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Nice stuff for your home: 31 nice home accessories [inspiration]

Nice stuff for your home: 31 nice home accessories [inspiration]

Are you looking for home inspiration for nice things for your home, home accessories, gadgets to buy or just handy things to have? With this list you will never be without inspiration for nice accessories for your (living) room. 

Nice stuff for your own home: this is the ultimate list

Are you looking for inspiration for the living room, the man cave or something completely different? Let’s start with the list of cool stuff.

1. Candles and candlesticks (these home accessories are actually indispensable)

Bless your home with candles and their sweet scents. Bless your candles in turn with beautiful candlesticks! Candles and candle holders are very nice coziness upgrades for your home. By the way, you don’t just have to rely on candles to light up your home. You can also throw a scarf over a lamp to dim it.

nice stuff for the home

2. A cuddly blanket for the couch

If you are looking for nice things for your home, then a cuddly blanket is an instant fun upgrade! Always have one ready on your couch.

3. Cool posters on the wall or your self-written poems

A shame of a wall if it doesn’t have something beautiful hanging on it. For example, go for classic posters such as those of Charlie Chaplin or Pulp Fiction.

4. A good music system for all your happy and beautiful music

Then you can go dancing with your family every day at breakfast. Think of a soundbar, for example !

nice stuff for the home

5. A wall of fame

This is where all your beautiful photos and memories come.

6. Craft supplies

Creativity is a skill of your soul. So always make sure that there are supplies for creative activities in your house, such as (finger) paint.

gadgets at home

7. Party supplies

It should always be possible to have a good party in your house. Have lots of parties and have a generous invitation policy for extra fun.

  • A large panda mask to put on your head, for example, immediately provides a lot of dancing fun.
  • Other fun party items are a glowing frisbee and a party game.
  • Stuff for a fun festival weekend  or and / or stuff for a fun activity outside the door.

8. Board games

Board games are also indispensable home accessories if you want to have a cozy home. In any case, make sure you have Koehandel and Bonanza at home. But also simple games such as Butter, Cheese and Eggs and beautiful magnets.

haggling nice stuff at home

9. A projector with beautiful images on it

Think of surf images or images of nature that you can put on the beamer . Cozy and unique!

10. All things for more hospitality

Always be prepared for a visit. So always have the following things at home:

  • Snacks and drinks
  • Napkins
  • Guest supplies such as spare toothbrushes
  • Nice decorations for drinking, such as (stainless steel) straws , ice cubes and umbrellas.

stuff for the house nice

11. An aquarium with light

If you really want a nice aquarium , you don’t just take fish but also lobsters and turn it into something really beautiful to look at.

12. Fake flowers (artificial flowers) and real flowers

A gigantic life hack for your living room is … Artificial flowers . Then you don’t have to water them! And they are just as beautiful as real flowers. Also buy real flowers regularly. Much better than buying nonsensical things like a lottery ticket. Turn your entire house into a cozy winter garden.

nice stuff for the home

13. A tidy house

This is of course not an object, but a tidy house is so important that we have listed it anyway.

14. Lots of healthy food

Get lots of healthy food at home! A whole stock!

15. Books

Read a lot of books. Use our book tips for the top 10 best books of all time!

16. Large glasses for tea and lemonade for extra hospitality

water glass fun stuff

When guests come, it must be enjoyed. So make sure you have large long drink glasses that hold 0.4 or 0.5 liters of water! This way you can enjoy a good glass of tea with your guests for longer and you are much more hospitable than if you have small glasses.

Drinking is also healthy! Make sure there is always water with your bed. Then you don’t have to get up all the way and go to the kitchen or bathroom to drink.

17. A pond (with running water)

This is a separate home accessory in the list: a pond for inside your house. Water sounds provide peace of mind!

18. Meditation gear

Nice to be able to use them daily. Take a look at Spiru.

19. Is your office at home? Take an ergonomic threadmill desk or leanchair

They really exist! See what something like this looks like in the photos. That is much healthier than a chair.

20. Essential oils

cool things gadgets at home

Bless your home with fine scents. Read here which essential oils you should have.

21. Whiteboard wall / wallpaper

Imagine you don’t have an ordinary whiteboard, but your entire wall is a whiteboard!

22. A lava lamp

Not only cool, but actually stylish gadget, such a lava lamp . This immediately makes your home more stylish.

23. Massage table

must-haves in the house list

If you have a massage table , it will be used too! No more excuses for not giving your partner more massages.

24. Shisha Hookah

This is a nice gadget. Then you have an extra reason for a party at your home!

25. Persian carpet

Start with an entry-level model, even if they are fake, so that you can save for a real one in the meantime.

26. Cozy pillows

nice living stuff pillows

Find the most snug and cozy pillows you can ever find. Your home deserves these cozy accessories!

27. A vaporizer of essential oils

Your house will immediately smell fresh and many atomizers have beautiful colored lights. You can read here what the best-tested oil atomizer is.

28. Nice sheets and fabrics

When you buy sheets, pillowcases and other fabrics, why buy white? Because it is cheaper? Rather delight yourself and your family with the most colorful, cool and coziest patterns.

The same goes for the living room. Blankets make your home extra cozy. Other types of fabrics are also fun, for example for your children to make a fort with them.

29. A real piano

piano in your house

Many people dream of having a grand piano in their home. Given the price and space, an upright piano is not a bad alternative either.

30. An indoor hammock

Did you know that a hammock does not necessarily have to be placed between two trees? There are really nice pieces of furniture with which you can bring a hammock into the living room. This way you can enjoy your relaxing lifestyle in your own living room.

31. A drone

This is really an item for the man cave. It is not only cool to have one, but it also ensures that you can make beautiful videos of, for example, a family day or another party.

We wish you lots of living pleasure with this inspiration list for home accessories!

These were all cool things for your house or in your room. Leave all your additions in the comments!

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