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Best Memory Techniques [Tips Remember Information]

Best Memory Techniques [Tips Remember Information]

What are the best memory techniques to help you remember information? For example, do you have to memorize a lot of text for a play? Or do you want to remember other things well? Then use these techniques! Read along…

Technique: Memory 20

For this technique you have to know immediately for the rest of your life which visual images with the numbers 1 to 20 (or higher) always come to mind. In other words: when you think of 1, the image that belongs to 1 must always come to mind immediately. When you think of 2, the image that belongs to 2 should always immediately come to mind. And so on. For the sake of convenience, I let these be rhyming words or images that really belong to a number. My 20 words are:

1 toe
2 toilet
3 noodles 
4 beer
5 body
6 lesson
7 box
8 fur
9 sweeping
10 a beautiful woman
11 fairy
12 clock
13 halloween
14 heart
15 half (because the month is halfway)
16 party (sweet sixteen)
17 Aktiesport (my side job when I was 17 years old)
18 car (I got my driver’s license when I was 18)
19 prayer book (19 is a spiritual number to me)
20 Kim Lian (I always watched the Kids Top 20)

Now I can memorize 20 things randomly, simply by connecting every thing I need to memorize to the default image of the number. Make a really crazy and graphic video of the two objects, and you will always remember it. The crazier the better, because the brain remembers crazy things without any effort.

Combine the above technique with the mind palace technique (memory palace)

Think of the design of a space that you know very well, such as your house. Assign each piece of information you need to remember to a location / object in that area of ​​your mind. Connect every piece of information to the image and / or sensations of that location / object.

Memorize a very specific “route” that runs through your layout and connects each of your “stops”. When you need to recall the information, visualize walking through your route stopping and “looking” at each location / object.

The more familiar you are with the layout, the easier it will be to retrieve the information you assigned to it.

My own mind palace is my route to work.

  1. I start by closing the door behind me and checking that it is properly locked.
  2. I walk through the porch.
  3. I’ll take the slow elevator.
  4. I walk across the parking lot to my bike.
  5. I cycle through the street that is full of speed bumps.
  6. I end up at the fish stall on Amstelveenseweg.
  7. I pass the Amsterdamse Bos.
  8. I pass by the VU Medical Center.
  9. I pass the Olympic Stadium.
  10. I pass the Jewish restaurant.
  11. I pass the Vondelpark.
  12. I cycle across the bridge to Lelylaan.
  13. I arrive at work and there I take the elevator.
  14. I get out and I see my colleagues.

Now you can link to each chapter of your route to work something you need to remember. For example, I use this technique when I need to memorize a script.

Remember things in order without a fixed mind palace

How everything comes together …

To your success!

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