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New Behavior Generator: All Steps! (Perform optimally)

New Behavior Generator: All Steps! (Perform optimally)

The new behavior generator is a simple technique to be able to perform at a behavioral level, which is used by many top athletes as a ‘perfect mental rehearsal.’ In addition, it serves as a feedback method for which you only need yourself. Here you will find all steps of this new behavior generator.

Advance note on the behavior generator

The behavior generator is similar to another NLP technique, namely ‘Personal Editing’, except for one point: with the behavior generator you use an anchor as an extra source, and with personal editing you don’t. Other than that, they are pretty much the same.

The steps of the behavior generator

  1. What do you want to perform optimally? What is a behavior or skill in which you want to improve yourself? This is about a standalone achievement, which you want to go very well.
  2. (Anchor step, for behavior generator) What state ( state of mind ) do you need for this, which can help you with this? This can be a trait such as confidence, energy, humor or strength. We call this the resource. This can also be several.
  3. (Anchor step, for behavior generator) Put all resources in a (stacked) resource anchor . Think of a moment in your life when you have already shown that you had that resource within you … Breathe in and out deeply, and relax. Sit or lie down comfortably. (…) “Introduce the client if necessary. a formal trance.
  4. We’re going to take a meta position, so that we see the whole event that we want to improve as a movie in front of us: imagine sitting in a room, looking at an empty stage. You sit in the director’s chair, and get to make your own movie, and first we’re going to watch the movie that shows the status quo. Look at yourself as if you were looking through a camera lens. Make a film of the current behavior (that you would like to do differently). Watch it in full from the beginning to the end.
  5. Fast-forward the movie to stop at the point before any further improvements can be made. We could call this the trigger or the moment of choice (just like with the swish ).
  6. Step into this moment of choice (associate). Feel the sensations in this moment of choice. Now decide: what is the positive intention of what was not yet perfect? In the next step, let’s give this positive intention a better interpretation!
  7. Step back into the meta position and now watch the movie, but this time with ‘edits’ that you will make, or improvements, or the behavior you want to show: the most ideal film , flawless, spectacular, resilient, overcoming all obstacles and with a perfect end result! See how {client name} fulfills {positive intention} in a new way. Strengthen the submodalities  to make it more attractive. See through the camera lens what your body language looks like with the resources. Also see how you are enjoying yourself.
  8. Is the film 100% good, or are there parts that could be even better? Is it also ecological for you, so can other areas of your life agree? Review and edit the film until it is as perfect as possible while still being acceptable (ie ecological).
  9. Now wind this perfect movie to the moment where you take the first step. Get in now and start the movie: you are now the protagonist. You  associate  fully in your film, while experiencing the new choices. You can experience in detail how it goes through your own eyes. (Bonus: anchor step, for behavior generator: also fire the resource anchor from step 3.)
  10. Get out. How do you feel about it now? Would you also like to make additional changes at other moments of choice, or is it okay? In that case, repeat steps 5 to 10 for each additional improvement.
  11. The final step: integrate all new options. If necessary, give some more hypnostic suggestions .
  12. Move to a neutral state of mind (pattern break) and do a  future pace .

Tip: also process possible killers in the behavior generator. Place them in the video, adjust the video so that you still conquer the death eaters, associate and review.

A variation on the behavior generator

You can also have the ideal video made by a mentor. This variation of the behavior generator can be found in this article on modeling. 

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