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What Is ‘The New Way of Working’? Meaning, Definition & Examples

What Is ‘The New Way of Working’? Meaning, Definition & Examples

What is ‘the new way of working‘? In this article you will find an explanation, meaning, tips and examples of the new way of working. Read more…

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Meaning of ‘the new way of working’: work-private integration

The new way of working means that you integrate your work with your private environment . The most obvious example of this is that you are not traveling to work , but that you are working from home . This is also referred to as work-life integration .

Be aware of the pitfalls of the new way of working

With the growth of technology and the complete dependence on our devices, maintaining a clear separation between our private and work life becomes a challenge.

Our work-related matters regularly enter our personal lives, and that can bring pitfalls.

The benefits of integrating work and private life

  • It’s a lot more realistic and empathetic: You can’t expect employees to spend a lot of hours each day on travel time just to be productive at work.
  • Work becomes more exciting: When an employee can combine his or her work with his or her personal life, this makes his daily tasks less monotonous.
  • Motivation: Giving them the option to work from home twice a week or offer flexible hours increases the motivation of the team, resulting in a more productive workforce.
  • You get more done: When it is allowed to combine work and household tasks, employees will feel heard. Their needs are being met, so they will also be willing to meet business needs. A happier employee is more loyal and more productive.

How the new way of working can be applied in your organization

The new way of working is easy to realize and implement. You could test the following approach:

Tip 1 – Set the rules at an early stage

Breaking rules is part of human nature, so the important thing is to establish the ground rules as early as possible. These basic rules for integrating work and private life should indicate what you expect from your employees and what freedoms they can enjoy.

Tip 2 – Choose a result-oriented approach and allow flexibility

The best way to make sure there are no problems in the process is to take a results-oriented approach. What this means? As long as an employee gets the job done right and respects the company’s ground rules, everything is fine. Too much micro-management is harmful. Without flexibility, your business will not benefit from the integration of work and private life.

Tip 3 – Use collaboration tools

A great way to manage employee effectiveness in the new way of working is to use productivity and management tools like Trello or Basecamp. In this way, team leaders can put all the necessary work in one place and monitor progress together with their employees, anywhere in the world.

To your success!

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