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Who was P.T. Barnum? [Greatest Showman]

Who was P.T. Barnum? [Greatest Showman]

Who was PT Barnum? You probably know him from the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. Let’s see who he was end what his main lessons of are …

Who was PT Barnum?

Phineas Taylor Barnum was one of the most famous American show people of the 19th century. The Barnum & Bailey circus was his biggest project, with which he entertained people and made a lot of money with it. He also traveled through Europe with his circus and wrote books about making money. In 2017 a movie-musical of his life was made, called The Greatest Showman.

PT Barnum’s “The Art of Getting Money” is a hidden gem

pt barnum book

PT Barnum’s booklet ‘The Art of Making Money’ has 5 stars on Amazon. What Barnum describes in his book is surprisingly timely. The important principles that worked in the 19th century are still having a huge effect today.

What is PT Barnum’s book about? Passion and money management

PT Barnum describes your calling at the beginning of the book. It does not have to be the same as that of your parents. You have to start from your own qualities. What do you find fun and interesting? So do not be forced to perform a certain profession. Find your calling. Then you lead a successful life.

There are also other valuable lessons from Barnum in his book, such as avoiding debt. This is a nasty habit that lowers the quality of life.

Perseverance and hard work

In addition, he teaches you everything about perseverance and not giving up. Most people stop their business after 10 months, just when they were about to become successful. Eternal sin! But that’s how it works.

The book also contains valuable lessons about the importance of hard work. If you get money to invest in your business, you will spend it on, say, a marketing agency that will prepare 50,000 in a few months for a simple campaign and a few simple landing pages. Money gone. If you put in your own hard work, your business will actually grow.

Barnum herself had grown up in poverty

poverty pt barnum

So understand the value of money. Barnum himself worked hard for it because he grew up in poverty. He was therefore grateful for what he had built from scratch.

Investing VS inflation

Invest the money you have. Money you keep in the bank will devalue. Suppose you have made a profit of 100,000 euros, then you lose 2,000 euros per year due to inflation. So find a profitable investment for your money, because anything is better than doing nothing with it.

No tricks, but quality

Barnum also teaches you a lot about customer-friendliness. Tricks don’t work, only genuine attention and quality. Be honest and earn your money fairly. By the way, that is easy if you follow your passion.

The secret of the rich: don’t brag

Don't brag wealth barnum

Finally, Barnum emphasizes that you should not just share your strategies, successes and losses with everyone. They are annoying conversation topics that are of no use to anyone. You only lose friends, kindness and perhaps precious competitive positions.

Small book

The book The Art of Getting Money by PT Barnum is very short. Namely, it has less than 100 pages. A fast and inspiring way for your personal development. Since the copyright has expired, the e-book version can be found for free online.

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