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Evidence of life after death… Scientists: the soul does not die

Evidence of life after death… Scientists: the soul does not die

What happens after we die? Is death the end of everything, or is there life after death?  Many of us have been curious about this at some point in our lives. Read more here about the scientific research on the soul and evidence for afterlife.

Recently I came across a scientific publication from 2014 with ‘evidence’ about the existence of the soul. It is not for nothing that I put ‘evidence’ in quotation marks, because what must be stated first of all concerns the existence of the soul: this has never been fully proven, nor has it been invalidated.

That is also the whole point of believing in the soul, which in other words is also called the sixth sense: believing in the soul is inherently an act of faith – not an act of reason and scientific frameworks.

The soul’s journey back to the source

People have been debating the existence of the soul for centuries. There is a kind of mystery that lingers around the subject of the soul.

This topic continues to be fascinating to science – so now a number of researchers have discovered new evidence about the existence of a soul. They have discovered that the soul does not die, or ends. The soul makes a return trip to where it came from, the everything, the universe.

The Research: Evidence for Life After Death


Two researchers specializing in quantum physics state that they can prove that there is life after death and that there is a soul. These are Dr. Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose. They came up with the ‘Quantum theory of consciousness’. They have been working on this since 1996. The theory says that the human soul has a special place in the brain cells, in certain structures in the brain cells they call ‘microtubules’.

According to them, our brain is a kind of computer hardware, and consciousness is a software program running on that computer. They found that the program of consciousness continues to run even after we die. The theory holds that after people die, the ‘microtubules’ don’t lose the information they contain.

Another study from the University of Virginia: life after death rock-hard proven

In the 2017 video below, you’ll find the results of 50 years of research at the University of Virginia, investigating 2,500 cases to prove life after death.

It must be said, however, that there are countless great scientists who have ‘proven’ the existence of the soul and life after death. Just think of the theories of Albert Einstein and the many theories from quantum physics , including that of ‘entanglement’.

What is it like to go to the afterlife? Near-death experiences all looked like this …

More and more stories are being brought out of people who have had a near-death experience, and the special thing is: the majority of these descriptions match exactly. RA Moody also writes about this in the book ‘Life after this Life.’ The descriptions are as follows:

A dying man. His physical pains are at a peak. At that moment he hears that the doctor declares him dead. Then he hears an unpleasant sound: a loud buzzing or ringing, and at the same time he suddenly feels himself being sucked away at great speed into a dark tunnel. There is no panic or fear: he just slides along. At the end of the tunnel, he sees a beautiful, super-terrestrial light. The light is irresistible and he is therefore strongly attracted to it.

The closer to the light, the more liberated from earthly burdens. An indescribable feeling of happiness takes hold of him. Then suddenly he finds himself outside his own physical body, still in its immediate vicinity. He can see his body from a distance, as a spectator of it. While in a state of emotional turmoil, he sees an attempt to bring him back to life.

A few moments later he gets used to it a bit more, this strange condition. He can then suddenly perceive faintly figures of loved ones who have already passed away. A being of light then appears and shows him the main events of that life. It is a wordless question to evaluate his life.

But then there is a feeling that it is not yet time to leave earth life for good. There are more lessons to be learned. The resuscitation attempt is working. He is sent back and returns from his near-death experience. The mysterious light fades and he slides back again …

Let’s turn this into a dialogue: how do you view life after death?

Feel free to let us know in the comments how you view life after death or what you think of the scientific research in this article. In any case, I will write down my reflection in the next section. In any case, I think it is great that people devote a large number of years of their lives to researching this subject.

My reflection on life after death

I feel there is life after death. I personally feel the difference between when I feel my soul in my body and when I don’t feel my soul. That gives me confidence in life after death. Moreover, I love the idea that your earthly life is a spiritual school for developing virtues that will take your soul into the afterlife.

Is life after death sad or festive?

afterlife proof soul

Recently I attended a special celebration. It was a celebration on the occasion of the passing of Meera, one of the artists in the then Osho commune. It was a party and there was dancing! This suddenly reminded me of a quote by Alan Watts: “We have created a culture in which we fundamentally resist death.”

It’s interesting: is death a sad thing or a celebration? Or both? When philosopher Alan Watts once asked someone if he believes in life after death, the man’s answer was as follows:

I am 100% sure that I will go to heaven, full of happiness I can enjoy endless joy … But I wanted you not to bring up such a negative and depressing topic.

In any case, death is currently a problem in the West: a person who is terminally ill and is at the end of his life is going to a hospital. And all his friends come up to him and say, ‘Just be happy, keep fighting, you’re going to be fine. We’ll be home in a few days and we’ll have another picnic. ‘

Doctors must not help terminally ill people die: the social definition of their profession is that they must heal you. They cannot honestly say, ‘Listen! You are going to die, and it will be great! No more responsibilities, you don’t have to pay bills anymore, you don’t have to worry anymore! And let’s go out with a bang, have a party, and we’ll get all your friends in, and we’re going to drink champagne!

In any case, this is interesting material to contemplate or philosophize about.

You can use the power of your soul in many ways

proof life after death

In any case, I would like to stay informed of these kinds of fun studies! Until then, there is also the question: what can you do with your soul?

Life after death? Book tip on how powerful it is to connect with your soul

A wonderful book by star author Gary Zukav has also been published on the power of the soul: “The Power Of Your Spirit.” Gary Zukav describes the themes of intuition and extrasensory perception.

He demonstrates how people rest in love and life force because you live in a larger context than you can perceive with your 5 ‘normal’ senses. Every person can connect with their deepest sources of feeling, insight and creativity, and thereby lead a fuller and more powerful life.

About The Author


Hello! Thanks for reading these articles. My intention is to make happiness as simple and clear as posssible. By the way, excuse my English. I am not a native English speaker since I live in Amsterdam. Much appreciated if you use the comments to make suggestions on my grammar. See ya in another blogpost!


  1. Yvonne

    Interesting to read a little more about science.

  2. Hetty

    It is known that some people can get out of their body. And then stand next to their bodies to see what happens. Especially operations. I too can leave my body and travel. That’s how I went to travel to the place where you come when you die. There are many dimensions. These are called spheres. You have 7 dark spheres and 7 light spheres. Every person who dies enters an atmosphere of his own reflection. A murderer enters the sphere of his reflection. With other killers. Rapists and thieves also enter that sphere where there are more of them. People who end their lives end up in the very lowest sphere. The darkest of the darkest. At the time of death they also saw the world dark. People who have a lot of love and done many good things for others often come high in the spheres. There is a children’s atmosphere between the fourth and fifth spheres. The deceased children go there. And there is an atmosphere for deceased pets. Everyone will come back to earth again. Because we have a lot to learn. It takes a very long time before we can stay there. When we have almost come to the end of going into reincarnation every time, it may be that we can already die in the womb. Or right after our birth. Or after 8 or 9 years after our birth or during our teenage years. The younger we die, the less time we had left to live earthly. We simply need a number of centuries to reincarnate and to master earthly things, but especially to learn to give love in our lives. Love is light. And light is love. God consists only of light and love. It’s not a person. Definitely not. People built the spheres themselves. So that everything comes to what you were on earth. In the third sphere you can return to earth. You choose the family that suits you so that you can learn how to deal with love and pass it on to others. Of course we also make mistakes. We must make up for this in the next life. The society in which we live plays a major role. We can be influenced by others and make mistakes. Or become addicted. Or get sick so that we have to leave the earth earlier. Not all people take equal care of their earthly body. Because of this, life can be shortened.

    • Rubin Alaie

      Thank you for adding Hetty. Very valuable.
      Very valuable.

  3. Claudia

    Hetty, just what me and my mom think it is like. This made my mother’s death easier. I could support her in this. I do not know in which sphere my parents are, but that they will meet again is clear to me. The higher spheres can visit the lower. That gives me comfort. Meeting each other again and soul recognition.

  4. Nel

    Hello everyone,

    My mother passed away last December 16 at 5 to 7 in the evening.
    When that happened, there was a loud bang in the house.
    She was ill, she had cancer and accepted that she was going to die.
    She was an honest and just person.
    I have been through quite a few things but this was strange for me and I can’t find anything about it when I look for it.
    Perhaps there is someone reading this who looks familiar.
    Then I would like to hear it❤

  5. Fred van der Gon Netscher

    The day after my mother passed away, my wife and I went to the house where my mother lived to make arrangements for the funeral. While searching and organizing documents, etc., a thunderous roar suddenly sounded in the kitchen. We went to look and saw that part of the ceiling had collapsed. Inquiry with neighbors whether there was any work (pile driving, drilling, carpentry or something similar) that could explain the collapse did not yield anything. Also, as far as I know, there was no weak spot in the ceiling. Mi. was it a sign from my mother, something like ‘leave things alone’ or, more scientifically, there was synchronicity (Jung).

    • Rubin Alaie

      Absolutely. I also have such experiences regularly – and in fact we can even experience several times a day.

  6. F.S.

    During a constellation session I had contact with a previous life. Someone else represented my “me” and that turned out to be an old “me”. Strange experience and it doesn’t seem to be common either. Then I started looking for what this meant. A lot of information came my way automatically. Synchronicity probably. I have read Bas Steman’s book, “Morgan a love”. Wonderful story of how he came into contact with his previous life and how that life is linked to the present life. We all carry many lifetimes in our subconscious mind and they affect our being much more than we can imagine. We are the product of that subconscious mind. The big question is, what then is consciousness. During the constellations I noticed that that consciousness does not come from our brain, but that we are connected to it. The brain is a kind of receiver, but also a transmitter. Thoughts influence the real world. At the moment I am studying the books of Ms. The Secret Doctrine. Blavatsky. These are closely related to my experiences and I hope to find the answer to the question of what consciousness is and what it means to be human. I think it is an eternal journey to higher (greater) consciousness. That we slowly come into contact with the entire universe and can deal with it respectfully.

  7. Jan-willem

    As a nurse, I was waking up with a dying patient. He was unconscious. While sitting and reading at a table, the curtains blown towards me. That took about half a minute.
    Then I checked him, but his unconscious state had not changed. The double doors were closed and no one entered. So no drafts. Outside the weather was calm.
    Could this be a moment of disembodiment?

  8. erik

    In 2017 I had a vision. I cycled quietly along the beach in northern Portugal and came in a mini experience (7 minutes) on a space journey. My body was a flexible tool with a computer, but my consciousness was functioning optimally. I could travel through space at dizzying speed and suddenly I was again along the beach in Portugal. It was a terrifyingly realistic experience. After the documentary on TV about eternal life with Jan Mulder, I am convinced that our future will go in that direction

  9. Isabel

    I have read this article on life after death with great interest. A scientific approach to “prove” life after death doesn’t mean much to me. Science does not have an answer for everything. Death is and will remain a mystery and perhaps it should.

  10. Simon

    A math teacher once told me he saw it scientifically, “Life is energy and energy is never lost. It just transforms.” I thought this was an interesting view on dying. In the meantime, I think it is important that we celebrate life at the funeral.

  11. Natalie

    My father was helped by doctors in his death wish after a stroke. The last thing he saw, before he got his first morphine shot, was the doctor who said, “You did a good job.” My father slipped very softly. We were all there. And the moment he left, you could see that in the body. It was nothing more than that. To me this was an indication that the soul had “departed”, or “on a journey”.