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How to keep your staff happy [Tips to make them commit]

How to keep your staff happy [Tips to make them commit]

How do I keep my staff happy and content? How do you keep your staff committed? What do employees consider important? How can I challenge, captivate, appreciate and commit them? In this article you will find tips to achieve this so that your staff does not run away, but so that you bind your staff to your company…

Why is it so important to retain staff?

Employees are the spider in the web of an organization. Most organizations cannot go on without employees. Even businesses that only operate online can employ thousands of people.

Each person makes a contribution and has their own qualities. On the basis of knowledge and work experience, among other things, the salary is determined that is appropriate for the position and responsibilities involved.

Nowadays it is no longer that easy as a company to find someone for a certain position, let alone keep this person within your organization. The shortage on the labor market means that as an organization you have to pull out all the stops to find the right person and then bind them to your organization.

How do you commit employees to your organization?

This article gives tips on how to do that.

Tip 1 – Think of attractive conditions and other factors that influence the work

how do you retain staff

You simply bind staff to your organization by ensuring that they enjoy working for you. Play attractive terms a major role. However, attractive conditions are not everything …

If the work is not fun but the conditions are very attractive, chances are that the employee will not stay with you for long. Whether something is fun or not is different for each person. This is influenced by various direct and indirect factors.

Under direct factors include aspects that are directly related to the function, like work. Under indirect factors include aspects associated with the work but are not directly related to the function such as the workplace and the working environment.

Tip 2 – Provide a good start for the employee

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A first impression is very important in every area and also on the work floor. A good start for a new job determines a lot for the coming period. This is why it is important to determine a good induction procedure or induction program in advance . This can be done in many different ways …

You can set up a program yourself, but you can also choose not to have it run internally. This can be done, for example, by means of an onboarding app. With this app, new employees are prepared for the first weeks of their new position. In this way they know where they stand in the beginning. At that time, you have not yet invested much in the new employee and they can also find out for themselves whether the position and organization is something for them. That way, both of you will benefit the most in the long run.

Tip 3 – Provide sufficient challenge

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A common reason for staff to retire is the lack of challenge . In everything we do, for example a sport, challenge is very important.

As long as an employee has something that he or she can work towards and improve at, it remains fun to work towards this. When there is no longer a challenge, it can become boring for an employee.

Always make sure that you as an organization are open to growing employees . Not only with regard to personal development, but also within the company or with the entire organization. Discuss the competences and goals of your employees so that you can contribute to this and switch on time.

Tip 4 – Reward achievements

how do you bind staff

As discussed in the previous section, it is important to be aware of the competencies and goals of your employees. As an employer you can respond to this.

For example, when achieving a goal, the employee must be rewarded. In addition to a salary increase , there are also other ways to reward staff. Unique terms of employment, a year-end bonus or perhaps a dinner.

Also, feedback and compliments appreciated by people at any age. It is only a small effort, but can have a big effect on your employee.

Tip 5 – Provide sufficient team building

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The employees (probably) spend a lot of time together. This ensures that it is extra important that employees get along well with each other.

You should pay attention to this during the application procedure. “Does this applicant fit with the organization and with the other employees?”

As far as current employees are concerned, it is important that they enjoy their work, but also in the workplace. They should feel comfortable and at ease. That way, the employee will be most effective and commit to the organization.

Regularly organizing team outings and team building activities ensures a good relationship and working atmosphere. It is important here that the opinion of the employees is sufficiently asked. The more input, the more likely it is that the employees are satisfied.

Those were the tips for your personnel policy. To your success!

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