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How do you say someone smells? [Colleagues & other people]

How do you say someone smells? [Colleagues & other people]

How can I address someone about their body odor? They exist: people who stink of sweat or smell from their mouths. How do you say something about it? You have come to the right website. Read more…

Do you recognize the following odor problems?

  • How do you say that someone (for example a colleague, employee or friend) smells out of their mouth?
  • My colleague stinks of sweat. How do you tell someone they smell like sweat?
  • How can I address my colleague about smell?

Body odor can have many causes, but something can always be done about it. However, a person with bad breath often simply doesn’t know because his / her attention had not been brought to it before.

Someone has to be the first to tell. Only from that point on can the person become aware of it and look for ways to do something about it (e.g. brush tongue and teeth more often, take peppermint and drink more).

How do you say someone stinks? This is how!

how do you let someone know that someone smells

You just want to get rid of the sweat smell, but how do you do that? How can you tell someone he smells? Addressing someone about bad breath or sweat is actually very easy. Let’s take a look at the tips:

Tip 1 – Say it as if you were asking someone to pass you the salt

Don’t make it worse than it is because it’s not a big deal at all. It is just as normal if you ask someone if he / she can indicate the salt. Bring it that way too. Friends and teammates are there for each other!

Tip 2 – Be tough on the behavior, and soft on people

How are we gentle with humans? Let’s consider two ways:

Way 1:  By first ‘making reports’ with the other.  The secret to this technique is that once you ‘have rapport’ with someone, you can create anything and get away with it too. How do you achieve that? For example, by asking how the other is doing and by showing interest.

Method 2: When we look at the feedback model , we are advised to mention the positive sides of the intentions of the other. For example, we can say: ‘You think this job is extra important and exciting, don’t you, and you work hard and show real extra effort to make it work.’ And then you can give a concrete suggestion at a behavioral level. See the next tip!

Tip 3 – Only mention the action that must be taken to solve it

It’s just one casual phrase. As if asking for the salt: “By the way, you need to get your hands dirty.” And then on with what you were doing.

Tip 4 – Think of it as a gift: you become the hero for the other person if you do this well

People who stink of sweat will thank you for saying it. You are fulfilling a valuable father or mother role that they really needed, because no one has (often enough) said it to them before.

Good luck!

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