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How do you remember someone’s name? [8 tips to never forget names again]

How do you remember someone’s name? [8 tips to never forget names again]

Do you have trouble remembering names? Would you like to know how to easily remember names? For example if you meet new people or if you are a teacher and want to remember the names of your students in class? You don’t need super memory, but we do have the tips below to help you. Read along…

Tip 1 – Use your concentration

Nine times out of ten, people hardly use any concentration when the other person says his / her name. Introducing yourself is often done on auto pilot.

If you do not do this and you actually take a few seconds with concentration to let the name take effect, then you are already very far. So no more half listening.

Tip 2 – Repeat the name of the other person

Make it a habit to repeat the other person’s name when proposing. Do this again with concentration, so that the name also sticks with you. Also ask for the spelling. This makes it even easier.

Tip 3 – It can pay off to just show a bit more interest for the name

Inquire about the name. “Where does that name come from?” “Do you know what it means?” is an excellent example. During this conversation you also drop the name for yourself a few more times so that you can remember it extra well.

Tip 4 – Feel free to ‘cheat ‘

Write people’s names on paper or in your phone without the other person noticing. Just create a new notes file with the title ‘names’ and just write down all those difficult names. You can cheat!

Tip 5 – Remembering names through a game

Not being able to name names, that will happen less often if you have done a name game in advance.

Tip 6 – Remember names via an app

Take a look at the Nameshark app . This way you can never forget a name again.

Tip 7 – VAK

What is a VAK? ”The letters stand for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. This trick allows you to remember names and faces. You make a so-called ‘representation’ of the name by means of the visual, auditory and kinesthetic aspect.

It is a visualization that you create in your mind. If someone’s name is Linda, you can (visually) see the letters in front of you, hear (auditory) yourself pronounce the name Linda and feel (kinesthetic) how the letters feel when you touch them.

Tip 8 – Make associations (most important tip)

The easiest trick for our brain is associations. Our brain loves that. That’s why mind maps work so well. But we don’t go that far. Just make one simple association with the person you envision.

 “Remembering is better when you come up with a striking image of a student. For example, do you have a Pete in your class. Then think in your head of a Pete from Sinterklaas. You see them in that image all year round, but that only happens in the head. With a Linda you can think of the presenter Linda de Mol who sits on a bench in the school. ”
– Boris Konrad

Will you be introduced to Erik? And do you know another Erik very well? Then bring out the image of that other Erik. Or will you be introduced to Amy? Get the picture of Amy Adams for yourself. Or make a completely different association that comes to mind on the spot.

A very important aspect here is: the crazier the association, the easier it is to remember.

To your success!

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