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The Bahai Faith And Its Principles [Teachings & Explanation]

The Bahai Faith And Its Principles [Teachings & Explanation]

What is the Baha’i faith and what are its principles and teachings? In this article, we will look at its context and principles. Read further…

What is the Baha’i faith and who is its founder?

The most recent world Guide that we know of is Bahá’úlláh. A century and a half ago Bahá’úlláh proclaimed that He was the divine Messenger, the Guide for this epoch.

He bid humanity work together for the unity and well-being of all.

Bahá’úlláh taught that humanity had reached the day that all the prophets of the past had announced.

Bahá’úlláh taught to us that world unity is the goal of this day and this age.

Since then we have been witnesses to a simultaneous process of spiritual, social, economic, historical and technological progress.

All this leads impels us towards world unity.

The principles of the Baha’i faith

In order to reach this world unity, Bahá’úlláh provides us with a wealth of social, moral, and spiritual principles:

  • First, all must learn to investigate the truth independently and to accept that a single God exists and that all the Messengers come from a same divine source.
  • Humanity must reject all its prejudices of race, class and creed.
  • Man must consider his fellow as equal to himself.
  • Equality between man and woman must be achieved.
  • The world ‘s children should receive an education.
  • Extremes of wealth and poverty must disappear.
  • And the religion and science must go hand by hand.
  • An international auxiliary language should be taught alongside one’s mother tongue.
  • And a world commonwealth must be established in a global confederation.

With these lessons Bahá’úlláh showed the way towards the unity of the world.

Bahá’úlláh confirmed, adjusted and renewed what His Predecessors had taught.

Bahá’úlláh announced that after Him, there will be Others Who will guide humanity in this endless journey towards the light…

Original text by Aladin & Lila Alaie

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