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Flirting Via Text: 19 Tips & 51 Examples [Whatsapp, Tinder]

Flirting Via Text: 19 Tips & 51 Examples [Whatsapp, Tinder]

What’s the best way to flirt via Whatsapp and other means of texting? What are e.g. the best Tinder chat tips? What do you send to someone you like? How do you start a Whatsapp conversation? Here you will find the best tips, opening lines and flirt phrases for him and her via text.

You may be asking yourself: How do you start a chat conversation? Why is my Tinder match going away? Why is my match not responding? In this article, let’s look at the right tips including examples of flirting via SMS or Whatsapp, for example. In short, any text medium with which you send online messages.

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Tip 1 – Use your charms especially offline and use these 59+ tips

For starters, I’d like to direct you to these 59+ Crucial Ways to Flirt Offline . Why? It is best to show your true charms offline, after which you can use  Whatsapp and other chat forms as a supplement.

You can’t kiss a screen.

You can start the first conversation, make a small joke or arrange a date via chat, but do not use the chat as a primary means to flirt and get to know each other.

You prefer to use the chat as little as possible. Be brave for once and do not hide behind a screen , but ask the other person offline. Read here how to ask someone out and get a guaranteed date.  Now it is much easier to continue flirting via Whatsapp.

Flirting is a feeling, and that feeling can really only be experienced when two people are near each other offline. Moreover, every sentence can be interpreted in a different or incorrect way via Whatsapp. Really use it as a bonus flirtation.

Tip 2 – Don’t be too ‘funny’ with your messages if you don’t know each other well yet

don't be a clown when texting

Nice, all those ‘funny’ and ‘original’ text messages like this one:

“I’m going to ask you to be my sidekick on a bank heist because I need someone to seduce the guards. Then we’re going to build a time machine so you can go back in time because you could be a good 50s housewife. . “

Don’t worry, you’ll see plenty of these ‘funny’ example phrases later in this article . Only use them after you have already shown your real character well.

Because really … who is really so ‘funny’, ‘original’ and ‘imaginative’? Probably that’s not the case for you. And that’s okay either! Just be your ‘boring’ self. That is 100 times more attractive and easier for yourself and for others.

If you act so funny via Whatsapp when you don’t know each other very well yet, there are four problems:

  • A) The other feels pressured to also be funny, and that takes a lot of energy for the other because the other cannot be themselves.
  • B) This takes a lot of energy for you because you are not yourself.
  • C) Sooner or later you fall through the basket and it becomes clear that your real self is not constantly thinking up these kinds of ‘funny’ things.
  • D) You show that you hide your feelings behind all those jokes and teasing. The other person (also) just wants to hear vulnerable, sweet things from you, such as: ‘You are beautiful. I like to hang out with you. ‘

Tip 3 – Do not use ‘well thought out’ tricks but write authentically as yourself

Of course we understand that you tend to constantly think about ‘jokes, tips, tricks and techniques’ when Whatsapping. However, the truth is, anyone can naturally ‘pick up’, but the problem is usually that you don’t give yourself enough value. When you know what you are worth about yourself – and that you don’t need the other person – ‘decorating well’ comes naturally.

So if you don’t know how to send someone a message, this has more to do with thinking too much. That you make it too important . That you want to say the right thing. If you let go of all this, you automatically have ‘decorating skills’.

Just stay open and honest . Just stay relaxed and show understanding for each other. Your true character and vulnerability come first.

Tip 4 – Your first chat message? Do not make this mistake on the first message

So, you met someone (at a party, for example) and you didn’t agree to see each other again, but you did exchange numbers. You know what to do: the next step is to make an appointment via the telephone number.

Don’t make the mistake I made: I wanted to make an appointment right away. And she said that we would schedule a date via Whatsapp. The very first SMS I sent was: “I think it would be nice to meet you on Wednesday evening.” You guessed it: no response.

What can you learn from this? Do n’t make plans in the first Whatsapp message or hint at it! The first message is all about re-initiating the contact.

So never let your first Whatsapp message be:

  • “Nice meeting you Sara. Do you have plans tomorrow? ” Wrong…
  • “Nice meeting you Sara. Do you want to hang out on Friday? ” Wrong…
  • “Nice meeting you Sara. I would like to meet you soon, if you think that’s cool? ” Wrong…

But how should it be ? See next tip …

Tip 5 – The first Whatsapp message should be simple and not demanding

dating via whatsapp tips

Just let the first Whatsapp message be something simple without immediately demanding the other to make a major ‘investment’, such as grabbing the agenda and committing to an appointment. A fun, flirty, or teasing message is allowed.

In any case, make it a personal  message, so a message that would only be appropriate for that specific person. You can achieve this in the following ways:

  • Chat in the dialect or language of the other. “Good morrege Sara fan Amsterdam. I font het salvation fun.”
  • Do not start a fresh topic of conversation via Whatsapp again. That is not necessary for anything and you have to completely rebuild the connection. What you should do is remind the other of the connection that was there when you met live. Repeat the same jokes you had then, refer to your conversation or activity or send a photo of that moment.
  • Make a joke that reflects on the conversation you two had. For example, about the other person’s dance skills, what the other wore or said or a nickname that you accidentally gave the other person (“Nice meeting you yesterday Kelly Clarkson”). If the other said during the evening that he / she could finally move after a long search: “Hey homeless person. Finished moving yet? ” If the other person stood with their arms folded during the evening: “Latin heat! Do you still have your arms folded? Good night, kiddo. Greetings – Ridiculously handsome Brabanter.”
  • Or fool the other person. Have you talked for hours and immediately felt a super close bond with each other, then the other does not expect you to forget the other. Then send: “Who is this?” The other: “J from club X.” You: “Yeah I knew that … just have fun with you, dummy :)”
  • Maybe make a simple ‘arrogant’ joke. “Hi Sara. Congratulations on scoring my song;)”
  • You can of course also shake off any obligations to be ‘funny’ and just send something honest and sweet. But let it still be personal : “That was a pleasant meeting. Nice that you reacted so openly while you were actually in a hurry.”

Tip 6 – Flirting via Whatsapp? Go back to ‘inside jokes’ and ‘callback humor’

Let me tell you the power of inside jokes. You don’t just have inside jokes with everyone. You only have them with people who understand each other extra well. It’s almost a telepathic feeling. So this is an easy way to evoke connecting emotions in the other person via chat, without being overtly flirty.

Moreover, it shows your intelligent, emotional and creative side without you constantly asking questions of the other.

How are you doing this? Most men and women ask me the question, “I just got his / her phone number … What kind of message should I send?” This is the wrong question. The question you should ask yourself is, “Where did I previously talked about everything with the other? What have we experienced together? “ If you had given the other person a nickname, for example, you can also use it in your Whatsapp message.

Tip 7 – Are you on Tinder (or something similar)? Work towards a physical appointment as soon as possible

via whatsapp flirting example sentences

Nice, all that chatting, but don’t allow the other person to use it as simple entertainment as an alternative to the TV. You don’t have to go on a date after a hundred messages. It is possible after less than seven messages. After you have already chatted about one simple topic (a ‘bite’), it is already time to propose an appointment.

In fact, if all goes well, the other person has already matched with you because he / she has already decided to want to see you.

‘I think you are interesting. I prefer to spend my time offline so let’s have a drink together 🙂 ‘

Tip 8 – Use these example sentences to ask someone out via Whatsapp or Tinder

Below you will find some ‘nice’ example sentences to ask someone out via chat. They are ‘supposedly funny’. Choose whether they suit you or not.

  • As much as I appreciate our anonymous app session, I prefer personal contact. Let’s meet up somewhere next week.
  • “{Pretend you’re reading something funny and charming here that will make Sara go out for a drink with me this week}”
  •  “Sara, we’re going to bar X on Friday evening. Your mission, should you accept it, is to appear there between 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM. Your assignment is to have a drink with a sexy and not too modest guy. This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds! I hope to see you there … “
  • “Let’s hang at spot X. Send ‘1’ for yes and ‘2’ for sure. Make sure you dress smart because then we match. “
  • {Nickname}, where are you? I have another top-secret assignment for you! Hey, my assistant Gunther will call you in 10 minutes.

Tip 9 – Make it cheerful with smileys (emojis) and hearts

flirt tips tinder

Smileys – or emojis – show emotions. Why is that important? Falling in love is an emotional thing. Use all the basic emojis where it makes sense – and simple keyboard smileys – like;) are ideal.

But what is most important? That you just dare to send hearts. Preferably earlier than the other person. It is a vulnerable act if you can show your love feeling with a loving emoji. And that vulnerable act will be rewarded.

Just dare to use them:

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Other emojis you can flirt with …


And then some ambiguous emojis …

Some examples of what you can do with this …

  • 👅🍯🤯
  • 👅🌮💦
  • 👉👌
  • 👄🍆🎆
  • 👋🍑➰😈
  • 🥖🍯
  • Can’t wait to see you after work today 👅
  • You look 🔥 from that outfit … can not wait to get it out to see too.

Funny GIFs are also always fun. Here you will find a number of classics.

Tip 10 – Have a good balance between responding quickly and slowly

Do not respond within 5 seconds every time the other person takes an hour. Also, don’t respond until after a day or two every time the other person takes 5 seconds. Keep it balanced.

Tip 11 – Also keep the length of your chat messages a bit in balance

The other person only responds with:

  • “Haha okay”
  • “Haha”
  • “Okay”
  • “Fuck it”
  • “Whatever”
  • “Certainly”
  • “Eh?”
  • “Pffff…”

Then you are not going to write entire paragraphs. This also applies the other way around: if the other person writes a lot, then also give back more love.

Tip 12 – Have you asked someone out? Send ‘non-demanding’ ‘pings’ to keep the other person warm

whatsapp flirt decorate

Is the date only in 3 days or even further away? Then send a ‘ping’ in between (a few hours before the date anyway). This is an innocent, funny message or thought that does not ‘demand’ anything from the other , but is just a nice comment. This comment can also hint a little bit about the date. Sometimes the other person forgets the date, or the other is no longer as warm as when you asked him / her out.

“After a lot of thought, I have to conclude that everyone in this airport is stupid except me.”

“Just two 60-year-old men dominated with squash. Peter” confidence = All time high :)”

You can also. send things like …

  • A nice selfie.
  • A follow-up on your inside jokes.
  • A photo of you doing something or with your friends.

Tip 13 – Send these examples of sweet, funny and emotion-inducing messages / pings

  • Do you miss me already? Ahhhh …
  • Bored me at work … Would rather wrestle with you against crocodiles.
  • Your Whatsapp messages are also always packed with Confucius-esque wisdom.
  • You know, our Whatsapp messages are so good that in 100 years high school students are studying them.
  • Send a ‘comedy laugh track.mp3’ and send it after the other jokes.
  • How many other women / men did you Whatsapp this to? 😉
  • Sorry I didn’t send a message back, pretended to be a woman for three days.
  • There is a very sexy woman from Rotterdam who just won’t stop flirting with me, what can I do about it? Or: Hey, I met a sexy woman from Rotterdam yesterday, what should I say to flirt with her?
  • You have a sexy smile … 🙂 Want to kiss you now …
  • What are you doing at this precise moment and how can we add some cuddling to that?
  • If you’re a boy: “We need to talk … I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant”
  • Wow … I was walking to my car when some elderly woman told me I’m sexy. Awesome … I think.
  • If the other makes a typo, pick the other up there: “I’m going to douche.” “Okay I shower too” Or: “Sorry but I don’t shower.”
  • Has the other person somehow forgotten who belongs to your number, then that’s a chance for humor. “Hey who are you?” “Exciting right?”

Tip 14 – Give the other person the command to do something via a message

flirt with whatsapp

Let the other person look something up via YouTube or Google, send you a photo, put a song on Spotify, look up something on your Facebook or do something else for you because you are not somewhere yourself.

This allows you to let the other invest in you in a small and innocent way.

  • “YouTube the song {song name}. A friend of mine just wrote and posted it. Tell me if you like it. ”
  • “This lesson is sooooo boring. Make me laugh. If I get LOL and get in trouble you win. “
  • “Youtube ‘can I get your number’. That’s how bad I am at things like this. ”
  • “Check out my friends and I’s Las Vegas video on Facebook.”

This is useful because you can easily have these types of tasks further developed into, for example, asking for sweet Whatsapp messages.

Tip 15 – Is the other person not responding? Do this…

If the other does not respond, there is always a chance that the other is busy and has forgotten to respond. Wait at least about 10 hours and change the subject.

No response yet? If you don’t have a date or something on the agenda, there is no reason to continue chatting with this person. The investment must be reciprocal.

Tip 16 – Don’t care too much about your Tinder bio

decorating apps

You can google the most ideal Tinder profile, but everyone already uses it. You can also think of one yourself, but then you have to be creative to not appear the same as others. In reality, your Tinder bio doesn’t matter that much. That app is all about appearance .

If necessary, put your shopping list on it:

Cashews etc
Sun dried tomatoes
Small tomatoes
Fava beans

Does the other say something about it? ‘Oh I just used it as space for my shopping list. Didn’t know it was that important.’

Tip 17 – If (!) the other person is not giving you much, you might still be able to make it

If the other person always responds curtly and does not seem to be interested, then you normally do not have to do anything anymore. Then you just look for someone you have a click with. Moreover, you should not normally end up in such a situation. If you are just yourself offline and are nice, the other person will not respond curtly to Whatsapp.

Is the other still curt and do you still want to take a chance? Then give short and cold responses that show that you don’t care that much anymore. It is important to meet in the middle. It shouldn’t be the case that one person makes a lot more effort than another.

Responding curtly looks something like this:

  • Haha okay.
  • Haha
  • Fixed
  • okay
  • Fuck it
  • Whatever
  • Will be
  • Certainly
  • Eh?
  • Pffff …
  • Pffg…
  • You…
  • Okay bye

You can also throw in a bit of humor.

Haha okay.
‘Haha okay’

Have you been kidnapped by dwarfs and are you only allowed to say haha?

If mini gnomes kidnapped you and they want gold nuggets, my gold nuggets are on pffffff

Is the Pony Express sending your Whatsapp messages? It takes forever to respond! Don’t think so much about it. Just write.

Tip 18 – Very occasionally mention the name of the other person in a few messages

sample sentences whatsapp

You can use the other’s name as a flirtation tool, but if you do it too often, the other person soon gets the feeling: “What does he want from me?”

On your success!

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