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Fear of death: does it make sense to be afraid of death?

Fear of death: does it make sense to be afraid of death?

Fear of death: some people sometimes feel it. Does it make sense to fear death, how can you deal with it and overcome it? Let’s find out in this article.

We may be constantly dealing with death

When you wake up in the morning, breakfast is usually the first thing you do. When you leave your house, take into account other drivers so as not to get hit. When you cross the street, you look in both directions. Why are you doing these things? You do it because you don’t want to die. Everyone is protecting themselves from death, consciously or unconsciously. Maybe you also take vitamins, because you want to stay healthy. We try to protect ourselves in all kinds of natural ways. Are we doing that because we are afraid of death?

Maybe we fear death because it is so insecure

fear of death

People fear death because no one can know what will happen after your last breath. Is it lonely? Will they lose the people they love forever? And dear help! What happens before death is also something that people fear: the way you will die! Afraid of the pain that precedes death, such as in a terrible accident or in a long and grueling battle against cancer. Indeed, we fear the unknown. We fear ‘not knowing’ where we are going and with whom we are going.

How do different people feel about being afraid of death?

fear of death

Some people believe that everything ends with death: ‘stone dead’. We return our body to nature and that was it. Others have no fear of death because they have a religious belief that comforts them. These people believe that there is an infinite spiritual form of existence that we cannot understand while we are in this life. Still others believe they will reincarnate, but no matter what you believe, death is never something to be afraid of.

Fear of death: something to fear?

fear of death

Anyone can die at any time. And this is actually why we wonder whether we should be afraid of death. I did think of something to say, no. It’s just a matter of time before it happens. Do not be afraid of what is already certain. Instead, make the most of the time you have before death takes it away. So go out and live your life. Do your best in everything. Don’t be afraid to live life to the full. Take the time to do what you really want to do and don’t deny yourself anything.

Finally, you can make the abstract concept of “death” less difficult! You can start thinking consciously about your life, about the consequences of death and you can start talking about it with others.

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