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Want To Learn Sarcasm? Definition, Examples & Jokes

Want To Learn Sarcasm? Definition, Examples & Jokes

What is the meaning of sarcasm? How does the psychology behind sarcasm work? Sarcasm is also known as the language of teenagers and women. Here you will find the best sarcastic comments and quotes as an example. Read more…

The dictionary’s meaning of sarcasm?

Most dictionaries define sarcasm as something negative: “Bitter mockery. Mockery. Caustic mockery. Bitter saying. Cynicism. Hatefulness. Irony. Sharp mockery. Prickness. Kind of humor.” Wikipedia also describes sarcasm as sharp and aggressive in nature, often with the intention of hurting.

However, we also like to embrace sarcasm as something positive – as an intelligent form of humor that you can also convey in a positive, cheerful way. See next section …

We like to make a difference between sarcasm and cynicism

  • Sarcasm can have very positive, funny and fun intentions and effects in addition to negative intentions . You can use it to connect with someone and show social intelligence.
  • Cynicism is negative and never smiles, although the cynical statement can be fun. In addition, cynical statements are used to hurt and bully people.

Examples of biting mockery (cynicism)

As you can see below, cynical comments hurt. They are very negative and are used to bully someone:

  • “Silence is gold. Duct tape is silver.”
  • “I applauded because it’s finished, not because I like it.”
  • “Keep rolling your eyes. You might find a brain behind it.”
  • “Shut up when you talk to me.”
  • “I would agree, but then we would both be wrong.”
  • “If ignorance is bliss … You have to be the happiest person on this planet. “

Apply sarcasm in a positive way (unless you are with boys among each other)

how are you sarcastic

Sarcasm is a great way to build a connection and show intelligence, but from man to woman and woman to man. When men start doing this among themselves, it becomes a bit uncomfortable. In the following sections you will learn how to use this in a positive way.

Learn positive sarcasm? Let your feelings, actions and words not match

Do you want to make a positive, fun sarcastic joke? Don’t let your facial expression and voice tone match your pronunciation. This is also called incongruity .

An exaggerated form of incongruity is sarcasm. The intonation and facial expression of a sarcastic person do not correspond at all to his / her words.

Apply sarcasm as easily as possible? Simple tricks to remember …

How do you simply apply this in practice? Then check these two tricks:

  • It often comes down to making a positive or negative statement , while maintaining a straight / neutral face and that your voice is also tight / neutral / emotionless .
  • Just say the opposite of what you actually think or feel. An example: are you living your passion and someone says: “You like this, don’t you?” Then say, “Well, actually I think it’s boring.” Let us know immediately that it is a joke and you have immediately scored points.

Sarcastic Jokes: Sample sentences of sarcastic comments and sarcastic behavior

sarcasm examples

Here are some funny sarcastic quotes for inspiration:

  • Security at the airport casually says they search your bag for explosives. “He’s just going to check for explosives. It’s just explosives.”
  • “Dick!” While you don’t really mean it: you don’t really think the other person is a dick, but he is a good friend!
  • Are the Dutch complaining about the warm weather, while it’s always cold in our country? Then say: “Really annoying shit, that warm weather.”
  • Somebody accidentally insults you, such as, “You look tired.” Then say: “And … thank you”. Or: “Thank you” (with a straight face).

On your luck!

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