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Party Crashing: This Is How! [Party Crasher Tips] [How-To!]

Party Crashing: This Is How! [Party Crasher Tips] [How-To!]

What is the meaning of party crashing and how can you party crash? While I strongly discourage you from considering this as an option, it may be necessary at times. Here are the best tips on how to do this. Read along…

What is party crashing?

Party crashing means showing up uninvited at a party, where you normally have to use some skills to convincingly see that you belong. Party Crashing is a form of social hacking. Social hacking is well known in business contexts, where criminals find ways to infiltrate companies for sensitive information – not through computer hacking, but through face-to-face ‘hacking’ conversations.

Is it OK to crash a party? No!

Of course not. I therefore do not recommend it and I do not support it. But hey, on the other hand: you bring extra fun with your presence – and sometimes it is just your only option because the entire registration procedure is already closed. And if you go party crashing at the rich peoples party’s, where only millionaires come, you won’t hurt a fly. Sometimes it’s fun to crash a private party for a great buffet and a nationally known DJ.

Tip 1 – Take this stuff with you: indispensable items for party crashers …

clipboard social hacking

There are typical items that are very suitable for party crashing and social hacking. For example, with the objects below you can pretend you were already inside – just went outside – and want to go back in as if you belonged there. Here come these indispensable basic items:

  • Clipboard with papers that look important – via Microsoft Word templates.
  • A bunch of keys that you wave for a while.
  • Ladder.
  • Wear a suit and hold a newspaper and / or a cup of coffee. Now you can get away with everything.
  • Yellow vest.
  • Name cards, wristbands and fake cards.
  • A cafetiere … to complement the bar … or just two cups of coffee … to take to the bar staff.
  • Bring two bags full of ice cubes to take to the bar. ‘I am the ice cube replenisher. From the ice cube taxi. ‘
  • Wine glass with, for example, apple juice in it, together with a napkin or tissue. So buy a wine glass for one euro and take it with you, fill it with water before entering and hold a napkin.
  • Do the above in combination with you on the phone to pass security. Your cell phone is your great friend in this process. It’s the perfect relapse when something out of the ordinary happens. When you want to walk into the zoo, put your phone to your ear and have a really loud conversation with yourself: DID YOU LEAVE YOUR BAG WITH THE ELEPHANTS ?! I WILL GET THERE IMMEDIATELY!

Pretend you own the place. If someone speaks to you about this, say “shh” and point to your mobile. Or say “” hey, the boss is on the phone you don’t know how long the first table is, I have to check. “” Don’t stare around, don’t even stop for a second or look confused. Nine times out of ten, no one will question your presence. You can get away with a lot of things this way.

Tip 2 – Do you pretend to be a handyman? Just put on ‘your website’ and a business card

One of the most famous rules of party crashing is: with a ladder and a badge you can enter anywhere. But what if people inquire on behalf of which DIY company you come? Make a quick job website with your and photo on it, but actually showing a badge is sufficient.

Tip 3 – Be creative when people start asking questions

The above Youtube program once devoted an entire episode to party crashes. They managed to get in but at one point they were asked what they were doing. They managed to get by with ‘we are the surprise act’.

Tip 4 – Look for much more inspiration in this article about social engineering …

In this article you will find even more ways to enter parties. These were some quick tips on party crashing – and again, don’t do it.

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