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[Sales] Call script example: use this irresistible telephone script

[Sales] Call script example: use this irresistible telephone script

In this article you will find two recommended examples of call scripts. Using these phone scripts will boost your sales. Read on…

Before using the call script, the prospect should already be quite warm

The word ‘prospect’ says it all. It is no longer a lead and certainly not a suspect. This means that by the time you call this person, the prospect has been warmed up with, for example, your free information or tips. Only after you are sure that someone has eagerly used your free information, do you start calling.

Below the phone script starts (example of a coaching company)

The script below has been completed for a coaching company for board members. Use the example and apply it to your own type of product or service.

1. Introduction

  • Hello, I am… from Coaching Company X.

2. Your reason for calling

  • Because you already know us well as a nation-wide renowned coaching company with all the coaching disciplines and associated expertise in house, I want to call a select number of people with a passion for their business goals, and I saw from your interactions with our tips that you are someone who is serious about your business goals and who shows motivation.
  • Because there is only a very small group of people who are really working on it, because yes, how many people do you know who consciously call in help with their business goals …
  • I want to see what we can do for each other with business coaching. We want to help you with your personal development and business goals, which is why we would like to have personal contact.
  • That is why I am curious about what exactly your ambitions and goals are. What do you want to achieve with coaching?

3. Chat a little with the prospect

  • I see you have read {our free material} and {our other free material}. If not: Do you already have experience with coaching?
  • How have you experienced the content so far?
  • What has it benefited you (so far)?
  • How does that appeal to you?
  • What did you like about it?
  • Why do you think that is important?
  • Have you been able to use it yet? How have you already used it? / Which concrete tips have you already used?
  • How can it add value to your life?
  • What are your plans with this? (if necessary you  can process the  coach model here: (1) where do you want to go, what do you want to achieve? (2) what is holding you back, obstacles or challenges in life)
  • — Optionally you can mention other things on his / her CRM profile.

4. Establishing a link with coaching products

  • By the way, have you already looked at our coaching products?
  • What did you think of the products that you can purchase?
  • (3) You want to … become, you experience x and y, and what I advise you is to … follow.
  • On {date} we have another coaching program…. which is already quite full.

5. ‘Sell’ the relevant coaching product (mention advantages and strengths)

  • E.g .: the coaching is given by the board members themselves, they have more than 20 years of experience, it is 20 intensive coaching hours, etc.
  • I am curious: what do you think the coaching sounds like?
  • Pick out 1 thing he mentions and with that: What would that give you? Why would you want to be trained in this? Why do you think that is important?

6. Concrete agreement (close)

  • I’ve had you on the phone for a nice {half hour},
  • I hear you say that you… and… and…. is important.
  • What I am going to do for you is the following: I am going to send you {information that has been discussed, eg a page of a coaching product}, and see if there are places available. Then I will call you next week to discuss what you think, because if I hear you about it, it is valuable to you.
  • I can {eg. Monday} or {eg. Tuesday}. Which one works?

Alternative Client Enrollment Script (Goal, Obstacle, Solution)

call script example tips

1. Goals

  1.     Tell me about yourself / company / relationship.
  2.     The wonder questionIf you had a magic wand, and you could wish for everything you could want, where would you like to be in the next 6 months to a year?
  3.     What would that do for you next?
  4.    What would be the best of that?
  5.    What makes the most of that?

2. Challenges and the impact / costs of those challenges

  1.    What do you think could delay, get in the way, or hold you back from achieving {the purpose of the previous question}?
  2.    What else? Repeat this question until all obstacles have been identified.
  3.    What impact do you think these challenges will have on your {company, relationship}?
  4.     And what impact do these challenges have on various other areas in your life?
  5.    How long have you had these challenges?
  6.    What’s the worst about these challenges?
  7.    What makes that the worst?

3. Light at the end of the tunnel

  1.  If you could take away all these challenges and the path to your goal was clear, what would that do for you?
  2.  What would be the best of that?
  3.  What makes that the best?
  4.  What do you find most valuable about our conversation so far?
  5.   I have a {product / service} that is specifically aimed at helping people like you overcome these kinds of challenges and achieve these kinds of results. Would you like to hear more about that?

4. How you can help the other person

  1.  Explain how your product / service works.
  2.  Check if the other person is on the same wavelength: “Does this make sense to you?”, “Would that be valuable to you?”
  3.  Explain your rates and subscription types.
  4.  Which of these options would suit you best?
  5.  Would you like to test it?
  6.  Awesome. Let me enter your details into the system.

Bonus tips for selling

call script example

  • If someone isn’t ready to take the next step, help them overcome their obstacles and see if they’re ready to move on after that.
  • There was an urgency somewhere that got you moving, and now it is suddenly no longer urgent?
  • Sell ​​the destination, not the flight.
  • After you ask the closing question, shut up.
  • You can sometimes give a presentation at network meetings. Is that the case for you? Afterwards, provide everyone with a sticker with your contact details.

More resources…

This was the article with two strong sales call scripts.

Good luck!

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