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Online Dating Advantages & Benefits [8 Surprising Reasons]

Online Dating Advantages & Benefits [8 Surprising Reasons]

What are the benefits of online dating? In this article you will learn all this and you will find an overview of the best ways to date online. Read along…

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But first: what is online dating?

Online dating, or Internet dating, is the first contact online to meet someone for a date. This can be done, for example, via a PC, smartphone or tablet. Special dating sites have been developed for this, often with an accompanying app.

Dating via the internet is no longer a taboo. More and more relationships are developing between singles who have met each other online. Not surprising of course, because online dating has many advantages when compared to classic forms of dating, such as meeting new people while going out or using a relationship agency. In this article we discuss tips and reasons for dating online so that you too can find your dream partner via the internet.

Quickly some advantages and disadvantages of online dating

internet dating benefits

Advantages of online dating:

  • You save (travel) time for selecting matches.
  • You can indicate with filters and criteria to eliminate non-potential members.
  • You can find specific ‘ niche markets ‘, such as: people of a specific age, education level, ethnicity, disabled people, singles with children, homosexuals or people with a specific hobby or interest.
  • You know for sure that the other person is also seeking .
  • There is a therapeutic effect for people who have just come out of a relationship.
  • People who are less social can also make contacts and build a pleasant relationship.

Disadvantages of online dating:

  • The prices of dating sites are not unreasonably high, but the dating sites must also be able to make a profit and that will cost you something. A three-month subscription is most common and costs no more than 100 euros.
  • It is normal for more than half of the messages sent to go unanswered , which can be discouraging. This is not only due to people who don’t bother to respond, but also because some members who don’t pay are kicked out. Young women, in particular, receive a lot of responses, which they cannot all answer. Sometimes as many as 500 in a day.
  • Some members remain too mysterious because they post too few photos or personal information.
  • You could meet acquaintances on such a dating platform.
  • A text and a photo say little about the actual vibe of a person.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the benefits of online dating

Online dating is above all useful. So let’s zoom in on the benefits of online dating …

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Advantage 1: Lots of singles to choose from

Dating via the internet has long been the most normal thing in the world. Most general dating sites therefore have nothing to complain about the number of members. There are easily tens of thousands per website and they are all looking for nice new contacts. New singles are added every day. A dating site is therefore a huge pond full of different singles who are actively looking for a date. The chance that you can hook up with your dream partner is really very high.

Advantage 2: Everyone is open to a date

Anyone who has joined an online dating site is open to meeting new people, so no one will be surprised if you text them. Some people are temporarily unavailable, for example because they are actively chatting or dating someone, but even then it is not surprising if you drop a line with them. Of course, this significantly lowers the threshold for approaching someone digitally. Do you really need a lot of guts in daily life to just ask someone out, on a dating site that is (even if you are quite shy) a lot easier.

Advantage 3: Maintain multiple contacts at the same time

Due to the ease and speed of internet dating, it is perfectly possible to maintain multiple online contacts at the same time. This greatly improves the pace at which you meet new singles and get to know them better and it also increases the chance of getting to know the man or woman of your dreams. Dating in this way is obviously not an obligation, because not everyone likes to be in contact with several people at the same time. But a big advantage of this option is that someone you really like will often come up naturally.

Advantage 4: Find someone who is a perfect fit for you

Every member should have filled out their own dating profile just as extensively as you. That makes searching for singles who meet all your wishes, requirements and preferences easier than ever. For example, with the push of a button you show all singles in your area who also love to relax together on the couch. And with a different search you can just as easily find all active singles who love to experience new adventures. This way you can easily search, filter and refine until you have found the singles that you really click with.

Advantage 5: Dating without your environment knowing about it

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Because you can search for a date or a relationship on the internet very anonymously and therefore discreetly, no one in your environment needs to know that you are dating online. Friends, family and colleagues will only know that you are looking for a date or a new relationship when you tell them. That is of course so nice, because it not only prevents all kinds of wise advice that you are not waiting for, but you also don’t owe anyone an explanation when that one date that you expected a lot from turns out to be a complete soft. You can just forget about that and carry on happily, because there is no one to remind you.

Advantage 6: Get to know each other better immediately

When you have found a nice profile on a dating site, you can send a message immediately. If the other person is also interested in you, the next logical step is to chat with each other and that is also quickly arranged. Often this is already possible safely and quickly via the dating site itself, but if that is not possible you can of course also opt for Skype or Whatsapp. This way you can immediately get to know each other a little better, simply via the internet. If you click during the chat, it is important to quickly arrange a real meeting. Only then will you know whether the spark will really strike.

Advantage 7: Internet dating is less superficial than Tinder

Online dating through a dating site is a lot more in-depth than using a dating app like Tinder. Whichever way you turn it, with Tinder and other mobile dating apps it’s all about physical attraction and that of course says nothing about how good or bad you actually fit together. With a dating site you can show a lot more of your personality and match much better on much more important aspects such as shared interests, world view and character. It is less superficial and that increases the chances of finding a lasting relationship.

Advantage 8: There is a dating site for everyone!

Because dating via the internet is so extremely popular, you also have many different dating sites. The best-known and largest sites such as Pepper, Lexa and Parship are suitable for a very wide audience. However, there are also many smaller dating sites for a unique target group, the so-called niche dating sites. These focus, for example, on the elderly, single parents, religious people and many more separate groups of singles. 

Essential tips for online dating

online dating overview and tips

Looking for tips for dating online?

On your luck!

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