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How To Give A Persuasive Presentation [12 Powerful Tips]

How To Give A Persuasive Presentation [12 Powerful Tips]

How can you give a persuasive presentation? In this article you will find tips to convince people of your point. Let’s see what the tips are for presenting convincingly and persuasively. Read more…

Let’s go to the tips: How to present with persuasion…

Let’s start right away with the tips below. Whatever your topics are for your convincing presentation, you will certainly find good ideas for your own presentation in the tips below.

Tip 1 – Follow your audience first, because after that you have earned credits to convince

Do you already know the principle of ‘follow first, then lead‘? That simply means that you first have to show genuine attention and interest in your audience. This makes your audience more willing to listen to you, so you can convince them better.

The easiest way to do this is to ask the audience how they are doing and what they have done for your presentation. Also look for the interaction and respond substantively to what the audience says. You show goodwill with this, so that the public also gets goodwill for you.

The best thing is when you can also follow in a topic related to your presentation topic. For example, if you sell something in your presentation, take advantage of the audience ‘s pain . This shows empathy. See next tip …

Tip 2 – Do you want to convince? Use pain (this is the power of empathy)

convincingly present how

What is so good about the sentence below of a convincing presentation?

So come along to the study trip! Because whoever stays behind here will in any case miss a lot of valuable experiences . And whoever comes along will have experienced and learned so much more.

The answer: in the example above, attention is also paid to the pain of not coming along. Unfortunately, many speakers refuse to engage in pain elements, not knowing that pain is actually very motivating.

Plus, showing that you understand the pain of your audience is very empathetic. So be sure to discuss the audience’s potential pain points, otherwise you’ll just come up with a good news show and miss the opportunity to build an empathetic connection.

Here you can read more about the pain-pleasure principle and here you can read more about convincing with pain.

Tip 3 – Use reverse psychology

Reverse psychology is a sneaky persuasive technique. You may recognize him from the most manipulative telephone salespeople. What is so special about the sentence below?

If you don’t want to make an effort, you don’t have to join.

The answer: You ‘push’ your audience away from you, which will only make them more interested. The above sentence (dis) qualifies the audience. As a result, you are suddenly no longer the ‘pushy salesman’ who wants to convince others, but you suddenly offer a special opportunity that actually requires effort.

Tip 4 – Do ‘mind reads’ to give positive suggestions about your offer

What does the sentence below do to your audience?

I can already see you ready, with an increasing curiosity.

The answer: Without them realizing, you have suggested that the audience is very interested and curious. Is it actually true? No, it is an interpretation, but an interpretation that suits you very well. Within NLP we call this  reading thoughts,  which is an indispensable persuasion technique during presentations to groups.

Tip 5 – Use other milton model techniques in your presentation

The Milton Model is an excellent language pattern tool that you can use in your presentation to make it more convincing. The following tip about mind reads was already part of the Milton Model. In this section we will throw in two examples: Presuppositions and Double Binds.

What do you notice about the sentence below that you could tell at the end of a presentation?

Can you see how much extra value the bonuses add?

The words “can you see” imply that it is a fact and that you only have to see it. This is one of the ways you can use presuppositions.

And what do you notice about this sentence?

Do you want to register now or later?

This is a double bind, which is also part of the Milton Model.

Tip 6 – Communicate clearly, also with your body and space

convincing presentation tips article

Do you know what half the work is to make a convincing presentation? If your audience can understand, understand and follow you at all. Apply the following things:

  • Please speak loud and clear.
  • Explain your story as if you were explaining it to a five-year-old. Without jargon and super clear.
  • Visualize the structure of your story: Use ‘stage anchors’ to connect elements of your story with places on the stage. For example, if you are talking about the past, stand on the left. When you talk about the now, stand in the middle. If you are talking about the future, stand on the right. Or divide your learning points with this: When you talk about point 1, stand on the left. If you are talking about point 2, stand in the middle. If you are talking about point 3, stand on the right.

My favorite way to organize the stage is: problem situation – solution.

“You are experiencing {pain points}.

Let’s move to a nicer place (walk to a new location on the stage).

And that nicer place is {your solution}. “

Tip 7 – Use Cialdini, even if it is outdated

Are Cialdini’s 6 persuasion techniques outdated? Yes, but who cares? It functions. It’s that simple. Just a few examples that just work:

Social proof:

“I see a few who said they were coming / who have already signed up.”


“We have already arranged this for you.”

Tip 8 – Use other elements of effective influencing

Here you will find 59+ extra influencing techniques  that you can all use in your presentation.

Tip 9 – Make sure you have a good structure

For example by placing an original opening. Here you will find all the tips for the structure & structure of a presentation: 31 steps, perfect workshop!

Tip 10 – Provide all standard presentation tips

The tips in this article were about presenting convincingly. For all other presentation tips, you should read this article.

Tip 11 – Check out these examples of a convincing presentation

I’m purposely showing you this video because the examples above involve a tricky audience: investors. You cannot easily convince them with tricks. In the above examples you can see that tip 6 is especially important: know what you are talking about and be super clear.

Tip 12 – Read these books about convincing presentation

There aren’t many good books on convincing presentation, but Talk Like Ted has become a classic. In addition, read the real classic ‘Influence’ by Cialdini. Find creative ways to incorporate his 6 – admittedly outdated – principles into your presentation, because they just work if you don’t apply them too clearly – and they are indispensable.

To your success!

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