion and feeling . Connect your wish with joy, feeling and ecstasy!

Tip 5 – Visualize with feeling lifelike:  in the ‘present tense’, as if you have already achieved / earned it

law of attraction the secret

After you have set and visualized the goal, you can do another thing that is almost guaranteed to make your goal come true: feel the accompanying emotions and visualize the goal in a lifelike way , as if you have already achieved it.

The word ‘lifelike’ is important in this tip about visualization. Why? Because then the purpose for your nervous system is already known . It is not unknown, but RAS (selective perception)  recognizes  this very easily your aim in the coming days, weeks, months and / or years.

When athletes visualize their performance, the same muscles are activated as when they actually perform it.

There is a beautiful  timeline technique  where you install your completed goal – which you can see vividly in front of you (visualization) – in your timeline:

  1. You visualize that you are in the future and see through your own eyes, the moment you are taking the last step after which your goal has been fully achieved. After this you know: now the goal has been achieved! So it feels like you are in the present tense, as if you have already achieved it, while we are in the moment in time when the goal has been freshly achieved. That means it is just as certain as something that has already happened in the past.
    It is now {future date}. I, {name}, am / have successfully reached the goal.
    I see…
    I feel…
    I hear… ”
    Make the goal so concrete, clear and clear that you can perceive it with your senses.
  2. Step out of the visualization, so that you look at this visualization and therefore your own body from a distance. You literally make a picture of your visualization that you can hold in your hands.
  3. Now imagine that you are floating above your timeline … Now float to the future, to the date when the very last step is just about to be completed.
  4. Then click the picture you have in which you have achieved your goal in the future.
  5. Then you see how all obstacles on the timeline are rearranged so that the goal could be achieved.
  6. Orient yourself to the now.

Dreaming is important. You can only realize something if you have imagined it.
– George Lucas, filmmaker

So again: visualize in real time as if you have already achieved it. If you want to use an extra tool for this, guided visualisations are always useful. In particular, Michael Pilarczyk’s premium audio accompaniments are recommended.

You will not. You are already: you are already famous.
– Shep Gordon

But there are also other ways to get your goal closer: by literally letting it get closer. Have you made a mood board or drawing of your goal? Then ask someone to stand with the blade in front of you and come closer and closer , while you also get closer to the blade.

You attract your goal, so you move towards your goal and your goal also comes to you. It’s mutual attraction. In every world religion it is taught: When we get closer to God / Universe, then God / Universe takes His steps to get closer to us.

Tip 6 – Don’t visualize the ‘how’, only the end result

Always visualize the  end result,  so don’t visualize the way to it, i.e. the ‘how’. The ‘how’ can be filled in by the universe in an infinite number of potential ways.

The future you see is the future you get.
– Robert Allen

Visualize you already have it! Don’t visualize how you are achieving it. You don’t know the ‘how’. You shouldn’t worry about that either.  In terms of ‘how’, visualize no more than the very last small step you just took after which you have what you wanted.

The ‘how’ is the domain of the universe. Go into your day and trust that the universe will figure out how it’s all going to happen.

Is your goal a sum of money? Then see the exact amount of money for you, for example on your bank account. Visualize yourself with the money already in possession , rather than the route to the money. Also see yourself doing what you are going to earn the money with in a successful way.

In any case, visualize what it is like a year later in the life you want to have. As if the goal was achieved in the past. You are not going to board the bus on the way to the final destination, but you have already gotten off because you have already arrived. Now tell us what it looks like, what it is like here.

Even if it is not the case, or if you are in a crisis, visualize and say it: ‘ Now I have clarity, now I know. It’s easy now. I have so much money. The money is pouring in now. ‘ You will not immediately brush away your student debts, but the process has already started. You will be unstoppable.

“I’m believing it, I did the visualization and I bought the lottery tickets but I haven’t won the lottery yet …”
Don’t visualize the how. The lottery is a (by the way worthless) ‘how’ for what you really want (freedom).

Tip 7 – Your thoughts become things & your words become things

law of attraction thoughts become things

The law of attraction says: we give you what you think about, what you visualize or what you focus on. It’s all around you. You just have to open your eyes and look. You just have to think about it and it becomes reality. Related to this is the law of selective perception.

After you have bought a new blue scooter, you are almost continuously run over by blue scooters. You see that many. Purely and solely because of the mindset that you were looking for a blue scooter.

It’s powerful to have something in your mind … and the same is true the other way around. If you say: ‘This does not work …’ Then the universe also says: ‘Your wish is my command …’

Whether you think you can or not, you are right in either case.
– Henry Ford

You can live up to anything you can imagine.
– Napoleon Hill

The only limitation of the mind is the limitation it imposes on itself.
– Napoleon Hill

Similar energy frequencies attract each other. Their equals. People also have energy fields, and we experience that every day. Just think of being in love or creepy vibes that repel you.

Thoughts also attract similar thoughts, because thoughts also have a frequency that can be measured with scans. So the law of attraction gives you what you spend a lot of time thinking about. Concentrate fully on the thought of what you want.

People only see what they are prepared for.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Read more about the power of ‘thoughts become things’ here.

Tip 8 – “I have so many negative thoughts … Is that bad?”

Good news: a positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative one . This has been scientifically proven. So you don’t have to worry if you ever ‘accidentally’ have negative thoughts.

Everything you see around you now, you have attracted (unconsciously).

Tip 9 – Language is powerful. Use the word ‘abundance’ and ‘I attract’ literally in your vocabulary

attract abundance

Did you know that the words you use will influence your beliefs and behavior? So use the word ‘abundance’ literally in your language! For example: “Did I answer your question with that?” ‘In abundance!’

What you ask will be given. If you ask for abundance, the universe says, “Your wish is my command.” If you ask for scarcity, even then the universe says: ‘Your wish is my command.’ Let’s look at more examples:

Someone who uses the law of attraction in the wrong direction says and thinks what is non-bold. Someone who puts the law of attraction in the right direction says and thinks what is bold:

  • I have no inflow of money. I always have an inflow of money.
  • I go all out every month. I am well out every month and I am left with a lot of money every month.
  • I have to be careful not to spend too much money in everything. I spend money with all my heart (and I receive money with all my heart too).
  • Entrepreneurship means that you put all your heart and soul into it, without yields. I think that’s normal.  Entrepreneurship means that you put your heart and soul into it, which gives you a lot of returns. It is normal that there are many returns.
  • I am looking for the key to success. I hold the key to success. I own success.
  • I’m looking for customers, I’m not sure I’m going to get them. I trust that customers will come. I have clients.

[Step 3 – Let go, give yourself strength and take care of yourself, eg through meditation]

Tip 10 – Don’t force it: The whole point is you let it happen

You were able to place your order in the previous steps. Now give the universe the chance to fulfill that order, instead of wanting to do it itself, i.e. forcing it.

This is the principle of power vs force , which is a common thread in the law of attraction. Power stands for allow. Force stands for forcing with a lot of effort.

Some people force too much: they feel they have to force it with their bare hands until they succeed. They pick up their swords and go to battle. But put down that sword, for it is a weaker means than the king’s peaceful scepter: the king does not need a sword, for the king “is one.” And in that “being,” he allows his path, he allows his true nature, and allows God to move through him, so that he can watch and allow his kingdom to manifest around him.

If you find yourself constantly in the forced-warrior state of mind, you do not have the opportunity to relax, to  let happen and to be … like a king!

– Elliott Hulse

So live from ‘effortlessness’ & fun, instead of forcing things with difficulty. Ride the waves of life instead of pushing forcibly. Be in touch with your emotions, relax, trust, enjoy and work from a pleasant vibe.

Don’t pray for fear. Ask to receive what has already been given – and to accept what is already there.

  • Force: may bring you to your end goal just fine, but there is a price to pay: you have to row.
  • Power: takes you to your goal and you also enjoy the journey. The sail of the sailboat will take you forward.

The following tips will also teach you not to force things. It is now time to let go. You do that by focusing on your part so that the universe will do its part. What is your part then? Think of the upcoming tips as activities intended for you. Read more!

Rest is strength.

Tip 11 – Let go of your question / goal / ‘order’! Enjoy the process and let your intuition take over now …

order law of attraction

In the previous steps you have set and visualized your goal. For that you used your thoughts (cognition). Now you are done with that and it is time to let go of your cognition. So don’t let your  thoughts and goals guide you too much now  . They are in the future, which is important, but the here-and-now is absolutely important.

‘It must be Marie who falls in love with me and who I am going to marry! She is my soul mate. I just know. We are getting so happy… ” You just shut out billions of others on the planet.

Feel free to visualize Marie, or your dream home, your dream career, that house, that office, the red carpet … But the next steps are about opening your intuition and making it available to the surprises of life here- and now.  If you don’t, you are tying the hands of an infinite, loving universe that knows you better than you know yourself.

Have the passion, drive, ambition and narrowed focus … and enjoy the process and the work !!! Be oriented to the  here-and-now process and not the end goal! Because visualizing and the ultimate goal is only a fraction of the journey. It would be a shame if you don’t enjoy the trip itself. The things that stand between you and the finish line are the really important things.

In fact, even though your big dream had come true last week and you were on stage in front of a thousand people, it was not nearly as great as this present moment.

So: just let go of your goal with accompanying visualization and focus the coming days, weeks and months on meditation and action that is inspired by your intuition. In other words, follow your heart.

So if you suddenly get the impulse to make, ask or do something … follow that feeling and do it! In summary: move, meditate, manifest. Do you see that the words ‘visualize’ and ‘focus on goal’ are not included? You have already done that and you have to let go of that step! You have left your goal to the universe …

You must do your part, but do not interfere with the part of the universe.

How do you make sure you do your part and let go of your ‘order’? We will discuss this in the following tips …

Tip 12 – Get into a ‘not-knowing state’

Visualization comes first. Then comes letting go and knowing nothing. You let go and you enter situations with a ‘not knowing state’.

Many people have had this beautiful experience:

  1. They once set a goal.
  2. They had also visualized that goal.
  3. And then they didn’t care about it for a year.

A year later, they suddenly discover that they had achieved their goal without even realizing it.

That is the power of visualization: you can then let go.  Once you have done that visualization, it is in your nervous system and you no longer have to consciously think about it in your day. Your nervous system / body / RAS will automatically take the right actions and take the right opportunities to achieve that visualized goal.

In the meantime, you do not start thinking about it consciously, but you have a blank mind so that you can perform optimally.

While we stop to think, we miss our opportunities.
– Publilius Syrus

You can wake up every morning with the image of your vision board and consciously reflect on your intention or dream, for example your dream to become a professional football player. The point is, you don’t start thinking about that at those crucial moments when you need to work a cross towards the goal. Then you have to be in a state of not knowing. On the field, your conscious mind must be in sleep mode so that you can respond alertly to the feedback of the moment.

The mind, the “I” created by your mind, stops, steps aside, and you are suddenly able to deal with the situation. You become much better, more capable, more charismatic, more creative, and more intelligent than you thought you were.
– Eckhart Tolle

A deeper wisdom , a deeper ‘knowing’, that cannot be caught in a concept, then awakens ! Mastery in any field is achieved when the thinking mind is no longer involved, or at least has assumed a spare role.

There is then no decision-making process. Spontaneous, right action happens and you don’t. A power that is much greater than you, but that is one with your essence, takes over. You become one with a greater awareness. ‘It’ acts, speaks, and does the job.
– Eckhart Tolle

Tip 13 – Make two lists: one with your tasks and one with the tasks of the universe

law of attraction

You have set a goal and you now know clearly what you want. Excellent! Now the trick is not to force everything. You don’t just have to know what you want, you also have to allow what you want! Now do the following every day:

  • List what you need to finish today.
  • Make a list of things you wish the universe could finish for you today.

Now is the time to let the heavenly soup kitchen do the work.

You will find that the universe can finish your list faster than you!

Let go & let God.
– Proverb

Pray and let God worry.
– Martin Luther

Take your worries to the Lord, leave them there.
– Piece from a gospel song

Would you like to read more about this principle? Read Mike Dooley’s article with examples.

Tip 14 – Focus on the positive things! You must be a vibrational match to receive positivity

This is perhaps the most important tip / step of the law of attraction. You cannot achieve your goals at all . It is impossible . You can only directly in increments and immediately live in that vibe. For example, is your goal to become happier? That is simply not possible. You can not be happy to . You should be happy now .

I know one thing for 100%: I will be a billionaire. Because I already am.
– Roy Martina

Hence this tip: be a ‘vibrational match’ for your goal. All things are always working out perfectly for you. But you have to make it happen by tuning into it with your frequency. How? Focus on positive things!

Don’t change your life. Change your vibration. You just have to change your vibrations and your life will reflect these higher vibrations and fill everything out.

Anything you ask is always answered. You just have to be a vibrational match for that answer. Focus on the (maybe few) things that are going well. Then the answers you seek can flow to you.

The more you celebrate your life, the more there will be in life to celebrate.
– Oprah Winfrey

Suppose there are 10 important things in your life, of which 1 thing is going well and 9 things are going wrong:

  • Your relationship isn’t working.
  • You have little money left.
  • You have arrived.
  • You are not happy at work.
  • But there is one thing you feel good about.

Then your fight-flight response naturally ensures that you focus on all those negative things, so that you can ‘survive’ better. Then you are forcing everything … It is your job to focus on that one thing that is going well!

Then give most of your attention to that one positive thing and delegate the rest to the universe. With that you train your vibration upwards and the other 9 will improve without you having to do anything for it. This allows the answers you are looking for to come to you. The universe can handle these things a hundred times faster than if you had to do it on your own.

If you don’t think, live, act positively and if you don’t expect positivity in life, positivity won’t just come to you. You cannot receive anything with negative emotions.

Be a vibrational match. If you tune your radio to 630 AM you cannot receive what is broadcast on 98.4 FM. If you want more money, while you believe you are short on money, no more money can come to you.

You haven’t changed. That is why nothing has changed.

If you are stuck in a dilemma feeling, and you visualize your wish and send it out into the universe while remaining in the dilemma vibration, you cannot hear the clear answer. That’s why the tips in this step are so important, including meditation.

As they say in English: Like attracts like.

In short: focus on positive things and focus on what you want, because what you focus on … is getting bigger. This principle is also discussed in:

It’s hardly possible to build something when frustration, bitterness, and a state of helplessness triumph.
– Lech Walesa, Polish union leader and Nobel laureate

Recognizing the good you already have in your life is the foundation of all abundance.
– Eckhart Tolle

Tip 15 – Don’t be a vibrational match for the absence of what you want (a different wording from the previous tip)

feeling negative

Do not focus on the absence of what you want, because everything you give attention grows.

You can sprinkle your plant food on weeds or on crops and flowers. Let’s stop feeding weeds.

Suppose the area of ​​’money’ is one of those 9 areas in your life that are not going well. The previous tip taught us that we should only focus on that one area that is going well. However, many people think a lot about money, but from an aspect that they don’t have it instead of an aspect that they have it.

What you resist, persists.
– Carl jung

The war on terrorism does not push it away but feeds it. It just gives it more power. Be pro peace. Be pro-“eat enough for everyone.”

Because this is so important, let me say it again: don’t put your attention on the absence of what you want. Most people are a vibrational match for the absence of what they want, because that’s what they talk about and think about. So don’t say, “I wish I had … When that comes, I’ll feel better.” Say and think those kinds of sentences precisely in the present tense, as if you already have it (we went into that in another tip).

If you constantly think, “I need to get out of debt,” then you’re attracting debt.

Don’t worry or worry. Worry (‘I’m worried about money’) affirms scarcity and ‘struggle’. It blocks creativity and being able to give unconditionally. It really blocks receiving.

Don’t be that dog or cat hater that the cat or dog keeps going to.

Project / focus on positivity. By focusing on the so-called ‘negative / wrong / injustice’, calling it ‘wrong’ and using it as an excuse not to be on that high frequency that you actually are, you feel terrible, guilty, angry, sad and depressed…

Focus only on the positive and delegate the rest to the universe. Your brain is far too small to be able to solve all those things on its own.

Tip 16 – Visualized? Time to Live : Pretend you already live as if the goal has been reached (just like Indiana Jones!)

Don’t wait until the goal has actually come true to start living the way you want to live. Why not? Because the law of attraction doesn’t work like that. In fact, the law of attraction works precisely because you now already live as if the goal had come true!

Pretend you are already a champion. And work diligently to become one. The gap between belief and reality will soon close.
– Haemin Sunim

Suppose you want to lose weight and you want to be happy. You have set your goals and you have done visualizations. Perfect! And now? There is time between where you are now and the moment that your goal has actually been achieved. Do you have to wait in the meantime and feel miserable in the meantime? That’s not how the law of attraction works.

Join now just like you all are fallen and if you’re already happy. A nice tool for this is the wonder question . Don’t wait for the end result to arrive. In the meantime, do not live in unhappy mode and do not start to feel fat, but feel ‘already’ happy and slim.

Pretend. Faith! Do you want to succeed? Then pretend that you are already succeeding. If you pretend you are already there, the universe will take this as a sign to make this happen even more for you.

The law of attraction is simply setting goals and being happy right now . Happiness comes first. Success can only come after that. That’s how you could summarize the law of attraction. And that is how happiness works: you cannot become happy if you strive for it as something that will only come after you have reached your goal.

Be like Indiana Jones: Take the step and the bridge will appear:

In the movie The Last Crusade, we see Indiana Jones standing before an abyss in the infinite depth. On the other side is the holy grail, a symbol of all of God’s treasures.

Time is running out and there is no other way to cross the ravine. Indiana reads on the parchment: it is a leap of faith. At the same time he hears his father say: ‘You must believe!’ He sticks out his leg, walks on air and a bridge is formed. When you take a step, a bridge appears.

When you step forward, your life also moves forward. If Indiana Jones had waited for a bridge to appear, he would have waited forever. The bridge was already there, he just had to take a step forward.

The most special people pretend that everything is already there. Great thinkers trust in a solution to every problem. Great leaders let themselves be guided and inspired. Great healers see the healing and wholeness of people before a healing begins. Imagine that whatever you need is already here. What do you want? Wisdom? That’s already here. Peace? That’s already here. Inspiration? It’s already here. It’s all here because you’re here.

You need trust and belief for this. This puts you over the edge of your own conditioning and perceptions and into a completely new world full of possibilities.
Life is full of ‘Indiana Jones steps’. The key is to get started.

You don’t have to see the entire staircase to take the first step. Focus on growth, not perfection.

Asking a customer for a contract is an Indiana Jones move. Asking someone for a date is an Indiana Jones move. Opening your heart to give and receive love again is an Indiana Jones step. Also commitment, marriage, intimacy, cohabitation, parenthood, etc. are Indiana Jones steps.

You are never fully prepared. You learn while you go. One step is all it takes to find your bridge. And … The world is your mirror. You can wait and the bridge will not appear. Or you can start walking and the bridge comes …

Do not wait. There is no reason to wait for happiness. Happiness is waiting for you, for your first step.

Once upon a time there was a man who waited all his life to be happy. The last thing ever heard of him is that he was still waiting.

People wait for friendship instead of being a friend. Lonely people are waiting for love instead of being loving. Colleagues wait for the team spirit to rise instead of feeling a high team spirit. Stupid conflict lasts forever because two people are waiting to get what they don’t want to give.

Start before you are ready.

Choose now. Don’t wait for the other (the world) to make the first move. Be willing to do it yourself. And do it. Nothing in the world moves without you being willing to do it. And it is useful if you let go of perfectionist feelings.

When the student / recipient is ready and has taken the first step, the teacher appears. Earlier, the teacher will not appear.

Tip 17 – Connect daily with your emotional perception of your goal (s)

Grab daily short your goals there again. Preferably in the morning and in the evening. For example, sit in front of your ‘dream wall’, framed goal or altar and connect purely by feeling with your goal (s) and / or mission. How does it feel to have achieved your goal (s)? Put your hand on your heart and connect this feeling with your heart. Then let it go and continue your day.

What you get back on your life path is what you send out. When you broadcast chaos, you get chaos back. It’s a cosmic way. It is impossible that you are completely clear and yet you get chaos back. You can consciously check this: you have to broadcast something else to get something else back. However, this does not mean that you will not face challenges on your life path. Those challenges want to help you grow.

Tip 18 – Make as many test drives as possible

  • Visit an open day of your dream home. Even though that house is listed as your goal for five years from now.
  • Take a test drive in your favorite car. Exactly the version you want. Feel that you already own it and be convinced of it.
  • Visit trade fairs and test out the furniture and items you want.
  • Go for an experience of what you want. Would you like to live Burgundian in a Spanish villa? Start with a weekend on holiday in Spain.

The above examples were about material things, but you can do the same with the essential goals in your life, as discussed in the previous and subsequent tips of this article.

Tip 19 – Meditate to become a ‘vibrational match’ for what you want to attract

The first few steps of the law of attraction were cognitive: determining what you want and visualizing what you want. After that, however, it is time to let go of all that and to ‘tune in’ into the power of the universe, which always wants you to succeed. You do this with meditation .

The universe is designed and arranged to make it easy for you.

Your goal, which you have determined cognitively, is normally on a high vibration. Perhaps your goal is to be happy, to attract abundance, or to be in a loving relationship. These are very “positive and high vibrations.”

You attract who you are, not what you want.
– Dr. Wayne Dyer

By letting go of your cognitive qualities and meditating now, you are raising your own vibrations, becoming a “vibrational match” for your purpose. As a result, you do not force anything, but you achieve your goal thanks to the special forces that are released.

There was a time in my life when I always seemed to run into bastards. Then I looked at the energy I was projecting and I realized I was an asshole myself. The universe outside of us is a reflection of the universe within us. Our vibes attract the people in our lives. This is why mindfulness and meditation are so essential. Only when we slow down and pay attention can we change our circumstances.
– James McRae

Tip 20 – Pray to receive and acknowledge the guidance


The law of attraction can be seen as: asking for guidance. Like a prayer. A wish (which is guaranteed to come true).

Prayer, for example by asking the universe for help or by using mantras, is the way you can feel how you are always guided and how powerful you are.

All who sincerely call on God from their hearts will surely be heard. They will receive what they ask for and desire.
– Martin Luther

Sit in front of your goal board and say a prayer such as …

I ask the universe to guide me in the fulfillment of these wishes.
I am open to guidance.
I expect guidance.
I will trust the leadership.
And I will act on the guidance the universe gives me to fulfill these wishes.
Thank you for being available to me.

Tip 21 – Make affirmations in order to optimally respond to the guidance and gifts of the universe

Affirmations are great to use after your prayer. After your prayer you can affirm, for example:

Today I am open to guidance and today I allow guidance into my life.

I give up part of my control so that I can be guided.

I expect guidance. I trust the leadership. I move through the lead.

I consciously create my own life. Simply by admitting the leadership.

Beautiful things come my way every day and I trust that. I know that for sure.

This makes my life more beautiful, joyful and enjoyable every day. I open myself to this, and to all the beauty in the world.

I feel at home on Earth and life always takes care of me. I fully enjoy my physical life.

I create my own reality. This allows me to fulfill my desires. I do this every day with my positive and nourishing feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions.

I love my life. I am open to help. I wonder what beautiful things will happen today. I expect something cool will come out.

This makes me a magnet for positive thoughts and events and high vibrations.

I am supported everywhere and always. Everything that happens in my life is good for me.

Everything that happens in my life is good. This is partly because I attract and radiate these things. I am sure that every day I am radiating great energy to the world, and that great things are also being beamed back to me.

I feel very confident that the amount of money I need is increasingly coming into my life. Having all that money I need gives me joy and pleasure. I can do whatever I want to do with this, and that gives me freedom.

I feel deep gratitude for God / Infinity / The Universe / Love.

Thank you God for everything.

Use these affirmation techniques and examples.  After your affirmations, you let them go so that the laws of life bring them to you. The ‘how’ is not your job. You declare that you have something, and the universe brings it to you. The universe is much more intelligent than you.

Tip 22 – Believe you deserve it!

Asking is an essential part of the law of attraction. Faith is just as important here. Also believe in whatever you ask.

Roy Martina says in the video above: “Imagine what life you want to have and believe in it – until you subconsciously no longer know the difference between the life now and the life you imagine – because then the two always come together. is the law of attraction. “

Dreams come true for those strong enough to believe in them .
– Colin Wilson

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Anyone who doesn’t believe in magic will never find it.
– Roald Dahl

If you believe in it with all your soul, then it is no longer your problem, but it is the problem of the universe to bring it to you. You’re not going there. It seeks you . It’s about being you – believing it. Then you become the magnet that attracts it.
– Roy Martina

Simply put: if you believe something, it will come true . This is one of the basic elements of the law of attraction. This not only applies to the outside world, but also to your own beliefs !

What you believe will be what you will see. If you believe there are no available men, perception says you are right. If you believe that there are plenty of available men, perception says you are right. Life is difficult when you believe it must be difficult.

So install in yourself, for example, the beliefs: “I deserve success!” And: “I’m worth it!” Because as soon as you believe it, you will also be successful.

The gap between belief and reality will soon close.

How do you change your beliefs? You can do that by referring to the article on Installing Empowering Beliefs.

The law of attraction works like a prayer: as soon as you believe something, you will get it. If you are in doubt, why would the universe give you anything?

Tip 23 – Define your most important values, meditate on them and live your values ​​every day

Suppose your goal is to have a loving relationship, then at least you know that we’re not pursuing that relationship in this step!

What we will do is determine the values  we want in that relationship – love, adventure, fun, and freedom, for example – and then fuel those values ​​in ourselves. 

Set the intention for yourself to develop these values ​​in yourself and connect every morning with your emotional experience of self-love, adventure, freedom and fun. You can also repeat this at other times of the day.

Tip 24 – Live from a high, non-reactive vibration

law of attraction

How do you not get carried away in negativity and keep attracting positivity? Get ahead of things vibratively instead of reacting to negative things you might encounter in daily life. Instead of responding, are you just there with a higher vibration.

I recently saw this example in action before my dance class started. I was in a negative ‘complaining mode’, so I enthusiastically told a newly arrived fellow student about the bad news that there is no teacher. She was non-reactive and immediately said in a high, positive vibration: ‘Ah nice, let’s sit in the sun with a cocktail!’ Her vibration was positive so she could not hook into the negative and she took me completely into the positive!

How do you get to a higher vibration? Quiet your mind and meditate. If you meditated and are in love with life on that one morning when something ‘negative’ was going to happen, you are above that. You would have reacted negatively if you yourself were also tuned to negative low vibrations. Then you would have attracted that.

Meditation makes you non-reactive. When you’ve meditated, there’s not even anything or anyone to forgive. You don’t make it personal: you recognize that the other person just had a bad day.

Tip 25 – What do I want ? Take care of yourself !

This is very important. As you know, in this step we are not forcing our goal : we are empowering ourselves ! Practically speaking, you have simply set a personal goal, and often that goal will not progress if you don’t think about yourself enough. Empower yourself by taking care of yourself! Read the article with all the tips to choose for yourself.

Tip 26 – Realizing the truth (that you have the power to create what you want) liberates you

In the tips above, you have learned to let your true power take over from your cognition. Why is this so important? “The truth sets you free.” What did that mean in the Bible? Know the truth of who you are, why you are here, and the power you have been given.

The truth sets you free.
John 8:32

Life is beautiful, we are powerful. We are literally God’s ears, tongue, and eyes coming to life in the dream of life. We are supported (by God / the Universe) to succeed and we are pushed towards greatness every day.

Your dreams are supposed to come true. You are being pushed towards greatness daily.

Such a person who is grounded in this truth becomes an unstoppable racehorse. Those people want to go out and dance the dance of life, because they know they are going to succeed with the guidance that is there for them.

Who am I? Why am I here? What strength have I been given to complete my mission? Are you not asking yourself these questions? No wonder you don’t get out of bed.

Your thoughts become the things and events of your life. This is one of your strengths. How can you become God’s ears, tongue, and eyes? How are you grounded in this truth? Through prayer and meditationFor example, do a ‘meditation / visualization’ where you connect with the energy of your heart. And do everything you do in daily life, as much as possible from your heart!

In fact, ‘forgotten identity’ should be a diagnostic label. We have really forgotten who we really are and what our strengths are.
– Dean Schrock

Remember who you are. It is your lack of confidence in your soul, or intuition , that leads you to dark places and stories. Every time you betray and leave your original source of power and innocence, you enter illusions of distance, effort, smallness, fear and inferiority. So: reconnect with your wisdom and light (through meditation) and everything will be fine again. That is true healing.

It’s like being Freddie Mercury in his prime, but with amnesia, no idea who he is. He has forgotten that he is so talented and has delighted millions of people with his supernatural talent. And that he decides to work at MacDonalds. And I tell him, “You’re Freddy Mercury!” And he says, ‘I want to, but I’m about to get promoted to the fries. And I have bills to pay. ‘ And I say, “You’re Freddy Mercury, you’re worth billions!” And he says, “I get it, but I have management opportunities in two years.” So that’s how I feel about anyone who isn’t pursuing their dream, for whatever reason.
– Robert Holden

History will be kind to me because I intend to write history.
– Winston Churchill

My path has not been determined. I will have more experiences and achieve more milestones.
– Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA)

You are as good as any of the heroes we consider ‘the greats of this world’. The only proof that you are not is in your own head. Let go of your addiction to the illusion that you are not great and see how incredibly brilliant you really are.

Or how about the caterpillar that says, ‘Yes, why would I go to all this trouble to become a butterfly? I think it’s okay. I enjoy crawling through life. ‘ Many people crawl through life while they can become a butterfly.

For this you have to die for who you thought you were. You have to let go of that heavy identification with your personality, life circumstances, past and future and take a giant leap. And then bizarre things happen.

What you identify with, you attract more, because it feels familiar.

Do not identify with your personality, which is part of the five-sense realm. Remember who you are. ‘I am a soul. A beautiful, creative, resourceful, flexible, brilliant soul. Just like everyone else.

I challenge you to take a deep breath, feel different, feel love, feel connection and love yourself as much as I love you.

I challenge you to step more into what you actually are.

I challenge you to meditate more, and not as a short experiment and then give up … but go for it completely! 90 days. To step into your greatness.

I challenge you to undo your old attachment to the old story, which has nothing to do with what you are, what you don’t serve and what you don’t need to pay attention anymore.

Remember who you are!
– Robert Holden

Tip 27 – Let go of all ‘musts’: do what you want


Who do you actually owe anything to? Our parents and teachers taught us to keep commitments and ignore what we ourselves want – our hearts. Follow your heart instead of doing the work and hiring the customers you feel obliged to, for example because the bills have to be paid .

Not once when someone asks you something is it an emergency – unless there are actually lives at stake.

You do those things for the superficial reason of money and you feel bad about it and therefore you spend the rest of your time on addictions and Netflix because you have lost your heart. It’s like being a superman not going to fly because he has a job that pays the bills. You are great and capable of greatness but you are not flying!

Don’t live your dream halfway either : half a day in your greatness and the other half your mandatory job. Don’t stop yourself from flying, even 50%. You have no idea what you are capable of and you will never know until you fully step into what you want (and your body and emotions will tell you what that is) … Or you may be tempted to ‘have to ‘, that rotten order that pays your bills.

‘It absolutely has to be done before it can start.’ “I must have a reason to be happy.” “I have to earn it.” “I have to be perfect.” “I have to be in a relationship.” “I shouldn’t have a rash on my face.”

Don’t hunt for money (and love) but hunt for what you really want and let money and love hunt you. You become worth more and people want to work with you because you suddenly have the freedom that all the money in the world cannot buy.

The most special people in the world don’t think about money. Do you think Stevie Wonder was chasing money when he made his music? No, he wanted to be the ultimate expression of his potential.

In short: do what you want. Not what you should. Include that pleasure in setting your goals. What do you enjoy? What do you like? Have you considered that this should be the case? Have you considered that this has to be done in order to achieve something you think you should achieve? Or do you really enjoy it?

A person is a success if he / she gets up in the morning and goes to bed in the evening – and does what he / she wants to do in between.
– Bob Dylan

Tip 28 – If necessary, even leave out the ‘musts’ to complete these steps of the law of attraction

There are no mistakes or absolutely mandatory steps in the law of attraction. Don’t feel like doing this whole step (step 3)? Do you not have the desire and patience to become peaceful and fulfilled yourself so that the result can flow to you?

No problem! Feel free to skip any steps you want to skip. There are very good alternatives . If you currently remain firmly in the low, unfulfilled and unfulfilled energy, you can just leave it that way and use it in the pain-pleasure principle.

How does that work? Sit comfortably in the pain and use it as ‘lever’, or motivation, to get out of this current situation. Start feeling so miserable that you have to achieve your goals out of necessity . You can read about the exact steps of this alternative technique in the accompanying article about the pain-pleasure principle.

[Step 4 – It will be given]

Tip 29 – The universe gives you everything  immediately  after your question … You have to find it now

You asked the question in the previous steps. The next step makes a lot of sense: the universe is going to rearrange itself so that everything will lead you to succeed. How long do you think it will take for the universe to finish? Exactly 0 seconds!

As you vibrally radiate your rocket of desire (step 3), it is immediately answered (step 4) .
– Esther Hicks

You just change yourself nice now your vibes, you make your right no more worries and hence comes the answer – or rather, it’s already got answers! Energetically you are resonating with harmonious things now.

I know it is coming. I don’t even wonder if it will, I don’t even hope it will and I don’t even believe it will. It’s not even a matter of time. It is a matter of the degree of alignment of my vibration with what I want.

Tip 30 – Offer your vibration to the universe and the matching answer will always come

vibrations clean up law of attraction

There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. You send out / project the vibration of your preference and the universe becomes one with that vibration. The universe is putting everything into action so that it will be delivered to you.

If your desire is being activated more and more, including in your everyday ways of thinking and doing, and you don’t offer a vibration to contradict it, it will come out 100% and there will be no competition (for whatever work you want, there is no competition : you will be where you want to be). The universe must deliver it to you. That’s the law. It is not possible that it will not come.

The universe cannot give you negativity if you focus on the positive things.

Don’t you wonder why the actors you see the most in hollywood movies are the actors you see the most? While there are thousands of other talented actors who also want to and can be chosen? It is not the qualities of the actors who are not chosen, but it is that they have withheld their vibrations and focused on where they want to be chosen: less in the spotlight.

You are not getting anything that is not in vibrational alignment with the vibration that you are offering.

So it is time to clear your vibrations, among other things with meditation. See previous step. For now … On to the next step!

[Step 5 – Expect it and open up: allow the miracles!]

Tip 31 – Learn the art of allowing … by simply removing the resistance!

How can you allow all those beautiful things you have wished for? You will find the answer again in step 3: by being in ‘vibrational alignment’ with it. Through meditation. This makes your vibrations rise and you get a quiet mind , through which you can receive. Only the mind can reject good things, and only the mind can have thoughts of resistance and worry.

You are worth anything you can imagine. No exception whatsoever.
– Roy Martina

So in the law of attraction, one of the main goals of meditation is to remove the resistance. It is not your job to work on the ‘how’ of how you will receive more money, for example. Your job is to take away the resistance and to become open and receptive. In this way an infinite number of ‘vortexes’ can open up and an infinite number of ideas can arise and be completed.

If a person confidently moves in the direction of their dreams, and dares to live the life they envisioned, they will be more successful than they ever expected.
– Henry David Thoreau

Tip 32 – Expect miracles in your life

Four-leaf clover miracles manifest

Live a life where you no longer even believe in miracles , but live a life where you trust and even expect miracles . So live every day as if everything that happens in that day works in your favor.

The law of attraction could also have been called the law of expectation. Put it in your mind and you will attract it. This is the power of expectation. You attract what you expect.

Expect the lead. When you expect it, you look for opportunities, anticipate support, expect surprises, and feel the generosity of the universe.

I know it is coming. I don’t even wonder if it will, I don’t even hope it will and I don’t even believe it will. It’s not even a matter of time. It is a matter of the degree of alignment of my vibration with what I want.

An example in a relationship context:

You express the intention that you would like to have a partner. Then someone you don’t know could just walk up to you. She would then tell you that she thought you had a nice appearance and that she had a strange feeling as if she wanted to come up to you and sit next to you. If you were completely relying on the law of attraction, you expected this to happen. You could even just say, ‘Why aren’t you here yet? Why did it take you so long? ‘ With which you give the universe a wink. And that’s what the universe loves.

In other words, everything is always working out just right for you. You just have to look for proof that it just is. Remind yourself of this regularly.

Tip 33 – It is up to you to bridge the buffer of time between you and reaching the answer

In step 4, “It will be given,” you learned that the answer is given immediately. As soon as you think it, it becomes truth. The answer is there before you even see proof of it. So there is a buffer of time in between until you ‘reach’ the answer! You need to be aware of this and not get disappointed.

On the way from Maastricht to Groningen you don’t give up hope halfway through Utrecht and drive back.

What you have asked for is already there, waiting for you to tune in your vibrations. Waiting for you to let go of the resistance thoughts and decide to feel good now. So how long it lasts has nothing to do with something outside of you, and everything to do with what you decide to see, feel and not resist anymore.

It has always been there for you. You will feel like ‘Where have you been all this time?’

In order to receive it clearly, your vibrations must be at that level (through meditation), and if you are at the level of that vibration, then you are the vibration, so when you receive it, you already are , so when you receive it as a result, so it is not clear whether it came from yourself or whether you receive it! Ultimately, everything comes from you!

Law of attraction summarized in 1 sentence:  Be what you want. Become the target. These are the meditative steps of the law of attraction, after you have set and visualized your goal with the cognitive steps.

The reflection in the mirror cannot change unless you change:

  • To have an honest relationship you have to be honest
  • To have destiny friends, you have to be loyal.
  • To be trusted, you have to be trusted.
  • To get rich, you have to be a rich person.
  • To receive love, you have to be loving
  • To get peace: be peaceful.
  • To have fun, be fun.
  • To get something new: be different.
  • And … if you want to get lucky, be happy already. You don’t have to do or have something before that can happen.

You have to be the change you want to be.
– Gandhi

So there is no doubt that it is going to happen. That’s the law. The question is: when will it happen? So this is a matter of timing. How long is the time gap between your wish and your wish coming true?

The moment you think a preference / desire, the universe agrees with you. You are destined to create something great. Remember how much creative power you have been given. Remember who you really are.

The answer to this question – ‘the when’ – is entirely up to you. How long will it take you to feel good about where you are now in relation to what you want? To make peace with where you are? To resolve the discomfort that causes the resistance to go away, leaving you feeling just one more clear signal to tune in to? If you do all those things, you can then feel the flow of energy .

You then feel more passion. You feel that beautiful things are about to happen. And they happen! Don’t think of closing the gap in the sense of time, but in the sense of: this feels better, this feels better, this feels better! Until you get there. And how do you know, “This feels better?” That’s what the next tip is about!

Tip 34 – Use your emotions as a navigation for the law of attraction

law of attraction emotions

Use your emotions as a navigation tool. Positive emotions confirm that you are on the right path with your thoughts or a situation you are in. Negative emotions let you know it’s not what you really want. It’s like the game where something got hidden and someone said “warmer, warmer, warmer, colder, warmer!”

Track your navigation system of emotions. Your emotions say, “Please return to the marked route, please return to the marked route, please return to the marked route.” This allows you to keep tweaking your life until you get where you want to arrive.

Then feel positive and feel good more often. The universe will tune in to that. Move to the next  better emotion that is in your circle of influence. Always a small step further. And sometimes that means expressing and processing your current emotion, such as anger, so that you can then move yourself to the next layer which is a relief from the previous layer. From two layers of anger to one layer of anger, and then to fear, for example …

The law of attraction is about always taking a step that will make you feel better and thus get closer to the right vibration. There is no end to what this improvement can be, and there will be more and more evidence that your vibrations are rising.

What you think, feel and what is manifested is always a match, every time, without exception.
– Esther Hicks

Tip 35 – Don’t look back, see what you want to see: expect good things (without being attached to them)!

A Tomtom does not ask you where you have been, but where you want to go. Don’t see things as they have been and are up to now. Otherwise you are holding a vibration that is very far from the vibration of your desire. See things in light of the gigantic potential they can be from now on!

You attract what you expect. When you expect something, it happens.

In other words, don’t see things as they are or what doesn’t work. Focus your vibrations on what you want. See what you want and focus your vibrations on it.

Don’t look back. You’re not going in that direction, are you?

In fact, see things as you see them. Not as they are. For the law of attraction works like this: the way you see things becomes like things are.

What if other people you interact with do keep talking about and focusing on negative things? What then? For example, if someone keeps talking about poverty in the world? Then just talk about your dream and how you see the world …

“Why are you so optimistic about the seeds you are sowing? Everything around us seems to be so rotten …”

“Because I think they will bring flowers.”

“Oh, yeah, why is that?”

“Because I ‘m sowing flowers .”

Don’t talk about how hungry everyone is, but how easy it is to feed them. Talk about how much food there is on the planet, the available technology, that there is surplus in certain areas that can be used, the ingenious distribution systems, and that people can be taught to grow food. And the great thing is: as a result, the people who can actually realize this will flow to you.

Your expectation determines the outcome. And as long as you are not attached to the outcome, the outcome is guaranteed.
– Deepak Chopra

The only thing that keeps you from getting what you want is keeping yourself busy with where you’ve been up to now. See and feel things the way you want them!

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
– Henry David Thoreau

You see the things that are going bad and you say, “Why?” But I dream things that never were and I say, “Why not?”
George Bernard Shaw

Don’t see what’s there. See as you want it to be.
– Esther & Abraham Hicks

Where it goes wrong is when you offer thoughts that are in opposition to what you want. Thoughts of fear instead of hope. Thoughts of ‘I have no money’, when you actually want more money. “I want him to be a good person, but in the meantime he has all these bad qualities …” See the pattern yet? Expect good things!

Spend 80% of your time focusing on tomorrow’s opportunities instead of yesterday’s problems.
– Brian Tracy

[Step 6 – Take action on the opportunities that come your way]

Tip 36 – Take action: otherwise the law of attraction will not work


Once the pass is given, there is no time to think. You just have to work the ball directly into the goal with your body. This requires that you have faith in the moves that are given and that you then take action on them. Otherwise, there won’t even be any bet on target.

Indeed, that is the right attitude: see and respond.  Thinking is only for before and after (reflection). During your day or competition itself it is time to see and respond. That is a much more powerful intelligence than the limited and slow intelligence of thought. That is also flow . When you are in flow, you are not thinking at the same time.

Daley Blind saw in 2014 and responded with a cross to Robin van Persie. If he had thought about it, he would have cut down to think and had given a ball back. Robin van Persie was also in a flow of seeing, reacting and action when he scored the historic goal. There is no time to think if you have to do something. Then it is time for flow.

So you have your goal and believe in the law of attraction, but believe in something only becomes evident when something does . So take action.

You cannot afford to live in your ‘potential’ for a very long time. At some point you have to launch yourself and make a move. The clock is ticking…

Action is the expression of a belief. It communicates to the universe your belief that it is going to happen. Action is part of a belief. Actions demonstrate the belief. Without the action, there is no real belief.

A year from now, you would wish you had started today.
– Karen Lamb

It is too common for people – such as painters and writers – to apply the law of attraction and then, with a sort of selective indignation, report disappointed, “I have applied all the steps of the law of attraction. In exhibitions and newspapers. Do you think I’m going to make it? I apply all the principles! ” The principle that you do not apply is actually painting and writing.

You have to do the necessary work.

The best way to walk out the door is to walk. You can’t walk out that door if you sit inside and do affirmation visualizations while chatting on the phone with a friend about spiritual Paolo Coelho wisdom. So don’t be concerned with the law of attraction. Stop watching The Secret over and over again. If you want to make a lot of money, do it .

Let’s take an example. Suppose you are a coach / trainer. When you come up with a new seminar, you simply rent a room, schedule the date, send brochures to people and pretend it’s going to happen. There is real action in that.

So often on Facebook I see, “I’m going to manifest this and that now .” You’re not Hans Klok, are you? All that manifest … Do that. That’s it basically: do . It only works if you work on it . Your behavior determines the results you achieve.
– Michael Pilarczyk

Well, perhaps it is now clear: actually doing it and executing it is the only thing that works. Do not hold meetings and drink coffee together!

But what if you don’t know what your actions are? Not sure what to do? Then take action to find out what to do. Ask someone who has already done it.

Sometimes the fastest way to the door is simply to start walking.
– Jack Canfield

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
– William Arthur Ward

Change only takes place through action. Frankly, not through prayer or meditation, but through action.
– Dalai Lama

Use your thoughts, words, and actions to actually convert the expectations and optimism of the law of attraction into results. Only then can your thoughts actually turn into things.

Move – meditate – manifest.

Tip 37 – Be proactive, because then you can achieve everything you want

To succeed in the law of attraction, being proactive is an essential quality. Being proactive means you are on the cause side, not the effect side.

There is enormous power in making choices and in taking action on those choices that you make yourself. You are then no longer on the consequence side of everything that happens. You can be proactive on the cause side.

Two plus two is four only if you accept that plus two is four. Two plus two is what I want it to be. Make a choice, proactively decide what you want and make it happen with action. There are always choices, and you can really achieve what you want.
– Will Smith on being on the cause side

Always do your best proactively. Nothing in your life is ‘being lucky’. All the blessings, all the wonderful things in your life … that is not happiness. Happiness is preparation combined with the opportunity that comes along. And you are supported by the universe in all those things. Very conscious and focused, without coincidence.

Don’t confuse the whole idea of power with apathy, indifference, and laziness! Do you know what is not proactive, but apathetic? Hoping, wishing and trying to bend your vibes into positive thoughts … Your underlying energy is then also negative and concerned with your fear: “What if it goes wrong …” … because there is no action involved.

Let every act come from the heart, with passion! Go believing and above go proactively doing and yourself evolve ! Make a plan and take action !!!  Action leads to results . Not just ‘stay positive’ and ‘think positive’! Coaches who do just that to you are quacks. Feel free to use the law of attraction, but in a proactive way with action!

For example, if you check out this article with coaching tips , you will see how homework tasks and action take the upper hand in a coaching journey.

Tip 38 – Take baby steps: more is not even necessary because the magic starts by starting

baby steps change behavior

Ultimately, you don’t have to do most of the work yourself. The universe will do that for you. Take that baby steps so the universe can meet you in the center.

Success is the sum of small efforts that are repeated day in and day out.
– Robert Collier

Do this every day. Show up every day, even though nothing seems to happen for a long time at the beginning. Even though the baby steps always seem in vain. The magic begins by starting. 

Just take that first step. You don’t have to walk all the stairs. Only the first step.
– Martin Luther King

Tip 39 – Do not start later, but start now with the law of attraction, otherwise there will be no guidance

Action. Now. Start. Work with the magic. Don’t put it off for another day, and certainly not another week. There is always something you can do.

If you sit on your lazy ass, the universe won’t start saying, “Let’s go give him / her that present anyway.” You get what you deserve.
– Michael Pilarczyk

Lots of people are waiting. Even though they’ve seen The Secret. Some even watch it every day for a year. They think it no longer takes blood, sweat and tears. They don’t look for work, don’t make sales calls, etc. They wait for the magic, clarity, the aha moment, until the stars line up, until all traffic lights are green …

Mother duck does not wait until all ducks are in a straight line behind her. Then she can wait forever. She just walks and the ducks automatically follow her in a straight line. Do the same with your own ducklings.

Another analogy: the TomTom. The system only continues to guide you to the next step if you keep moving. As soon as you put your car in park mode, the whole system stops helping you. The speakers no longer speak to you and you no longer receive guidance.

Things can develop if you keep moving. Just like the next instruction from the TomTom.

What is that what you want? Get started. Start and keep going. Don’t: start, stop, start, stop and see how it goes. Then you will no longer receive guidance. Because that’s how you tell the system: ‘Not yet, I’m not ready. I’m not going.’ By not taking consistent action, you are telling the system that you are not going.

Also, don’t use the excuse “It doesn’t work yet because the universe has its own time path.” Yes, but are you doing everything you can with what you have and the possibilities you have? Do you throw new and different balls into the universe every day? Maybe the universe does indeed have its own timeframe and maybe you didn’t give the universe a chance.

Tip 40 – Act quickly: the universe loves speed

quickly react law of attraction

The universe is going to give you enough passes that you need to head into it … But you may know that you have to take immediate action for the head chance … The second you think about it, your chance is gone.

An example: one afternoon when I was single, I had expressed the intention to meet a nice woman. When I went shopping that afternoon, I was walking towards the door of the supermarket when suddenly a dog waiting outside for the owner caught my attention by looking at me and making contact. The moment lasted only 1 second and the situation called for me to pet the dog, but I didn’t follow my intuition and I kept walking. Another second later I bumped into the owner: a very nice woman who was absolutely open. My mind was already taking me out of the situation, and I didn’t take advantage of the 1-second chance outside to pet the woman’s dog in peace and quiet, nor did I take advantage of the 1-second rematch that it universe gave me right after the missed opportunity. .. Lesson learned for next time. The universe loves speed. Follow your intuition immediately!

When the opportunity is there, the momentum is there, intuitive tendency is there: trade! That is your job! The universe will constantly organize the conditions for you to use . Fortunately, it ended well for me because a week later I got a second chance from the universe and my dream partner and I found each other then.

The universe loves speed. Don’t procrastinate, don’t think, and don’t hesitate.

Tip 41 – Ask and it will be given … Asking a question is an action!

In the past you may have heard often: “Whoever asks will be skipped …!” Fortunately, I soon discovered that you should ask to not be skipped ..  Funny, this is the exact opposite of what was always said … “Hmm … ¨

Ask questions to …

  • The universe, through the law of attraction. To do this, go back to step 1 of this article.
  • All kinds of people you have to deal with in your daily life. This is a real action that will give you valuable gifts on the way to manifesting your goal!

A beautiful book about this is called: ‘Ask and it will be given’ by Esther Hicks. Curious? Then give it yourself as a gift or ask someone … maybe it will be given to you  For the book you can go here.  And read this article about getting help.

You get what you ask for. But remember: you get what you believe in … and you actually get what you need . And sometimes that’s what you had in mind, sometimes it’s something else and you weren’t paying attention … and sometimes it’s a hard lesson you needed.

Tip 42 – Trust your intuition (your heart)

law of attraction practice

By following your intuition, you experience a new enthusiasm for life. Your intuition , or your heart,  wants to seize every opportunity for growth, on the way to your goal! It becomes easier and easier to trust the universe unconditionally.

Uses your heart / intuition. From there we can get the job done. From there we are able to rise above our problems, doubts, fears and limitations. From there we can do the things we know deep down that we need to do.

Do a ‘meditation / visualization’ where you connect to the energy of your heart. And do everything you do from your heart as much as possible!

Tip 43 – Always do something different: breaking patterns brings the magic of The Secret into your life

Applying the law of attraction successfully implies that you are going to get something different from what you have now. And if you want to get something different, you will have to do something else. This is the law of cartridge interruption.

Don’t take the same route to work, the same food, or the same friends over and over again. New things naturally come into your life if you keep testing something different! This opens more doors to the law of attraction.

Tip 44 – Apply more focus & effectiveness in your life: this way you achieve your goal faster

In the previous tip you read that you always have to do something different. There is one exception to that rule: the only thing you do keep the same is your main (business) goal and the steps you take to get there. You should apply those pattern breaks from the previous tip in your breaks, mornings and bicycle rides, for example.

So apply the following principles when it comes to your big goal:

  • Focus: Keep working with love and dedication on the same project every day so that that project can actually turn into something wonderful.
  • Effectiveness , a synonym for purpose. And making your purpose come true is exactly what we are doing with the law of attraction.

[Step 7 – Receive]

Tip 45 – Receive: this is only possible with positive emotions

Actually receive your order. As you learned in a previous tip, you must be a vibrational match to receive it. So feel positive emotions. For example, feel:

The law of attraction should never feel like a chore. The whole point is you feel good.

Tip 46 – Notice all (small) gifts of the law of attraction

law of attraction

Also pay attention to the little things where good things are already coming. The key is, good things are already coming all the time. See if you can already see three things that you have received today that you would not normally expect. Tomorrow four and then five.

Be careful what you whish for…

Tip 47 – Say thank you out loud for all the gifts of the law of attraction

Say thank you out loud: to yourself, friends, the universe, everyone! So feel gratitude: when the universe feels valued, it wants to do more for you. Every morning / evening, make a list of the little things you are grateful for. Usually this is woven into your diary routine.

Be open to the abundance around and within you.

In doing so, you collect evidence for the law of attraction and give thanks and acknowledge the creative power of the universe. This has two effects:

  1. This changes your way of thinking: you no longer think about what you don’t have and about your complaints. You are going to attract more things that you focus on.
  2. Plus, if the universe feels valued, it wants to do more for you.

This tip is included in the last steps of the law of attraction, but it is also part of the first steps. Feel and meditate on gratitude and enjoy your heightened vibes.

Recognizing the good you already have in your life is the foundation of all abundance.
– Eckhart Tolle

Tip 48 – Help others: the best way to apply the law of attraction to everyone

Give your help (love). This good energy is endless. So ask yourself, “Who can  I help?” Instead of “Who can help me?”

I am an angel. I can give the energy that I give with all my heart.

The great thing is, all the beautiful things you receive as a result of the law of attraction come into this world through other people. In turn, you can be the messenger of the law of attraction to someone else. So help others! In this way, the universe is recruiting you to bring the law of attraction to others.

Give your love, because there is true strength. Whoever loves achieves a lot and can achieve a lot. What has been done in love has been done well.
– Vincent van Gogh

Tip 49 – Give and receive abundantly, and give more than people expect (but don’t sacrifice yourself!)

attract abundance

True wealth is not about what you own, but about what you give. Moreover, it is about the way you give. If you give something, do it with all your heart. Pay people wholeheartedly and receive and work heartily.

If you are willing to joyfully share all that you have, your heart will be filled with pure happiness.
– Michael Pilarczyk

You must first give what you want.
– Lao-Tse

In fact, give – in all areas of your life – more than people expect: when you want to treat someone for lunch, when you hold the door open for someone, when you give gifts, etc.

The waiter who receives your tip: “That’s too much.”
You: “That’s not nearly half what it should have been.”

Only what you don’t give can be lacking. Has it ever occurred to you that what you don’t get could be exactly what you don’t give? For example:

  • Your boss doesn’t motivate you, but do you motivate your boss?
  • You do not get a partner and therefore no affection, but do you give affection to a potential partner?
  • Your partner is not complimenting you, but are you complimenting your partner?
  • Your child does not listen to you, but are you listening to your child? Really listen?

Anyone who does nothing for others does nothing for himself.
– Goethe

When you stop giving, you lose. Giving is an affirmation. To give = to receive. That which is unconditioned can never diminish after it is given, and you cannot lose.

Give your gifts abundantly all over the world. Watch your kindness transform the world. See how your love heals fear. Notice how your courage inspires us all. Let your smile set this world free and give everyone you meet the sparkles in your eyes. Let your light shine. Open your heart. Notice how your inner peace makes every war more meaningless and harder to fight. Your smile is like champagne. Unpack yourself now.

Tip 50 – Not all forms of ‘giving’ are good … But give!

Take a look at the ways of giving below. Do you see the difference?

Good Giving Methods:

  • Inspiration
  • Give unconditionally
  • Commitment
  • Willingness
  • Passion

Bad Giving:

  • Effort
  • Sacrifice

Trade effort for inspiration. Let go of the belief that you have to work hard for everything. Don’t confuse effort with commitment, willingness and passion. Effort is never justified. That is the story of the little me and his separateness.

With difficulty there is no ‘together’, no synchronicity, no inspiration and no synergy. It is a clear sign that you are making a sacrifice. Believe in effortless success. Allow the opportunity for a better and easier way.

Affirm: ‘Today I will not’ struggle ‘. Every time I am tempted to ‘struggle’, I laugh. And then I choose peace.

Do you often find yourself in situations where you see yourself being sacrificed and in which you are making an effort? That is not a matter of bad luck, but a matter of choice. And so it goes with peace.

Remember, there are certainly good ways to give too! Don’t be afraid to give yourself up. We are on Earth to give ourselves fully. You are the gift. Don’t sit on your gifts. Why are we doing that anyway?

The great fear of your ego is that giving equals losing: “The more joy you give, the less joy you will have. The more hope you give, the more you fade away. The more support you give, the more it means your end … ‘

The ego sees all forms of giving as an amputation rather than a supplement. However, this never applies to giving, but to sacrifice. And sacrifice does lead to loss. So give up, but don’t sacrifice yourself.

And don’t care about getting anything back. Give unconditionally. When you give unconditionally it is impossible to lose. When your gift has a price or when you give to get, you will win, lose, or be disappointed and it will only be “enough” for a very short time before you want more. When you give unconditionally, it is impossible to lose.

If you want to be poor, hold. If you want to be rich, give.

Tip 51 – Feel free to own beautiful things: then people will give you even more

This thousands of years old principle is the  Matthew effect  and comes from the Bible: the more you have, the more it will be that other people will want to give you more. If you have nothing, no one wants to do business with you or become friends with you. If you do have all of that, they want to do that more.

Tip 52 – Practice to become a better receiver


This tip is very simple: love prosperity and good things. Practice becoming a better receiver. People who live in abundance have no problem receiving and expecting good things and prosperity. They attract it even more this way! Just do the following three things:

Receive good things, expect good things and prosperity, respect good things and never deprive anyone of the ‘gift of giving’. Be good at receiving!

Tip 53 – Have a different kind of relationship with money

Don’t see money as something you have to chase and work hard for, but take a breath and receive it generously (and liberally let it go).

Love people and use things. Would you reverse this sentence, nothing would work.

Tip 54 – Think prosperity, don’t think ‘shortage’

Think prosperity, don’t think ‘lack’. Keep this in mind for everything you do: work, shop, eat, acquire customers , invoice, compliment , etc.

Moreover, ‘The Secret’ has enough for everyone. There is a lie that is spreading like a virus in humanity: ‘there is not enough for everyone. There is a shortage. ‘ The opposite is true: there is more than enough love, joy and money. There is plenty for everyone.

There are no shortages, only a lack of willingness to receive.

Tip 55 – Understand that there is an endless flow of money in the world

We cannot just linger in the spiritual realms if we want to apply the law of attraction. We really need to talk about money too (and luckily we’ve already done that abundantly in this article).

There is an endless stream of money in the world. This flow is truly endless. We are talking about millions. You can grab it and take a part of it. You just have to move your arm to it and actually grab it.

My teacher once stood in front of the group and she offered one euro in exchange for 50 cents. A few of the attendees in the room opened their wallets in search of 50 cents. A woman was the first, ran forward, gave 50 cents to the teacher and received $ 1.

Then the teacher picked up a 5 euro note. ‘For 2.50 this is for you. Who comes?’

Then she did the same with 10 euros, 20 euros, 50 euros, 100 euros and 200 euros.

Most people couldn’t believe it, hesitated to reach for their wallets and didn’t even dare to be quick and step forward to take it. They thought there must be a catch, or their beliefs about money were getting in the way.

Money is not real. There is so much money in the world! So give a lot of value and take a lot of value.

[Step 8 – Trust and Love the Process]

Tip 56 – Trust the principle of non-duality: you form the universe and setbacks are part of it

You cannot have a universe without something – that is you – experiencing it. So your perception forms the universe. Read more about this in the article on non-duality.

In addition, non-duality teaches us to trust the process. So even if there are setbacks . That is precisely where the valuable lessons and growth opportunities in life lie. So also allow your sadness at the setbacks you will encounter. Moreover, without valleys, there can be no peaks, as we learn from non-duality.

Success is the result of the ups and downs.

So there are also pain and disappointments in the process. They belong. Love the process. How? Especially by living in the moment without striving for success as ultimate salvation. If your music, business or anything else gives you success, that’s great of course, but it shouldn’t be the ultimate redemption in the future. The present moment contains absolute success.

Tip 57 – Enjoy every step in the here and now, instead of anticipating the ultimate outcome

Enjoy every step and not just the final outcome – which otherwise won’t even come. What does that mean practically? After setting it, let go of your goal and focus on the daily steps you need to take – with pleasure!

A former fellow student of mine is currently traveling by bicycle from Dordrecht to India. Together with a friend. From time to time they check the map to check whether they are still driving towards India. It would be great if they didn’t enjoy the trip in all those months! They enjoy the smells, colors, sleeping places, company, food, new cultures and new friendships that take place along the way. And when the going gets tough, they make it very small for themselves. Step by step they progress – while enjoying themselves. And if they do that long enough, after intense enjoyment they are suddenly at the Indian border.

Tip 58 – Form a ‘mastermind group’ to strengthen the law of attraction

mastermind together law of attraction

A mastermind group is a group of four like-minded people who meet once a week or two weeks to support each other with each other’s goals. During the first meeting you explain what your dream / long-term goal is and for each subsequent meeting you plan concrete steps to make your dream come true.

The best way to predict something is to create it.

Tip 59 – Start using the law of attraction for small things too

Just have some fun with it and start with little things:

  • Parking spaces
  • Have a cup of coffee today
  • Talk to an old friend again

Tip 60 – Keep testing until you have attracted abundance

If everyone does something in a certain way and if there are no results, do it differently. This is the TOTE philosophy.  So keep testing everything until you have achieved your abundant lifestyle.

The secret is the answer to all that has been, all that is, and all that will ever be.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

[Additional Practical Tips for Achieving Abundance with the Law of Attraction]

Tip 61 – Ask plenty of questions

Ask questions and learn from the experiences of others. If you’re in a seminar, be the one who asks the most questions (if you actually have helpful questions).

Tip 62 – You don’t need customers (that’s forcing …)

You don’t need customers. You want customers who can make a change in the world, who want to do something with it and who want results, in order to further improve the world. So you qualify your customers: ‘Why do you need the training? Not because everyone is doing it, I hope? ‘

So be choosy in choosing clients / jobs. You ask a premium-premium-premium price and you are absolutely convinced that you are good. It doesn’t matter how many competitors there are who ask less.

It’s easy to compete on price, but not that easy to ask for a premium reward and be good. You will win on that.

Tip 63 – You don’t have to be a millionaire to live in abundance

law of attraction

This might be a big eye opener for you: How much do you think the following things will cost? Ski chalets, good golf, diving, sitting by a pool on vacation …

These are all things that fit into a millionaire lifestyle, but do they really cost a million? This may be a great insight you can have: the answer is ‘no’! You can even make a world trip for 18,000 Euros. You don’t need a million to be free and discover the world while backpacking! So you can already have a wonderful lifestyle.

Tip 64 – Read these books about the law of attraction

This was already an extensive article with 12,000 words. Would you like to dive deeper into the law of attraction? Then below you will find the best books on the law of attraction, along with related topics such as consciously choosing love.

  • Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  • The Power of Intention – Wayne Dyer
  • As a man tinketh – James Allen
  • Life Abundant – Deepak Chopra
  • The Master Key System – Charles F. Haanel
  • Wealth Beyond Reason & Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power – Bob Doyle
  • E-squared – Pam Grout
  • The Success Principles – Jack Canfield
  • The Attractor Factor – Joe Vitale
  • Feel it real – Denise Coates
  • Thoughts are things – Bob Proctor
  • The science of getting rich – Wallace D. Wattles
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Well, in summary one more time: this is how you apply the law of attraction …

How should you apply the law of attraction? This article describes each step in detail. The steps are as follows:

  1. Determine what your goal is.

    What do you really want? Let it be a great goal that you have a great desire for. In this article we will go into this exactly.

  2. Visualize your goal as if it has already come true.

    What does it look like exactly when you have reached your goal? Make this as vivid as possible. Also speak out what you see. You can read how to do this in the article.

  3. Let go of your purpose and live in the here and now.

    Just live your life without forcing your goal. Have fun and meditate in your daily life so that your vibes become a match for your cause. How do you do that? We give several tips in this article.

  4. The Universe has long given the purpose.

    From the moment you spoke it, your purpose was already “produced” by the Universe. It will always be given. Straight away.

  5. Expect it to come true: open up to it.

    Be open to anything that comes your way.

  6. Actually do something.

    In the previous step, something already came your way. Now you have to do something with that too. Take the steps towards your goal. It is as if you received a cross from the universe, which you can now head into.

  7. Receive.

    Now you can actually say yes to the success that life offers you.

  8. Trust the process.

    Without peaks, there are no lows. So also love the setbacks you encounter along the way.

Good luck applying ‘The Secret’!

These were all the tips for using the law of attraction so that you can live in abundance. Let us know in the comments how you design your lifestyle and use the law of attraction!

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