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Authenticity: Meaning & Chatacteristics [Simple Explanation]

Authenticity: Meaning & Chatacteristics [Simple Explanation]

What is the meaning of authenticity & sincerity ? What is an authentic person? Read on for the characteristics of this virtue…

Characteristic 1 – You are open

Sincere and authentic people have open body language and openly discuss as many things as possible with others, such as feelings.

Characteristic 2 – You are real

You don’t pretend to be anything other than you are. For example, you will not keep nice weather if things are not really going well for you. You know it is enough to just be yourself and you are satisfied with yourself.

Characteristic 3 – Your actions come from a pure intention: you have no hidden agenda

You care about giving yourself. For example, if you want to invite someone to do something once, do not do so with the hidden intention that the other person invites you to something, or that you want to have the other do (still) something else or convince them of something afterwards.

You never have to regret something you have done with a sincere feeling: nothing born of the heart can be lost.
– Basil Rathbone

Trait 4 – You don’t try to impress anyone

If you are actually a very low-key, calm person, don’t try to be very energetic and ‘funny’.

Characteristic 5 – Your words and actions reflect your feelings

What you say and do is how you feel. In other words, you are congruent.

Feature 6 – Others can trust you

When you are authentic and sincere, others can trust that you mean what you say and that you say what you mean.

Finally, affirm your authenticity and sincerity

Read the affirmation below aloud:

I am honest and open and I am satisfied with myself. I am grateful to have the gift of sincerity and authenticity. They keep life pure and simple.

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